Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Amway World Wide Dream Builders Spring Leadership 2014

Yup its getting close to that time of the year again when Amway WWDB Spring Leadership 2014 function is coming up. If anyone has information about it for 2014 feel free to load up the comments.

World Wide Dream Builders and Amway holds 4 brainwashing conferences through the year: Dream Night, Spring Leadership, Family Reunion  and Free Enterprise Days FED. The Amway cult followers go ballistic crazy in their love and devotion and shower their leaders with $125 each to buy a ticket. WWDB Spring Leadership is usually held in April. So far World Wide Group doesn’t have the dates up on their website but you know how everything Amway is very secretive so maybe they don’t plan to get it out there this year. The cities where the Amway ambots go to be brainwashed are Spokane, Honolulu, Las Vegas, Denver, Minneapolis, Calgary, and Washington DC but the dates and the arenas are top secret this year. Maybe they expect some interventionists to show up and try to deprogram brainwashed ambots.

Looks like the same cities so we’ll bring back the ever so popular feature of things to do in town instead of going to Amway Spring Leadership 2014 plus a couple of stories from former IBO’s of their Spring Leadership experiences.

So far those of you who are wondering what the fuck is Amway WWDB Spring Leadership its just another expensive social Amway gathering where ambots go to worship their Amway cult leaders and hand over their money. The ambots coming from out of town and that’s just about everyone add in the travel expenses plus hotels and meals.

Apparently Spring Leadership is supposed to drag on for 3 days this year beginning on Friday night, but which Friday night in April depends on which city you’re going to. The Friday night brainwashing session is mostly a show of Amway products and there might not be any Diamonds brainwashing their cult followers that night in the arena. Supposedly the Diamonds are teaching how leadership builds an Amway business and they’ll be yapping about dream building and believing in your dream and the usual mumbo jumbo brainwashing bullshit you can expect at any Amway function. They’ll be teaching leadership and business methods (Yeah right. That would be a first) and showing motivational and promotion videos all weekend.

And now for what really happens…. There will be a never ending parade of Ken and Barbie Diamonds stomping across the stage. Brainwashed ambots will shriek and rush the stage to get closer to their beloved cult leaders. The arena’s security staff will beat them off. “Get back to your seats motherfuckers!!!!” Barbie will talk first. She’ll say something like I was working a minimum wage job as a waitress in a biker bar and had to flash my boobs to make tips. Ken was working for the man cleaning porta potties. Do you know what its like coming home to a man who smells like shit every night???? Then one day a dear friend showed us “the business” plan. We borrowed $20 for gas to make it to the Amway conference. And now we are rich rich rich and we pay for everything in cash. I love Ken so much for giving me the lifestyle of the rich and greedy. He’s my warrior…… Then some lowly piece of shit Amway ambot brings a chair onstage and Barbie sits there and gazes at warrior Ken while he brags about their mansion, their fleet of cars, the vacations they take and then shows a slide show of all their material possessions. Or maybe the ones they rented for the day for the staged photo shoot. They finish by mocking the adoring ambots that if they can do it then anyone can. Meanwhile the only thing on Ken and Barbie’s minds is how much of the ticket sales proceeds are they going home with for showing up today to bullshit the cult followers.

This boring bullshit goes on all weekend. There is no training how to increase Amway sales, how to find prospects to recruit into the cult, there are no leadership skills taught. Just a bunch of Ken and Barbies figuring out how to entertain their cult followers and keep them up all night. Sleep deprivation is a common cult tactic for brainwashing.

And there you have it. Ambots wasted lots of $$$ just to hear the same bullshit they hear at every Amway function. But by going to the function that puts them 6 months ahead of the ambots who didn’t go. Yeah 6 months closer to bankruptcy.

And now all Amway ambots can save their money and not make the assholes in their upline richer by buying tickets to go to Amway WWDB Spring Leadership 2014 because I’ve already covered the highlights.


  1. Caribbean Spring Leadership May 3rd & 4th 2014 Trinidad WI $115 USD

    1. Thanks for the info.

      Nothing like wrecking your Caribbean vacation by going to an Amway conference!

  2. 2014 BWW Richmond Spring Leadership April 4, 2014 - April 6, 2014

  3. This is hilarious. you don't even understand Amway. it is NOT about the products, it is about what the products represent, and that's the possibility for a business. i would buy dog shit and find a reason to use it if you tole me i could quite my job doing it. you complain about 3 days of being brainwashed at an event filled with successful people teaching you what they did to succeed for under a couple hundred dollars. but you willfully spent thousands and thousands of dollars and hours at school being brainwashed by people who aren't successful in life, just keeping the circle of life of mediocrity and failure going round and round.. but i guess if there weren't people like you, everyone would be successful and maybe the world would just run out of money.

    1. This guy half gets it, I think. Selling the hope, not the soap.
      If this is the case, that the products, and their quality, are irrelevant, why do they even exist? Why not just replace them with dog shit an the parent company can make even more money? You should look into why, and why saying that you are simply selling the opportunity is a dangerous endeavor.
      The professors at the college I attended,years ago, were successful people. They provided skills and knowledge I use in my profession to increase my earnings. Many of these skills, and much of the knowledge, can carry over into other fields. Practical, useful teaching. I have asked other Ambots what kind of teaching have they been given at conferences, in books, or on CDs? I've listened to the CDs, read the books, been to the conferences. VERY rarely did I ever hear any real business advice, and that advice was very specifically catered to a specific situation only IBOs would deal with and to the Amway MLM. These rare lessons do not carry over into any other profession in the world. The other 'teaching' is simply self-help, motivational, confidence building, allegorical, nonsense.If this business were truly pumping out successful (let me be clear here, profit claiming success, not personal "look how nice I am" success) people, it wouldn't need to tell each and every IBO at every given opportunity how awesome they are or how successful they would become. A positive self-image comes from actually succeeding at a goal, not from being told you will succeed. It is false hope you feed on. Positive mentalities would grow organically if IBOs actually succeeded. Instead, they keep you hooked into their cycle of failure and misery hidden behind a smile and a handshake. IBOs are the circle of mediocrity. If there weren't people like you, the coffers of the upper pin level heroes of yours would run dry.
      So, tell me, what actual business advice have you received?


    2. Jerry if your professors were so smart what are they doing with a job being told by someone else where they can live, how much they can make, when they jave to get up, when they can go on vacation, etc. Perhaps you and every single mediocre dumbot out there who failed at amway was because they didnt actually read and listen to the audios. Books by Robert Kiyosaki, Norman Vincent Peale, Paul Zane Pilzer (economic advisor for 2 POTUS), John Maxwell, etc teach you incredible skills like how to deal with people anf develop leadership and success habits or perhaps impart actual knowledge and financial education. We live in a society of highly educated idiots and you fit the descfiption perfectly. You got trained to have a job in college. You have to constantly hear people telling you you're a winner because negative pessimistic dumbots such as all the lemmings here... well are here to stay. Amway has paid more rhan 40 billion in incentives and bonuses since it was founded. Its partnered with Apple, Starbucks, Best Buy, Under Armour, Dell, Banana Republic etc. Dont you think their lawyers and accountants wouldve determined amaay is a scam before going into partnership with them?
      Instead of you lemmings blaming Amway or wwdb or any other amway development company, look yourself in the mirror and realize that everything good and bad in your bad is your fault alone. Losers look at what they're going through and winners look at where they are going. I know illegal immigrants who made the American dream a reality with amway abd are now earning more than 7 figure incomes. You look at their 1099 and it looks like a phone number not income earned. Whats you're excuse losers?

    3. Anonymous - you're full of shit. Jerry's professors can scope out and apply for jobs all over the country and move wherever they want without being told by anyone to do it. I think you've got them confused with Amway assholes who can not make a move without asking permission from the fucking assholes in their Amway upline. Normal adults who are not in a cult do not have to ask permission for life's purchases. Unlike Amway ambots.

      At least Jerry's professors are making a hell of a lot more money than the assholes in your Amway upline! And Amway assholes do not post their 1099's or profit & loss statements on the Internet where people can see them and see the truth about the pennies they're making. Never happen!

      This blog is all about showing how people in Amway are assholes. It just makes our job easier when Amway assholes show up here and prove that their brainwashed fucking morons.

      So take your fucked up brainwashed Amway cult Amspeak and shove it up your ass. Don't forget to hop on the Amway truck and get the fuck out of here.

      • ──────▄▌▐▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▌
      ───▄▄██▌█ ░ ░The Amway I DONT ░ ░
      ▄▄▄▌▐██▌█ ░ ░ GIVE A FUCK TRUCK ! ░ ░
      ▀(@)▀▀▀▀▀▀▀(@)(@)▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀(@)▀ zooom zoom zoom!!!!

    4. Why does anybody even care?
      This boggles my mind.
      If you are happy with your own situation than you wouldnt hate on anything or anyone.
      Everyone here who is hatin' just seems unhappy with where they are personally in their life.

    5. People in Amway don't care about nothing except their own greedy pursuit of material possessions. The rest of the world who are compassionate human beings don't want to see others hurt physically, emotionally, or financially. If we can help others, that's what we do. Something that Amway assholes know nothing about.

