Monday, November 18, 2013

Marriage In Trouble Thanks To Amway

I’ve received another sad story from a wife whose marriage is falling apart thanks to Amway brainwashing her husband. 

I couldn't figure out why our marriage and relationship was deteriorating. He's become very egocentric. Everything is about him, his way or no way, he doesn't even consult me about going on holidays, he just took some because he wanted too, I found out because he didn't go to work one day. His behavior is that of someone who's been brainwashed! Then it hit me, Amway! This all started shortly after he start there.He listens non stop to there cd's. He preaches there ways. Our marriage is going to end because I want us to be a couple and communicate but he's lost the ability. I believe he's in trouble and doesn't even know it.

I am here to speak for the women who can’t. I curse out my Amway upline the way many women wished they could do. My Amway upline and cult leaders are everybody’s upline. It doesn’t matter what line of sponsorship they’re in, they’re all a bunch of rotten miserable lying cocksucking bastards. Seeing as how we belonged to WWDB this is the group I discuss in my blog but from what other people post its no different than other Amway cult groups.

Our pompous sack of shit Platinum often said “If I don’t like you I won’t do business with you.”  Liar! Fucking asshole would do business with anyone he could just for the almighty dollar.

A better slogan for him would have been “If I don’t like you and you refuse to do business with me, I’ll destroy your relationship.”

That was the slogan of WWDB the Amway cult group we were part of.

I was at an Amway meeting once where the sack of shit Platinum ranted about one of the fellows in the room nagging him to leave his wife because she was holding him back in the business. He would never succeed in Amway as long as he was with his wife. And on and on it went. Sack of shit Platinum was outraged when they had a baby without asking his permission if they could start a family.

All I could think of was shut the fuck up asshole. Other people’s private lives are none of your business. Leave them alone. Asking “permission” for stuff going on in their private personal lives? Oh great hallowed Amway leader may I have your permission to make a baby with my wife. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! Like I need any further proof that this is a cult leader trying to control other people’s lives!

Like I need any further proof that WWDB stands for World Wide Destructive Bastards and all those fuckers are out to do is destroy other peoples relationships.

On the drive home I told Ambot that the sack of shit Platinum has no business trying to destroy that couple’s relationship or planned parenthood. Not a big surprise to me that Ambot admitted the fucker was trying to convince Ambot to leave me because I wasn’t supportive of the Scamway pyramid scheme.

After a few unsuccessful months of trying his damnedest to convince Ambot to leave me, the cult leader tried another tactic. I’d quit going to Amway cult meetings and Ambot told me one night the bastard was bitching at Ambot and saying he wasn’t man enough for the Amway business and he didn’t deserve to be married to me because he wasn’t man enough. The sack of shit Platinum on behalf of World Wide Destructive Bastards led the Amway cult meeting into prayer, you know the twisted Amway cult religious wacked up bastards kind of praying, praying that I would find another man and leave Ambot. Yeah well their group prayer session didn’t do them fuck all good!

And these fucking Amway cult members wonder why I can’t stand them and their WWDB values of busting up families and finances and bringing destruction to peoples lives.

The only good thing that came out of that prayerfest is that Ambot saw the truth of this evil cult and stopped attending Amway meetings.

The Platinum’s reasoning is part of the WWDB teachings that any man not getting ahead in the Amway business is because his wife is holding him back and he should leave her. Other woman have left comments on this blog saying the same thing that the assholes in their upline accused the wife/girlfriend of not supporting the Amway business which is why the man isn’t getting ahead. DUMB FUCKS!!! It says right in Amway’s own literature that only a fraction of 1% of IBO’s make money at this scam. That’s more than 99% failure rate and the best you fucking Amway assholes can come up with is that it’s the wife’s fault and not the fault of the system created by Amway? If an IBO has a potential prospect and the wife isn’t interested, the World Wide Destructive Bastards immediately jump on the bandwagon and proclaim its because this couple already has existing problems in their relationship. Probably not but they will if they sign up with Scamway and World Wide Destructive Bastards.

The relationship problems only happen after getting involved in Amway. Happy marriages go sour after one spouse gets immersed in the Amway WWDB cult and is constantly badgered by the upline to get the PV/BV up there and buy more products to the point of sucking dry the bank accounts and maxing out credit cards. Attend more meetings chasing futile dreams. Put another dollar in. Put a few more thousand dollars in. Got to keep the Amway cult thriving.

World Wide Destructive Bastards WWDB really is unethical and immoral. They do not encourage a good family relationship and are only out to get your money.

Fucking demons! Burn in hell!


