Friday, October 4, 2013

The Amway Ambot Shit List

Once an ambot has had enough of being love bombed to death by Amway cult members and losing money in the Amway pyramid scheme and quits Scamway, they now find themselves on the Amway ambot shit list.

The Amway cult is a fucked up religion that worships money. They lure in prospects with promises of riches and hype them up to believe that all their dreams of material possessions will come true thanks to Amway and that in 2 to 5 years they will be rolling in dough with gazillions of dollars in residual income every month and they’ll never have to work again.

What comes to mind to most people is get rich quick scheme. If it sounds too good to be true then it probably isn't. If it was this easy to get rich quick everyone would be doing it. People would be pushing each other out of the way to sign up for Amway instead of how it's really done with ambots being sneaky that the big business opportunity is the dreaded A word and tricking prospects to come to meetings.

The Amway cult offers instant friendship. And extremely affectionate instant friends. Demon friends! Over the top ambots who hang on to your every word with dumb grins on their faces as if you are the most fascinating person they’ve ever met, hand out overly zealous compliments, and want to hug hug hug! And squeal and scream whenever they see you like you’re a long lost friend they haven’t seen in 20 years instead of some ambot they ran into last night at an Amway cult meeting.

Eventually most ambots wise up and quit the scam. Had enough of the fucking Amway pyramid scheme!

Quitting means stop buying overpriced Amway products = no PV for the ambot or any of the assholes in their Amway upline. Oooohhhh!!!!!!! That really pisses off those upline Amway assholes! Angers them to no extent. Amway friends are only your friends as long as you’re handing over money to them. They only like you for your money and how much money they can make off you. There’s gotta be some reason behind why they put on that phony ass “I love you” routine.

The ambot stops attending Scamway meetings. That means less money under the mattress of some asshole in the Amway upline. Whoever it is - Diamond or Emerald - who is not making as much money as he’d like at the last cult meeting will ride the ass of the cult leaders in his downline. “Where’s my money!!!! Sign up more ambots!!! I need a fucking Mercedes!!!!”

Nope the ambot who quit won’t budge and won’t hand over no more cash. They’re realized they’re not making fistfuls of money in Amway. Its nearly impossible to find customers to buy overpriced shitty Amway products.

They can’t find prospects to come to Amway meetings much less sign up to be an Amway IBO. They cut their losses and stop.

Maybe they actually liked some of the assholes in their Amway upline and want to remain friends with them.

Nope won’t happen. Amway friends are only your friends as long as you’re handing money over to them. You are OUT!!!!

At the next Amway cult meeting the sack of shit Platinum gets the word out to the other cult members to ostracize the ambot who left the flock. They lost their dream. Their dream wasn’t big enough. They didn’t try hard enough. They had an unsupportive wife. They listed to too many dreamstealers. They became negative. Usually a one hour rant in the next Amway cult meeting. Maybe the next few cult meetings. The sack of shit Platinum needs some material to entertain the cult followers for 3 or 4 hours.

About 6 months or so after Ambot finally quit the Amway cult we ran into an ambot at the gas station. Ambot went over and said hi to him while I filled the tank. The ambot smiled at him and said he wasn’t supposed to talk to us.

Gee who would have handed down that command?

The sack of shit Platinum!

Yup. We quit Amway and ended up on the ambot shit list!

I can’t tell you how devastating that is to me! Ha ha ha!

Like I really care that a bunch of fucking assholes from Amway don’t want to associate with us!

So that’s how you end up on the ambot shit list.

You quit Amway!

Freedom! Flush that stinking cult!


  1. Hi Anna:

    This really isn't the subject of your post but something you might find interesting. On youtube there are countless video clips exposing the Amway con (and a few pro Amway ones but far out numbered) anyway the comments? As you can imagine typical Ambots calling those who don't make it quitters and losers and accusing them of not "thinking big" and of course nothing worse in this world than having a J-O-B. Also they will all soon be rich and a few claim (lie) that thanks to scAmway they already are. I told one (and I meant) if they are rich and can send me their tax return that they make >= $70,000 I will send them a $1,000 gift. Needless to say I haven't heard back...

