Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Lightbulb Moment – Family And Friends More Important Than Amway

“My family and friends are more important than Amway.”

Those are words of sacrilege to be spoken by an Amway cult member who says their family and friends are more important than Amway. Putting up with the ridicule of the cult leader and being slammed at the next Scamway meetings for being a quitter, a loser, lost the dream, and the other fucked up messages that are part of training for “business owners”. Here’s a guy who would have been described in Amway terms as fired up, a mover and shaker, building his business, sharp guy, etc etc bullshit that Amway cult leaders lavish praise upon those earning them commission. Apparently things are different these days in WWDB than they were in the 90’s. Apparently back then they taught integrity and work ethic. Nope that shit has flown out the window. These days its insults, taunts, lies, scams, lack of morals that are taught. Its very rare these days for someone to admit ahead of time they’re taking a prospect to an Amway meeting. Its tricking the prospect into thinking they’re going to some other kind of event. But back in the 90’s this guy did speak the dreaded A word so good on him.

Lightbulb moment – WWDB is a sham.

Lightbulb moment – sharing in the profits from the tools and that’s where the money is

Lighbulb moment – Amway upline refusing to help if you don’t go along with their ulterior motives.

Lighbulb moment – WWDB makes you greedy

Lightbulb moment – family and friends are more important than Amway

Lightbulb moment – quit the Amway scam for the things that are more important

Thanks for sharing your story!

My wife and I were in WWDB from 1994 to 1999. We worked that business HARD, frequently popping in and out of Direct qualification and Ruby twice.

Many of the principles taught by WWDB are sound- integrity, work ethic, etc. and can be applied to ANY business model. I became a better employee in my day job because of what I learned and became quite successful as a headhunter in the software industry.

Living in the Seattle area, there were plenty of WWDB functions to drag prospects to and I NEVER took new prospects to functions without them knowing it was Amway. We just sold people on the basics- the bigger your business gets, the cheaper you get the products and the more profit you make.

The WWDB system is a sham however. Once we fully qualified as Directs, we were sat down and it was explained to us (finally!) how as a direct and above, you share in the profits made by WWDB from the sales of "TOOLS". If they were REALLY interested in JUST helping people grow their business they would have found a more economical way to distribute the teaching. Selling cassette tapes of a Seminar and Rally every week that essentially tell you the same thing over and over, and forcing people to buy books at inflated prices so that the upline can pocket profits wouldn't be such a bad deal IF the people buying those tools were informed of that fact. I always wondered why such an emphasis was put on tool flow... The diamonds actually push tools more than they push SELLING PRODUCTS and the entire business is suppsoed to be about selling products- NOIT pushing tools.

Ultimately, when the things WWDB taught me helped me to become extremely successful in my "day job" as a headhunter, and I started making more money than my upline emeralds, everyone upline from me started dragging me to meet some of the other local diamonds personally- Brad W, Brad D, Greg D... who all proceeded to tell me I was getting too much "status" from my success in my job and that rather than build a house for my wife and start a family, I should invest in my Amway business. They told me I should NOT go to the President's Club trips to Cabo and on the Caribbean that my boss would take my wife and I on and instead stay home and build my business with the time off my boss gave me for the company trips. When I chose not to do that, WWDB and my upline stopped supporting my business entirely.

Anyway, once I learned about how much money the upline were making off tools, I had enough. I had enough of being made to feel guilty about being successful in my job and wanting to spend time with my family and friends. I had enough of WWDB telling me how to live my life and manage my money, while Brad W was out banging his downline's wives, Greg D over-leveraging himself to the point of bankruptcy and Brad D spewing his vindictive anger at anyone who wasn't pushing TOOLS.

I just woke up one day and realized that all WWDB was doing to me was making me GREEDY. I was sick with it. Now, I am well, happy and healthy and I am wealthy beyone measure in family and friends- the things that are truly, truly important.


  1. I recently saw a video on Facebook of a young man proposing to his girlfriend at an Amway meeting - and then after she said yes, turning it into a "motivational" talk about goals and dreams. They appear to be very happy, but I can't help thinking that they'll eventually look back and wish they'd shared that moment with their families and real friends instead. Later on, when they're struggling to recover emotionally and financially from their Amway days, that's going to be a bitter memory.

    1. Like-a-mom. - you gotmtomwoner how many ambots did a similar thing and the woman said no! Would that be circulating? Ha ha! But really guy have some class do it in private.

  2. I don't love my fiancé cause I quit Amway according to one of my uplines when he called me.

    1. Rbot - I dealt with the same thing from the assholes in our Amway upline. Doesn't make it any easier for you I know but absolutely this is not uncommon. Assholes!

    2. He's a dipshit, he still works and him and his wife have been in amway for 2 years. So he doesn't love his wife either since he hasn't quit his job yet.

      So according to WWDB you should be able to quit your job in 18 months, they are 6 months past schedule.

    3. 18 months? I'm sure they told us 3 months to quit your job! No difference. The people we knew in Scamway had been in 5, 10 years and were still working jobs. Just another fairy tale they keep brainwashing themselves to believe.

  3. I loved reading your blog!!! I hope people grow brains into them at least after reading this!!

  4. I loved reading your blog!!! I hope people grow brains into them at least after reading this!!


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