Monday, October 21, 2013

Amway Douchebags

Hot topics for searchers finding their way to Married To An Ambot is “Amway sex products” or various similar wording likely hoping to improve their chances of getting sex. There are a bunch of ambot sex fiends out there.

To which I always say if you’re not getting any sex and you’re in Amway – mystery solved! Wanna get more? Try quitting the Amway cult and see if that improves your chances. Amway is a huge turn off to women.

An Amway douchebag lands on one of those sex posts here after searching for “Amway fragrance product for female sex organ”.

I mean really just when you think you’ve seen everthing Amway ambots are searching for some fucked up ambot comes up with something different. And why be so formal in the description.

OK ladies do you really want to stick something from Amway up there? Those leaky Amway tampons are bad enough!

For all the searchers who find their way to this blog desperately searching for Amway sex products you’d think Amway would actually sell them and they might be hot ticket items for getting that PV up there. OK yup all the women reading this have given another name to those PV initials! Ha ha ha!!!

Is everyone with me rolling off the chair laughing? ROFLMAO! Laughing at Amway douchebags is just too easy!

Its my guess this searcher of “Amway fragrance product for female sex organ” is looking for scented douches or lubricant creams. Maybe wants to spice it up from the water/vinegar mix.

Can you imagine the Amway price tag on such a product?

And sure maybe there are people out there who’d rather buy these products through mail order instead of walking into the drugstore or love shop but if Amway sells it then that tells you you can find similar products cheaper through other places.

Amway sells generic and substandard products at overinflated prices. If I’m going to put something up there I don’t want to have an allergic reaction from some cheap ass Amway product. Yow! Ouch! Amway crabs!

And while we’re kind of on the subject if Amway made them is there any woman out there who would trust condoms made by Amway? I sure as hell wouldn’t. Going cheap on materials that would probably bust. Why risk it. I want Amway to give me those promised gazillions of dollars not a baby or STD.

You Amway douchebags need to keep searching. And here’s a big hint for you. Amway don’t sell sex products.

But its always kind of fun around here to write up a post with keywords such as Amway sex and “Amway fragrance product for female sex organ” and keep reeling in Amway douchebags!



  1. Classic Anna!!


    1. Amway attracts douchebags or those who are willing to become douchebags after receiving Amway training.

  2. LOL ! Funny post. No way would I buy Amway condoms. That company has already screwed me enough.

    1. Good point. Buy Amway condoms and get screwed in more ways than one.

      Hypothetically speaking of course. As far as I know they don't sell them. Could be because they discourage sex in their followers because that takes them away from spending time prospecting and building their business and all the other bullshit.

      Join the Amway cult and don't watch TV and don't have sex. When would you have time for either cause you spend all night at Amway meetings.

  3. It would be a bad idea to believe ambots who try to scam you into giving up birth control pills and taking Amway vitamins instead for the same results. Tell those scamming Amway douchebags to take their lies and fuck off! Unless you want to get pregnant......

    1. Twixortweets - I hope you're not talking from personal experience. You are very right. Never take birth control advice or any other medical advice from lying scamming Amway ambots. There's a post last week about Amway quacks and just cause they're in Amway they are now professionals at everything including giving medical advice. They'll lie about anything just to make a buck and they don't care what impact it has on their victims health.

    2. Birth control planning by Amway douchebags. Where do I sign up?

  4. "Amway fragrance product for female sex organ"

    Next time post a warning. I just snorted coffee all over my computer! LOL. Snort!

  5. IBOFightback AKA David Steadson is an Amway douchebag.

  6. Okay, now I TRULY frightened...AMWAY sex products? What..."Dexdork" for your..ah..okay... let's just call them 'grunnions'....and for the women, "Birdiebush"? Both should come with a 600psi, 120 volt applicator and a 'how-to' CD produced by their namesakes (I'd pay real money to watch that). What scents are available? "I'm SO glad you asked," minced the upline. 'Midnight in Biloxi' for the women, and perhaps 'Charlatan' for the men?"(..both having a distinct after-odor of toasted bull-sh*t and scorched polyester. Trust me here, the drones will buy them...and feel privileged...more's the pity.)

    1. Haha! Thanks for adding some more fun to this post. Amway ambots need to read some historical romance novels to get some new names to call those female sex organs.

  7. Fell off my chair laughing. The idea of Ambots, smelling like poxy Amway deoderant and Amway aftershave, breath reeking of Glister (shudder) squeaking as they walk in their polyester suits (frrt, frrt), trying to get laid. ROFLMAO! Thanks for the giggles! Even after all these years I get unpleasant flash-backs if I smell Amway products!

    1. Ha ha glad to hear you got a good laugh. Everything about those Amway ambots reeks of desperation.


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