Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Amway Teaches Women To Sell Their Bodies And Souls

Here’s a tactic that I don’t remember being wasn’t taught in any meeting I was part of because the women attending Amway meetings were married and maybe that little detail wouldn’t have stopped them anyway. But there were a couple of single women hanging around, though I think they all had boyfriends, so perhaps when they counseled with upline it came up. Part of Amway teachings is to teach women, though again I’m not sure if this is part of the Amway training for married women, could be I suppose, to basically prostitute themselves to recruit men into Amway. Seeing as how I was never part of this training of how women were to appeal themselves better to men I can only guess. Put on more Artistry makeup? Yup go out and buy some more of that shit to slop on your face. I guess men must find that soooooo attractive. Were women trained how to dress? I can remember listening to some Diamond’s CD and they were screeching about how ambots should dress and the message to women attending Amway meetings was not to dress like a slut. Though that could be the message to women when prospecting men into Amway. The picture is that women should seduce a man to join up with the Amway cult. Of course most men only think with their smaller head and if a woman is coming on to them they only have one thing they’re interested in. So an ambot woman is all over the man and she says hey I’ll get it on with you if you spend $200 to sign up with Amway. That’s what they’re teaching women in Amway? Incredible! But doesn’t surprise me. Here's a readers story.

Actually, your story is rather similar to behavior I’ve observed from a sibling of mine involved in this. They become friends with strangers, or even pretend to carry on a relationship with anyone just to get to that individual’s friends and family! My niece is incapable now of differentiating people and business. According to my niece’s upline… “Every minute you’re not prospecting someone, you’re losing money!” She specifically flirts with guys to get them to lower their guard against this type of thing. They of course do give in, but not before wanting ‘a little-something-something’ in return!

She once told how she had ENTICED this guy into signing up, but had agreed to going to HIS place to complete the prospecting. Unfortunately for her, the guy wanted a LITTLE favor in exchange for his COOPERATION (she of course didn’t go through with it, and was furious about it), if you know what I mean. I became frantic and questioned her about this, wondering why she would put herself in danger of being raped just for a few dollars and a prospect. She explained to me her upline’s wife had TRAINED them on how to appeal more to the male prospect and use that tactic to manipulate a new prospect into signing up. From what she said, the husband (her upline) was training his guy-ambots on how to do this same exact thing with women-prospects. How to use their charm to entice women to join the business. This deceitful behavior is disgusting, it’s appalling how they have to WHORE themselves out for a dollar a week! Also, my niece takes out that lip-gloss that lights in the dark to get women prospect. I’ve seen this work in person. We were at a wedding, where she automatically got a few women interested in that lip-gloss light thing right after she took it out!


  1. If this is true it it quite horrendous! But Amway doesn't provide any training other than product and business model training. If this is occuring it is through an organization of amway owners that are not following the rules nor building things with integrity. Mrs. Banana if you would put all this blogging energy into something a little bit more worthwhile you could really have an impact on things that really matter or even your families financial health.

    1. I agree it is quite horrendous and even though I have no first hand knowledge there is no doubt in my mind that it is true because that is the kind of thing that goes on in this cult. The organizations have no problem breaking the rules because Amway will do nothing about it because that would upset a huge source of income for them should the organization part ways and take their followers to another MLM so they won't make waves about who is violating what. Thanks for your concern about how I spend my time and my finances.

    2. It is true. Sex sells. AMOs know this and try to exploit it. I've seen it first hand as well.

      Anon, as for financial health, I hope you are not referring to Amway as positive financial health, like many delusional ambots do.

      Some people work the soup kitchen, some people donate to their church during the holidays, Mrs. Banana fights corruption and hypocrisy via this blog. What have you done for the betterment of mankind?


    3. Thanks Jerry,

      I agree with Jerry about “Anonymous-October 11”, Anna Banana is our savior! If it weren’t for her providing us with this incredible blog, I don’t know what it would be of most us suffering from this Amway calamity. It seems nowadays Amway is taking away a lot more people from their families and friends. Anna Banana helps open our eyes to this impending plague! I also believe Ana Banana’s family is doing just fine, maybe even better than just fine, keeping in mind she fought this sickening assimilation from the very beginning when it tried to grasp her own family’s peace and sanity…and income.

      Thank you so much Anna, I love your blog and I enjoy but also dread reading all these stories from time to time. It also helps me feel less alone knowing there are others out there going through what I’m going through. It also helps me know I’m not negative, or crazy for not buying into their little scheme. Sometimes they push you into a corner and they make you feel so helpless and alone…like the world out there is out to get you if you’re not one of them.

      (P.S. Thanks again Anna for providing this corner for us the forgotten fighters)


    4. Jerry if the prudes at Amway really believes sex sells then then they'd be selling sex products like I get so many ambots showing up here looking for. Hell maybe I should run a sideline business selling sex products here!

    5. Hi JuliaDoll. Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad the blog is helping you. People like you is why we're here. Too many have been hurt and suffer emotionally as well as financially thanks to Assholes they met in Amway.

  2. I was told that I should fix myself up like a "China doll" because I didn't look the part...

    1. Thanks for stopping by "China doll"! Yup its brutal the bullshit you have to go through inside the Amway cult.


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