Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Amway's "Proven" System

joined a retired businessman for lunch the other day and we got to talking about how nobody operates their business the same way. Take a gas station for instance. Some of them are open 24 hours. Others open at 6am and close at 10pm. Some gas stations have grocery stores, coffee, and fresh baked snacks available. Others just sell oil and car products and have a mechanic on site. Two people could run a similar business very differently. That’s not to say one is wrong and the other is right. They just have different business plans and different ways of doing business.

At every Amway meeting I attended the sack of shit Platinum would brag about Amway’s “proven” system. The old guard had blazed the trail for new IBO’s. They’d made the mistakes. The knew what worked. All we had to do was follow their “proven” system and we’d all succeed in Amway and be bazillionaires like the Diamonds.

Amway’s “proven” system is a system set up for failure. 99% of IBO’s do not make money in Amway. Most quit Amway within a couple of years - there’s only so long you can go into debt and keep losing money. 99% failure rate. Yup that’s a “proven” system for sure!

So what were some of the things this “proven” Amway system consisted of?

1. Duplicate your upline. - Yup that’s a good one seeing as how most of the people in our upline didn’t own their own homes and were renters we really want to step back in life and our lifestyle and become renters too. Good one. Mostly duplicating your upline meant attaching yourself to their ass, going where they went, observing, and doing what they do. Fuck that. Nobody in our upline was going places I wanted to go. Namely the poorhouse.

2. Submit to upline. In other words become a brainwashed slave and do whatever they tell you to do. Scrub their kitchen floor. Mow their lawn. Wipe their asses.

3. Buy at least 100 PV of Amway products each month. Cha ching. $300 minimum. Most ambots buy more than that.

4. Attend all Amway meetings. Gotta keep with the brainwashed flock and spend all your time with them. Brainwash patrol! Can’t spend free time with friends and family the way you used to because they might knock some sense into you and tell you to get out of this pyramid scheme. Cost for Amway meetings fluctuates. For living room board plans at someone’s house usually free. For other Amway meetings $10 to $25 to buy a ticket to get in.

5. Buy Premier Membership to WWDB. That’ll cost $50/month. Very important because well shit I don’t know why it was important. It gives you a web portal to your own Amway shopping page so you can refer customers to go directly there and buy Scamway products. You can also access their web page to buy tickets to major Amway functions and hotel rooms. You also get a small deduction buying Amway books and CD’s. You can also view your Amway statements from here too I think. There is also a calendar and contact list so you can keep track of your customers and events. The problem is if you put any customer information in here WWDB spams them. Is this worth $50? Hell no! But it is part of Amway’s “proven” system.

6. Sign up for Communikate. Cha ching. About $35/month. Dumb ass voice mail system. Every ambot is packing a cell phone that probably has this kind of feature as part of their plan. Those dumb fucks have been brainwashed to believe that Communikate is a personal assistant. Yeah bring me a Pepsi! Personal assistant gotta be good for something.

7. Attend all major Amway functions. Cha ching cha ching. Tickets, transportation, hotel, food. Plan on about $1000/couple depending on how far you have to travel and if you’re driving or flying. Maybe double it. How about skipping this “proven” system. Its just a bullshit brainwashing session where these Amway assholes gloat about their riches and don’t give any useful information about how to make money in Amway. That’s because its a scam! Very few scammers are good enough to climb to the top of the pyramid!

8. Listen to at least 15 minutes of an Amway CD every day all the better for brainwashing! Also read at least 15 minutes of an Amway recommended book daily. That’ll set back most ambots at least $25/week.

9. Show the Amway board plan at least twice a day to new prospects. Yeah good luck with that. Most prospects will tell you they’re not interested when they hear its Amway. Others will tell you to fuck off. Its very difficult to find people who will take time to listen to the plan.

10. Bring a new prospect every week to an Amway meeting. People will tell you they’ll come to the meeting just to get you off their back but at showtime they’re nowhere in sight. Stood up! Get used to it if you’re in Amway. Sane people don’t want to listen to some lying scamming piece of shit Amway cult leader for two or three hours. They especially are pissed off if they’re lied to ahead of time and told the meeting is only an hour. Its just about impossible to get someone to come to an Amway meeting.

