Monday, October 28, 2013

Ambot Claims Amway Pays Out $405 Billion In Bonuses!

Here’s part of a comment left by someone named Kirista extolling the virtues of Amway. I’m not copying and pasting her entire comment because its full of the usual bullshit Amspeak but its always interesting to dissect some of the lies that Amway ambots tell.

they have paid out 405 billion dollars in bonuses HOW IS THAT A BAD THING? thats amazing!

Yeah I’d say that’s amazing and here’s why. According to Kirista Amway has paid out more in bonuses than they’ve made in sales over the years! How does a company pay out more than they earn? They don’t! Or maybe they do for awhile until they go out of business.

Let’s work in round numbers here cause its easier for me. Amway ambots show up here gloating how Amway made $11 billion last year and they’ve been around 50 years. To which I respond – Amazon made $60 billion last year and have been around 20 years. Which one is the faster growing more profitable company?

When Amway started they sold soap products. Over the years they added other products to flog to the masses of brainwashed ambots. It took them many years to reach a point of $10 billion a year. And let the Amway ambots screech that its $11 billion. I’m working in round numbers to make it easy on me.

I don’t know how much Amway made for the years in the 60’s and 70’s but in the billions is probably not the answer. Maybe not in the 1980’s either. A lot of that has to do with the smaller product line 30, 40 years ago and the prices back then compared to now and how many more products they have in their inventory now as opposed to back then. So let’s say for the first 30 years Amway was in business lets say they made $5 billion a year. And that’s a huge stretch as everyone knows based on a few boxes of soap in their shop shelves and the lower prices back then. But I’m being generous. Let’s say Amway made $150 billion in their first 30 years of doing business. And in the next 20 years let’s pretend Amway made $10 billion in each year totaling $200 billion.

That gives us a very generous $350 billion that Amway has made in 50 years.

Now before any Amway ambots get all excited going WOW – these are my fictional figures. We only know Amway has been hovering around the $10 billion mark for the past few years. 30, 40 years ago I have no idea. Those numbers probably ain’t readily available but anyone who knows where to find them and add them up for the past 50 years be my guest. Your number will be much lower than $350 billion I came up with based on the above over generous formula.

So our over generous formula says Amway earned around $350 billion since opening.

Kirista claims Amway has paid out $405 billion in bonuses to ambots since opening.

Not even talking about other business operating costs – just the IBO commission checks.

Now I don’t think that Kirista pulled that $405 billion number out of her ass. She heard it from some lying scamming Amway cult leader. And what do all good little Amway ambots do? They duplicate their upline and go around telling the same lies.

Amway is all about confusing ambots with the numbers. The Amway cult leaders are always throwing around numbers while showing the board plan and bragging about the gazillions of dollars they make every month – or will be in 2 to 5 years. Throw around enough numbers and nobody knows which number is what anymore.
Does anyone really know how much money Amway pays out in commission to their sales reps? I think that is probably very hush hush top secret information. I doubt they’re giving it out so its guess work or brag work on the part of the Amway cult leaders.
Kirista – you need to go back to the drawing board. Keep drawing circles in that pyramid.


  1. I am from south india i started this business in 2002 and was kept in dark with lies and ass sort of shits i read now on your blog since i dint have access to internet. in 2011 luckly I passed on one of the anti blog called "what ur your upline won't tell you" that was the eye opener to me i felt how foolish i was and still my down lines are in this business even after refering to your sites and book merchants of deception.I realy feel sorry i could get net access only after so many years . my only consolation is reading your sites thank you so much for saving me and i pray for my down lines to quit soon

    1. Hi Anonymous. Glad to hear you are no longer throwing your money away at the Amway scam. Hearing other people's stories is a big help in coming to the realization that the only people making money are the owners of Amway and the Diamonds who sell tools. It's a huge comfort that you aren't alone in feeling this way. I hope your downline's quit too before they lose too much more money.

  2. Boy, those circles just keep getting bigger and bigger. I guess they figure since Amway is all about lying anyway, may as well lie BIG. They remind me of that pathological liar character Tommy Flanagan that Jon Lovitz used to do on SNL. They have no use for math or statistics since they pull all their figures out of their asses.


    1. Dave very true. I don't know why people don't get it. Amway is all about throwing out numbers to the point of confusing the IBO's.

