Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Amway WWDB Dream Night 2014

Yup its getting close to the Amway witching hour. I have dozens of ambots showing up here looking for information for Dream Night and ending up at some of my old posts so lets get this one up for the key words. And because I have ambots who are so fucked up by the assholes in their Amway upline that they don’t know what year it is I’ll throw in a few years.

World Wide Dream Builders Dream Night 2014
Amway World Wide Dream Builders Dream Night 2014
World Wide Dream Builders Amway Dream Night 2014
Amway Dream Night 2014
WWDB Amway Dream Night 2014
Amway WWDB Dream Night 2013
Amway WWDB Dream Night 2015
WWDB Amway Dream Night 2012
Amway WWDB Dream Night 2011

OK that should be good for key words!

Costs $70. And what will happen when you plunk down your money. Besides wasting your money and your time? Apparently this evening is supposed to give you “hope” that your “dreams can come true”. Well fuck I can get the same experience saving my money, staying home and watching Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on TV.

Yup Amway is all about selling the hope. In this case you’re forced to eat a meal that depending on the venue may or may not be decent but probably costs no more than $15/plate to the catering service. The rest of your hard earned money goes to pay the Diamond speakers who show up to shower the ambots with this “hope”.

Apparently there will be motivating dream inspiring bullshit from those speakers who are probably all like how much more time to I have to sit here eating the rubber chicken before I can count my money.

Amway World Wide Dreambuilders is holding Dream Night in January 2014. In no particular order in these cities: Seattle, Ontario, Phoenix, Calgary, Bellevue, Chicago, San Jose, Albuquerque, Honolulu, Boise, Anaheim, Salt Lake City, Saskatoon, Spokane, Edmonton, Tri Cities, Sacramento, Oshkosh, Reno, Minneapolis, Fargo, Vancouver, Medford, Billings, Portland, Missoula, Denver, Las Vegas, Fresno, Ann Arbor, Bakersfield, Philadelphia, Fort Lauderdale, Anchorage, Dallas, Colorado Springs, Anaheim, and Richmond.

And who are the Diamonds splitting up the proceeds of Dream Night? Glen and Joya Baker, Howie and Theresa Danzik, Tracey and Kimberly Eaton, Terry and Linda Felber, Greg and Laurie Duncan, Matt and Sandee Tsuruda, Robert and Shelly Kummer, Samir and Teresa Attalah, Dan and Sandy Yuen, Scott and Cris Harimoto.

Looks like some Diamonds are missing from the lineup. They must be pissed cause this is where they make the bulk of their income. Around $50 per ambot is pure profit on the tool scam for the cult leaders to split between themselves.

I am sure I can find a decent restaurant to have a $15 meal and not have to listen to a bunch of fucking assholes from Amway boring the shit out of me.

Dream Night sucks!

Amway sucks!

World Wide Dream Builders Sucks!

All Amway functions suck!


  1. My husband and I were recently approached by people we know (not very well) about Amway. We were invited to a meeting where Amway wasn't mentioned until almost the end of the presentation. The guy running the prsentation said that none of the recruits are in Amway yet. We have to pass qualifying rounds, and that so far we've passed 2. We notice everyone involved in Amway is a pretty successful person. These are college educated, professional people with great jobs. So we are thinking this must be the real deal. The next day we met with our sponsor's upline AKA presentation guy. The meeting was pretty normal. We mostly talked about WWDB but then we asked about qualifying and the upline said that showing up to each meeting is how you pass each level. He told us he has been to meetings when he was very sick with the flu, but people who are serious about their business will do that. We also talked about Dream Night and how great it is and whatnot. It sounds great. Amway sounds great. I just have a nagging feeling about how much effort we really have to put in. I am feeling it is more than 10-15 hours a week. My husband is super excited though, and as someone who was talking about opening up a legitimate business one day, he is excited about WWDB and what Amway can provide for us. He is excited about learning how to run a business from the seemingly smart, and successful upline. Then I find this blog, watch the dateline special, and other websites. That nagging feeling I had, turns into a full on freakout session, and I want nothing to do with this. I talked to my husband, and I showed him the dateline special, and he discounts it because it is 10 years old. He knows I am not on board with this. Dream night sounds like $140 that we don't have, and neither of us are religious. It sounds like all of these conventions and meetings are all religion based. I told him that deep in my heart that this doesn't sound right for us. The kind of legitimate business he wants to start isn't MLM anyway. We both agree that the Amway products are overpriced. Who in the hell wants to spend $22 to get 6 boxes of cereal? This whole thing is a nightmare. We read 3 books in less than a week that we were asked to read. Now seeing how WWDB profits, you only make money if you make a cd. I am at a loss. The people who are trying to sponsor us are super sweet and lovely people. I think they are brainwashed too. I don't want to ruin that relationship, but my husband is already pissed at me because I don't want to do this.

    1. Hello leerywife. And yes you have very good reason to be leery. Everything you've said, seen that script many times. They don't always mention Amway at Amway meetings and if they do it's at the end and they kind of gloss over the A word. Then they try to justify it by saying " we're in WWDB and we just use Amway to ship our products". They have a canned answer for everything, every objection you come up with.