11. Get 10 customers who will consistently buy $200 worth of Amway products each month. Yeah that’ll really happen! Customers really want to buy overpriced shitty products!

12. Invest all your profits back into your Amway business buying more tools and Amway products. What profits???!!!!

13. Be a dreamer. If you dream you can have it your dreams will come true. Yup ambots sit around with their thumbs up their asses dreaming of their future riches thanks to Amway.

14. Sign up a new IBO every month. Again a nearly impossible feat. Amway’s bad reputation with aggressive salespeople and known for its cult ties and being a pyramid scheme precedes itself. Smart people stay away. Some ambots might be able to occasionally sign up a new IBO but they usually do nothing or quit within months.

I had a visitor come to my blog after searching for “how to get Amway off your ass”. I see lots of similar searches none that are complimentary. There are a lot of people out there who don’t like Amway for one reason or another.

Amway’s “proven” system involves things that are near impossible for ambots to accomplish. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some more of the things we had to do as part of Amway’s “proven” system for failure but that’s the general gist.


  1. Looks like things haven't changed much. Go girl!
    Bruce Craig

    1. Thanks Bruce! As far as we can tell the stuff being taught by Amway cult leades in the 90's is still being taught today, so nothing's changed much other than the financial and emotional losses seem to be higher.

  2. You forgot one. Work 7 days a week for the rest of your life and wake up at the end to realise you have wasted your best years as well as your lesser years

    1. Very true. If ambots revealed that they'd never get anyone to join their scam.

  3. CommuniKate = Facebook that you dial into and pay 35 bucks a month for.
    "Hey guys just got out of the shower, just wanted to let you know I am fired for you guys" Brad Duncan WORD FOR WORD.

    " Just came back from the Doctors, they said everything looks good, but I need to get more Vitamin B in my diet" Brad Duncan

    Awesome thanks I paid 35 bucks to hear that.

    The reading material isn't bad, they are written by people who aren't even in amway or wwdb, mainly self improvement books that you could get anywhere and if you wanted to actually do the self improvement nothing wrong with that. What is funny is that the books actually cost more from WWDB than say Barnes and Noble, which btw is one of their partners' that they are 'tied into'.

    1. Rbot - yeah that was about the extent of the Communikate messages we all had to listen to multiplied by at least 50 each day. And yes some of the books they flog can be found at Barnes & Noble but ambots can't buy from there cause the Diamonds who make their money from the tool scam. Then there the whole ambots sniping B&N customers cause they think they have the right to do so cause B&N has an Amway portal so ambots can shop online from them and I suppose get some PV.

    2. Hi, Rbot;

      Isn't that the truth? Like we give a shit what these people do on a minute-by-minute basis. I couldn't believe the trite crap we were forced to listen to to be considered subservient to our upline. Yeah, baby, we were CORE.

      We'd get home by 2:30 or 3:00 am and could we then drop our weary asses into bed? Of course not! Beds are for losers. We get to listen to Amvox (that's what it was called - clever, don't you think?) and then do our 15 minutes of daily reading.

      I looked like a drunk needing a drink all the time. I was shaking from constant lack of sleep. You can only live on caffeine for so long. I lost so much weight, I literally had to hold my skirts in place cuz' thae would turn all the way around from normal movement so the zipper ended up in front - kid you not. I looked lik crap. Buy, hey, 'Fired up.' Right?

      Somehow we were supposed to convince ourselves that being out 5-6 nights a week, spending every waking moment thinking about amway, product pick-up (yes, done in our garage) and call-ins were supposed to get us excited. Was I excited? NO. I got to listen to the all the bitching and moaning about how they just couldn't afford this stuff and 'where is my back- order?' Ron Puryear convinced us that WWDB knew what they were doing when they decided to keep doing face-to-face product pick-up. Ok, Ron, my guess, you've never had to do it. It back-breaking work. Sorting out all the orders, current from back-order. Yes, I'm shaking from the excitement of it all. We became, by default, everyone's personal marriage counselors and life coaches. By 9:00pm I just wanted everyone to go home, already.

