Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What's There To Do In Irvine, California Instead of WWDB Amway Fed 2013

 Here's another of my guides about better things to do in town instead of attending an Amway function.

This year WWDB Amway Free Enterprise Days will be held in Irvine, California September 27 to 29 2013 at the Bren Events Center.

You can  reach a lot of attractions and beaches inside an hour or so drive of Irvine and I think most people are aware of these places so there's not much more I can say. And just a heads up. Every attraction and beach is gonna charge you more than a few bucks to park in their lot. There is no shortage of shopping and large malls in the area like the Irvine Spectrum Center or the South Coast Plaza. Good places to come and drown your sorrows shopping if you're married to an ambot wasting money on Amway!

Disneyland is the big attraction in southern California and Anaheim is not too far from Irvine and its way better and cheaper than going to WWDB Amway FED. Prices recently went up and a one day ticket costs $92 if you're older than 10. Slightly less if you're under 10 and different prices if you're buying a 2 day package or California resident or buy in advance. By the time you pay for parking, buy a ticket, eat meals in the park, and buy souvenirs, you're probably pretty close to spending the same amount of money as a ticket to FED but you'll have a whole lot more fun at Disneyland!

Orange County Zoo is inside Irvine Park and is a pretty good deal at $2. Check out the bears and imagine setting them loose inside an Amway function! Hours are 10am to 3:30pm. http://www.irvineparkrailroad.com/content/orange-county-zoo

I'm going to throw in Knott's Berry Farm even though its not my favorite park there are people who would probably want to go there seeing as how its cheaper than Disneyland. One day pass is $62 and less if you're under 12 or a senior. Also less if you buy tickets ahead of time online. There always seem to be coupon books flying around with discounts to Knott's. Also Knott’s Scary Farm is opening the same weekend as FED. This one’s a no brainer which one to choose whether to get scared at an Amway conference or scared at Knott’s. http://www.knotts.com/

There are lots of beaches in the area. Head the car to PCH and drive north or south until you find a beach you like.

Or get out of Irvine and spend a day at Universal Studios or take a tour of the star's homes. Or down to San Diego to visit the zoo or Sea World. Everything you want is inside a 2 hour drive. I have a few favorite things that I like to do that are free except for the parking and not in this area - hint hint go north go south.


  1. Or take The Dearly Departed Tragical History Tour of Hollywood - better to recount the tragedies of others than participate in one of your own!!!

    1. Is that the tour company that uses the hearse? I haven't seen them in Hollywood in ages but it looks like fun!

  2. Ah, Irvine is in my neck of the woods. The Bren Events Center at UC Irvine campus is where my son's high school graduation will be held next May. I won't let the knowledge that hundreds of drooling brainwashed ambots had been sitting in the same hall as I will be in while celebrating my son's achievement.

    Also, thanks for the heads up as I'm sure there will be dozen's of well-dressed "fired-up" drones in the area looking to prospect suckers. Not to worry... I will have your list of ways to annoy an ambot ready to assist in my response to them. lol


    1. I'll be staying away from Irvine for sure this year. Last year was creepy enough!

  3. My Ywca fitness membership cost around 60.00/month and i get a entire month of swimming,sauna,wirlpool,towel service,and workouts. Do the cult leaders make families bring their kids now? In my day people where told to leave the kids with a babysitter. Guess it's diff these days with the low attendance at the functions.

    1. Yay for the Y. I swim there and go to classes. For the same amount of money as monthly premier membership in WWDB you can have more fun at the Y and not get hounded by ambots. Or at least I haven't since we scared away the ambot earlier this year. She hasn't come back.


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