      And yes the way to qualify a prospect is if they actually show up at a meeting. Got a live one. You didn't mention it but I know you're being love bombed. They're hugging you and seem overly excited to see you and being all fakey nice and pretending to be interested in you. Cult tactic!

      You can be pretty darned certain that they're already working on your husband, convincing him to come to meetings without you, and labeling you a negative unsupportive unchristian dream stealer and they'll do whatever they can to break up your marriage because that's what these bastards love to do. Nothing brings them more happiness than destroying people's lives.

      Another cult tactic is twisting religion to suit their needs.

      Check the right side of this page for a free ebook to download called Merchants of Deception written by a former Emerald. You both need to read it to understand the true horrors of this cult.

      Also look at some of the Amway literature they're giving you. Somewhere about the compensation you "might" earn. Look for the small print where it says the percentage of IBO's who earn that.itll be a number less than 1% like .000367% or whatever number that's a fraction of 1%. Reverse that and you'll figure out there is over 99% failure rate.

      Surely you and your husband can come up with a better business opportunity that has better odds than 99% failure rate. Go to the library or bookstore and pick up books about starting your own business. Talk to real business owners not fake Amway pretend business owners.

      The only people making money from Amway are the owners of the company who sell these overpriced shit products and the people who are selling CDs and tickets to hear them speak.

      Read that book and good luck to you.

    2. The more time you (or your husband) spends with Amway/ WWDB, the more you will be convinced that it's the right way. IT'S NOT! Read 3rd party factual information about Amway and WWDB, not the 3rd party information they send you to. Actual accounts from people who have done the business. They'll tell you in WWDB that you should only listen to the people who are successful, and not those who have "quit". Sounds good, but it's stupid logic. They aren't just "successful", they get paid for you to by Amway products and tools. They obviously have an agenda that's not in your best interest. Many of the people you will interact with firmly believe they are going to make it. The people I know that are still in the business (I was in 4 years, out for 2 so far), have not made it any further despite "Claiming it" over and over. I feel for them. It really hurts when you continuously believe it's your fault for not making it in Amway. I am so glad I got out. It seemed like such a great thing, got introduced to positive success books, etc. But my life is way better, have more money and savings, and my marriage and spiritual life is better. Your husband needs to also hear from people who have been in this business, not "Made it" then succeeded elsewhere. And yes, even having a "Job" or a different business is ok. I know plenty of people who are winners, with good marriages, great income and sound financially, who are not in Amway.

    3. Part 1 of 2
      It sounds like Amway has not dulled your critical thinking skills yet. Good for you. You still have a chance to think about this with a clear head. Amways first goal is to kill your critical thinking skills. They do this by flooding you with emotional thoughts: dreams, goals, love bombing, belonging, excitement about future success, however dubious. The goal is to sign you up while you're on an emotional high and to keep you on the emotional high by a constant bombardment of messages that play on your hopes: books, tapes, meetings, so you never get a chance to step back and think about any of this objectively.

      Once you've been signed up and mentally anesthetized, they'll tell you about all the extra expenses and time commitments. It's not just the cost of the signup kit and it's not 10-15 hours per week like they said. In other words, they lied to you, but you'll go along with it because you're emotionally invested. Little by little they will chip away at your psych, and you will agree to things that you now think no sane person would ever agree to, like skipping a mortgage payment to pay for rally tickets, or skipping the wedding of a beloved relative to go to a rally, or asking permission from your uplink to take a vacation or have a baby.

      You will initially voice concerns and objections, and they will reply you with logically superficial answers. In your currently clear mental state, you might ask for elaboration, but by then, you won't. You will accept their answer at face value.


    4. Part 2
      Don't ask your husband to avoid Amway forever. That is too much to ask in his euphoric state.
      Tell him you want both of you to make an objective business decision. Get him to agree that business decisions that are logical are best. Then get him to agree to 3 weeks of no-Amway contact: no calls, no meetings, no books/tapes. Let it sink in and evaluate it based on the facts. If he still wants to do it after three weeks, you can't stop him, but this is your best chance.

      Your first critical step is to make an objective decision, away from Amway influence. Don't ask your husband to walk away forever, just for 3-4 weeks, to evaluate the opportunity logically and objectively. No contact whatsoever for 3-4 weeks with any Amway people or literature. Surely he'll agree that a business decision should be logically sound.

      Here are some facts to discuss during your 3-4 week cooling off period:

      1- You will need several hundred dollars a month to pay for product, books, tapes, meetings, rallies, gas. Ask him where that will come from, and what he/you will be sacrificing to pay for that. He may say that this phase won't last long, that you will soon be making enough money to cover expenses. Ask him to be specific: how many recruits do you need to break even, and how are you going to get those people?

      2- The products are very expensive, and you will be buying far more product than you can use. If you don't buy products like this now, why are you going to be excited about buying them in the future, and why will you be excited about overbuying expensive products? If you can't get excited about the products, how successful will you be in convincing others to buy the products?
      --> After the 3 week cooling off period, Instead of signing up as an IBO, ask your husband to just buy a bunch of product and use it for a month. See if his excitement for the product matches his excitement for the business "opportunity." That's a fair request. The business will still be there for him at the end of the month.

