Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Amway Home Of Hate And Rage

There is something about Amway that creates hate and rage. To those of us who used to be in “the business” and have done some research and read other stories we can understand why the rage. Amway with the assistance of their cult leaders causes financial distress, debt, bankruptcy, divorces, destroys relationships, and screws people up emotionally.

A recent searcher found their way to my blog typing in: “I’ll just have to kill everyone at Amway”.

My first thought is this person has just got off the phone with one of those useless unhelpful bastards that work in Amway’s (lack of) customer service department.

I’ve dealt with those miserable assholes with the I-don’t-give-a-flying-fuck attitude. It is a lesson in frustration and futility that’s for sure!

I do not like Amway. I do not like people who are involved in Amway. I don’t like the lazy ass bastards who answer the customer service phone at Amway. That doesn’t mean I personally wish anyone connected to Amway ill harm or death but then I like to think I’m a rational, law abiding person. I’m one of many thousands who swallowed the losses, chalked it up as a bad learning opportunity, a horrible business, and walked away.

I can see how there would be a small percentage of people that Amway has driven over the edge of despair. The phrase going postal comes to mind. If someone is having difficulty with an Amway product or their Amway upline and phones in to head office for assistance and are met with “there’s nothing we can do for you” or “Amway is not responsible for what is said at Amway meetings” or “Amway is not responsible for the IBO’s we hire” or "Amway is not resposible for the low quality of the shitty products we sell you". You call in to head office for assistance and nobody gives a shit. You’ve lost a lot of money in the Amway scam and all you get from customer service is “ha ha we fucked you good sucker!”

Someone voicing thoughts to kill everyone at Amway shows emotional imbalance. Maybe quite rightly so after what Amway has put them through. But killing everyone at Amway? Unfortunately this is not the first searcher who has put in similar criteria.

People who work at Amway are no different than people who work for other companies. The most common reason people accept jobs and stay with them is because its a paycheck. Most employees have no particular loyalty to their employer. If a better job comes along they are out of there. Sure some of us who were involved in Amway think that only a low life scum sucking son of a bitch would actually work for a company that causes so much misery around the world but when people have bills to pay and need a job who are we to judge why they work for a scumbag employer. I wrote another post where I said Amway employees are no different than other corporations. Most companies only 20% of the employees actually like working there and excel at their position. 80% of employees its just a paycheck and they are only putting in time while waiting for something better to come along. This is obvious to those of us who have had the misfortune to phone in to Amway’s head office for assistance and have dealt with employees at the customer service desk who don’t give a shit and who aren’t helpful. I see this a lot in Google searches with people showing up at my blog who are frustrated after trying to get assistance from Amway’s help desk which should be more aptly titled the unhelpful desk or the I-don’t-give-a-shit desk. Either title the customer phoning in rarely gets good service. What else do you expect? Chances are very good the person answering the phone at Amway is one of the 80% of employees who doesn’t give a shit about their job.

I’ve had the experience of working for a company many years ago with a weirdo employee - fortunately in another department! - who would fly into rages. I always said if he ever lost his job that I wouldn’t want to keep working for that company because he’s the only person I’ve ever known that I thought might show up with a gun and start shooting. When he got laid off I moved on myself about 3 months later. Even though I’d never had any run ins with him and shook his hand and wished him well on his last day, I had my doubts about his emotional stability and I’m sure not going to work for any company where I have any cause of concern about my personal safety.

In case anyone’s wondering a few months after I left the company merged with another company and relocated about 20 miles away. Probably too confusing for him to try to track anyone down.

Likewise I would never work for a controversial company that inspires rage in people and has received death threats. You just never know when that gun wielding crazy person is going to storm through the door.

Amway is getting search engine hits from people wishing death to the employees. I would never work for a company where people have voiced death wishes towards employees. If I even suspected such a thing i would quit and get myself to a safer place. Maybe some of those Amway employees that are surfing the Internet and reading my blog when they’re supposed to be actually getting some work done will think twice about their choice of employer and death threats. No job is worth dying for.


  1. Something I noticed...Are the uplines GENUINELY happy for their downline when they start getting people to join more than the upline is? To make more sense, Ambot BF signed two downlines. One of them has been in it for two weeks and already got a couple of people to join as well (idiots). A couple days ago, Ambot BF recieved a text from that lightspeed downline saying that he signed on ANOTHER leg. The look on his face in that text was confused, and he kept shaking his head. I kept asking him what was wrong and he said nothing, business related stuff. He then called his downline to get more details and the downline sounded excited at who he nailed. Now, I know my bf. I know when he's happy and when he's not. He didn't sound too excited. BF even told his downline, "make sure you let uis know ahead of time next time you book a random QI. We need to see who they are first." My theory? My Bf will think his UPLINE will favor my BF's downline more beacuse he's producing more legs in a short period of time. Does this sound accurate?

