Thursday, September 26, 2013

Getting Recruited Into Amway Part 2

This is a continued story and I want to say here that a lot of people figure out really quickly that they just got scammed into Amway and try to make the best out of it and hope they might make their money back. And then they say fuck it and walk.

So after another hazing meeting with the ambots my fiancé and I agree to join up. we fill out all the paper work pay our 'sign on' fee and get everything underway, we get signed up with WWDB and this conference line called Communikate which is the most frustrating thing to use and at 40 a month holy crap that's half my phone bill that I ACTUALLY USE.

So here we are we this business, we are kinda excited cause we get a retail site and etc and we are making the best of it together.

So my upline ambot friend is all excited that we are about to place our first order and we can start making money and be debt free in 12-18 months! Little did I know that you had spend 300  dollars just to hit your mark and have other people spend 150~ dollars just to hit your mark. After doing the math I would make a whopping 4 dollars, but wait! I would get a $50 for a newcomers sign on bonus if I hit my mark!

This is partially my fault for not doing enough research or asking enough questions so I am now in the making the best of it mode.

90% of the shit on the site I don't even buy anyways, the fuck are they saying I was going to spend money to buy this stuff anyways? I do like their shakes and energy drinks, but I don't buy them on a monthly basis, I don't buy cleaning products on a monthly basis, maybe one every other other month, so now we are forcing ourselves to buy enough to hit our mark and we are down 300 or so dollars for what? $54 bucks that shows up on the 15th.

I was so pissed and one foot out the door WITHIN 24 hours of being in amway/WWDB. I texted my upline even though he prefers Kate, but seriously? That shit takes like 5 mins to send a 5 second message, talk about adding 9 steps to something.

He calmed us down by saying it just the initial 'shock' that everyone goes through etc etc. I was like whatever man and just went with it. I tried to see the light at the end of the tunnel, I figured we were testing all the products and we should see what we should try to give out as samples so the initial cost was whatever.

Then came these stupid meetings twice a week for 3 hours starting at 8pm. I didn't think it was that bad until it was the same people and same presentation.

My fiancé and I were getting extremely demotivated and for good reason. As I mentioned before I already figured out the scam 24 hours in and felt so suckered but tried to turn into a positive.

We were about to attend the free enterprise meeting and we walked up to the door and saw the tons of ambots lining up and about to go in to listen to speaker speak his words of wisdom on how to get rich. We were I think 2nd in line and we were like no way and got the fuck out of there and spent that 20 bucks to get dinner lol.

I got calls and texts from my uplines asking where we were. I told them we didn't want to do this anymore (I did not want to offend so I Didn't say you are so brainwashed etc etc) and that we were just going to buy and sell LIKE A NORMAL RETAIL SITE DOES. I got a text from my friend ambot and then he tried to call me I was like dude this is not what it was presented, even after listening to your CDs it all makes sense. There is a reason why you hide the fact its amway cause of all the bad press it has. You are forcing yourself to believe in something that's not true. The he tries and say don't listen to no one else just do your research on THE WWDB AND AMWAY sites, o ok cause that's not going to be biased opinions, and only talk to people 'in the business' about stuff o yeah cause ambots are totally gonna tell the truth of nah bro amway is horrible stay away lol.

He speaks of power of association, and tries to tell me not to listen to people who don't make a lot of money cause you will be BROKE like them. Hey guess what I make more money than you and 90% of the people that are at your meetings why the fuck would I listen to you about making money?

Those people he is 'tied' into make their money not from selling amway products but from the monthly fees you pay and for buying tickets to their brainwashing seminars.

He got his upline to call me and wanted to have 'a man to man' talk about my concerns and I told him, this mother fucker had a response to everything and he was saying o you must not care about your fiancé if you are just gonna trade time for money like everyone else with a job. I was like are you fucking serious? What I do love is having a job that pays me and not a job that I have to pay it so that I can pay for all this nice stuff and house so that my fiancé and I can come home to dipshit.

O here is my other rant about Kate, thing is sucha POS and 99% of the shit messages I get on there marked 'urgent' is from the sack of shit plat or diamond saying how he went to the doctors and his vitamin B levels are low or that he just got out of the shower and wanted us to know he's FIRED UP about how well we are doing. I am learning so much from that shit.

Seriously? I am paying 40 bucks for a fucking facebook hotline I have to call/login into every few hours? No fucking thanks. I cancelled that shit so fast along with the 'learning' material.