  1. hello Anna, i commented about 7 months ago that my partner of 5 years broke up with me because i did not believe in Amway, and he did not see a future together. He contacted me recently to tell me he quit after we broke up. i'm happy for him that he finally managed to quit. i guess im just wondering if someone who chose Amway over a serious relationship, is it justifiable that he was indeed brainwashed or does it suggest something about their personalities and priorities..? not the best place to seek advice, but i guess i just wanted a platform to vent.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by with your update. People like you and I who've never been brainwashed by a cult will likely never completely understand how a person allows themself to be brainwashed to the point of putting the cult ahead of their existing long term relationships. Nothing else matters to them except the approval of their cult leader and fellow cult members. A cult tactic is removing their followers from their friends and family, the ones who can make this person understand the reality of the situation. They make the new cultist paranoid that everyone else not in the cult is out to get them in some manner. In the case of Amway outsiders are losers, negative unchristian dream stealers, etc. Really sad about your relationship and a hard lesson for your former partner to learn. Amway has a 99% failure rate but the cult leaders don't focus on that, just blow up their followers egos by telling them they're winners and they'll be rich one day and laughing at all the people who didn't believe in them. And absolutely this is the place to come and vent.

  2. Sad to hear these stories. I hope everything works out in the long run. But on a lighter note, something happened today that just made my day.

    I was leaving class and sat down outside of the lecture hall to wait for someone, and a group of a few people came out of another room, and they were making fun of ambots! And the funny part was that they didn't even know they were dealing with Amway. One guy was saying how his friend had called him during class who was trying to get him to join his business and how he had no intention of calling him back. He said he asked him what he did, but he never told him and gave vague responses to everything he asked and was basically telling him to join and he will see.

    Someone else said that someone he recently met was doing the same thing with him and wanted him to come to a meeting tonight. He told the Ambot he had other plans, and the Ambot told him to change his plans because the meeting was more important. Then the rest of the group laughed about how sketchy that sounded. I thought about saying something, but I figured just hearing that was enough to make my day so I just walked away. LOL at least the people recruiting me were somewhat ethical and didn't try that hard to deceive me. Glad those guys didn't fall for it.

    1. Hi anonymous. Ambots are just so easy to make fun of aren't they. Just pick apart their lies. Unfortunately schools are good breeding grounds for this cult. They tell them they can retire when they're 20 or 21 and never have to work for the rest of their lives. And why spend all that tuition on school when they can go to Amway university and be a qualified doctor or whatever and save all their money to buy Amway products. To an ambots mind nothing is more important than going to an Amway meeting. Got to drop everything else going on if some asshole in your Amway upline summons you. Good thing these guys didn't fall for it.

  3. My boyfriend and I fight all the time ever since he's been more involved in this cult. About things that are also HAPPY things too. He gets so defensive and angry easily - I barely recognize him anymore. Is this normal for Ambot relationships?

    1. Scamfighter - unfortunately that's very normal ambots having a personality change for the worse once they get involved with Amway. Somewhere in this blog is a post about angry ambots. And of course they're angry all the time losing money and the abuse from the assholes in their Amway upline. The happy things, stuff that you shared and enjoyed doing together, I'm not even in the room with you and he is saying to you "how is that going to make me money" as an excuse not to be involved in these happy things. Does either one of you have a health care plan that covers counselling? A counsellor experienced with cults? Somebody needs to get him help. He's refusing to see that he's losing his money and his brain cells to this evil cult and it's going to destroy his relationships with the people who love him who are going to leave behind this angry Ambot.

    2. hello ScamFighter! I can completely relate to how you feel and what you're saying. I totally experienced the same... the somewhat gradual change and easy tension that sets in. because his life is starting to revolve around amway, and you're not on his 'side', whatever isnt with amway is AGAINST amway = against him. also the stress from not meeting expectations must be getting to him, so he must be getting irritable easily and yes, defensive. and tired or something. for me, my ex boyfriend gradually distanced himself from me... i do hope things get better for you!!!

    3. Thank you Anonymous, this blog has honestly kept me sane the past year because none of my friends and family can give me advice because they just don't understand it and never experienced anything like this before. I don't blame them no one should be going through this. I wish i didn't. Even though we've beeen arguing so much, he hasn't distanced himself from me, he actually has become more attached. Which causes more tension because he always wants to hang out and talk to me but when we're together he gets so defensive and I get fed up. I prefer to have a little space for our relationship sake until he realizes this. He has gotten worse since he's recruited two dumbass low-life downlines, and his downlines have been recruiting so many people it's sickening. Granted, they're not my bf's direct downlines that are growing but he gets pumped up seeing his downlines grow so fast. All I can do is pray that he leaves soon. But it looks like something destructive must happen to him for him to wake up. Oh well, he's going to deserve what he gets.

    4. Hey Scamfighter when I was going through the Amway hellhole a few years ago there weren't too many women online talking about their Amway experiences. A few left comments on various forums talking about how Amway had destroyed their lives, divorce and children involved to get away from the husband who'd turned into an Amway demon. Most of the bloggers talk about how Amway is a bad business opportunity but this blog we wanted to make it more about the abuse and the emotional distress you go through in the Amway cult. Women can relate more to that. Yes they always get defensive and angry. Its unfortunate that his downlines are recruiting a lot of people. It has probably already happened but at Amway meetings those new movers and shakers are getting all the attention of the Amway cult leaders and being highlighted at cult meetings. Your bf is going to be taking a backseat and the assholes in his upline are probably already berating him that he needs to step up and be a better leader than his followers who are beating him in the recruitment game. Just cause they're signing people up doesn't mean they'll stick around for long. Maybe as long as dream night. Most of them will probably quit by February or March.