    6. i'm not part of any of the organizations that have been mentioned but the fact that someone is going out of their way to spend time to bash something seems a little odd. Ive experienced "haters" in my life but I don't think any of them created a blog about me. If you love what you are doing in life and are content with yourself I don't see why you would bother forming a "lynch Mob " to bash something or some one in the first place. you should be spending time with your husband now that he is no longer "brain washed". I cant say I even value your opinion or would believe that you made this blog to help protect people. you lost your own credibility by showing mal-intent from the beginning and not your own facts.

    7. How do you know when someone in Amway is lying? Their mouth is moving! Or in the case of the Internet - when they're typing!

      Clearly denial of involvement in Amway is still taught at Amway meetings.

      Normal people who don't know nothing about Amway aren't surfing the Internet and randomly the words Amway Spring Leadership coincidentally WWDB's next function pop into their head and they say hey where did that come from and type it into the search engine.

      Like we really believe that! LOL!

      And if it just was some totally random search that ended up here, the person would go holy shit I ended up in the wrong place and back click out, not take the time to leave an insulted sanctimonious holier than thou comment like all good little ambots must do.

      When you watch the fucking assholes in your Amway upline abuse you and your husband, out to destroy your marriage, out to destroy your finances, and the whole emotional and financial distress all in the name of worshipping the Great Amway God and Amway The Cult Of Greed then blogs like this exists to say you Amway assholes are the biggest bunch of fucking scamming lying losers that ever existed. So sending out a big old FUCK YOU to every Amway asshole out there that thinks its OK to fuck up other peoples lives.

    8. This is the reason why I'm free. Have no job. An can be with my family every day. So what of I have to speak everyone's in a while. But at least I don't have to work 8 hours a day every day for a paycheck. And get stressed out and told what to do.

      But that's the diffrnce between you and me. I put in the effort and dedication. An I got the results I wanted. That's why you go be a slave to your job and I sleep in till im done sleeping and wonder what I'm goin to do all day.

      But hey I'm not mad. I need somone to do my dishes and wash my car. :)

    9. Anonymous - you're just another lying scamming Amway asshole who shows up here with canned Amspeak.

      No one in the Amway cult is ever free.

      Even though I haven't worked a job in years we do own a business and in one aspect or another I'll be doing something daily with our business whether or not I'm physically on site.

      Lots of people are with their families every day. And you think that's a big deal? Holy fuck!

      Typical Amway Ambot with a snotty snobby attitude towards those who have jobs.

      Please tell me about this "job" I have. Lots of lying Amway assholes before you have shown up here and accused me of having a job. I haven't had a job in years but you Amway assholes refuse to believe there are people in the world outside of the Amway cult who don't have jobs. Whenever I ask a lying Amway asshole to tell me more about this job I have like what it is, where it is, and how much money I make at this fictional job you all slink back into the sewers. Pretty hard to back up your lies, isn't it?

      Sleeping until you're done sleeping - heard it at every Scamway meeting I attended. I sleep until I'm done every day too. I rarely set an alarm clock unless something's going on. Sleeping until you're done sleeping ain't all its cracked up to be especially when your body decides you're done sleeping at 4 or 5 in the morning.

      If you're using that Amway piece of shit dishwasher soap that means most of your dishes aren't getting clean so I can see why you need to wash them again by hand. So you're saying you're too fucking lazy to wash your own god damned dishes. Contradicting what you said above about your effort and dedication. Seeing as how you're too fucking lazy to wash your dishes why don't you just scam a brainwashed asshole in your downline to wash the dishes for you for the privilege of spending more time with you. Cause no one outside the Amway cult will want to wash you dishes and your car cause you're too fucking lazy to do it yourself. Not with the snotty attitude you Amway assholes have towards people not in the Amway cult.

    10. Y'all really crack me up. I'm neither in the business but I am not against it either. Honestly, there's no right or wrong way to live. Some people lack self confidence and can't hold onto the business because it does structure an entrepreneurial mind set. I have gone to some of their functions and they are being honest and realistic EVEN if the business doesn't run taht way. It's not the business that shapes greedy people. That's the people. Because you work 8-5 job does not mean you're selfless either. Do you think homeless people are selfless? I honestly think they're the most greediest people in the world. They don't do anything to society yet they expect people to help them by giving to them. And who knows what they do with that money? All business has its purpose. A regular pyramid job also has greedy people, WWDB also has greedy people. We are greedy creatures regardless if you like it or not. So it's not the job that shapes how a person is. It's the person themselves as how their parents raised them.

    11. Anonymous - How do you know when someone in Amway is lying? When their mouth is moving. Or in the case of the Internet when they're typing something. Did you check out this article? Deny you're in Amway is huge in this scam. Think about it this way. Someone who's not in "the business" (cue someone in the Amway scam for sure LOL! cause that's how they refer to it and avoid the A word) doesn't give a shit about Amway and therefore is not doing searches to land them on a post that's a year and a half old to spout off a bunch of canned Amspeak bullshit propaganda. Heard it all at every Scamway meeting I went to. Interesting twist on blame the victim scam. Blame the parents. LOL! SCAMWAY!

  4. I am a new IBO in World Wide Group and I love the business for the potential it holds. I believe it's come a long way from what it was before. I was taught to get a full time job, which I did. I was taught to treat the business like a growing seed and eventually it will grow and grow to the point where I won't need my full time job. I am attending the function to learn more about the business if I can't then yeah it will be a waste of money but I treat it like a gamble, you got a 10% chance of actually making it Amway and you got to be in it to win it. It is better then buying a dollar scratch it every time you go grocery shopping if you ask me.

    1. Ooh a vampire hunter! And one who I think realizes he got scammed! If you look at the Amway literature the real small print you'll see its only a fraction of 1% that make money at Amway. Using either your figures or Amways figures thats 90% to 99% business failure. So actually I think your odds of winning are better if you buy $1 scratch tickets, play the lottery, or hit the slots. And no it has 't changed a lot other that being able to order Amway products online. A fellow who was in WWDB 25 years ago and was conned into believing theres been all kinds of changes and signed up again stopped by to say its the same Diqmonds, the same stories, the same lies. You've got what it takes to figure it out too. You seem too intelligent to spend much time in Amway. Hope you don't lose too much money.

    2. Scamway!
      9 out of 10 do fail. Research your statistics. Most of those who show success did not make their money from Amway but claim they did. They were already wealthy or successful business owners for the most part and took on Amway as a retirement hobby. All one is doing is feeding the uppers. You can turn anything in to an empire and it doesn't matter what it is. There are easier paths in business to take and not lose friends and famliy under the bus along the way. Don't live someone elses dreams. Most people that claim a good profit was from failure. Their Amway losses were so bad that the received a tax refund and claimed that amount as part of what they made. Amway is icing on a turd cupcake! Their food products I wouldn't even feed to a serial killer they're so sickening! How can a multi billion dollar company offer such tasteless vulgar Soilent Green material as that...hey wait!!! Soilent Green!!??? Go see that 1970's movie starring Charles Heston! Its about the world running out of food so we reprocessed dead people into small green wafers rationed out accordingly. OMG! Thats what they're doing!! Scamway....Greed is the Seed!...It's an empty suit.

  5. The person who runs this blog clearly has no clue about success and that to become successful you need to fly with eagles and not scratch with turkeys. You can hate all you want but at the end of the day, you are the one living a mediocre life, trading your time for money and building someone else's dream. I honestly feel sorry for you and the energy you are putting into bashing people that want to help others. You call Amway a scam but that's probably because you tried it, didn't do the work and then quit. 100% of the people who do 100% of the work and don't QUIT, become very successful in this business, yes it does take a certain type of winner to build this and personal growth with leadership training is key for success.

    1. Well isn't that just the type of Amspeak one expects from a sneering judgemental arrogant prick brainwashed fucked up Amway ambot. People have different thresholds of what they consider success. Amway IBOs only repeat what they've been brainwashed to think by their cult leaders so they judge success as becoming an Amway Diamond. The rest of the world not so much. I've seen people who are so happy by a level of success they've achieved and even though I wouldn't consider it a success for myself but I sure don't go around saying thats nothing. But then I'm not an Amway asshole with a sneering condescending attitude to the rest of the world. Some would consider it a success to have a blog that ranks high in the search engines and sucks in Amway ambots desperately searching for the information that the assholes in their Amway upline won't tell them.

    2. What this Ambot probably doesn't realize is that part of the "100%" of the work includes scamming down line with tools. Yeah that's really "helping" people.

    3. It's the supposedly 'stupid' Greatest Generation that is having the last laugh now, right? They held those 'jobs' for 40-45 years making a modest income. They saved and invested little amounts for YEARS and now have retired, en masse, quite comfortably, while we, the Boomer generation, have spent/lived large always believing we'd make it big in some MLM if we just worked it hard enough. There aint' no 'wroking it hard enough' that will ever get you to a comfortable retirement in any MLM. It's all smoke and mirrors, and it is very sad.

      Why is it when you apply for a job, you are so excited to get it and often go around telling everyone how lucky you are. Then, you get sucked into some MLM and they begin to tell you how miserable you are. That's funny, I was O.K., before attending the function. We are so easily fooled into believing we are miserable. Count your blessings every day. If you can get out of bed, dress yourself, eat 3 squares a day, dang, you've got it better than most of the world. Quit your belly-aching and get a grip!

      The Bible says in the end times, what is good will be called bad and what is bad will be called good. If a man shall not work, he shall not eat. Look at what's happened! MLMs, namely, Amway, tells you you can be done in 2-5 years. What in the world will you do with the rest of your life? Roam around the beaches? Really? Is that fulfilling?

