Thursday, November 14, 2013

Amway Losers

We were over at a friend’s house and Ambot told us that after he left Amway he honestly, truly felt that he was a loser. It took him a long time not to feel like he was a loser because he was brainwashed into believing that if he ever left Amway then that makes him a loser.

This is all part of the brainwashing technique practiced all the time by our Platinum and also heard from the stage when we heard Emerald and Diamond speakers to refer to anyone who quits Amway or is otherwise not interested in signing up with Amway. Not saying this is a unique experience and only the assholes I knew in Amway uses this. Seems to be taught system wide as part of upline abuse cause many people hit the Internet and say they heard the same thing about the loser reinforcement.

When I was growing up the term loser meant to me someone who was on the baseball team who didn’t win the game. I guess the way I was brought up I was never taught the word “loser” was a derogatory name to use as an insult against other people. It was a word that never stuck with me long anyway. Just because someone was on the baseball team that lost the game that day, maybe the next day the results would be reversed and I’d be on the losing team.

The word just floated off our backs being transferred weekly from one team to the other. We didn’t attach much importance to being called losers for a couple of hours after the ball game. It was just kids taunting each other for a bit. If we lost the game this time we were losers. Next time we’d do better and be the winners.

Unfortunately that’s not the way “loser” is viewed by the Amway cult followers. The upline uses the term “loser” to insult others. They use the word loser as a threat to keep ambots from quitting.

So who’s calling me and Ambot losers after we quit Amway? The ugly kid in his 20’s who drives around in a junker car that’s always breaking down. The one who has a J.O.B. as a salesman working 40 hours a week for $10/hour. The one who is still living at home with mommy and daddy. The kid who spends his money as fast as he makes it. Even faster now that’s he’s an Amway IBO and has to invest all his money in his own business.

How about our Platinum who’s still working a full time J.O.B. Oh he gives us some bullshit about how God tells him he should keep working there to “help” his lowly co-workers out. Gee what a guy! What a work ethic! And then out of the goodness of his heart he spends his evenings and weekends “helping” others who want to build their own businesses. What about the Emerald who was still working during our time in the Amway hellhole though I don't recall that he had a full time job it was either temporary or part time. apparently has since retired. Gotta keep up that Scamway image!

My Ambot is a loser? Someone who’s owned a legitimate business for many years, lives in a nice house that he’s owned for many years, drives decent cars that don’t break down regularly, has retirement savings, enjoys nice vacations, and has a pretty nice life.

A lot of IBO’s we knew were driving around in old clunkers, had bad credit, were behind on their rent (none of them owned houses), and were being hounded with phone calls from bill collectors. Oh yes the joy of being a broke Amway loser.

I never gave much thought to the word “loser” other than the losing baseball team. Ever since we got involved with Amway I attach the word “loser” to IBO’s - people who think they’re better than everyone else, offer fake friendship, are liars, and just generally make other people’s lives miserable by causing them emotional and financial distress.

Our lives have returned to normal since we broke free from those Amway losers! Actually better than normal. The albatross has been lifted from the neck. We can breathe again. We can see Amway and its loser IBO’s for what they really are.

Those Amway losers couldn’t brainwash me. The only losers I know are the IBO’s who point fingers and throw that word around to make themselves feel more big and important. The Amway Ambot air of superiority over the rest of the world.

So here’s pointing right back at you. You IBO losers are the biggest bunch of assholes I’ve ever met.


  1. Anna, or anyone else that knows.

    You mentioned that IRS will crack down on people in Amway who try to claim losses right? Well we are gonna get a $50 1099 from them since that is all we made. I am not trying to claim losses, but I have a home office (that I use for my actual JOB), interest on home/student loans, and regular stuff that I typically deduct on my taxes. Will this disqualify me from doing that? Same goes for my fiancé, both her and I are on the amway account so we are both getting a 1099, she claims her sisters as dependents because we provide them monetary support and she is able to get a decent tax refund due to that. Will she be disqualified now for that? Or is it only when you try to claim losses? Kind of like gambling losses?
    I am going to extremely upset if that flags us and denies us our legal and rightful deductions due to the stupid $50 1099 from Amway.

    1. Rbot - I'd hate to give you wrong advice. I'll leave that up to ambots! Our accountant wouldn't touch anything Amway because it's a pyramid scheme and if there's an audit the accountants ass is on the line too so most accountants probably wouldn't touch it. There an accountant who sometimes stops by this blog who gives the IRS links that tells their agents to closely scrutinize anything Amway. Check with your accountant to see if you need to deal with that $50. You might not need to but like I said I'm no expert. That's why I hire an accountant. Don't ask anyone in Amway even though they are experts in everything in their own minds.

    2. Im not asking Amway for advice.
      Well I know I send out 1099s to anyone that has more than $600 in sales. So if I don't receive one from them for 50 bucks im not gonna worry about it.

      I am pretty sure they would only red flag it if its 600+ AND I am trying to claim losses, which I am not.

      I am an accountant myself, just not a tax one :)

  2. Send the 50 back to amway then you wont have a problem


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