    1. Hi Anonymous. Yeah those comments might be the best thing! So predictable with the canned Ampeak responses. When you sign up with the Amway cult of greed you take a pledge to love Amway more than anything else and you have to put a lot of energy into lie, deny, distract and defend. No big surprise that those liars turned down a chance at $1000.

    2. They who are brain-washed have a new one Anna (or at least new to me). Of course you know the one about not going to a non-surgeon for an operation. Well this Ambot on youtube scolded a video critic of scAmway (she went to a few meetings but never joined) "would you go to a single person for marriage counseling?

    3. Hi Anonymous that sounds familiar.

      My argument on the other side is why would you "counsel with upline" when they don't have degrees or training as counsellors.

      And that would be because when a person is in Scamway that automatically makes them an expert and professional in every field.

    4. They've used the "would you go to a friend for surgery"? line on me. Retort with the same mumbo jumbo of another version, so here, you Could indeed reply with "would you go to a single person for marriage counseling?", or vice versa just to throw him off.

      Or, you could do the direct retort...
      "would you pay money to join a group where they tell you NOTHING about how the business is run?"
      "would you join a 'business' where even you aren't buying what they're selling, let alone suckering others into it?"

      or be aggressive about it... it's one thing these jerks respond to.... When they say "do you trust your friends for surgery advice", you say "do you trust your friends?" in response. It won't stop there, he'll try to talk right away. I had to repeat myself like a parrot before he laid off.

    5. Anonymous - that's good using Amway lens right back at the Ambot.

  2. Hey there Anna,

    Well, it's still tense with my girlfriend, but I was able to let go of my negative feelings to the point our relationship has stopped degrading. She's still bitter I quit, a fact that was made obvious by the tone in her voice when she said she had a "business meeting" next wednesday evening, but at least, I stopped agonizing inside. What comes comes... but at least I stopped the bleeding.

    Which makes me realize one of our upline's most famous contradiction: We had to find people who were hungry for more, who had trouble making ends meet and so on. So basically... find someone who's desperate and steal whatever he has left. Now that's what I call low.

    Anyway, I'm glad I'm out of this shit.

    1. Hi Tobbi. Your girlfriend is acting in a typical bitter Ambot style when someone doesn't support their business. But you knew that. That's how the assholes in her upline have coached her to behave.

      That's a good description of Amway - find someone who's desperate and steal whatever he has left. I might use that.

  3. Anna,

    I just talked a buddy out of Amway. He posted a pic of the 'starter package' on facebook and I PMed him asking about it. I asked him if he did the math on the commission and everything and I broke it all down that its so hard to make any money, you are literally paying 500 bucks a month for some products (quality doesn't matter here, the fact you are getting stuff in return for your money), and dial in facebook forum, and some recordings for about $5 return every 15th of the month.

    He said that his co worker got him in on it and he asked if I knew anything about it and I unloaded on him about it.

    He, like everyone else in Amway was looking for a way out to live the dream of being rich etc.

    He was somewhat smart about it he didn't sign up for the Kate or standing orders he just wanted the site to make sales from. He is a pretty decent salesperson so yeah.

    He even said that during the meetings it felt very cult like lol

    1. Rbot - at least you've stopped your friend before too much damage is done. And someone who's a good salesman might be able to sell Amway products and make a small commission. The problem is that doesn't make those at the top of the pyramid much richer. Soon he'll have pressure on him to invest (aka lose money) in the Amway tool scam. But he's already decided the meetings are cult like so he might be able to fend the attack of the ambots off.

  4. Anna, I was at FED in Richmond, VA this past week, and after about 9 months, I fully realize what a sham it is and how brainwashed everyone is. It was a bunch of speakers basically saying the same thing, "My life sucked and I was broke until someone showed me the plan, and here I am now onstage as a diamond." There was little discussion on how to actually build the business. There is so much more I could say about my experience, but that would take far too long, but I really enjoy the work on your site.