      Not me. I want to work with the poor and unfortunate, and there is a never-ending supply of those. No greater love has one man for another than to lay his life down for the other. That doesn't necessarily dying for a friend or loved one. It means serving each other even when it's not pleasant. Taking good care of the innocent and aged. The greatness of mankind is measured by how we treat those innocents and frail members of society. I can love someone without buckets of Amway money. Yes, you can hire someone to bathe granny, but they will not do it out of love for your granny, but rather, love for your wallet.

      At the Amway functions we attended (and, we attended 25 major functions, and countless board plans, etc.) they always hit on the humanitarian aspect of the attendees. It was a sure-fire hot button. It was always the same - get rich quik and you can hand over buckets of money to the charities of your choice. Why is the answer always just handing over money? The LOVE of money is the root of all evil. MLMs get you by promising easy buckets of money. Otherwise, why in the world would you get in? And, please don't tell me it was for the humanitarian aspect of it. It was the money, and you know it was the money.

  6. I want to build a life outside my job that I make a very decent living doing. Even if all I'm doing is taking a little bit of money out of the Walton family pocket and putting it in mine. Narrow minded people, one direction to fallow over and over again, do you even know where the idea of mass education came from? Google you know what the BBB is? Use it. love my hard working job, but I'm going to keep my options open for My family and never close my mind to small dreams.

  7. I've been to a few Amway sessions. I never signed up because I realized it was most likely a joke. A supposed rich people playing "the cool guy" to a bunch of recent high school graduates that were social losers back in high school (me being one of them) telling us how much money he has and how easy it is to make it in Amway.

    In his whole hour or so long of ranting not once did he mention any figures of a profit margin, never did he talk about how to set up a business and effectively sell a product, nor did he even once mention any real numbers as to success rate and profitability of its IBO's. I asked him at the end of the speech how I make money, he figured I would just sign up as my friend is so easily influenced by sales people. He figured I would be the same and these meetings aren't usually filled with logical thinking and questions. His response was "I recruit" a "team" and get success that way. I even asked what I pay for the product and how much of a profit margin I can make and he repeated the same line followed by a flattering compliment as he did not know them because he probably has not sold a single product and the compliment was to get my mind off of real business talk.

    It was at this moment I backed up all my suspicions that Amway is indeed a scam. I understand you can make it rich in life and it does not come with a 9-5 or a college degree, in fact nearly all of the extremely successful people never went to college because they can't teach you how to revolutionize an industry or be a real leader in college. But for moderate monetary success even you really need to start a business to make it that way (success being really subjective). There is a reason people learn about industries and then spend years setting up a business plan or sometimes they just going full throttle into an industry being innovative and different to set yourself apart from others it all depends on the person.

    You CAN make it in Amway, but if you can make it in Amway you can make it in any industry. My friend that brought me to that meeting (I did this twice for entertainment and to see social brainwashing at its fullest, both wasted years of their lives believing empty promises) and he spent every moment for years listening to tapes and reading and trying to become successful in Amway. He never mentions it or wants to talk about it any more because he did everything they told him too and did not go half-way at it, which both of them did and they never made much of anything in it.

    If your running a real business you need to sell services, not follow empty hopes and dreams with no real numbers and no real plan other than giving them money for CD's and meetings. When the same rhetoric is spilled at every meeting chances are its a scam. Whats worse is when all they do is brag and compliment every one in the room then its even a bigger sign its a scam. In fact, that is one of the biggest identifiers that something IS indeed a scam. They compliment you with a smile and a handshake to get your mind off of logical thinking and increase your level of acceptance towards them thus making you feel guilty to question anything they tell you which makes you buy more into their "business plan".

    If your an IBO chances are you have been told exactly what to think. But honesty doesn't exist with Amway cause not everybody in the room will be successful and it takes real determination and hard work mixed with dealing with adversity to make it in anything especially with this economy. So if your going to continue realize you have about a 1% chance of making it in that business and that if you applied that hard work to anything you will succeed, good luck!

    1. Thanks for your story, not everyone has your willpower not to sign up for the Amway cult. Many are recruited by people they already know and like and don't want to disappoint the Ambot by laughing at his overpriced shitty products and his stupid pyramid scheme.

    2. I am surprised at the many intelligent views and perspectives shared here. Your experiences and insightful explanations are wonderful, even if it makes people feel bad or sad, it's your honest truth, and many others.

      For people who aren't able to learn from experiences well, they should really read more and do detailed research to find what they want to pursue. The idea behind Amway/Quixtar and their implementation is also very strong and helpful for many. Unfortunately, their is always that missing information about how the business creates profit and continues to run, but this empty space is filled with that attitude of "Never Give Up on Yourself or Your Family," which changes the perspective to focus on something stronger, and somehow this cycle continues from one speaker to the next.

      If only Ambots could stay focused on a single idea and complete that thought before moving to the next, then they wouldn't spend such large amounts of their income into a business plan that won't work for them. There's just more to learn than what is provided by the leaders and recruiters, or even their close friends and family members.

      I hope this continues to educate people who are willing to work hard to find success in today's hardships without sacrificing family and friends.

      - Ken

    3. Thanks Ken. There are many readers who share their stories and they'll all similar. Nothing changes much in the way Amway meetings are operated and upline abuse.

      Ambots have a lot of missing information and then they show up with the usual Amway tactics of lie, deny, distract, and defend. They've been brainwashed by their Amway cult leaders to discount anything that people outside the cult have to say and to believe the lies of the great riches that lie ahead as long as they show up for Amway meetings. They're good at quoting Amspeak but when pressed for facts well - lie, deny, distract, defend....and disappear.

  8. It's amazing to me how many ignorant, burned-out, excuse-making, failed entrepreneurs are out there--but at least some of them tried to grow a business, even if they got burned. After being knocked down, some people have the internal fortitude to get up and keep charging ahead--despite their obstacles, setbacks, and abundant slinging of negative things that are said out there. The Internet is the public restroom wall of the world--and Anna Banana is a good example of that.

    I used to be a distributor in Amway and a cognizant participator in the WWDB organization 20 years ago--I've just signed back on with Amway and WWDB today after all this time. Here's why...

    Some people need to catch a dream and BELIEVE that it is 100% possible for them to go out, be active (and not sitting on their bums), grow a profitable and sustainable business, and achieve their dreams.

    Are you a self-starter or self-motivated? That's good, but for those who aren't, they NEED to immerse themselves in a system until they have the power of belief, self-determination, and are properly educated and equipped to rightly build a business.

    Organizations, like WWDB, are completely optional for Amway IBOs. No one can tell you what to do--your business is YOUR business. If someone can make it on their own in any business without an educational and motivational system to educate them, guide them, and encourage them--that's great! However, I've personally found that I am much more engaged and productive when I am receiving help and guidance from others who are more successful than me--people who have high-performing businesses that I would like to duplicate.

    You are an adult. You have choices. And you have permission from yourself to do whatever you believe is in your best interest to do or not to do. Your priorities are your own--not mine or anyone else. If the business support materials and events that are offered from an organization that has produced successful and profitable entrepreneurs in the past and present--and I don't yet have a successful business and would like to have one but don't know how to go about it on my own--why in the world would I stick my nose up at people who are trying to help me?

    Sadly, some people in MLMs lose their way by focusing solely on the unsustainable practice of recruiting and sponsoring rather than sustaining their businesses with actual customers who are buying their products.

    Anna Banana, I don't know your story, but it sounds like you got burned and hold onto grudges easily. That's truly awful, if so. How many customers did you have and what were your average monthly retail profits in dollars when you were in Amway and WWDB?

    Warm wishes,

    John D.

    1. John D - Holy Fuck Amspeak!

      If you actually read my blog you'd know my husband and I have been entrepreneurs for many years and have a good business where we make around the same money net as Amway publishes a Diamond makes and I'm pretty sure Amway publishes gross. That Diamond has to spend a shitload of money on Amway and pretending to live a millionaire lifestyle on $150k.

      And yes we got sucked into Amway twice - you probably got the same bullshit we did. That WWDB has changed, the last group you were with were a bunch of fucking morons that didn't know piss all, and all the other negative shit that Amway ambots love to spout out.

      Being in Amway means you have to spend a lot of time convincing people that Amway is not a scam, Amway is not a cult, and that the reason people are paying 4 times as much for overpriced shitty Amway products is because you've been brainwashed to believe you're paying more for "high quality". Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      Lie. Deny. Distract. Defend.

      That's the life of an Amway ambot.

      Have you ever worked for another company with such a shitty reputation that you had to put a lot of energy into lie, deny, distract, and defend. Holy fuck I wouldn't stick around that hell hole!

      If you were last in Amway 20 years ago then doing the math you've got to be at least in your 40's now. You're too old! I heard that a million times at Amway meetings. The best recruits are in their late teens, early 20's cause they haven't heard of Amway. But wait till they get home and tell their parents who will have conniptions that their kid got into this scam.

      Surely you could find a company where you could make a better living as a commissioned salesperson, say selling cars or houses. You don't have to go around convincing people that cars and houses aren't scams and cults. I mean really look how much time you just spent on leaving a message on a site that is dedicated to making fun of the fucking assholes in the Amway upline. And you think you're going to convince us that you're not inside a blame the victim scam where you have less than 1% chance of making money.

      You need to find a better audience who haven't already been suckered by Amway.