I still do have the site as being a member I get 40 bucks off my phone bill along with other perks that makes up for the 50 bucks I pay a month on it. And I do enjoy some of the products, I do my research and compare prices, fuck their opinion of quality. Why the hell would I buy your laundry detergent for twice the price of oxy fucking clean? Oxy fucking clean works like champ costs half the price and comes with twice the amount.

Anways my ambot friend still tries to get me to the Family reunion that happened last week in Portland. PASS ill spend my $555 bucks elsewhere and I live 10 minutes away why the fuck would I pay for a hotel?

Anways I hope someone enjoys reading this and as I do enjoy reading the blogs and watching the dateline exposing Quixtar video that was funny straight up cult.


  1. If nothing else, this sort of Amway thing teaches you that there are scams and bad situations out there in the world, how to think for yourselves how good something is, how it may work out, and decide on your own. One part of me would like to go back to some of my potential sponsors and tell them they're wrong, use their own bland tactics on them ("would you agree..." "....that it's rude to not let someone think for themselves?", "... buying from your own store when the numbers and figures don't support such a business model", "... that if I think I don't even want to join this, how am I going to get close friends who I respect to join? Too low PV and bonus to make this work"), or just ask how they're doing and if they've quit yet.

    Like with many things in life... pick up the life lesson and move on.

    1. Agreed, when my upline told me I shouldnt count my initial monthly investment as cash outflow it totally set stuff off in my brain.

      What type of business does not consider their overhead? Are you serious?

  2. Cool, this is my story thanks for sharing it! Too bad there arent many comments :(

    For those who are following. My former upline texted me probably two weeks after i left and asked me how my JOB was. I answered his question with the same question and he said he wasnt at his sales job anymore and then he asked me the same question.
    I told him it was good and he said he was 'glad that my fiance and i were happy.' The snarky tone he brought with him came off as 'i am able to leave my job cause of amway, so im texting you to rub it in'.

    My fiance and I went to Vegas last week and we saw his ass at the airport as the newest TSA (airport security) recruit. So much for not working a JOB right? I am all about getting employment up and having people in the workforce, but every TSA member i hear about and run into is dumb as shit. He told me it was his 'foot in the door' to the federal government and he acted like nothing happened at all, didnt even bring up anything.
    Boy did it feel good.

    1. Hi Rbot. Thanks for sharing your story! Some posts get more comments than others. Some take on a whole new life of their own and comments can be more interesting than the post. Never know.

      Yeah we all know what really happened to your former upline's previous job. His attitude sucked because in Amway you're taught to sneer at your coworkers and boss because they work jobs and in Scamway you're a business owner. Probably got too many phone calls and texts from the upline that were more important to deal with on company time than doing the job hes paid for so they kicked his ass out of there. Saw it happen a lot when we were in the cult. Lots of ambots lost their job because of their shitty attitude.

      Those airport security are probably not allowed to have personal cell phones on them while working so it must drive him and the assholes in his upline trying to reach him apeshit!

    2. "eh"... if he's out, he's probably suffered enough. If you wished to have some fun though, you can ask him out loud in front of everyone "HEY! HOW'S AMWAY GOING? HEARD YOU GOT TO QUIT YOUR JOB BECAUSE OF AMWAY. WHY ARE YOU DOING this JOB?"

      As for comments, I believe I replied to your reply where this originally appeared. Basically, the job description's basically try to sell enough stuff from your own store, and get enough people to be your downlines and their downlines. Those who can read between the lines will sees that you NEED to have LOTS of both to make the $$ they're bragging about, and chances are, you won't get to that point. It's hard to get someone to join you cause when you believe it's bullocks.

      I actually did want to buy the vitamins, but only once every month or two. No way that was gonna get me to 100 PV... a month is what you're shooting for? Then I would've realized sooner than later that this was awful and just quit anyways.

    3. Ha ha that's a good one. Maybe Rbot should take another trip so he can yell out how's your Amway business going and how come you're working this job after you told me you retired! Ha ha!! Talk about embarrassing the Ambot in front of all the coworkers and travelers.

    4. Nah, he's still in it.

      Near beginning and end of each month he sends out a text reminding to place orders and thanking for any PV we can send him or have already sent him.

    5. But ambots are really embarrassed to admit they have anything to do with Amway so you can embarrass him by shouting it out at the airport is what we mean!

      The next time he texts you about an Scamway order, text him back you're looking for investors for a gay porno film you're working on and that'll probably be the last you'll hear from him!