      By the time we neared the end of amway, I got excited aobut a few things: the idea of sleeping more than 3 hours at a stretch; the idea of watching t.v. for hell of it (screw the loss of p.v.) the idea of actually tasting my food, rather then shoveling it in at some function - and not having to eat that B.L.I food from the back of the amway catalog (did you know they used to rival a J.C. Penney's catalog? seriously). B.L.I food tasted like shit and it was expensive -but Jimmy Head cried and said we should eat it. 'Nough said!

      Did you know one amway catalog featured a '69 Mustang on it front cover (I think it was for sale, for like, $60,000 or more?) We wore ONLY amway clothes. We drank ONLY amway coffee (Kahve). We ate only amway vitamins (Nutrilite). We used the amway fuel additive. We ate the food bars and drank the juice. We bought the water filter, and the Magna-Bloc body wraps; the cereal; the peanut butter & jelly, etc. We were CORE and endeavored to teach our group to be CORE. They weren't. They continued to buy what they could afford and not more. They were smart.

      Doing amway CORE made me want to freaking jump off a cliff and end it all. It can drive you mad.

      It will be ineresting to see how amway fares after this next round of regular joes - to the tune of about 80 million - loses their health care. Dang, now all that extra money for amway stuff will have to buy thei health care. Wanna bet amway will come out their own version? Ama-health or some dumb shit.

      It'll only cost about $4000/mo., but, hey, I'm CORE.


    3. My ambot friend doesn't have health insurance but says that's ok because there's "literally no chance of getting sick" when you're taking Nutrilite vitamins!

    4. Like-a-mom I got sick taking Nutrilite vitamins! But just because I'm puking doesn't mean I need to see a doctor. Just means my body is rejecting something bad I put inside it.

      Your Ambot friend probably says he doesn't need to eat fruit and vegetables either because Nutrilite has a vitamin for that too.

    5. Cassette Tape - wow thanks all of that play by play of a CORE IBO. Of course you were marriage counselling and life coaches because when you're a card carrying Ambot that means you are qualified at everything because you went to Amway University and not some real university. I just hope ambots read some of your comments and realize that no matter how CORE they are the odds are against them making their riches in Scamway.

  4. Of course it's a proven system. Proven to be a FAILURE. With a failure rate of 99%, what more "proof" does anyone need?

    Ambots like to sneer about "losers" who aren't part of their expensive social club, but if they really want to see a loser, they need only look into the mirror. Because the true definition of a loser would be someone emptying their pockets and running up their credit cards for such a 99% proven failure rate system.


    1. You got it Dave. These ambots won't believe it though. The system taught at Amway meetings is proven to be a failure for over 99% of IBO's who've signed up.

    2. And it has consistent results to prove it - over 50 years! Can't argue with that.

  5. I would agree not all of the books were that bad, and some had good lessons, advice, and morals in them. It does bug me that I could have gotten them for much cheaper at B&N though, but if I bought them there, I know I would have been scolded for not tithing the cult leaders. Of course everyone in Amway makes all the prices on everything seem like such a great deal and have the attitude that debt now doesn't matter because of the billions they'll be making someday. Ambots love prospecting at B&N too. I went there a couple times with people in my upline, and I just couldn't bring myself to cold contact random people who don't want to be bothered. My uplines were persistent in bothering people, and most people just ignored them. I remember one guy giving out his phone number probably just to get them to stop following him and how later he was branded a "hot prospect." They told me I could just go off on my own and contact, and I thought to myself "How about I don't and say I did?" I wasn't planning on dropping out at this time, but that was the day I began to reconsider.

    1. Ambots aren't allowed to pester customers in Barnes & Noble. Management complained to Amway and Amway sent out a letter to their cult leaders and told them to get the message to their downline but you know how it is with ambots and their sense of entitlement and how they prefer to tell Amway's head office to fuck off and they'll do the sniping thing at B&N anyway.