  9. Anna,

    You are very accurate in your description of an Amway function. My wife was in Amway when we met. She had been for 10 years. She attended every function every year, each weekly meeting, made contacts weekly, approached total strangers trying to get them interested. Her onw children, brothers, and sisters would not get involved. She tried and tried to make this work and I estimate she lost about $50,000 over the 10 years. I attended several functions with her to see what it was all about and you are correct, they try to play on your emotions and whip you into a frenzy to keep you motivated. There is no training or teaching involved. They parade several, supposedly, successful couples across the stage and have two or three diamond couples speak about their success while showing pictures of them on vacation, their buig house or their fancy cars. It is just like some kind of cult meeting. They have late night meetings so you are sleep deprived and will do whatever they ask. I told my wife we were not doing that as I thought it was stupid and sleep was more important. She agreed with me. The session already went until 12:30 a.m. listening to a bunch of repetitive nonsense. My wife finally gave the business up as she finally accepted the fact that she was not going to make any money. I projected out how much money she would have now if she had invested the money she wasted on Amway and she was surprised. You keep posting your information. Maybe, you will keep a few people from making a huge mistake. Ignore the ones that are critical of you as some people have to learn the hard way. WE both have good jobs and are pretty well set financially. That would not have happened through Amway. It takes hard work to get things in life. There are no free lunches. Thanks for helping those who cannot see it.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by. Wow 10 years. You'd think anyone who's been in the Amway cult that long is a lifer and nothing would get them out. Just shows the brainwashing and how long it took her to figure out she wasn't making money. It took you to show her how much money she lost and that $50,000 might be a lowball estimate. Ambots don't keep track of their losses. Discouraged by the Amway cult leaders who don't want their followers to write down profit & loss statements and get a clue when they see it sitting in front of their face in black & white. If the ambot even suggests they're quitting then they hear stuff like: you can't quit now, not when success is right around the corner. Or you're about to go really big, I can feel it. Amway functions never change. They change the title and mix up the agenda a bit but there's never any real business advice or business training. How could there be? Amway is just a phony business for all those poor suckers who actually think they're "business owners" when all they are is commissioned salespeople for a company that flogs overpriced shitty products. As your wife found out normal people don't want anything to do with it. And yes as you watched with your wife being in Amway is all about looking at everyone you see and meet as potential recruit into the Amway cult. The guy you're going to make money off. Its odd how I'm getting more men showing up here telling about ambot wives. Amway is a good old boy's club dominated by male chauvinist pigs who believe that a women's place is in the house taking care of the children. Its very difficult for a woman to make any money in Amway. But that could be the whole conscience and morals dilemma. Not everyone has what it takes to be a good liar and scammer.

  10. This is quite an interesting article along with the comments. It made me open my eyes. I went to my first meeting with WWDB yesterday and i saw a few speakers talk about how their successful and then there was a few diamonds in the room. i'm truely intrigued at how passionate the people are there however I feel that the most successful people are the older generations that started from long ago. The diamonds in the room have been in it for 10+ years and no wonder they're successful because they are an older generation and continued to build upon the younger fresh new faces. I am a fresh new face in mid 20's however i dont want to take for granted what i have and what i've worked so hard to achieve. John D is right saying people should try to get their customers rather than expand business if they want to be successful but how many people are willing to spend more money for a product that is nameless in many ways? The products are not like MAC, Lancome, NOS, or redbull. It's not out there for the complete public.

    1. Anonymous - I can't tell what side of the fence you're on! I expect you're getting love bombed by Amway ambots and they're convincing you that you'll be a gazillionair in 2 to 5 years and can sit back for the rest of your life doing nothing. Look around at the people telling you that and ask how long they've been in Amway. You're correct. The only ones making money are the Diamonds who've been in forever and most of their Amway income is made by selling tickets to functions where ambots hear them speak and selling motivational CD's and books. Yup you're in the right age range. You might get dragged in for a few months and then figure out you're losing money and get out. 95% quit within 2 years. That tells you something. Also look at the small print of the Amway literature they gave you with all the circles on it and how much money you can make. Somewhere in very small print there will be a tiny number that's a fraction of 1% where Amway says how many people will actually make money. Its like .000000367%. Do the reverse math. Over 99% chance of failure. You have a better chance to succeed with just about every other business out there.

  11. If you can make tons of money and provide the house and life for your family, why would you throw that chance away? Even if it does make the guys on top money I would take that over struggling and living with the thought that I had the chance to make a better life for my family. And just to let you know that job that you are working yeah its a pyramid but no big go about your blogging.

    1. And yet another Amway asshole shows up with the Amspeak and accuses me of working a job. Even though there's nothing wrong with having a job - except in the eyes of a fucked up brainwashed Amway asshole - I haven't worked a job in years. Unless you mean when I go into our business sometimes to help out. My "job" is maintaining our household and I'm very fortunate that we have a business that affords us a nice lifestyle that leaves me with a lot of time to do things that I enjoy doing. Time after time fucking Amway assholes show up here and accuse me of having a job but not a single one of these fuckers can say where my job is and how much money I make. Fucking lying little Amway bastards.

      And the only place I've ever heard that a job is a pyramid is at fucking Amway cult meetings. Nowhere else in the real world. Only at fucking Amway cult meetings. Somewhere around here I have a post that makes fun of Amway assholes and their "your job is a pyramid" cult chant. Maybe its time to rerun that.

      And if you think that working as a commissioned salesperson for Amway you're going to make tons of money and provide a nice house and life for your family - you've got shit for brains!

    2. "If you can make tons of money and provide the house and life for your family, why would you throw that chance away?"

      You just gave the best reason NOT to do Amway. With a less than 1% chance of making money (Amway's numbers, not mine), getting into the scam is not how to provide a house and life for one's family. It's one horror story after another of debt, alienation of family and friends and brainwashed personality disorders, regardless of the "happy face smiles".

      As for the pyramid thing, you obviously have no idea how one works. You got the brainwashed amspeak down. It's not just the "shape" that makes something a pyramid scam. A job is not a pyramid scam because those at the bottom are making money (and often medical and pension benefits, too). In a pyramid scam, other than those at the top, most others are either making very little or, more likely, losing a lot. And those on the bottom rungs of a job are not required to try to recruit others under them in hopes to eventually be siphoning money from them in the same way those above them do to them. In a pyramid scam that is the only hope to someday make any kind of money. Your comparison falls flat. Apples and oranges.

    3. Hi Anonymous. I'd say you nailed it.

      At least in the job if you're at "the bottom of the pyramid" you're still probably making more than $10/month like most IBO's average at the bottom of the Amway pyramid.

      Really if someone is going to be a commissioned salesperson go into a field where there is money to be made. A salesperson making commission from selling houses will make a whole lot more money than an Amway salesperson making commission off selling soap.

      And you're right. How many people hold jobs where they have recruit others to work for the company and how successful at recruiting meant keeping the job and making money. Staff at employment agencies maybe.

  12. This is so right. I just attended an amway meeting and I found it interesting. I am in my mid 30's and was most likely the oldest one there. The biggest problem I had was that the supposed diamond who has made million had a cheap suit that wasn't tailored to him. One of the first thing I look for in a very successful man is what kind of watch he has on. He had some huge faced plastic looking watch. Where is the rolex. I know not all successful people sport a Rolex but someone who likes to go around telling people how rich they are definitely likes the attention and would have one. Once again it was the story...we quit our jobs within a year. But the thing that stood out the most was when he says he makes millions a year but only has 8 customers to his store and only 4 people order product. But says a new ibo needs to get at least 4 customers for the legalities of it. So in other words in 1979 when the government said amway was not an illegal business it's because they technically have a store. Just seems like such a waist. And to bad the couple that tried to recruit us seemed so nice. Oh and they preach freedom yet here was this supposed rich man on a weekday night at 8 pm hours away from his house trying to help people he recruited help people they recruited to recruit me. I know extremely wealthy people and that's not what they do on a random week night.

    1. Hi Anonymous - so you're saying that Diamond was just another lying Amway asshole! LOL! Now there's a shocker. They all pretend to be rolling in the dough, but then Amway's a pretend business and this is about playing pretend business owners and pretend millionaires. And the couple might have been - before they got into Amway. But when they're in Amway they develop this fakey nicey nice routine and you'd have got the full benefit of that. Probably the people you know don't go around charging $10 or $25 per person to come and listen to them speak either.

  13. I have been going to various meetings and I have found that some people really admire WWDB or Amway. In a way you are working for yourself but also not at the same time. You obviously have to put a lot of time into doing this, more than what they probably told you in the beginning because its just ways to try and hook you in. However, this business model is not for everyone. If you are someone who has worked with people who really care about you and you feel like you are important to your company and establish great relationships, then what may be the problem? Yes you may not be the wealthiest individual but as long as you are happy that is what matters. I myself am starting to realize that you are automatically deemed a "loser" if you do not make it with Amway. That's pretty judgemental on their part. They should want others to do well with their lives and continue to live the way they wish to live and be happy with their decisions, not be upset because they left and now won't make a profit and get money rolling in. I like helping people yes, but im one of those individuals who also values work, even if it is working for someone else. I do believe once you get out of college and find a good job(put effort into it like you would with Amway) and you will do well with life. If you value different things then the business is not for you. They will try to duplicate you to be like them or think like a "B" person. Thing is, you can't change a guy who is pretty happy with his life and being a hard working individual :)

    1. Hi Anonymous. Stop torturing yourself by going to Amway meetings. They're probably love bombing you so you'll join the cult but this will be the wrong decision for you. As you pointed out, when you leave you'll be called a loser, so clearly there is some quitting going on in the group you've become associated with and the cult leader is going off on rants about losing that income stream. The Amway "business model" is designed for failure. Look at the small print on Amway's literature where it shows only a tiny fraction of 1% of participants make any money. Reverse that. Over 99% failure rate. Like I said designed for failure. Amway is an expensive social club. If it was actually possible for more participants to make money you wouldn't have to hit the Internet and say put the work in, put some effort into it. When you're struggling against a 99%+ failure rate it doesn't make much difference how much work or effort you put in, you're still going to lose money. And brain cells.