      3- If you do become an IBO, your efforts will be in recruiting. Your earliest recruits will be people that you know. How will you feel about trying to sign up family/friends/neighbors by omitting key information that they need to make an informed decision, such as all the recurring monthly expenses (tools, web site, voicemail, meetings, excess product inventory, etc.)? This is called a lie of omission, and is essential to recruit people. Can you do this to people you know?

      4- Your presenter mentioned he would not miss a meeting even if he was very sick with the flu. Ask yourself, why would you need to go to every meeting, even if you have no prospects there? Answer: there is no good reason, other than because they say that's what successful people do.

      5- Tell your husband that if you don't join him as an IBO, Ambots have been known to try to get him to choose between you and Amway. Get him to commit to you that when this happens, he will leave the business. Not in a year. Not in a month. Now.

      6- You mentioned that the Ambots you met were smart, educated people, too smart to fall for a bad opportunity. Therefore, it must be a good one. This is a fallacy of logic. This is what made Bernie Madoff able to convince lots of other smart people to give him $50 billion.

      Don't EVER stop thinking for yourself or trusting your gut instincts.

      Good luck


    5. Hi Anonymous - thanks for coming by with your story. Glad you got out of the cult! As you said its really hard to find information on Amway if the brainwashed ambots are only giving out the information they want the prospects to have. No one is showing their tax info and profit & loss statements as proof that they're making money in the scam. People in Amway want to scam others and make money off them. People like us on blogs like this don't make money off anyone. We're not selling anything here. Nobody gives us money if we manage to stop someone from making the same mistakes and not sign up or quit Amway. There is no financial benefit to us as opposed to people in Amway who have an agenda to make money off any suckers they sign up. Really who you gonna believe? Someone who lived through the Amway hell and wants to stop others from going through the emotional abuse and financial devastation or someone who's out to screw you over and make money off you.

    6. AnonTB - thanks for stopping by. I might copy and paste those 6 points into an upcoming post sometime. I'm not sure how much of this blog leerywife has read but you brought up good points. Ambots will hide the cost and hours invested in the Amway scam until they've got you good. They say where else can you start your own business for $130 or $200 or whatever it is now and become a gazillionaire working 10 to 15 hours a week. The reality is once the ambot spends enough to make 100PV to earn a commission check, spends money on tickets to Amway meetings, gas, hotel and food if out of town, buying CD's and books, the costs average $500 to $700 a month. The return on that is a $10 commission check from Amway if you bought 100PV or around $300 in overpriced shitty Amway products. Commission check might be a little higher if the ambot found some friends and family to buy the shitty products and can make commission on their sales. But after awhile the friends and family won't buy the shit. You can only be pity purchasers for so long without further enabling the ambot. And you can buy better quality lower priced products just about everywhere else.

  2. Oh, dear. Get out while you are ahead. We fell for it. Our sponsors became our very dear friends. It was 6+ years of exhaustion and hell and expense. It ate our lives. We lost the most valuable years with our kids. Am so glad it is behind us. Will never live it down.

    You will be told the only funeral you are allowed to miss a function for is your own.

    You will be told if your kids would rather use a brand other than amway - aka- Communist brand - they can go sleep at that store.

    You will be told if you go to the major functions, you will cut 6 mos. from going diamond. Really? Let's see: we attended 25 majors. Hmmmmm...............if it only takes 2-5 years to go diamond - 25 majors x 6 mos. off the time it takes to go diamond = (let's see, 5 years = 60 mos.- dang, we should have been double diamond, right? maybe even executive diamond.)

    You will be told if your brother is getting married on a function day, tough shit for your brother. You think not? Just wait.

    You will be told those who don't get it are losers. Really? If someone quits the Circle K to get a better job are they losers, or just people looking for a better return on their time?

    Arghhhh............the list is endless. Be prepared to question every decent thing you every learned from your parents b/c they, too, will be projected as too stupid to get it. They were stupid to work at jobs for 40 years or more and retire. You're only smart if you make it in amway. Be prepared to be insulted at every meeting and function.


    Does anyone else see this? I used to wonder this at every major. Why didn't those who hadn't missed a function, major or otherwise, for 10 years or more, questioned this crap?

    1. Thanks Cassette Tape. I hope leerywife takes note that no matter how many years you put in busting your ass for Amway the chances are minuscule of making any money. Ad then you'll have ambots showing up saying that you didn't try hard enough. I know your husband and mine both tried and put in 100 hours or more each month and made pennies on the hour. There are better things to bust your ass for than Amway.