    1. Hey there ScamFighter,

      Upline are very busy people. Usually, when your downline starts to grow, you become responsible for organizing functions, you are invited to functions to become a formal speaker and stuff like that. So it becomes increasingly difficult to micro-manage your team. The way they do it is that they target one specific branch for a while and then move on to the next. But to develop one branch usually means to go as low as possible... so if your BF starts to have people below him, his upline will end up helping them instead of him since they'll consider he now has enough experience to fly of his own accord. That's probably why he's upset.

    2. Hi Scamfighter. Could be jealousy because in Amway it's all about getting the love and recognition from their cult leader. In Amway meetings the cult leaders praise whoever the current go getter sharp businessman is. The movers and shakers that sort of thing. At least he'll still make a small amount of commission on their purchases until they wise up and quit.

  2. Hey there Anna,

    When my girlfriend first showed me Amway, I naturally went on the Internet and started digging, which is when I stumbled upon this article from a show called "La facture" (french only, sorry):


    The show's all about consumers being scammed in various ways and this particular one's about Amway. The reason I'm putting it there is that at the very end they talk about the canadian Bureau of Competition. It's stipulated that when six people formulate a complaint about a certain company, they have to start a formal investigation.

    So I went ahead and gave them a call to see what was what. It turns out that they're looking for three specific things in their complaints.

    1) Misinformation about the revenu model
    2) Lies about the amount of money a typical participant can hope to earn
    3) Lies about the amount of effort you have to put into this business to get results.

    So basically if any one of my fellow canadians feel like they've been scammed by Amway, I strongly suggest they go ahead and formulate an official complaint. It might do something or it might not... but the amount of effort required to file one is so small it would be ridiculous not to. Hell, you don't even have to talk to anyone, all you have to do is fill a web form and submit it.

    Assuming I'm the first one who complains, only five more people and an official investigation will have to be opened. So here's the link... and have fun complaining:


    1. Hi Tobbi. Thanks for the information. Most of this blogs readers are from the states but hopefully you'll find some more readers to file complaints.

  3. Anna, I recently made the decision to leave Amway after I got fed up all the BS I witnessed at FED in Richmond earlier this month.

    I was miserable the entire time I was in that coliseum. There was literally no business advice that entire weekend. It was just a giant pep rally where every diamond couple said the same thing. I was bored so I decided to write down all the ridiculous things the diamonds said and how badly they misquoted the Bible. It was sad how brainwashed everyone was and how they all honestly believed they would be on that stage someday when not even 1% of them will ever get close. Seriously, those chants about freedom and "flushing that stinking job" and the worshiping of the diamonds like they are gods was cult like. I have to believe that some people in the cult think that Bill Britt was Jesus Christ himself.

    The love bombing got a little annoying that weekend to. At first I liked the encouragement and all the nice things people said about me to boost my confidence, but it got old. I felt so awkward when an upline introduced me to another "successful" distributor as an "up and coming" IBO who is "making things happen." He went on about how he couldn't wait until I grew my business and was speaking at functions in a couple years because he could tell I would be a great leader. Gosh, this was before the final brainwashing session Saturday night, and by this time I was so FED up and sleep deprived I was just ready to get the hell on that bus and go home. I got maybe 8 hours of sleep that entire weekend between the two 12 hour overnight bus rides and a miserable night in a hotel room where I had to sleep on the floor because we packed in like 8 people. What baffled me even more is how some of my uplines slept outside of the coliseum so they could wake up at 6 AM and get good seats. Yeah real smart idea ambots. I was encouraged to join them, but my thoughts were one I'd kinda like to sleep in the hotel room I paid 40 bucks for no matter how ridiculously little time I have to sleep and even if it meant sleeping on the floor. But more importantly, why the hell would I want to sleep outside on the streets of a big city where who knows how safe it is at night just so I can be a little closer to the brainwashing. Seriously, it's only a matter of time before some homeless person mugs or murders some ambot while he/she is sleeping on the city streets. And every time the doors were opened, people rushed the doors and were pushing and shoving like they were Black Friday shopping at 6 AM. A younger guy on my team did that, and he got scolded (rightfully so) by someone in the upline. Fortunately the security guards did their jobs and sent offenders to the back of the line. It was funny how the ambots would get all angry and defensive then, and one even looked like he was going to cry when he was ordered to the back of the line.