      And you're almost right about you can't change a guy who is pretty happy with his life and being a hard working individual. Unless Amway gets their hooks into him and then he turns into a nasty, ugly, angry, demeaning Amway ambot.

  14. I am no neuroscientist but I am pretty sure the loss of brain cells isn't whats going to be the outcome of being an "ambot".
    Anyways, i find it incredibly amusing that you all have such hatred for something like amway or WWDB. You really need something better to focus your energy on. It is pretty simple to me in the facts that success in life whether it be financially, spiritually, emotionally or any other way can be and will be achieved in many different ways. The key is finding the things that make you happy as an individual and when being a good person dont hate on people or the things that are successfully making them happy whether you feel it is a scam, an illusion, a cult or what ever your hateful mind comes up with to justify it's illegitimacy. So in plain words, "if its not for you then who cares". Rather than insult people, which both sides are doing here, go out and do something useful and helpful which you all claim you do, whether you do or not will never be known so i suggest if you dont then start.
    I find the title of this website hilarious " Married to an Ambot"... its comical because if you are married to someone and they have a passion and belief like being apart Amway then why not find a way to support them instead of insult them by opening trashing them on a blog. "Pathetic" is the descriptive word that comes to mind. Show a little more respect to your Spouse.
    as far as the Amway/WWDB business, it is really easy to make money if you look at it objectively. Yes they do sell "DREAM BIG" to you but why not dream big? Its silly to not have dreams. The mentor program is a good program working for the people that need it and is a very useful tool. Having a Mentor is healthy no matter the vehicle whether it be through WWBD or professors at school. I am on both sides of the coin here, I am educated and currently an Engineer as well as an IBO through Amway. I am a Prosumer and make a some money on the side from what I and my customers purchase. No visible problem with that as far as I can see. Plus the products are of great quality which if you researched or even used you would already know that. As far as all the RA RA RA conferences that go on throughout the year, they are fun and you are attending them with friends and then maybe learning a few things while your at it. No different than the numerous other events people spend money on to attend so why does it matter if IBOs want to attend these? The best thing financially about it all to me is the Tax benefits that come along with being an IBO. I get Tax returns north of $10,000 a year(i live in Canada). Whats not to like about that? its a very simple business plan that believe or not many very wealthy people use so I enjoy helping other people figure it out too as long as they are willing. People will take what they want out of something like this and the bottom line is that if it makes them happy then simply support them. The opportunity is definitely clear as day in this business to make a lot of money if you are willing to work at it so why not try. The 99% of people who fail simply didn't try or go into it looking at all the facts. It wouldnt seem like Amway has their hooks in anyone if you were supportive and positive to them in return. Doesn't mean you have to get involved, just politely decline and move on with your own life.

    Stop being so negative towards one another, go be successful any way you know how and stop judging people along the way. Take care of the people you love and focus your energy on them instead.

    Take Care

    1. Thanks for stopping by with the canned Amspeak bullshit. Yawn.

      And thanks for adding more proof that the only way to make money in Amway is through a tax refund.

    2. Haha. I am confused.... Whats the issue with making easy money? Whether it be through tax or any other method, does it really matter? i realize you have a problem with amway which i could give two shits about but you are past that now and just being a stubborn person with a lack of common decency and common business sense taking your manufactured anger out on people you know nothing about and a business you pretend to know anything about because you read and now quote "the fine print". Its not an unusual stat to state that 99% of IBOs don't succeed. 99% of people like you or I don't ever become the highly paid managers in our career paths either yet we all spend countless hours working towards it(if you posses any ambition). I make a great living but doesn't mean I am not always wanting more. So if I can make a living on the side investing 10 hours a month to something so easy making what works out to be more than $250 an hour... I really don't care what it is. Your ignorance is comical and embarrassing.

      But what do i know...? I am just an "Ambot" living a pretty fantastic life. That extra income just bought be a vacation home on the beach. Sure feels worth it out there.

      Take care

    3. Anonymous - with your first comment I can tell you're just another hopeful brainwashed Amway ambot and you're too nice to make it in Amway. Then your next comment you let us know you got what it takes to be a lying Amway asshole. But that's still not good enough. You have to step up your game. The people who make money in Amway have to be the biggest fucking lying assholes out there. Most people don't have what it takes because their morals and conscience kicks in.

  15. Well everything you say is pretty accurate, except for one thing you seem to be confused about: Amway.
    What you say has nothing to do with Amway; If you did a more serious analysis, you'd realize Amway is one, if not the greatest American Company out here. The problem comes when educational organizations such as BWW, WWDB...get involved and sucking people's money.
    Amway provides all training for free. They provide all documentation you need to be successful in your registration kit; Amway send people to conferences all-paid-for.
    So instead of bashing a great company, please make sure you make a clear distinction with those educational organizations.
    I myself am affiliated with BWW, and really it's cause i need some of the info to train my team. One thing i do tho, is protect my team from the organization. I do not allow my upline, who is a total BWW-bot to speak to any of my teammates without me being aware of it. I do not allow him to sell them tickets, books or CDs without me checking it out first then passing it along.
    Actually, i buy the material, and give them to my team for free, cause as Amway leaders once said to their biggest distributors:
    Don't you dare make a profit, until you downlines make a profit.
    Amway is great ... the educational organizations (that you do not have to affiliate yourself with) are a true liability tho.
    i hope that made sense.

    1. Anonymous - get out now before you suffer more financial losses. Obviously your brain cells aren't completely zapped yet from Amway because you point out everything is accurate. That comes from being there at Amway meetings and telling what we heard and saw.

      Amway is NOT one of the greatest American companies out there so that tells me the brainwashing is underway with you. What about Sears, Walmart, Amazon, Chevrolet, and the list goes on. Amway is one of the worst because it causes emotional and financial distress for so many people.

      This blog is all about showing how the people in Amway are a bunch of assholes. If Amway gets dragged down with their commissioned sales force then so be it. And that's because Amway does PISS ALL about complaints about their salespeople and deceptive practices and the various cult sects it allows to operate unchecked. Amway refuses to take responsibility for the actions of their employees.

      And BWW is one of the worst cult sects you could have got involved with. WWDB is probably the worst but BWW is right behind them.

      The way you are operating your Amway business you will probably get fired by Amway. Yup where else can you "own your own business" and still get fired.

      Find a better business to own where others aren't dictating the rules to you.

  16. Very interesting blog. For background info I was in WWDB from 93 to around 2000. This morning on a whim I checked out the WWDB website. So does anyone care to guess what I found??? Every single diamond couple on there, and there were around a dozen, are the same exact ones from when I was involved over 20 years ago. Except for one, some guy named Leif. Also, there were alot of couples missing. I remember some navy seals named Frank Radford and another one I cant Remember, Brad wolgomatt and a few others I cant recall. So I was in the Howie Danzik line. He is still there but Toshio Taba isn't. When I was in they would brag that they would break around 100 diamonds a year in 20 years. Well that apparently hasn't happened. In fact their numbers are shrinking and not growing. Apparently the business plan isnt so fool proof for people to just "work the plan" and "dream the dream" and have success. I found out later that most of the income the diamonds make is from the stupid tools and meetings. Apparently there is far more money in hustling tapes (when I was in it was all tapes im sure they have moved on to cd's now) and BS conferences than actual products. I also saw that Greg Duncan had declared bankruptcy a few years back. Now he is one of the slickest cats I have ever heard speak and could sell snow to Eskimos so if this business is such a cash
    cow why in holy hell did he need to go bankrupt? Cause its alot of smoke and mirrors. When I was involved I always found it interesting that they never pushed the products just the tapes and conferences. Now I know why. There is little money to be made hustling soap but tone selling cheapass tapes and conferences. So when they ask "how much would you pay to hear millionaires speak?" Ask to see their tax returns cause I will bet a bundle that most of their money comes from the system sales and not the company. As far as the company partnering with all these other companies? They have been doing that since the days of MCI (another BS company long gone) and if a company can sell a few extra orders from a partnership that's no problem. That's also why you can buy Starbucks and under armour crap all over the place. And after still reading my post you still believe in the Amway or WWDB bullshit please swing by my house and feel free to dig through my trash. You can have all of my old "tools" for free!!! Yep, you need your own tape player though. Most of them are unwrapped and most of them are from diamonds who aren't diamonds anymore so you might want to take what they say with a grain of salt. Amway doesn't work because nobody wants overpriced soap and shitty makeup at sky high prices. Their vitamins were great but so overpriced it's ridiculous. Get out now bro.... if this business works like they say it does then I would have looked up the list of diamonds and seen new names and faces I had never seen before but I recognize all but one and a bunch (probably 10 to 15) were missing. This group is dying like the gang from the Walking dead!