  3. I'm not sure if this interests you, but it's defiantly relevant. I've never been in amway personally. I enjoy reading and looking into scams, "bad deals", cults and etc. I mainly like learning about how people get suckered into them. How the psychology of it works. I found a website with tapes and recordings. I have to say it's scary. I have been reading your blog for a good 6 months now, and I know the "true" earnings are basically zero. Even so, when I was listening to this, it was impressively persuasive. They simply don't acknowledge the lack of income they have. There's a taping of a pearl/emerald meeting after a weekend event. They were up crazy late I guess. At some point Dexter is doing a written Q&A. The question is asking why they can't do things differently. The guy said he felt like middle management unappreciated in a giant corporation. Dexter verbally abused this anonymous guy and everyone laughed. The social pressure must be insanely intense there. There's quite a few times that Dexter admits he beats Birdie. He barley even attempts to vale it through metaphors. They go on to bring Birdie onto the stage and have her talk to "the gals". She talks about designer clothes and how fancy designers are often "Queers" (Her words. Who actually says that?). She then goes on to say that gays are competition to "us gals", and why would you want to financially help your competition. She says point blank that all gay people want to "steal out husbands" and "Turn all men queer". I couldn't make this stuff up! The website also has part 2 of "directly speaking". It makes it sound like Rich DeVos is just as much a victim of the bullying as the ambots. He's clearly frustrated and angry with people like Dexter. He even challenges Dexter (Not by name, but quite clearly) to go out and sell motivation. See how long he lasts outside of the cover of Amway. After hearing how Dexter spoke about Rich, it seems fairly obvious that they don't like each other. It's clear that Rich has given up trying to fix things. Understandably. It didn't work after Directly speaking, and he's too old to try to fight it. If someone is to blame for what Amway has become, it's Dexter. Rich should be held blameless. He was engaged in Physiological warfare with a empathy-void psychopath like Dexter. The sad part is that Dexter probably really believes what he's teaching too. He's too egotistical to look at it from all angles. He's right and that's all there is to it in his mind. In his Emerald meeting he's telling people that you need to fuel all of your money into the business because the business feeds you. He's talking about how people are stupid for making copies of tapes because the quality goes down with each tape. The whole situation is messed up. If anyone has a copy of Directly speaking part 1 the website is looking for it. Here's the link if you (Or anyone else) cares. http://amquix.info/amway_classics.html

    1. Hi Nick. Thanks for stopping by! There is intense peer pressure inside the Amway cult. It is creepy and it is horrifying and it is evil. They all gang up at meetings to mock whichever Ambot didn't show up and to bitch about anyone who quit. Ambots are taught to duplicate their upline and you have a bunch of them parroting every dumb ass Amway propaganda you can think of. Amspeak. Every now and then a stray Ambot shows up here and quotes some Amspeak like we haven't heard it all before.

      And they carefully mock gays at Amway meetings.They stop short of refusing to do business with them because they want to make money off anyone but there are no gay couples of any significant level in Amway. They wouldn't allow that to happen because they have this cockeyed view of family values with their own twisted religious views that the woman stays home and takes care of the kids and the man makes gazillions in Amway and attends the male chauvinist pig meetings. There was a post not too long ago about how the upline were teaching women to use their bodies to entice men to sign up with Scamway. Pretty disgusting.

    2. Nick,
      That is some whacked shit. I'll bet this never comes up in a recruiting meeting. Coming from the head horses mouth, so it's impossible to refute. Thanks for sharing this.

      I've read that even single heterosexuals cannot speak alone at a rally. They have to pair up with another single IBO on stage. That is how paranoid these people are of even the smallest bit of individuality. Scary.


    3. Interesting. I've read quite a few comments from DeVos calling out IBOs and asking them to stop doing certain things. Of course they didn't listen. It kind of shocked me when I read those statements of his because my upline certainly did get me to do some of the things he spoke out against such as prospecting in Barnes and Nobles, not mentioning Amway for a while, lying about potential income, etc. Not that they do it intentionally, it's just that they're so brainwashed that they'll do anything the cult leaders tell them to do.

      I agree that DeVos isn't such a bad guy who probably wishes those crooks didn't get involved with BWW and WWDB and give his company a bad name. I think he dreamed of running a good, honest business, but he created a monster that exploded into something that was beyond his control. I guess one thing I don't understand though is why he didn't kick out some of those crooks.

    4. Anonymous - its a nice thought that Amway would do something about the crooks who give their company a bad reputation but they don't because that would mean a huge loss of income for them for example if WWDB left and convinced all their cult followers to join them at whatever MLM they defect to that loss would be in the tens of millions at least. Profits go down the drain. Last year Amway fired our former Platinum and he went to Monavie and convinced most of his downline to move there too. I got a couple of emails from him earlier this year and one of them was bad mouthing Amway and he now claims Monavie has the best compensation plan of any MLM out there. He used to say that about Amway. That would still be a few thousand each month that Scamway has lost in income. Sack of shit Platinum claimed he was running $50,000/month through his Amway business but I doubt it was that much. If it was that's an income loss to the head office and was getting rid of some troublemakers worth it?