    1. Hi anonymous. Just about everyone figures out sooner or later that Amway's a scam. Most before they hit the one year mark. I'm glad to hear you're not going to waste more money and brain cells chasing the elusive Amway dream. Stop by another time if you want to share your experience. Your story will be pretty much the same story as everyone else.

      Oh and you forgot one piece of information about that Diamond on stage when they saw the plan. It's always a dear friend who showed them the plan. They all work off the same script.

  5. Hey there Anna,

    Yep, it does fit the general description of Amway. Find desperate people, offer them hope... and when they're no longer useful, just discard them like the trash they are. That's not just low, that's downright cruel.

    Also, I like how they keep boasting how many families they managed to save thanks to the freedom they offer. What they don't tell is that for everyone they "save", there's probably hundreds if not thousands who find themselves scarred for life.

    "Don't look sideways, don't look backwards... focus on what's ahead," they would say. To which I will add "That way, you won't see the wasteland of destruction you're leaving in your wake."

    Anyway, thanks for being there Anna, this blog is the perfect outlet for my frustration... especially since I know my words are not bouncing off a wall like with my girlfriend ;).

    1. Hi Tobbi. Yup the people in Amway have no use for you if they can't make money off you.

      Yeah we've talked about the old Amway bullshit of how they save marriages. I mean really how do they know. It's not like you fill it out on your census form or that some telemarketer is phoning the whole world and asking these questions about if you're in Amway and did it save your marriage. There's no data. It's just another Amway lie. The reality is most marriages break down due to money issues and when you're losing tons of money in Amway and the stresse s of putting up with the biggest bunch of lying scamming assholes around that's hard times for any marriage.

      Yup coming to this blog sure as hell beats counselling with upline. Fucking assholes that those Amway bastards are!

  6. I went to one meeting and just had a feeling in my gut it was all b*llsh*t. It screams pyramid scheme and scam and the "I love you" crap did little more then crep me out, let alone sell me on anything. I think our economy is the perfect weapon for Amway, because some people are unemployed and getting desperate, so they take a chance. Then the people who "love" them, take them for all they can. Cheap suits and folding chairs in cafeterias couldn't fool me, but my gf was another story. I supported her and to this day am very thankful she woke up shortly after signing up. Lost a couple $100 but never put the painful time or effert in that these other people obviously aren't getting compensated for or if they are, are so at below minimum wage. Great blog Anna.


    1. Hi Jeremy. Thanks for stopping by with your story. Yup you have summed up Amway very nicely in a few sentences. Glad you saw through it and didn't get taken in by is scam. Good to hear you didn't lose too much $$$$.

    2. Jeremy: That is what I try and tell (some just down and outers been conned others just assholes themselves) the ambots on youtube talking up the riches soon to come their way. From a financial point of view get a job at min wage (plus real bonuses for CC sign ups) as a cashier at Kohls one night a week and bank that $$$. Much better of plan to improve their economic situation... About your gf a couple hundred $$$ out the window but wiser for the experience one might say.