  4. This amway crap is serious. Our marriage will be forever scarred from amway. We nearly divorced over it. It's like another mistress. What woman would ever believe you could be trying to keep your hubby away from a freaking amway meeting? Amway is worse than drugs b/c you could do it forever. The high some people get from the constant love-bombing is impossible to compete with. It's the same high movie stars get and that's why so many stars flame out. They can't inhale enough of the adoration fumes. It's the same with amway speakers. They get high on the power.

    These speakers become empowered with the dais. That power becomes abusive. They begin to insult you, and you laugh. What? How did you get to a point where it's O.K. to be consinually insulted? It's layered a little at a time. You get gently insulted and cajoled into certain behaviour. You then turn around and feel the same empowerment and go home and repeat said behaviour on the family. Only, they ain't diggin' it.

    There is a group of amway men that are very high up the chain of command. They are not to be messed with. Hubby got an invited to one of their 'circle' meetings. I don't mean on a chalkboard. One man gets in the center of the circle. The others begin to question him firecely (about what, I don't know.) Hubby said it got almost weird. He was contemplating his turn in that circle. thankfully, something came up and it didn't happen. I was infuriated. Those bastards can kiss my ass or my .38, whichever comes first.

    He was never really sure what the whole thing was about; but that was my sign. I was out. Come and get me, you little weenies. They saw greatness in my husband. My husband is one of those incredible men who are natural born leaders, and they could see it. They wanted to harness that leadership ability for their own good. I was not going to become a part of that. It smacked of some evil shit.


    Let the turmoil begin.

    1. Cassette Tape - we could have been sitting in the same room watching the destruction.

      Evil shit - that sums up Amway.

      Somewhere on this blog is a post about how Amway is a mistress. Might be time to dust it off again.

      Thanks for your insight!

  5. Hi, I was just wondering what are some tips on how to talk to my sister and brother-in-law. They are so unaware of what is happening in the world and they are in their own little bubble all the time about selling products, going to functions, and God. I was just wondering what are some topics I could talk to them about. My sister and I have nothing in common anymore since she joined Amway a couple of years ago. I am nervous to see her for the holidays. Thank you.

    1. Hi catt. Sorry to hear about your sister but it makes me curious who is the ringleader. Usually the man is the Amway creep and just drags his wife along.

      There no 5 minute solution especially if they've been in 2 years. Most IBO's quit within 2 years so if theyre still in they might be lifers.

      Members of the Amway cult are brainwashed that's why they live in their own little bubble. It's all about separating them from their family and friends and making them totally dependent on other Amway ambots.

      If you see them over the holidays make sure they know you're not interested in hearing anything about Amway and not to badger anyone recruiting them to their cult or selling them overpriced shitty products. You need to do some tough love here.

      Look on the right hand side of this page for Amway links. One of them is a free download to an ebook called Merchants of Deception. You need to read that. Written by a former Amway cult member who had over 1000 people in his downline and was barely making $3000 a month. It's a scary read about how the Amway cult controls the lives of their followers. It'll help you understand the hell she's involved in.

  6. I am so happy I've found your blog. My story might not be as extreme as these others but I've honestly been heart broken and need some support from others who know what I'm going through.
    I am 19 years old and I had been dating my boyfriend for 6 months. This was my first boyfriend and we were best friends. We were perfect together and honestly never fought about anything. Then he found Amway about 4 months into the relationship...I cannot begin to explain how much he has changed since he started Amway. He religiously listens to cd's in his car and randomly yells out "FREEDOM!" "IM GOING TO BE DIAMOND!" "FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE". At first he tried to get me to join and I was skeptical. However, since I loved the kid I said I would go to a couple "functions" to see what this was all about. I found myself getting brainwashed at the function while listening to the diamond talk on stage about how hes "just like us" and he had to cut off anyone in his life who wasnt "supportive" or more specifically "in the business". Very soon after, me and my boyfriend started getting in many fights where he would say I was not supporting him. (Even though I was giving my all to him even though I didn't even believe in Amway). He tries to sell me the products daily and when I say I dont need them, or I dont want to spend that much money, we get in a fight. It was a toxic couple months to say the least. A couple nights ago he had returned from a weekend at Leadership and that was the last straw. He came back saying he had "found God" when he was previously non-religious. He said he didn't have time for me anymore and we had to break up.
    I've never felt more heart broken in my life, mostly because I am watching the boy I love be brainwashed and ruin his life. He is isolating himself from his best friends and me, his girlfriend, all to please his mentors and uplines. I just hope he can snap out of this soon and realize he is making a mistake.

    Sorry this was quite the rant, but no one else seems to understand what I am going through.

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    1. So Brendy what happened to that interview at a big company in the USA cause I noticed you're posting from Nigeria. Was the big company Amway cause they're always looking to hire more scammers.


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