  4. At one of the meetings, the upline told us a story he heard that morning on his voicemail. A 22 year old kid's family tried to stage an intervention, and the kid said that he didn't "fall for it", and how he is making his dreams come true by sticking with his business. The upline was so proud of how this 22 year old handled the situation. How people will try to talk us out of being involved with Amway, but that's because they don't understand the business. People who try to talk us out are just being negative because they hate their own life. Honestly, I am not 100% because I know there plenty of antiscamcult websites out there, but this one seems to be highly visited due to the fact you keep it current. The upline talked about anonymous bloggers hiding behind that anonymity and tearing down dreams. He said that there was one blog that really got under his skin. He obviously didn't say which blog, but I really hope it was yours. I've been trying to find books or videos on scamway that are current or within the the last couple years. My husband hasn't attended any meetings without me yet, and I don't want him to. Our sponsors bave always been super kind and friendly. We knew them before all this, but more like friendly acquaintances. I think whether my husband will admit it, he is worried about upsetting them because he does value that relationship. Because they ard so smart and successful, he doesn't see how they could be fooled. He thinks I am making an uninformed decision, and that based on a 10 year old news segment, and that's not giving it a chance. I told him I am so afraid that we will lose money in this. Anna banana you posted another blog where men get fooled by $$$ promises and a lifestyle, but women are like "How will we even find 6 people"? That is exactly what I asked the upline. His response "You're here. How hard was that"?

    1. Hi leerywife. Sometimes you have to let people make their own mistakes and hope they won't lose too much money while they figure out they got involved in a scam.

      Ambots have answers for every argument you can come up with. The next time someone asks you what your dream is tell them it is to make gay porno movies. Ambots are huge prudes so that will shock them, hopefully enough to keep them away especially if you tell them you'll be starring in the movie you're trying to raise money to produce. Try to keep a straight face telling that one!

      People who care about you aren't trying to tear down your dreams like ambots will try to convince you about. They don't want you to get hurt financially and emotionally and care enough to try to reason with you. People like me and others on this blog and similar blogs share out experiences so that we can help others not make the mistakes and go through the same pain, financial and emotional.

      No one in Amway is reading blogs like this unless they show up here by mistake cause of search criteria and keywords. They would catch hell from their upline.

      People in Scamway are only nice to you as long as they think they can make money off you. They don't associate with people not in their cult so if you sign up and quit you will be ostracized.

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    1. FYI to the readers of this blog. Click on the link at your own risk. I don't recommend it. I only let the comment stay cause it bumps this blog up higher in the Google ranks everytime someone comments like I'm doing now.....Hey Christopher would you like some eggs with your spam?

  6. How do they get us involved? Very subtley. I was running out the door one late fternoon and hubby says, "Hey, did you get a chance to hear this tape, yet, by Greg Duncan?" Uh, no. Well, could you listen to it now; I got this guy at the gym who says he needs it back right away. BINGO!, That's how it's done. Put urgency on it.

    I listend to that tape while I worked out. I was impressed. Had never heard anything like that before. Had never heard of amway before - no kidding. So we went to the next meeting. Would you like to know where that meeting occured?

    Int the stairwell of a local motel. Kid. You. Not!@ I'm sitting on a step in my skirt trying to be discreet listening to a guy that had flown from out of state (just to talk to us b/c we were so sharp! You betcha!)

    The grooming is overwhelming. You get caught up in it. You believe it. You have no reason not to believe it. Keep in mind, there were no computers to check on anything yet.

    The amway experience has changed me forever. I am forever now extremely watchful and suspicious of everyone. I recoil like a mountain lion protecting her kittens when I am approached with, what is no doubt, another mlm.

    When someone tells me they are making the big bucks with their 'mlm-of-the-moment,' I instantly demand to see their Schedule C. And then I grin like a Cheshire cat when they begin to back peddle. It's put up or shut up.


    1. Cassette Tape - thank you for the very vivid description. Sitting in a stairwell with your skirt tucked around you so the little sex starved Amway demon couldn't get a peep show? Ha ha!!! That's the other thing with Amway ambots - always looking for "sharp" people.

  7. So I end up calling our sponsor and telling her what I had seen in general about Amway and broken marriages, money pit, and having to put too much into it. She initially asked me to talk to her mentor, same upline who says he never misses a meeting. I don't fucking trust him. Period. I ask her to explain from her point of view,and she lauches into a 15 minute long tirade about her legitimate business and how she's never list money bc she thinks for herself and has seen others lose $, but not her. She said divorces only occur because they were bad to start with. People blame Amway. In reality they had bad communication. Well I guess so, if one of them is always off at a rally or showing "the plan". She later contradicts herself and says she HAS lost money on her real business. She also mentioned that people have told her that they lost money, but she has no idea how they did that bc you get 100% money back. She said there is no minimum to buy each month and no quotas. I don't believe this. She also said that this the only way we can be successful. Bullshit. She also told me to stay away from the internet and negative people. My husband is going alone tonight, but he said if it gets religious he's out and if they try to shit talk me he's out. He feels that I am giving up too early on Amway and on these great mentors (Ambots) and now he wants to do a mlm business regardless. Are there any non cult bullshit companies I can look into?

    ps- thank you for all you advice and help!

    1. hi leerywife - glad we can help you. I don't want to see any woman go through the hell of watching her husband get sucked into this cult and all the abuse and money down the drain that goes with it.

      I'm amazed that woman actually fessed up after a bit that she's had losses. Small bit of decency in her. I warned people off and told them the truth. Why should others get hurt if I can stop them from making a bad choice.