  7. Amway is an individual business, you are not working your ass off for your upline. If you are diamond, and your upline is just a 3% user he or she does not benefit from your success. However, a 4% leadership bonus will go to who deserve, for example the up up up up up up line who is still active in amway. This can be seen as passive income. Income that continuosly come after effort has been made. In this case, for the up up up up up line who is still active in the business. When you become emerald, when you have 3 platinium, you get to get 0.25% of whole amway international share. another 0.25% when you reach diamond. Another 0.25% when you reach 7 leg and above. There is also deep bonus. End of year bonus. FAA bonus. Amway is amazing! Once you succeed in amway your next generation will not need to suffer as all these will give passive income. What we truly want is security. Will the boss still pay you if you got sick after 10years of working? You have put in your 10years effort in this X company, making it earn profit while your boss go on vacation, enjoying golf. Do you realised without you the company may not function as it is today? You are highly valuable resource to the company! Why why why after putting 10years of effort you get nothing back in return? Because your earning is not passive income. Your effort for one month is given one month of pay. Lets say 3k. 3k for a month, now divide 30days and divide again 24hours. This is how much you are worth for an hour of your time. What we want in life is how to increase our "value" from this kind of $xx rate to this kind of $xx rate. In life we want more, we want better, yes we want better. But reality stops us from achieving it. Have you heard yourself thinking "i cannot afford to quit my job i have alot of bills to pay", "i cannot go for vacation i need to save money", "i cannot buy the things i want because i need to pay for my children education" Rather than restricting ourself of increasing our "value", we need to think of HOW CAN I AFFORD THIS. Think the other way around. Life presents everything for you for you to choose what you love, don't turn your head away. A lot of people is rich, they have the money. But do they have the time? here comes again, freedom. Do you have freedom? or do you want to work until you can no longer work? How long does it takes for you to buy a dream house or a dream apartment? The book, "the secret" can help you with positive thoughts. A video posted on youtube by titled "patrick joe and nancy malaysia day 1" is an inspiration for me, i hope it is for you too. It does not matter, if after you read my comment you still thinks amway is not your cup of tea. But please, understand truly the marketing plan before saying so. What do other people see that you don't see in Amway, what is it, search for it. why are all these people crazy about amway, because in Amway we see hope, we see possibility of achieving our dreams... I truly wish the best for all of you in life! You deserve the best that life can give!

    1. Aaacckkk! Amspeak! But thanks for stopping by and giving us your upline's thoughts!

    2. Hey there Anonymous,

      Amway people are inherently cruel by making you seeing hope where there in fact is none... or very little. Building this thing is like trying to climb a never-ending Niagara Falls. You'll find yourself constantly struggling against a downward current as the IBOs you worked so hard to recruit leave one after the other.

      They came to my girlfriend and I claiming we could build this thing part-time, but the sad truth is that unless you put in every spare drop of your free time in this, you won't see any results whatsoever. If that's what you want, then go for it, spend your evenings and weekend at the mall doing the "three-foot rule" or something. Also, spend hundreds of dollars on motivational material that doesn't teach you ANYTHING about how to run a business. Don't forget to attend your monthly seminars and big-time events too, those are about as fun as they're expensive.

      Also, have fun hoping for those nice bonuses, especially those 7-legs one, because honestly, not many IBOs can make 7 legs work. Most have only one or two... and are desperately struggling to keep them working because people leave almost as soon as they join. So yeah, outpacing the rate of desertion will be your lifetime curse. Good luck with that man. And don't forget to say hello to the kids and wife you won't be seeing. And I also hope your kids are prepared to deal with A LOT of teasing, because the stigma of being in Amway will transfer to your kids too. After all, there's a lot more people outside of Amway then there are inside.

      So yeah, have fun man. Have fun dreaming the dream... because I can tell you it will eventually turn into a nightmare, like it did for me.

    3. Hi Tobbi. Nice of you to take the time to share that but I doubt that brainwashed Ambot will return. He doesn't think for himself anymore only repeats the upline.

      I don't know what the 3 foot rule is. Anything that could make a good topic for an upcoming post? With the Banana spin on it of course!

    4. Hey there Anna,

      I wasn't doing this for the ambot as much as for myself. I needed to vent a little and anonymous there just gave me the opportunity to do so.

      From what I could gather, the three-foot rule (or three-feet rule) is a way to name the strategie an ambot should follow when prospecting in the mall or any public place. It simply means to strike up a conversation with anyone who's within three feet of you. After all, "diamonds are all around us, so go ahead and talk to them!"

      So yeah, pretty stupid if you ask me. You're more likely to annoy people than find someone gullible enough to sign up with a complete stranger.

      So there, I hope you have fun spinning this he he he ;).

    5. Yup this is the place to vent. Strike up a conversation wi anyone within 3 feet of you? Yikes! Amway ambots attack!

  8. I believe i can achieve my dreams. I believe i can retired when i am in my 30's. I believe life present everything for me for me to choose what i love.. I believe, i have dream it,i believe it, and will go for it. No one opportunity can give this great of a ladder for everyone to climb up the success ladder. In amway you only need to be successful for once. Only once.