  6. CASSETTE TAPE, here. I've alwalys found it ironic that wwdb and all of amway for that matter, makes fun of people who actaully own or rent office/business space, when they go into those 'spaces' to prospect. What the hell would ambots do if there were no 'stores' to prospect in?

    Now which is it? Is it 'stuuuuupid' to own/rent space or isn't it? Where would ambots go to prospect if no one had space? And quite frankly, it pisses me off when someone comes into my owned space and tries that shit. If you're going to prospect in my office space (that I bought and paid for - in FULL - put that in your pipes and smoke it, ambots!), I expect to be paid 'rent' for the time you are in there. And, no, a cup of coffee is not enough.

    It really speaks to how easily we are manipulated. Most folks start out as decent human beings, but after a few years in amway, come out arrogant, snotty, and pissy; thinking the entire world is dumb. How embarrassing when they 'get it.' The re-entry into society is humbling.

    1. Cassette Tape - its the Amway attitude that they're better than everyone else and their sense of entitlement just cause they're a card carrying Amway asshole. And you're right. Nice people get involved in Amway and turn into horrible sneering arrogant bastards. It's disgusting.

  7. The six months of being in Amway I baught less than 100.00 total. I can't imagine 100 pv a month. Maybe that's why I haven't ever talked to a platinum or diamond during my involvement

    1. Im surprised they didn't get on your ass about spending more in your 'business'

    2. Hi Anonymous. You were a bad little Ambot because you weren't spending $1000/month on Amway products and tools. No wonder your upline wouldn't talk to you. They couldn't brainwash you into handing over their money to them and making them richer. You did it the right way. Got out without too much financial and emotional losses.

    3. Ditto here... when I genuinely considered how I would make Amway work, even without looking at the brochure of products, I realized that at best, I may buy a bottle of vitamins a month. That's it. I was well aware of buying things solely for the sake of a discount or rebate when sometimes, NOT spending the $$ is the right way to go. An ambot even let me talk on his cell phone with another ambot with any questions I may have had. I asked him point blank if it's possible to make Amway work (earn at least the $100/mo that was mentioned at the meetings where they sucker folks in) if you know you won't be able to find any downlines and maybe a bottle of vitamins a month. He just mumbled, trailed off, and never answered the question.

      I've seen diamonds before in those meetings. In fact, they may be the same diamonds who attend different meetings, but since it's a different meeting, it makes it look like they're more diamonds then there actually are. They just stand up when the time comes and say their name and occupation to give newcomers a false sense of security that anyone can do it (e.g. "John Smith, manager"; "Rebecca, software developer"; "Roger, coffe store clerk")

    4. Hi Anonymous. Amways business plan might look good on paper but it is next to impossible to pull off. Find 6 people who will find 6 people and so on and everyone has to buy hundreds of dollars a month and no one can quit or the pyramid will collapse. Yeah there doesn't seem to be much turnover in Diamonds except for the ones who fall out of qualification. In Amway Diamonds aren't forever no matter how hard they try to convince you otherwise.

  8. I was in the Greg Duncan downline. Had no job when I was a Amway distributor. Only went to the house meetings. My up line never trashed or made me do anything. Probably knowing I'd quit. I think the more people spend the worst they get treated.

    1. Anonymus - that's an interesting theory and if correct very true in our case. We spent a lot of money buying Amway products, signed up for everything in the tool scam, and socialized almost exclusively with ambots and we took a shitload of abuse from the assholes in our upline.

  9. I think the reason most people fail in Amway is because it's actually damn hard work. It's basically commission only sales in the beginning months, which is very hard to do, & takes a long time to learn. It doesn't mean your'e not good enough, or didn't try enough, it just doesn't suit everyone. Everyone has their path to follow.

    1. Angela - it is hard work lying to others and dealing with your moral conscience. All for a small commission. And I appreciate your saying it's not for everybody. It's people like myself that say its not for me and then put up with the abuse from the assholes in the Amway upline and the insults about not trying hard enough, etc that this blog exists so people know the emotional distress that's caused with a teensy commission that it's not worth it.