  3. I saw the plan in 1981. They did a billion that year. So lets say .4 billion per year till then. Thats 10 billion. Lets say 2 billion per year since 1980. Thats 60 billion. S0 70 billion total. I suppose 30 % payout. Call it 25 billion. A hell of a lot of money. So on the 10 billion annual sales now, 3 b!illion gets paid out. Thats a big amount. With 3 million ibos worldwide it averages 1000 dollars each. As the top dogs get most , somebody must be earning alot. Lets say there are 100 worldwide making 10 million a year ( unlikely to be that many) thats already 1 b!illion in the hands of a few.

    1. Hi Anonymous. You're confusing me with those numbers! Thanks for the 1981 heads up amount. That just shows how overly generous I was with my hypothetical Amway earnings. I don't know why those ambots show up here and tell lies. If Kirista wants to come back and explain how Amway has paid out more IBO bonuses than they've made in sales she's welcome to try.

  4. 25 billion in payouts sounds realistic, and superficially, even that sounds pretty good, and maybe even a source of pride for an IBO. However, there is one crucial piece of information missing.

    It is not wealth creation, it is wealth redistribution. Redistrubution means someone gets richer by someone else getting poorer. In Amway, it is a redistribution of wealth from the lower levels buying the product to the upper levels reaping the bonuses.

    This is because there are virtually no sales outside of Amway. If IBOs sold to actual customers, that money and profit would flow into the organization, adding and creating wealth to the organization. Without outside money flowing into the organization, the only possible outcome is money redistribution.

    You, the lowly IBO, buy product, books, CDs, and function tickets to create wealth for those above you in the recruiting chain. Your success is dependent on recruiting others from whom you can suck their money.

    So, Amway bonuses. If every IBO in Amway today is to become rich, by definition, it comes from sucking the wealth from future IBO's, not from creating true wealth by bringing in outside money.

    If I can refer to a recent article of yours, Anna, I believe this is the true reason that Amway doesn't sell birth control. How are ya gonna recruit your kid if you don't have one? :)

    But wait. This doesn't make sense. Logic says that if I'm going to be successful, as a recruiting IBO, I do it by making my downline successful. That's certainly what you hear on the tapes. Yes, that's true, in the long run. But meanwhile, in the short run, I'm going to suck as much money as I can out of you, because:

    1- You will probably quit in a year or two
    2- I have no outside product sales to generate profit, so you are my only source of profit.

    And this is why Amway uses greed as their primary motivator, because if you're focused on yourself and your own success, even if it comes at the price of failure for others, then you're not likely to be distracted by facts or logic or information.

    It is greed that is the evil, when gaining money, even at the expense of others, especially at the expense of others, is what drives you.

    See, this is the difference between greed and ambition. This is the difference between MLMs like Amway and honest sales jobs.

    In the past, I worked for years as a straight commission salesperson. In not one of those jobs was the company making money from my checking account. There was no conflict of interest: the only way they made money is when I made money.


    1. Hi AnonTB. Thanks for stopping by with your insight.

      You're right for most companies you work for as a commissioned salesperson they're not draining your bank account. And probably not making you pay for training on how to sell their products. And they probably don't want you recruiting other salespeople because they have territories assigned and can't be over saturated.

  5. All those figures are awesome. U should ask Krista how much she is making? Its pointless if a person makes squat and just hear of these high incomes

  6. Anon tb is correct. Thats the way the model works. People have to realise this is not a business. If they are happy with that thens thats fine. A business offers value and people are prepared to pay for the value offers. Amway offers no value. Ibos agree to buy products for self use and persuade others to do the same. Doing so they feed their uplines and get fed by their downlines. Its as simple as that. It would be so much simpler if everybody just sent each other cheques and stayed at home in the evenings. Its a fallacy to say you can only make money if your downlines make money. In a typical diamond group lets say there are 3 thousand people. Only a handfull would be making money. All the rest are not making money but contributing to the uplines.

    1. Yup buy from your own shop and teach others to do the same. Business model sucks!!!!!!

    2. BINGO! This is what I have earnestly shared with folks over and over again. You have to call it what it is and one thing it is not is, it's not a business.