    1. Hi Anonymous = as you figured out nothing ever changes in Amway. Still the same old tired cult leaders preaching the gospel of greed. Yeah we heard the whole breaking hundreds of Diamonds every year too. The ones that make Diamond find it hard to hold on and then they got to get in with the head Diamonds who decide who will speak at functions and otherwise profit from the Amway tool scam, where the real money is.

      As for how Duncan went bankrupt - well surely that is a mystery when we're told at all Amway meetings that Diamonds pay for EVERYTHING in cash. Just another Amway lie. People that declare bankruptcy had to borrow money from somewhere and now they don't have the financial resources to repay their loan.

      WWDB ain't dying fast enough!

  17. THIS IS HILARIOUS! if you go to google (random people) to ask what kind of cold you have instead of going to the doctor............ you need to reconsider who your taking advice from

    YOUR JOB IS A PYRAMID, that's when the person at the top that you have NO IDEA what they look like makes ALLLLLLLLLLL the money. they will NEVER teach you what they did to live the life they have. YOUR JOB IS A CULT, a CULT is where you get TURMINATED (FIRED) for not doing what your TOLD. if you think people who are trying to help you be as happy about your life as they are about theirs and they are offering you a chance to transform your life and they will teach you how to do it then it's a no brainer. a SCHAM is SCHOOL where they WILL NEVER GIVE YOU THE OPTION OF LEARNING HOW TO CREATE A LIFE LIKE STEVE JOBS, ECT. you should be mad at yourself for being so lazy to not want a better life for yourself. if you don't want a want the life of your dreams fine, but don't be an employee natzi that you tell a winner that they can't have a better life because you DECIDED TO QUITE and be a loser. keep your job because who ever is in WWDB will GRLADLY give theirs to you, because they wont need to depend on anyone other than themselves. Have fun the rest of your life being a job person:)

    1. Anonymous - instead of bitching about people who go to school perhaps you should have spent a little more time there and learned how to spell.

      I'm sure glad you added (fired) after turminated - a word I never even knew existed but Amway is all about making stuff up. And speaking of getting fired, Amway fires their employees all the time. Just ask our sack of shit Platinum who got sacked by Amway about 3 years ago. Where else can you "own your own business" and get fired except Amway.

      I'm pretty sure there's a post around here somewhere about "your job is a pyramid" one of those bullshit Amspeak propaganda you hear at every Amway meeting.

      Love how Ambots always bring up medical stuff when asking for advice. Just ask someone in Amway, yup Dr. Quack, who will prescribe Amway medication snake oil for what ails you. Who knew you could skip school and getting that medical degree and instead sign up to Amway and now be a qualified medical "professional".

      You want to throw your money away at a scam where only a tiny fraction of 1% of participants make money, then be my guest. Its no skin off my ass if you lose your money and choose not to believe the true stories of those ahead of you who went through financial and emotional distress thanks to the Amway pyramid scheme.

  18. Anna, this is amway's only defense - we were too lazy to do the work. Wow, that is getting so old. I can't believe we got sucked in and wasted years and years working our asses off. We were so sleep deprived the whole time, we looked like walking skeletons. We ate, slept (very little of that) and drank amway 24/7. And I mean 24/7.

    We showed the plan to anything with a pulse (a la Dave Severn.) We did umpteen product call-in and pick-ups. Yup, it was all done by hand - another night out of your week for an amway-related activity.

    We spent a fortune on amway products and had a huge retail business. I was delivering products like you can't believe. And, yes, we had to hand-deliver it. On-line didn't help at all. 9/9/99 was a complete bust. They sold it (Quixtar) like it was the holy grail - and it fizzled badly. We took high-class business owners to meetings and major functions only to be so embarrassed by the crap coming from stage.

    Been out for years, but anger over lost time with children will never be healed. We could have invested all that money into our 401(k). How sa is that?

    These poor kids will just have to find out on their own. Obviously they don't want to hear from us old WWDB codgers. It just doens't fit the narrative.

    Don't come back here accusing us of not warning you. A huge portion (like 47%) are still living with mommy and daddy 10 years out of high school. They are so behind getting their lives started and then they find amway. There goes another 5-10 years. And by the way, we moved out 10 minutes after graduation. It was expected.That's why the boomers are known as scrappers.


    1. Cassette Tape - I'm with you, right down to moving out minutes after graduating high school.

      The only teachings at Amway meetings are how to sneer at other people who aren't in Amway - broke losers, negative, didn't try hard enough, working a job for someone else, etc etc.

      I can see how embarrassing it must have been to drag real business people to Amway meetings and have them listen to the lies and bullshit spouting from the cult leader. Like its not embarrassing enough to admit you have anything to do with Amway, dragging people to an Amway meeting and pretending like you believe that bullshit about how everyone's going to be rich in 2 to 5 years by drinking a bottle of XS and eating a food bar daily and finding 6 others to do the same thing, and they find 6 others and so on.

      9/9/99 doesn't mean a thing to me other than how cool those numbers are but I didn't know it was the Quixtar bust moment. Change the name and try to trick people it has nothing to do with Scamway.

  19. To the author: one question for you: tell me about your residual income asset, your great success financially and personally, and your your great family life? ...oh, wait sorry your broke and waste your time being skeptical cuz you have a low self confidence and haven't acvomplished anything great in your life? Right. Thanks for your non educated decision. Why anyone would listen to a blogger about their Finacial future beats me!

    1. Another fucking Amway asshole shows up with their sense of entitlement demanding answers to questions that are already covered throughout this blog. Too fucking lazy to put in the work to do some reading? How about you post a link to your Amway financial statements with your name and phone number and I'll call you and answer your questions that you're too fucking lazy to put in the work to read about on other posts here. I didn't get where I am by being as lazy as you fucking Amway losers.

    2. Anonymous sounds nice and brainwashed and has all the nonsensical "talking points" down. 1.) Assume anyone not in Amway is "broke" and haven't accomplished anything. 2.) Assume anyone not in the brainwashed cult is "non-educated". Of course, for them the Amway University of drawing circles and scamming people is all the "education" needed. 3.) Act arrogant and superior..the LAST thing someone in that money-losing pyramid scam should be doing. If he's not broke it's ONLY because he has a J.O.B. that bankrolls all his Amway losses. And, no, a $10 bonus check from Amway after buying hundreds of dollars of unmovable "merchandise" and useless brainwashing "tools" does not mean "business is great!".

    3. Anonymous - yeah really. These Amway losers think I haven't had years of experience both in person and online with dealing with smug Amway assholes and their brainwashed ambot attitude that they're better than everyone else simply because they're in the Amway cult. Every Ambot I knew claimed business was going great. Even the one I was married to when I'm thinking what the fuck?! We're spending hundreds of dollars a month on Scamway and getting a few bucks back in commission on the items he bought to self consume?!

    4. That's one of the first things they are told to do when trying to recruit others. Tell everyone that business is great! Despite being in debt, they are trained never, ever to tell anyone that. Fake it til you make it. Of course. Why would anyone sign up to join that asshole in the same pit of never-ending debt? Which only underscores the entire sales pitch of Amway is to lie, lie, lie and lie. Word games, brainwashing techniques. Making the implausible sound plausible.

      My wife once went to one of those Amway meetings for the sole reason of making sure some of the young kids we knew that got roped into attending from one of their friends didn't get bamboozled by their song and dance and circles. One of the higher uplines were there and my wife kept asking the logical questions that he tried to keep dodging ("if one has to buy $300 of product to get a $10 check, how many people would have to be under THAT person buying the same amount in order for the first person to break even?" "How much more expensive are the products to those that can be bought in stores, and how hard is it to sell them to the general public because of that?" "Is the main push here to sell products or to recruit people into a pyramid?" etc). He gave her the dirtiest looks and kept saying "I'll get to that at the end of my presentation", but of course he didn't. But my wife's point was made and the kids could see for themselves a snake oil salesman dancing around the real business questions with rah-rah dream talk, unrealistic scenarios and double speak. But, oh, they are slick as hell. They have lying, deflecting and distracting down to an art form.

      99% of Ambots fail, so when one of them tells you "Man, my business is going great!!" there is a 99% chance they are lying like a sack of shit bastard.

    5. Hi Anonymous. Yup your wife was well prepared with the types of questions that Amway Ambots dodge. The life of an Amway Ambot is to lie, deny, distract, defend, and then disappear.

      Amway is all about sell the hope not the soap so your wife was dead on when its all about recruiting new cult members to the pyramid scheme and not selling products.

      Its just sickening listening to all those lying Ambots about how business is going great, including my own Ambot. Sickening that they have to resort to lying to coerce others to join Scamway. The majority of Ambots can't keep that up too long. Their morals and conscience kick in and they can't keep lying. Its too hard on their system.

      Though for Ambots who are predisposed to be liars that shouldn't be a problem. Those ones end up quitting when they figure out they're not making money. Not because they had qualms about being part of Amways lying salesforce.

