Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Amway Advertising

There have been numerous Amway ambots showing up at this blog yapping about Amway Artistry makeup is so good otherwise why else would the Miss America pageant use it.

Not everyone watches Miss America. In fact the majority of the population probably does not watch it. How many of those Amway ambots flapping their gums about Miss America have even watched the pageant. They’re just repeating some bullshit they heard from the assholes in their Amway upline.

Its been years since I last watched Miss America so I have no idea who the makeup supplier is. And I don’t really give a flying fuck anyway. Whoever provides makeup to the Miss America pageant doesn’t affect my life one way or the other. Nor does whoever supplies the evening gowns, the swimsuits, the lights, the microphones and so on.

I’d say the majority of the world doesn’t give a shit where the makeup comes from!

What these gloating Amway ambots fail to realize is if Miss America pageant is using Artistry makeup the pageant ain’t doing it out of the goodness of their hearts. Its called the advertising dollar. I have no idea how much Amway pays for this advertising. The Miss America pageant has staff who sell advertising and they are trying to make as good a deal as they can and make the suppliers pay top dollar.

I’ve never once seen whoever supplies the swimsuits show up at this blog gloating about how Miss America uses their companies swimsuits.

Besides Amway ambots who gives a shit?

Selling advertising space is something done all the time. Superbowl commercials come to mind and the sponsors pay top dollar for that prime viewing spot.

These scamming Amway ambots believe that Amway owns an arena in Orlando Florida. Bunch of liars. The arena is owned by the city and they sell advertising space in the form of name on the arena. Just like many other cities do selling name advertising on their arenas. Goes to the highest bidder. There have been several companies that have had their name on the Orlando arena. Currently Amway has purchased the advertising space. When their contract runs out perhaps another company will have the winning bid to have their name on there.

If lying Amway assholes aren’t trying to convince people that Amway owns the Orlando arena then they must think that the city lets them have their name their out of the goodness of their hearts. You need to grease those hearts with 40 million big ones.

How about those lame ass Amway commercials that appear on TV from time to time? Think that network is giving Amway that time slot for their commercials out of the goodness of their hearts because they like Amway? I’d say they like Amway’s money more than they like the company. Whoever’s got the bucks to pay for that advertising space gets it.

Who remembers sitting in an Amway cult meeting and listening to some fucker up on the stage bragging about how Amway don’t do advertising? That instead those advertising dollars are passed down to Amway ambots as commission. Seeing as how Amway is spending a lot of dollars in the past few years on advertising on arenas, beauty pageants, and TV does that mean less money is getting paid out to their commissioned sales force?

Something to throw back in the faces of those ambots when they say why would Miss America use artistry makeup? Because they're a paid sponsor. You think whoever got crowned is gonna put any slop on her face and promote it unless she's paid. I don't like whoppers as much as I used to when I was younger but if Burger King paid me to be their spokesperson and say how delicious that whopper is sure I'd do it. Doesn't mean I'm not going to enjoy a Big Mac the next time I eat fast food. Any of those dumb ass ambots ask Miss America what brand of cosmetics she really where's when she's not being a paid spokesmodel?

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