      After you've signed up with Amway and paid for your IBO membership then you'll get "mentored" on how much money you got to shell out. And sure this woman is right you don't have to buy any minimums and you don't have to attend Amway meetings etc but probably neglected to mention you have to buy at least 100pv worth of products each month to get a tiny commission check. Each Amway product is assigned a PV value so it costs around $300 give or take a few bucks to reach 100pv. If you don't buy at least that much you will be taunted by your upline. Same if you don't buy CD's, books, buy tickets to Amway meetings. The upline assholes have a script that goes something like "you don't have to do those things but if you're serious about building your Amway business that's what you have to do. I thought you were a serious business builder. I thought you were a sharp entrepreneur. I thought you wanted your wife to stay home from work and take care of the kids. I thought you wanted your dream of ________ (whatever - fill in th blank) to come true." the longer you stay in Amway the more vicious the taunts and abuse becomes.

      Really your husband should be able to find a good business opportunity that doesn't involve MLM. I don't know of any good ones. Check the upper right hand section of this blogs where I have a blog list. One blog is called MLM the American dream turned nightmare.check that link. The blogger reports on many MLM's and maybe you can connect with him on one that's not a scam. Also look at the links near where Merchants of Deception and Dateline videos are also up there on the right. One is called Pyramid Scheme Alert and that should give you information on which ones to stay away from. Good luck. Hope it works out!

    2. Lol stay away from the internet. Isnt one of their punchlines "I am involved in a ecommerce business with some 'successful' people"?
      Now now, not to start talking like I know everything,I am no IT guru, but I am pretty sure that ecommerce requires internet to be successful.

    3. Rbot - it's part of the Ambot split personality. They all have ecommerce businesses but the upline tells their cult followers not to spend too much time on the Internet.

    4. Hi leerywife,
      Your sponsor obviously hasn't been in the business long. She is not yet comfortable and practiced in lying, so she says selective truths. Like saying meetings, tools, and product purchases are optional. Technically, that is true, but she leaves out the part where you will be hounded relentlessly to buy all this stuff ("tools are optional, but so is success…")

      That is why the inexperienced sponsors are always trying to get you to talk to their upline. The upline no longer have a conscience and are sociopathic liars. The lies roll off their tongues like water off a duck's back. That is why they are so convincing. And that is why you'll get conflicting information from a higher up, like an Emerald, who will say that buying $300 per month in product is mandatory. Emeralds are so used to being surrounded by Ambots who just do what they're told, they don't even remember what it's like to talk to someone with a critical mind who needs to be convinced. If they say you have to do something, they don't expect to be questioned.

      Re: Asking an IBO if they've lost money. To an IBO, the money spent on tools and rallies is not a loss, it is an investment. They may truly feel that they haven't lost a dime on the business, even after "investing" thousands more than they've made in revenue. Be specific in what you ask. Don't ask how much they have "lost." Ask how much they have spent on tools, rallies, meetings, gas, etc.

      Re: automatic tools/books shipment. Many have pointed out how much cheaper the books are on Amazon. Of course, the Ambots have a reply to that. I'll bet they don't have a reply to this: "I already have an extensive collection of motivational books. Instead of signing up for automatic shipment, email me the title of the books for the month so I can see if I already own them." I'd love to hear how the upline tries to convince you that you need to buy a book from them that you already (claim to)own.

      As for automatic cd shipment, say this one for a laugh: "I was able to buy, like, a years worth of cd's at a substantial discount from an IBO who quit, so I won't be needing automatic shipment. Of course, you won't really buy them, but you will say that you did. When upline tells you that those cd's are no good, and you still need to buy new ones from them, have fun asking them to explain why they were selling worthless product.

      Good luck, leerywife. I hope this works out for the best.
      Keep thinking critically.


    5. AnonTB - only good liars have a chance of making money in Amway. Leerywife's contact has to work on her lying or she has a bit of decency inside her that realizes she's lying and scamming and isn't so comfortable. Get them in front of someone upline who's better at closing an Amway sale.

  8. I ended up attending a meeting last night that was held at the upline guy's house. It turns out he's at the Emerald level, and the guest speaker was his mentor and is fairly prominent within World Wide Group. The speaker finally mentioned that we needed to make $300 a month minimum. A key fact that our sponsor outright lied about. What the the hell is the difference between World Wide Group and World Wide Dream Builders? PS, we don't have a sack of shit platinum. We have a one that's an emerald. Something is off with that guy.

    1. Leerywife - Amway is one meeting after another. 2 or 3 living room meetings a week and then one somewhere else that'll cost a few bucks. They say the exact same thing at each meeting when they show the board plan. Whoever they're bitching about might change but it's all the same bullshit. Why go so many times when they say the same thing? It's all part of the brainwashing. And if you miss a meeting the assholes in the upline will be on the phone bitching you out and demanding you drop what you're doing and haul ass to the meeting.

      There you go! You tripped them up on conflicting information. At least the sack of shit Emerald nailed it about the $300/month. That's the approximate amount of 100pv. Don't buy that much every month and you won't qualify for a measly commission check. Affects all the upline assholes commission too. Everyone in Amway is a liar. What else do you expect from a bunch of scammers. The only way they can make back the money they lost is to scam others. The ones that have been around long enough have brainwashed themselves to believe the lies they tell are actually true. It's really screwed up. World Wide Group/ World Wide Dreambulders it's all the same thing. They hide under different names just like Amway, Quixtar, Alticor is interchangeable to suit their needs or throw someone off track. Ambots are huge in mentors. Sign up and you'll get assigned a pack of the little bastards who all specialize in different areas of scamming er mentoring.