    1. Interesting. I hope it works out for you.

    2. You know Anonymous, one of the things my Amway upline always chimed was that everyone has their own definition of "success" (one of the few things I actually agree with). So would you mind telling us what "being successful" means to you in this context? In the meantime, I wish you well on your endeavor of climbing an endless waterfall.

    3. Yes, that is the attitude of most. "Okay, maybe only 0.1% of those who try Amway are successful. But that's because 99.9% of them are lazy losers who didn't dream big enough. I will be that 0.1% who walks the beaches of the world".

      And that's where Amway gets them. Making them think that the ONLY reason others weren't successful was because they didn't work hard enough, but THEY will be the exception to the rule.

      Yeah... right.


    4. That's right Dave, the only way to lose in Amway is to quit. As long as you keep trying, you'll succeed eventually. Oh and don't forget to sign up for the CD of the week and attend our various seminars to keep our pockets full while you're at it.

      God they're so full of it it makes me sick.

  9. This is to the person 'anonymous' who went into a fierce, albeit futile attempt to defend Amway. There's a sucker born every minute. Here's your minute. I realize you are easily bamboozled and probably have a "No Solicitators" sign by your door because you are a weak sheeple, voted for the 'hope and change', are incapable of using common sense logic and thinking for yourself and believe health care is a RIGHT and rich people OWE you.

    Your money and time 'investment' in Amway would have been better spent on a course in English Comp, sentence construction, capitalization and punctuation, use of nouns and verbs, etc. You write as if you have not made it thru the 5th grade in elementary school. What irritates me is that I'm going to have to bail you out from your bad financial choices.

    1. Hi Anonymous - the life of an Amway Ambot includes defending Amway. I've never had to put that much effort into defending any company I've ever worked for. If part of my job description included defending my company and the actions of the salespeople and there was no time to do anything else I'd be outta there!

  10. I was googling and ran across this website. I was very shocked to see all of these negative reviews about Amway.All of the people I met are excited and donig well in Amway, I want to join too. The products were by far some of the best i have ever used.

    1. Just a heads up everyone. I think Dudly is the Amway Masturbator. He's from the same town, Charleston, South Carolina, and someone from this same IP tried to leave a comments a couple of days ago about loving the SA8 in a way only the Amway Masturbator does. If you get my drift.

    2. The Amway Masturbator calls himself "Dudly Doright"? What a pathetic schmuck.

      I guess he'll be using plenty of SA8 as he surfs porn on his computer.

    3. You're probably right, Blog Admin. They always say how "excited" everyone one is (i.e. "Fired Up", which means "brainwashed"). They'll say how everyone is doing well in Amway, forgetting, of course, that in Amway it's all about "fake it til you make it". All those drones saying "oh yes, my Amway business is going great!" are actually just running up credit cards, filling up closets and garages with inventory no one wants to buy from them, but have to pretend things are wonderful. All part of the "positive thinking" brainwashed agenda.

      This site is "negative" for a reason. Story after story after story of people watching loved ones fall into the cult and lose money and friends and become sneering, arrogant drones following a 99% failure rate scam.

    4. Hey Masturbator - go fuck off with a box of Amway soap! If you just came across this site why do the stats say the IP you're using has multiple visits? Fucking Amway liar!

    5. Good catch Suzy Q! A little tougher to pick out when he's not bragging about dipping his dick into Amway laundry soap!

    6. 1st Anonymous - the Amway Masturbator can't even spell Dudley Do-Right correctly! LOL! And those fuckers show up here and bitch at us about not being educated. I guess some of us paid better attention when the cartoons were on! LOL!

    7. 2nd Anonymous - yeah we recently did a post about yet another way we can tell an Amway loser is lying and that's pretending they're not in Amway but thinking its a good idea to sign up when they already have. Another sign is the over the top obsession Amway losers have with "negative" when the reality is these fuckers can't tell the difference between what's negative and what's the truth. One of the preachings of the Great Amway God is "all things truthful are negative because it goes against our religious teachings." And only a brainwashed Amway Ambot actually thinks Amway products are good. The rest of the world says that's overpriced shit!


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