      A diamond is naught without the support of hoodwinked Ambots' pockets. When a bunch of people contribute cash from their own pockets into the pocket of a kahuna, non of which cash was derived from legitimate sales to non-ambots, kahuna who then takes a share, then divvies up the same cash with the same people with the guy at the pyramid top getting the lion's share, then the next guy and so forth that then is not a business. It's a bunch of people passing cash on up a pyramid scheme which gets divided according to one's influence i.e. how many people have you hoodwinked & converted into being ambots. The products and services in this setup are nothing but a ploy to obfuscate this operation's illegality. Right on target the cash always runs out before ambots at the bottom are reached. Someone works their mouth very hard to convince these serfs that they too need to build their business so they can have a large business and that then they too will roll in dough. Translation lie, cheat manipulate consistently and persistently eventually you will have your own pyramid going on and you too will collect after big kahuna takes their share. I don't get impressed by the sayings scAmway sold $9 or $10 billion this way that way. Nah they didn't sell, ambots bought. That's the only business ambots are in-the business of buying from scAmway (thus, they are customers not some business owners). It's a very well know & true fact that there's negligible sales to non-ambots in this setup and therefore no wealth is generated into the economy other than money exchanging hands inside of a club membership. You are accurate if you say that ambots tithed $9 or $10 billion. Never again will I tithe into this outfit.

    3. Seen at
      "'Anyone who thinks Networking has anything to do with sales will never make it big in this business, with very few exceptions.''

      ''This is a sponsor and teach business, not a recruit and sell business. Network Marketing is building a family of consumers.''

      Case closed and stand firmly by what I stated!

    4. I enjoy your use of the term "serf". I have often come to avoid saying "pyramid" to Ambots. They have a long list of not so witty comebacks for that term. Using "feudalism" or "caste" leaves them without retort, but basically means the same thing. "Manorialism" is also a term that is fun to use on Ambots, Herbots, Monbots, Beach-Body-bots, Advobots, Nuriumbots...

      Needless to say, I have had many run-ins in recent months with a variety of "we're not a scam" scammers. If you have to tell people it isn't a scam, IT IS.


    5. ExAmbot - yes the money flows up the pyramid to make those at the top richer.

    6. Jerry it sounds like you're a scam magnet. You must be a nice person so these scammers think they can take advantage of that and steal your money.

    7. Thanks to social media, I've had piles of old acquantances coming to me with a way to get "wealthy". Only recently though. I had no idea what Amway was until I did due diligence on it. After that, at least 7 (that I can think of) have asked me to join. It is all the same. The language, the methods, terminology, hope training.
      There just isn't enough money in the world for every IBO in every MLM to break even, let alone profit.


    8. Jerry - at least you're on to them thanks like sites like this that get the word out about the lines ambots use. When it comes to a sales force legitimate companies assign their sales reps a specific area to cover. That all goes out the window with companies like Scamway and they have an over saturation of sales reps covering a tiny area. There aren't enough customers for so many commissioned sales reps to make any money at - that is if they were actually selling something that people would want to buy!

  7. This is anon 2.51 again. Yes ex ambot you got it. I have a theory this would be much better if downlines paid 50 dollars monthly to uplines. Lets calculate. A diamond earns 150 k annually gross. After expenses and taxes this is say 70 k net. For a couple. 35 ke net annually. Hours of work 7 days a week. So little reward. Lets say a diamond group has 1500 people. So 50 dollars monthly is 75 k or 900 k annually for the uplines. Say there are 6 platinums and their frontlins who get something. Call it 600 k. The rest make nothing today and in fact lose money buying products and tools. So 300 k is left for the diamond and workload is reduced to asking people would you like to make over 100k annually not doing much. The downlines would need to commit for 3 years. At 50 a month that 1800 maximum. During that time they need to find between 100 and 3000 people. Now naysayers will say but this is pyramid selling. So lets say the service from up to downline is called 'secure future councelling'. Amway uses home products. Anything can do. Bottom line this creates much more earning potential than amway. And there is no running around every evening and weekends. Finally there are no costs above the 50 monthly and no risk. Its equally deceptive as amway but much more rewarding.

    1. Anoymous - I'd say your figures are pretty close on. But you'd never convince a brainwashed Ambot!

    2. Whoa! This has a better chance of getting pyramidbots en-mass to peter Islands than scAmway.!


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