  9. Hi

    Noticed that this year it appears non-diamonds are speaking at Dream Night.
    Seems as if the aging diamonds are grooming their children to take over the leadership of WWDB

    1. "Junior, it's time you learned 'the business'... and to be successful you must lose all ability to care about others, to be able to lie with a straight face and suck the finances of others dry by talking them out of medical treatments, paying their mortgage, buying nice things for themselves or anything else that would involve a happy life for them. Remember... only you deserve to have a happy life. they are merely cows to be milked. Always have a doublespeak answer to any questions and if they ask too many, scowl at them for daring to question you. Make them worship you as a god"

    2. Hmmm.... Diamonds are not forever?

  10. A few of my best friend recently got into worldwide amway crap. They've already recruited other friends. Just attended dream night. Go see speakers all the time, and have taken a trip out of country for a conference. I don't know what to tell them to get them out of this. They legitimately believe that their income is going to be made up in one year so the wife can stay home with the kids. They have bought into this so much, and I don't have any real facts to convince them otherwise. I just told them to be careful. Any advice?

  11. I find it funny that the whole aspect of the business is changing the way you think. If you believe that it is not going to work, then it never will. I'm certain this won't get posted because the moderator already stated they won't post anything supporting Amway. That is the joke right there. They probably have hundreds of thousands of replies debunking every single thing you people have said.

    I'm not going to call you individuals quiters or anything like that. We all make choices. You made yours, I made mine. I wish you luck in whatever it is that you do, but I guarantee you will not find anything better, unless it is illegal, that is going to pay you just as much as you can get paid with Amway. Oh and by the by, not all people in the Business are Christian. I am Pagan and I am doing rather well with the Business.

    Your double negatives are hilarious by the way. "6. Posting something that serves no purpose other than to cause fighting." and "7. Posting bullshit Amway propaganda. We might publish that comment to make fun of you. Otherwise take your agenda somewhere else. Not interested." Basically you can trash talk and say whatever you want about Amway and the people in the Business, but if anyone says something against what you people say, you will not post it. When you only post what you want about it, you are lying. The absence of the truth is still a lie.

    I know you don't care about what I have to say, I'm just pointing out the flaws in your logic and the way you are going about it. Have fun being average and broke.

    1. Hi Anonymous. We publish tons of comments from ambots loving all over Amway. Its very rare around here that a comment won't get approved. Yours is just average Amspeak. You're the one who has to have fun being broke as long as you're in Amway. Why are you ambots so obsessed about being broke anyway? I make as much as Amway says a Diamond earns so if I'm broke at 6 figures then your beloved Diamonds must be broke too so that doesn't say much for the income of lowly IBO's.

  12. I'm not in Amway, but I find your reasons for calling something a cult very uneducated....
    1. Have you ever held a function at a hotel??? It might be $15-$20 a plate (on the cheap side) but hotels charge you per person, and a room rental. After the room rental they charge you for power use age, after power use age, there's lighting cost, media cost, production cost, and event management cost.... The hotel would like to get paid to, and $15 a plate isn't going to cut it.
    $70 probably wouldn't cover the cost of the venue and all those people that you mentioned that you said would pocket the money actually have some of their own money to keep the cost down.... I think you should call a hotel and ask for the cost to host an event, then post your findings here...

    2. Is any business organization supposed to gather you together to instill doubt, disbelief, that you are going to fail? I don't know what kind of work environment you work in, but at my 9-5 job we discuss our work load in a positive manner and how our company will flourish in the next year.

    1. No responses? That's weird, its like anytime someone argues with you you just ignore it but anytime someone hates on Amway you bounce on their lap like a pastor's daughter after a few drinks.

      Basically guys, you can paint ANYTHING in a negative light. I could bash this site all day but just know that you can hate an anything if you try hard enough but the truth is, you aren't even trying.

      Why not host your own seminars against things you hate? why not try to build an organization and start a movement to end the evil of Amway forever? It's probably a lot easier for you to slam your forehead against your keyboard a few times before bed. You are a coward who hides behind an ugly website. At lease Ambots get on stage and stand for something.

      Also, Where did they touch you?

    2. Anonymous - if you were around 3 years ago when this loser left this comment you'd know he did a copy & paste of this same comment on several posts. Mostly we responded to the first post he left to make fun of the Amway loser and didn't find it necessary to copy & paste our same responses on every comment he left but the response went something to the effect of every Amway loser out there starts off the comment with "I'm not in Amway...." ... But I think it's a good idea....But I think you're a bunch of uneducated haters. Etc etc..

      So don't fucking show up here and lie that we didn't respond to this Amway motherfucker and that we pick and choose who we respond to. We actually have a lot of fun when Amway losers show up here and spout off their canned Amspeak bullshit.