  3. Thanks to you for the story. Humans being are naturally inclined to be hpeful and somewhat trusting. These 2 traits are used by ibos to get people to join up. So thats fine. But as the post highlights who needs 300 dollars of these products. So it would be just as easy to send the money to the uplines. Unfortunately people feel if others can do it then they can. So they keep at it until it drags on their finances. The basic question is never asked. Who made money at this. Everybody is talking about making it in the future. Truth is nobdy made money except a few exceptions and mostly fromm tools. And even those have to work all their lives or else it will collapse. At least in a job you have evenings, weekends and vacation free as well as many years free in retirement.

  4. Part 1 really got me. Under divine intervention, and I'm being serious, the "Platinum" couldn't meet me 1 on 1. I had stumbled across this blog a few days before I went to a meeting.

  5. Funny how you mentioned buying cleaning products and health foods. When i was in the scam. I told my upline i get vitamins,healthfoods, and cleaning products from work at a fraction of the price. I agree some of the stuff i dont even buy on a monthly basis. Of course the cult leader made fun of the products i buy from work. Saying how amway crap is far superior. It was actually the opposite ...the stuff i baught at work was name brand and many times better than amway.

    1. Anonymous - you're right. You can get vitamins, cleaning supplies, and just about everything Amway sells elsewhere for a fraction of the price. Just because something has a lower price tag doesn't make it lower quality as ambots would have you believing. Most people don't need to buy hundreds of dollars each month in vitamins and cleaning products. Mayb not even in a year. Can anyone say stockpiling inventory? One of the signs of a pyramid scheme.

  6. Love the part where you said they want 555.00 on family reunion. When i was shown the plan Im told it's a getaway for the weekend staying at a 5 star hotel. I told the diamond i can get paid to work at this hotel convention centre and listen to the family reunion stuff free. That's my advice for anyone wanting to listen to wwdb big rallies free and get paid. Work partime at a huge convention centre and you get tons of mlm rallies & seminars.

    1. And here I was feeling sorry for those poor bastards who work for those arenas getting stuck doing duty during an Amway convention and listening to the brainwashing sessions and watching the chanting ambots worship their cult leaders. I guess that would be a dream job for an ambot

    2. This reminds of the time I used to work at this overflow hotel that was located across the street from Red lion where they were hosting this huge Ambot convention, I remember they had signs everywhere in the hotel and outside at the larger hotel about Family reunion Free enterprise and it showed the Diamond logo from WWDB.

      I was working front desk and I remember seeing SO MANY Ambots all suited up talking amongst each other about being future leaders and such.

      I didn't know what the convention was about at the time (years and years ago), I just remember how stupid these people were and laughed at how they were considering themselves 'future leaders'

      Example: we have a bank RIGHT NEXT DOOR. An ambot came up and asked if we had a an ATM he could use, I said ' sorry. no we don't, but there is an ATM at the bank outside right next door' and I pointed out the window to the bank. He looked at me confused and asked 'what do you mean right next door?' I was so dumbfounded by the question I had no idea how to answer, but eventually I just told him to go outside and look to the right.

      Man, when they came back late at night, they were so FIRED UP about the speeches that were made lol.

  7. One of the reason I loved working dream night was because there's huge numbers of no shows. Which means I am serving less banquet dinners. We find it amusing when they try to prospect us while we work. We act all interested and give them a bogus phone number.

    1. Ambots are bullied by the assholes in their mway upline to buy 5 or 10 tickets for Dream Night to give to sharp business people they know. Seeing as how they don't know any or more specifically cant find no one to come to an Amway brainwashing function there's lots of no shows. And no refunds either. You should have given them the phone number of a call girl escort service!

  8. Interesting... at the end of several of my meetings, they often tried to sucker us into attending the next, big Amway convention coming up. The usual "we're lucky to have this coming up soon, the upline had to wait 3 more months till the next one". Many of the potential downlines cited they had family or work obligations to get out of it. I wish I talked with some of them, but I could tell they did NOT want to go, and would too avoid them like the plague.

    Reading about these no shows seems to indicate that many of them "agree" to go just to get the Ambots off their backs, and then just bail on it as originally planned

    1. Anonymous - before you even leave the Amway brainwashing conference you're attending the assholes in the Amway upline have their hands out demanding payment for the next function.

      They just want your money, they don't care if you go or not. Well maybe they do care because if you don't go the brainwashing starts to wear off and they won't be able to scam you into buying more Amway shit.


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