  10. Angela Yan, Amway's failure-rate is an intentional mechanism build into the system in order to redefine profit for the owners of the company. If the price margins were to facilitate affordability, and salesmanship accommodate true entrepreneurship, Amway would have collapsed decades ago.

    The only way this corporation can compete is through deceit and irregular practices, which fall outside of that traditional small-business model.

    An example, if you elevate to the maximum level your product's prices to accommodate your profit, and on top of that purchase your own products for yourself, how will that keep you afloat in today's economy. In other words, selling something no one can afford and buying from yourself will help you close-up shop sooner than later. True, while many prefer quality, many more over-look quality for quantity. What I’m trying to say is, Amway is not your business, and you simply sell its products and buy for yourself…therefore you’re a customer too. You might get a commission check but will never even come close to a salary, more or less a small fortune. If you’re lucky long enough, you might come close to earning $35,000.00 a year before all of your legs collapse or you end up living in the street, or your parent’s house. If you do make that amount in one year, you would have spent four times that amount to get to those earnings without even realizing it.

    1. Thanks Anonymous. It's my guess that Angela is a new IBO or thinking about signing up. She's too nice. She doesn't have the Amspeak insults down yet but is believing what she's heard and not that the real money is only made by those selling tools. I hope she comes back to read what you've left.

  11. Hey Ana!
    I've been following your blog for quite some time now and I wanted to not only thank you for busting me out of the 'Am-Hell' but share some of Amway-Canada's lovely tactics.

    I was in the biz for about a year before I up and walked out. At the time I was approached I really needed the income and my life was at a point where I'd comfortably call it a rut. I was a year out of highschool, my little brother had suffered extreme brain damage due to a hit and run, and my mother had be freshly diagnosed with stage three stomach cancer. Safe to say they showed up when I was the most desperate.

    I was extremely wary of the biz and I had a lot of questions that were never answered in my time there. The reason being for the wariness, is actually my age, I'm only 19. At the time I was 18. And let's be honest folks, what intelligent person is going to go into a business partnership with an 18 year old girl who had no idea how to even do her own taxes? The answer being no one. Or no one good as I found out.

    Me and my boyfriend were picked up by our city's 'biggest and best' upline. Which was true, but still something not worth bragging about. They were a married couple, a pair of young Emeralds who seemed pretty awesome and down to earth. Little did I know, they were grooming us to become a new and younger them. The man (not naming names because that could get potentially awkward) we'll call Dan and his lovely wife, Meg. Well Dan and Meg would do everything in their power to get us to the top. And I mean everything. Not once in the entire year I was there did I ever see them give another member of their downline the same attention.

    They wanted us at every meeting, but I worked nights, so they offered me a (gasp) JOB, they offered rides, money, clients and potential members to my own downline. Unfortunately I have to report, that I never had to scope out new clients, I never had to look for my own downline and I never had to solicite people. I watched plenty of other Ambots go out and do it, in my own leg none the less, but my upline made sure that I never really saw
    anything abundandtly evil or off putting.

    Every big platinum or diamond or anyone worth knowing I was introduced to, my mentors pushing through crowds of ambots to get me my introduction, telling them how promising I was and how soon enough they'd have to get me my own CD. It was ridiculous and embarassing.

    Then things started getting weird. Dan and Meg wanted to see us more and more and eventually my boyfriend (who lived out of town) couldn't make it to a meeting. As you know, usually when it comes to mentoring couples they each mentor their respected sex, which is what we did, for the most part. Meg would work with me constantly, getting me to talk and sell . (I'm actually quite an okay public speaker and I'm good with people.) And Dan would work with my boyfriend on how to be pretty much a Man's man. Well the one day my man doesn't come is also the one day that Meg doesnt show up for our routine mentoring. Dan tells me she's busy with the kids and needed to stay home. No problem there. Until I learn that my new lesson that day is how to help Meg land male prospects. Yup actually.

    To be continued. Part 1.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by with your story, which is pretty much the same story everyone has. When you start asking questions the upline blows you off and tells you never question upline. You're young enough to bounce back from this and I hope you didn't lose too much money or go through a lot of abuse. Looking forward to the rest of your story.


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