      Where is it written that we're required to follow YOUR rules on OUR blog and respond to every brainwashed Amway asshole who leaves a comment? Don't like the way we do things around here? Then fuck off and don't come back. Or do you have to get permission from the fucking assholes in your Amway upline first?

    3. To Anonymous at August 26, 10:44 AM --

      You show up at this blog to post a comment on a two-year-old thread? Are you a schmuck or something?

      Your mentality is so typical of Amway that it's truly laughable. You expect everybody to go out and "build an organization" or "start a movement." That's insane. Blogs are designed to be expressions of opinion and commentary. That's also part of changing the world. And quite frankly, Anna's blog and that of many other anti-Amway writers have had a real effect on killing a lot of Amway's corrupt business. Don't believe the lying figures that come out of the mouths of those scum in Ada, Michigan. Amway in North America is hemorrhaging. That's why so many of the new IBOs are semi-literate foreigners who can't put an English sentence together.

      Your only reason for coming here to post comments is that you are angry about all of this, and are resentful of the fact that anti-Amway blogs are having a real effect in hamstringing the business.

      That's why you suggest that Anna stop writing her blog, and instead waste her time on "building an organization." You want this blog to end.

      It's not going to end, asshole. Deal with it. And build your own stupid Amway organization if you think you'll actually profit from it.

      Now go take it up the ass from your Platinum.

    4. LOL! Way to go Anonymous. Yup those Amway Ambots are outraged at blogs that talk about what really happens in Amway and the financial and emotional distress this pyramid scheme causes. So they show up here angry the blog is so popular and bitch because that's all Amway ambots know how to do be angry and bitch. If they want this blog to go away they better show us some money and buy us out. That's what businesses do when the price is right - they sell.

  13. The first step of recovery is admitting or defining the PROBLEM. We were in a cult.

    FACT: There are such things as financial cults.
    This is one of them. A very big and sophisticated one. I need my mind deprogrammed from cult thinking.

    Deprogramming statements:

    Quitters in Amway are not losers, they are independent thinkers making intelligent rational decisions based on facts and not buying the deception.
    Mathematically speaking, the quitters are winners compared to over 99% of people in the business.

    REAL LOSERS bilk millions of dollars off of people that trust them using sophisticated mind control.
    REAL LOSERS are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    LOSERS say don’t let anyone steal your dream. WINNERS say don’t let anyone steal your money.
    They say don’t believe negative information. WE say negative is an opinion, however FACTS ARE FACTS.
    They say don’t associate with people who don’t support your business. WE say don’t associate with con-men and liars.
    They say we love you. WE say no you don’t, you are trying to take financial advantage of us.
    They say we only make money if we help you make money. WE say you only make money if 99% of your downline LOSES money.
    They say you can be free. WE say you are not free so you cannot teach US to be free.
    They say you can do it. WE say we refuse to take advantage of people.
    They say you can be RICH. WE say not if it means turning into con-men and liars.
    They say they are Christians. WE say you run an extremely high risk of God telling you that He never knew you.
    They say look how many people came to the Lord because of us. WE say cults attempt to use God to justify their crimes.
    They say get out of debt. WE say your tools business INTENTIONALLY DRIVES VICTIMS deeper into debt.
    They say don’t miss the next big meeting. WE say you are promoting another MONEY STEALING event.
    They say there is no risk. WE say that YOU are the RISK.
    They say that winners never quit. WE say winners QUIT repeating the same mistakes.
    They say the quitters never win. WE say that the quitters immediately win 99% of the time. And the other 1% are crooks.
    They say 95% of all people don’t win in life. WE say that those are better odds than you are offering.
    They say that this is not illegal. WE say that it needs to be made illegal but our legal system is too corrupt to do what is right.
    They say that this is not a cult. WE say than how do you steal millions of dollars off of people that keep losing thousands of dollars each year without using sophisticated mind control?

    I’m OUT of this cult.


    1. Hi Ohio Native. Loved what you had to say. I'm going to copy it and bring it up in a future post so readers don't miss this seeing as how its an older post. Once we get out we can see more clearly how evil it all is.

  14. To the person who wrote... I'm not in Amway, but I find your reasons for calling something a cult very uneducated....

    I know how you feel, I felt the same way, but this is what I found out...
    (I learned that technique from Amway) I was in the Dexter Yager system 25 years ago and in World Wide Dream Builders this past winter. It blew me away how little had changed in respects to the systems. After a couple months it made me sick and am in the process of deprogramming. I refused this time to spend more than I earned on cd's, books, functions, meetings, etc. That makes good business sense. It was made very clear to me that unless I was CORE I should not expect any help from a diamond. Using my uplines price list it was clear that CORE would cost $3000 per year and I knew that money was lining the pockets of millionaires and higher lever pins. Only a mind controlling cult could bilk millions and millions of dollars out of its' 99% of money losing victims. There is no other logical explanation.

    I'm out and have pulled my sponsor out. THANK GOD!!!


    1. Ohio Native - thank god you're out is right. Look at all the money and brain cells you're saving. Nothing's changed in 25 years. So much for all those brain dead ambots that say so many exciting changes are happening. Yup brainwashed. You don't see it until you have to deprogram yourself from the Amway cult.


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