    Although I realized that weekend that Amway wasn't a good business opportunity, I have to say, however, that a lot of the things you post are either greatly exaggerated or unique to your own upline. I still generally respect most of the people I worked with as they seemed to have good character and went above and beyond to try to help me. They didn't bother me at every hour of every day or examine every aspect of my personal life. I willingly shared some things about myself, and other team members shared plenty with me, but we never violated each other's privacy. In fact, our uplines repeatedly told us that the most important rules in the business were to not mess with someone's money or significant other. Now I don't doubt that experiences like the ones you had happen plenty in the business, but I think I was fortunate to have an upline with better character than your's. For all I know though, it could have been all and act, and they are talking shit about me at all the functions now because I am the "dream stealing quitter." Oh well, what's done is done.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by with your story. Yup to everything you said. All Scamway functions are exactly the same listening to the same old boring shit you heard at the last one. Although I never saw people sleeping outside of the arenas I'm sure they probably did. I'm with you. Sleep in the hotel room and not worry about bad things happening. My aunt lives near the beach and one of the neighbors had a teenage girl relative from out of state staying with them. She thought it would be romantic to sneak out of the house in the middle of the night and hang out at the beach with her blanket and music. Southern California beaches might be warm and sunny and packed with people in the daytime. At night especially in more deserted areas not so much. Her body was found in the morning. I like your comparison to Black Friday crowds. And yes you can be very sure that all these people you used to like are trashing you at the next few Amway meetings for being a dream stealing quitter and you will be ostracized. For me no big deal but for people like you who like these people it must be unsettling to discover the upline only liked you for your money.

    2. To be honest I don't really care what they are saying about me or if they only liked me for money. I didn't really know these people long enough to really be hurt when I found out they were phonies. I've been much more hurt upon finding out dirty little secrets of certain relatives. I'm sure some did only love me for the money I gave them, but I think some who have been in it for a while are still deceived and genuinely believe in this business and thought they were helping me out. I likely won't have much to do with most of them again which I am ok with. Most of them will one day realize the failure of their pursuits and join me. I'm a bigger winner though because I was only in for about 8 months and didn't lose too much money.

      One thing I do agree with the ambots on though is that XS is indeed a damn good energy drink. I'd still buy it from an ambot if it wasn't so damn expensive. I think it will be an occasional guilty pleasure for me. Although I won't drink it ever again if I decide to hit up an old ambot buddy, and he tries to get me to join again or bugs me every month to buy a case. A good friend of mine had a cousin who was an ambot at one point and was constantly begging family members to buy his stuff, and it got to the point where they tried to avoid him.

    3. Anonymous - people in Amway are phonies and you're the winner because you broke free of their vicious cycle.

      Some people do like XS but they say the same thing too expensive to buy. I think it tastes like cat piss water perhaps mixed with strong cough medicine. I will never try another energy drink. When we were in Amway everyone said its the best energy drink out there. Now I know you can't believe anything a liar in Amway says. But what if they'res just a chance that all the other energy drinks out there taste even worst than a cat piss cough medicine mix. No way am I doing a taste test. Scared off energy drinks for life.

    4. I don't think Anna's experience is unique, I think yours is. I was involved with an IBO not in WWDB. I was directly and indirectly attacked verbally. Even months after leaving her and the Amway nonsense behind, the slanderous comments and malicious rumor spreading continued. It was only after I had exposed their blatant lies about income to one of their friends that they left me alone. Based on all of the other stories I have read, as well, I'd say it is very common.


    5. Jerry I'd say similar experiences except anonymous actually liked the upline and XS. Everyone's story is the same but the details might be slightly different. Everything else was bang on. And yes ambots trash those dream stealers at every meeting. You, me, anonymous. Do we really care what a bunch of lying Amway assholes think about us?

  4. Hey Tobbi if you come back to read this a couple of messages. The person checking comments said someone anonymous left a message for you but suspect it's just some negative troublemaking Amway asshole. Location unknown but due to bad spelling probably using a phone and comment apparently was boring and not the type where the rest of us could poke fun at it so deleted. Also have someone who would like to be in contact with you. Real person and location verified. It's up to you. If you want us to pass on your email just leave a comment and say its ok to give it and we won't publish your comment. Feels like I'm playing match.com here or something!

    1. Hey, I'd still be interested in reading that poorly written comment!

    2. Hey there Anna,

      So someone got angry at my comments? Oh boohoo, it makes me so sad lol. Anyway, someone wants to get into contact with me? As long as the person's verified and real I don't really mind you passing my email along so go ahead.

    3. If I loved Amway I wouldn't be a dumb fuck and read blogs like this that would only make me angry. I sure don't go around reading websites with topics that don't interest me or piss me off but then I'm not an Amway dumb fuck!

      And apparently we don't have your email address so can't pass it along. If you leave it in a comment it'll be deleted and not approved. Unless someone hits the wrong button.....


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