  20. I went with a friend to 'Dream Night' where I was introduced to WWDB and Amway. I had heard of Amway of course, but not WWDB. Before Dream Night I had asked my friend about this business he keeps on talking about on Facebook, and what kind of 'entrepreneur' he is going to be. He would not tell me exactly what it was he was doing at the time and so I immediately got skeptical. I wanted to see what the heck this stuff was all about so I went to 3 plan meetings following 'Dream Night'. It was all the same presentation with the same jokes. I also attended one 'Night Owl' which is what they call the training sessions that occur after the plan meetings. There was no training. I was hoping to see legit business numbers, or hear about small things you can do to improve profit, or marketing... yadda yadda ( you know the stuff you actually learn in SCHOOL... would ya look at that! ). There are a few points I think were good about the meetings and these are them;

    1. Be motivated to do something with your life if you are unhappy with it and need something to change. Don't sit on your butt, make it happen. (if WWDB and Amway is it for you, good luck)

    2. Keep your eyes wide open and make your own opinions. That goes for seeing through the Amway transparency and repetitive 'teachings' as well.

    I originally was excited by the idea of being able to 'be free' and spend all my time with my son in 2-5 years if I put in the work now... blah blah, something that you will hear over and over and over again. But then, I got tired of the mentality they also say that if you don't do this business your an idiot. Well really?, if what might be right for you isn't right for someone else they are an idiot? Because they won.t 'be free' in 5 years and are stuck in a job pyramid? OKAY THEN. It's just superficial nonsense to act like there is no judgement and only love within the organization, and the next you are an idiot. Or you aren't working hard and growing your business because you haven't been going to all of these meetings and functions.

    Also a HUUUUUGE negative, when a 'mentor' tells you to hold off on a bill you need to pay so that you can put some $ into buying into amway, or buying a ticket to a function, or the monthly fee of WWDB.... No actual positive mentor would tell you to do things like this. Instead what should be happening is someone who is financially educated ( back to that learning thing in school again ) should sit down with you and figure out your budget and what you can and can't afford and help you live within your means.

    Another strange thing... the term IBO, Independent Business Owner. "INDEPENDANT".... So why are you having to ask for additions and removals from an upline if this is YOUR business? And how are you an entrepreneur if you are following a business within an organization. I thought the term was more geared for people who are starting business with new and fresh ideas.

    I could go on. I am choosing not to do Amway, and it has nothing to do with the products ( I actually like a few). It has EVERYTHING to do with the WWDB organization and how they are an uneducated facet to recruiting. Honestly anyone with a little business know-how can make themselves successful without WWDB!

    End note: If information is not direct and open, and questions you ask get tiptoed around... it's likely to be a waste of money.

    1. Anonymous - thank you for your comments on your Amway experience. Dead on! I could have been sitting right there beside you. The way Scamway works is still the same it was 10 years ago, 20 years ago, and probably almost the same as when it first got started.

      As you noticed every now and then the Amway cult leaders say stuff that would be applicable in any business or life in general. Its like the bible quotes they twist for their own benefit, same as any other cult. In Amway the cult leaders play this "do you agree" game at their meetings so they say a few things like don't you agree its better to own your house instead of being a renter, that most people in the room would generally agree to. To get your trust so they can start in on their lies and bullshit propaganda.

      This cult is all about being secretive and evasive so people don't find out its Amway. We were all told to deny we were Amway. Instead we were with WWDB. Just one of their offshoot cult sects. Same bullshit, different asshole.

      Yup the "training" usually consists of telling people to skip bills to buy Amway products or go to Amway functions. There is never any actual business advice taught. Those night owls are usually to rant about whoever didn't show up or who isn't on Communikate or however way the Amway cult leader chooses to humiliate someone in their group. Way to motivate!

      This is an old post so I'll probably bump up your comments to an upcoming post so more people can see them. Thanks again!

  21. Hey Anna Banana,
    Thanks for starting this blog. I read every one of these comments and they're both entertaining and informative. I just got into this several weeks ago, went to their Spring Leadership conference and was totally confused as to why they didn't go into ANY detail as to how to run this business. It was just a motivational seminar.
    I've been going to the weekly meetings regularly and the people are really nice, I'll give you that. They're good people and I like them a lot, but it's so weird how they present couples at the end to only explain WHY they're doing this business. Where are the numbers?
    At the first meeting I ever went to, a skeptical woman asked one of the young couples, "So how much are you making right now?" and the girl just proceeded to talk about the success of Brad Duncan. Umm, excuse me? I want to hear how much YOU'RE making, how long it took you to get to where you are, and not one person who's been in this for umpteen decades.
    I'm surprised to hear about Greg's bankruptcy; I especially appreciated to hear that comment about how the diamonds are shrinking. I had NO idea because NOBODY mentions that.
    I was really freaked out by the cultish way the people would run up to the speakers and fawn all over them like you described - pretty much hit the nail on the head.
    Creating a dream income sounds amazing, but not at the cost of others' time and money, because most people cannot build this business, nor sustain it.
    Your comment about drinking XS and replacing a meal with a bar, and then teaching several others to do the same - so hilarious, because it's true. That's what they teach you to do and it’s not even healthy.
    In one of his CD's, Brad Duncan basically condemns a woman who said XS isn't that great and says that she's definitely not making any money off of it. He talks about how personal use is one of the keys to this business. Well, guess what, Brad? I think every product on Amway is totally overpriced and if the only way to succeed in this business is to have thousands of people under you who are barely making any money, is immoral, unjust, and not what a true Christian would advocate.
    There are many ways of looking at this business and it's especially confusing because so many seemingly great people represent it, but the way this business is represented is so scammy I can't stand it. Why do I have to fool people into thinking WWDB isn't Amway (because IT IS if you haven't figured that out by now). I've invested about $400 into memberships, conferences, and that's not even including the products I've bought so far. I've also wasted 4 weeks of my life.
    "The wisdom of the prudent is to discern his way..." Proverbs 14:8
    If you're already involved in this business or are thinking of getting involved, please think of the many factors involved. There are many ways to make money, but not at the expense of others. Whatever name or acronym your business may be under does not matter. Amway is Amway. Or shall I say Scamway. There may be people who have succeeded, but trust me, it takes a long, long time and a lot of sacrifice that you're not told about upfront. You may as well go pursue something you're truly passionate about and if you do, the money will come.
    The people who are gushing about Brad this, Duncan that, find five other people who have that lifestyle - ask them how long and what it took, and if they made that money solely through this business, because I bet you those primped up speakers are making a shit ton through speaking engagements and creating educational material, which by the way, is ridiculously expensive. A whole bunch of "educational" shit that only gets you pumped up and wondering how the hell they got there.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by with your comment! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the blog and have found our experiences matches yours. Nothing ever changes in Amway except the faces.

      There is no sales training or leadership skills training at Amway Spring Leadership, or any other Amway function, no matter how much the Amway cult leaders blow it out their asses that this is a not to be missed function with all the big promises that it'll put you 6 months ahead of the IBO's who don't attend. Yeah 6 months faster into debt and bankruptcy. The bulk of the Diamond's income is made by selling tickets to these functions, not from commission of selling Amway products. Its whats referred to as the Amway tool scam. The only way to make money in Amway is by selling tickets to hear you speak, selling CD's, books, etc.

      And speaking of bankruptcy, some other bloggers who talk more about how Amway is a bad business opportunity have talked about that cult leader's bankruptcy. I think he also has some kind of partnership in XS or at least it was listed as an asset in the bankruptcy papers so that's why he's so overprotective of it and makes more money off the sales being a part owner instead of just commission off the sales when ambots purchase through Amway.

      When an ambot is asked about their income their standard answer is to say business is going great or to brag about the perceived income of the Amway cult leaders. The reality is most Ambots lose hundreds of dollars every month when you add up the shitty overpriced Amway products they have to buy, monthly membership to their cult sect like WWDB, monthly membership to Communikate, buying books and CDs, and tickets to listen to the Amway cult leaders brag about how rich they are.

      Creating a dream income does sound amazing. But people with morals and a conscience don't do it by scamming money out of others. Or selling substandard products at inflated prices.

      I'm glad you saw through these bunch of scammers.

    2. Thanks Anna Banana,
      I'm still reading "Merchants of Deception" and it's scary how accurate everything is.
      My sponsor is VERY VERY concerned about me right now because she thinks she's about to lose me, but honestly, she's already lost me. She's such an ambot that it's scary what she's saying to me. Usually very encouraging and kind, she is not hesitating to insult me and threaten me, saying I have no other options, and that I'm being brainwashed by my parents, but who's the brainwashed one here? She's about to lose her potential diamond, so she's using every tactic in her brain.
      I'm at a loss as to how to get out of this. It's almost like trying to leave a gang... there are consequences. I can't even begin to imagine what it must have been like for someone like Eric S. who's been so involved to leave. These MLM companies are SO smart - if you recruit even one person, you feel the obligation to keep going for them, even if you find out that the whole thing is a scheme.
      Thanks to people like you, Eric, Joecool, and thanks to the internet, people are opening their eyes quickly.
      Keep going and don't ever stop.

    3. Hi Anonymous. Merchants of Deception is frightening. The mind control, the abuse from the Amway upline, etc. I could have been in the room with this guy. He described everyone's Amway experience whether they were in 20 years ago or last week. Nothing changes in the way ambots are treated and manipulated.

      Oh yes the assholes in the Amway upline will freak out when they think they're losing an income stream. Most of the "work" you do in Amway is convincing any downline you might have signed up not to quit. So what you're saying is the love bombing has ended and now the threatening abusive behavior is happening. She's saying "you can't quit now, not when success is right around the corner". "you're about to go really big, I can feel it". Then when that doesn't work - I guess your dreams just weren't big enough. And if you told her what your dreams are this is something those assholes use against you to taunt you that it will never happen. You'll be called a loser, or more accurately a broke loser. A quitter. You didn't try hard enough. Etc, etc. Yeah I could have been a fly on the wall. The Amway cult leaders always use the same insulting Amspeak to keep their downline in check.

