Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Amway Creepy Factor

Who saw 48 Hours not too long ago where a man who was a convention planner got murdered in his hotel room? What makes it newworthy is this was the son of the couple who owned the Fountainbleu Hotel in Miami back in its heyday.

Any murder is creepy but the extra creepy factor to this murder is that the convention he was planning was an Amway convention and the murder took place in the hotel room of the New York hotel that Amway was holding the convention.

His wife said when she left the room he was still alive. She had been called downstairs because there was some problem with breakfast.

Now I get to thinking an Amway function that includes breakfast??? Never happened with us that breakfast was included in a Scamway conference. The nature of the problem she got called away for was not mentioned on the show. Perhaps the breakfast staff were pissed off at the snotty snobby attitude those Amway ambots had towards them and had called the event planner to complain about how they were being treated. More than likely it was Amway IBO’s who’d called the planner to bitch about the food. What no caviar for breakfast. That’s the thing with Amway ambots and their fucked up reasoning that they’re entitled to anything they want just cause they’re in Amway.

The wife is shown on security camera at the dining area hallway. She goes back to the room and the husband is dead and there’s blood everywhere. Her roomcard records the time she returned to the room and the phone call about the breakfast problem is a loose time of approximately when she left the room and she swears she closed the door when she left.

So the cops have a tough issue on their hands. The Amway conference is over that day and 1000 Amway IBO’s are leaving. That’s 1000 witnesses or murder suspects they’ve got to interview and fast.

The even bigger dilemma the cops are facing is that people in Amway are liars so they have to figure out this mess when they’re interviewing 1000 Amway liars.

It turns out the wife had her brother in Pennsylvania hire two hit men from Florida do the murder and she was probably in the room watching it happen. It all goes back to greed. She wanted all the money. Be a good Amway candidate don’t you think!

A financial transaction was traced from her brother to one of the Florida suspects in the amount of $500.
I don’t know if $500 was the entire fee or only partial that the cops were able to trace. It also seems a long haul to hire 2 men to travel from Florida to New York to commit the murder especially since the event planners lived in Florida and eventually going home so if you’re going to hire Florida hitmen it makes more sense to commit the murder in that state too.

But what really doesn’t make sense is that there were a bunch of lying Amway ambots staying in the hotel and why not hire one of them cause they’re already there anyway? They’re good at lying. They can all sure use the money. People in Amway are natural liars who have perfected the art of lie, deny and distract. That would throw the cops off for awhile. Can you just see how the cops are trying to interrogate an ambot and the response is getting pitched to sign up with Amway.

Yup the Amway creepy factor.

Why didn’t the wife just keep it simple and ask one of the cult leaders to order a follower to do the deed. Ambots loyalty will do just about anything for the love and devotion of their Amway cult leader. Don’t think so? Somewhere in Merchants of Deception the author is talking to a devoted follower of one of the Diamonds. That guy tells the author he would do anything for his beloved cult leader even kill for him. Lets take another famous cult leader Jim Jones at his Jonestown property in Guyana. He convinces about 1000 cult followers to drink cyanide Kool Aid. We’ll never know how many willingly drank it. Those who didn’t had devoted cult followers who forced it down their throats and others were shot to death. So absolutely cult followers will follow their leader’s demand to murder others. I read a book written by one of Jones lawyers. Him and the other lawyer hid in the jungle while the killing was going on so that’s how they knew what Jones was ordering his followers to do. They heard the loudspeaker announcements, heard the screaming and they heard the gun shots. They stayed in hiding for hours after they heard the last gun shots.

Want a job done? Get a cult leader to order devoted cult followers to do it.

So the wife just needs to approach a cult leader and hand over cash and say get the deed done.

The ambots got off on this one because of the brother and the money trail to the hitmen. But it still happened at an Amway conference.

Yup the Amway creepy factor.


  1. Oof! Anna Banana, ya got me with this one! I am not at all surprised an Ambot would do murder. I had several run-ins in my neighborhood with an Ambot who was both nasty and stupid.

    To make a long story short, some time back I had an appendectomy. I ended up with antibiotic-resistant strep. (Strep can produce toxins which can cause kidney and heart damage.) The docs finally managed to kill off the strep, but I ended up with a heart attack, and then valve replacement surgery.

    I know all of you know where this story is headed. The tiny turd Ambot neighbor would NOT go away; he said that the dog shit vitamins and cat piss water he was selling would make everything better. Nope, I didn't need a cardiologist.

    If I had listened to this piece o' crap, I would have died. What did he think he would get from his upline? A pat on the head, a gold star, an orgasm? It's mentally ill. He would have caused someone's death to please a man nastier and stupider than he was.

    The horrifying thing is they call themselves Christians. Personally, I think they're perverts. They allowed themselves to become perverted through greed.

    I really despise these little bastards. The tiny turd is bankrupt, foreclosed upon, and divorced. Look out for karma, Ambots! When you try to kill/damage people, karma can be evil.

    Thank you, Anna Banana, for letting me vent. I can't be the only one this happened to.

    Thanks for this blog,

    1. Hi Suze. Thank you for stopping by to share your story and no you're not the only one this has happened to.

      It's really scary the lies these ambots make with the outrageous claims that Amway products cure just about every terminal illness out there. We have posts on those topics on this blog. Dozens of searchers every month looking to find out if the lies they were told are true, grasping at any straw that maybe one of these scam snake oil products will cure them. It's very sad.

      And did you know that by simply signing up with Scamway that means you are now licensed to dispense medical advice. Yeah all these years and money wasted by those foolish doctors going to medical school when they could have signed up as an IBO. Jesus it is so fucking scary what goes on inside the Anway cult and what they brainwash people to believe.

      And your neighbor has a typical Amway ending with divorce, foreclosure, and bankruptcy. I get it he's an Amway asshole but he's just one of many that has been destroyed by this cult.

      The perverts are the ambots who show up at this blog searching for nude photos of someone in their upline. GROSS. It was bad enough seeing the assholes in my Scamway upline with their clothes on. Who needs to see them naked? Who'd want to?

  2. Nothing more creepy than IBOFightback. LOL

  3. After paying $300 for a fucked up 2 day all day meeting, you are still responsible for room and lodge and food. The skunks wont even provide for a glass of water. The worst part is every meeting is the same as lat quarter, the same boring messages... seriously, are these people crazy???

    1. Buying the ticket might be the cheapest part when you add in all those other expenses. And you're right, nothing new learned at these Scamway functions. Just the same old bullshit you heard the last time. And the time before that. And all the other times before that too. Crazy with their love and devotion to Amway that's for sure.


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