      You just have to cut your losses and leave. Don't buy any more Amway shit. Don't go to Amway meetings. Don't answer phone calls or texts from the assholes in your Amway upline. They'll be furious at your insubordination!

      Eventually they'll leave alone. Ambots are not true friends. They are only friends as long as you hand over money. Good luck getting away from these Amway cult freaks.

    4. HAHA OMG, were you on the phone line with us? She indirectly called me a loser and completely insulted my mom, saying her negativity and pessimism will cause her always to be a failure and that she will never succeed. When my dad dies, she's going to have to go find a job and no one will take her. I was like... WHOA. All of that is probably true, but shut the fuck up, right?!
      I'm totally sucked into this book because every detail is SO accurate. You're so right. I feel like he was with me in every experience.
      I got into this 3.5 weeks ago and I'm just so thankful I haven't gotten anyone signed up except my sister. I feel bad to her, but thank GOD I haven't gotten anyone else.
      At first, I didn't understand why so many people, including you, spent so much time and effort to keep up this bashing on Amway, but now that I'm looking at it from an objective point of view, I TOTALLY GET IT. WE are the moral ones who actually want to help people open their eyes to this cult. We get no money for this opposed to the bloodsuckers in Amway for "helping" people. They then go around saying we're jealous and bitter for not having made it. HAH. It's so laughable I can't even contain the irony of this situation.
      Anyways, I saw that some amway sites said Eric lied about the death threats and something else, but I didn't see any legitimate documentation about that. Do you happen to know anything about that? I'm just assuming the ambots are creating any excuse to refute what he wrote...
      By the way, I wanted to say, you're fuckin hilarious and I love your writing style. I think we'd be very good friends in real life. Thanks for responding and for the advice. I'll let you know how it goes...

    5. Hi Anonymous. Its scary the tactics Amway assholes go to keep you in. Yes, they insult the people around you too! And usually goes something to the effect of, in your case, how do you plan to take care of your mother when your father dies and she's penniless. OK not to be harsh but its not your responsibility to take care of your parents. Many children do so out of a sense of responsibility or guilt but your parents are responsible for saving for their retirement, paying off their mortgage or other debt before retirement, etc. You have yourself to worry about it. Its not selfish, its reality. If you're in a position to help out, maybe you have a spare room they can live in, then that's one thing, but don't do it because you got some Amway asshole breathing down your neck telling you you have to take care of her.

      Tell your sister to get out now while she can. Before she loses any more money or brain cells.

      Amway is a horrible cult and the IBO's are horrible, evil demons. Some bloggers get the word out how Amway is a bad business opportunity, I focus more on the emotional aspect of what Amway does to you. And of course I love cursing out the assholes in the Amway upline!

      The life of an Amway ambot is to lie, deny, distract, and defend. And then usually disappear. Of course they want to deny everything Eric says happened including the death threats. I'm sure they happened. Although I didn't hear death threats at Amway meetings our sack of shit Platinum sometimes talked about he had "people" who could fuck you up. I have no doubt about that because that's how people in Amway operate with threats. As you're now finding out though mostly directed at your mother. Our house has an alarm and we keep a loaded gun in the house, not all that uncommon for this part of the world, but yes partly due to hearing threats at Amway meetings. We've really had no contact from those assholes except a couple of emails from the Platinum trying to persuade us to come to his Monavie meetings and the fucker who signed us up keeps in contact with my husband trying to sell him on Monavie. Fortunately he has stern warnings from me about getting involved in another scam!

      Glad you're enjoying the blog!

    6. HAHA, WOW girl, that's hardcore and extremely scary that you had to deal with that. For the people that think that you might deserve something like that, just think about it this way - have you EVER heard of someone receiving death threats for talking shit on Amazon or Walmart? FUCK NO. These upper Amway people are so utterly corrupt and so deceptive about it. I'm getting into the aftermath of Amway in Eric's book and it's intriguing.
      Thankfully, I haven't involved my sister at all - she's only signed under me and has gone to only one meeting. My mom was adamant that I not do this from the start because my dad's mom was involved before and was burned.
      I'm just so thankful to be out of this that I can't express how blessed I feel. It's weird, but I've floated in and out of Christianity and I had "strayed" from God, but I just felt so spiritually disturbed that I picked up Proverbs and read through it. I was utterly convinced that I wasn't on the right track. Reading through Eric's book and pondering over past experiences I've had with these people, it infuriates me that they would use Christian values to justify what they're doing. There seems to be a strange parallel to these people and the government - duping and raping the innocent and ignorant.
      What stood out to me a lot in Proverbs was that a wise man ponders his steps and treads carefully. That appeared many times and I wondered about how gullible I could be to fall into this... after Eric's book, I'm VERY convinced, to say the least. I am so fuckin skeptical of everything now that I hope I get my faith in the world back again someday LOL.

    7. Anonymous - you're right. No employee from Walmart, Amazon, McDonald's or any other company that I know of except Amway issues threats to people who speak out against them or won't buy their products. Also want to add that I've never worked for any company where employees had to put in as much effort defending it as I've seen Amway employees have to do. And yes. Employees. IBO's. Same thing. Working on getting paid pennies commission. At least those other companies pay their employees minimum (at least) wage per hour. If you make $10/month commission from Amway and you spend at least 100 hours/month at Amway meetings, putting up with phone calls and texts from the assholes in the Amway upline, listening or reading the shit from the Amway tool scam, that's pennies an hour.

      All cults take religion and twist it to their own purposes. The Amway cult is no different than other cults in that way. The assholes in the Amway upline twist religious references at you to keep you in line. Like when they think you're straying. They do it because they're evil. Their bible is the Jim Jones manual.

      You got tricked into a cult. Don't read more into it than it is. Your life will return to normal.

  22. Never mind... got to that part about the death threat. WOW. I can't stop reading this book. SO scary to think about what I could have gone through if I hadn't read it. I think I found it through your site, so BIG THANKS TO YOU!!! There are so many great people in the current organization I'm under and I so, so wish that I could tell them about this, but I'm sure they wouldn't listen...
    It's so sad, but I'm starting to understand why some people in the meetings don't look as happy as they should be. I'm starting to see the shadows of bitterness I thought I had seen ever so slightly and it's all because they're starting to see the reality of their situation...

    1. Anonymous - if you haven't already taken a look, go to the upper right side of this page under Amway links and you'll see Youtube videos where Dateline did a story about the Amway cult. Eric is in the video and I haven't watched it in awhile but I think the death threats thing is in there. Its really spooky watching the video and the devotion of the cult followers and of course the lies from the Amway cult leaders.

      At Amway meetings you'll see the ambots with their jaws dropped open listening in awe and throwing their love and devotion to worshipping their cult leaders. You'll see more people in the room who look angry. People in Amway are the angriest people I've ever met in my life. They're angry because they're losing tons of money and they're stuck in this room listening to some asshole bragging about how rich they are thanks to Scamway and if I can do it so can you attitude. As you said, they're seeing the reality of their situation.

    2. Yeah, I saw those with my sister and WOW. MORE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS!!! I'm so grateful to you for this blog, I can't tell you enough. YOU need to be paid for this, not those Scamway assholes. Good going on cursing those scambot motherfuckers out. They need a cold splash of water to open up their scambotic eyes. I'm slowly starting to draw myself out. To be honest, I'm gonna miss some of these people, but I know they're not true friends. They only have vested interest in me because of personal gains. I know that now! Actually, I knew that before but am seeing it clearly now for what it really is.

    3. Anonymous - once the Amway cult leaders know beyond a doubt that you're not coming back, word goes out to the other members not to have anything to do with you. And like you said they're not true friends, even though you might like some of them or miss them. Maybe you're only going to miss the love bombing and over the top attention and compliments they showered on you.

      Well I don't know who'd want to pay us for putting up blogs. And then it kind of throws off our objectivity that we're getting paid to do something instead of doing it out of the goodness of our hearts to help others not get scammed by Amway. As opposed to what is said at Amway meetings, that the cult followers are told they're in the cult to help others. Nope. Amway is the cult of greed. The only thing they want to do is help themselves make another dollar. No matter how many lies they tell or people they have to walk over.

    4. So I finally finished Eric's book and WOW. VERY scary. I'm so glad he wrote that because it's probably saved so many people, other than just myself. You know what's really, really weird? I looked his name up and found a twitter page under his name - it's not his. Someone created it with one of the very few pictures of him out there and the weird part about all of this is - one of his followers is fuckin John Maxwell! WHY THE FUCK IS HE FOLLOWING ERIC SCHEIBELER?! John Maxwell was the guest speaker at the Spring Leadership conference this year and right away the huge red flag for me was that he spent the first ten minutes of every speech talking about his fuckin books. He was advertising his books for ten minutes! EVERY TIME! I might have mentioned this already, but I just can't believe how greedy even this so-called pastor is. Newt Gingrich was paid $50,000 for every speech he gave at Amway rallies or whatever. I can't imagine how much Maxwell was paid for four days of speaking. AND he must've sold hundreds, if not thousands, of his new books there. UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE. People need to open their fuckin eyes!
      The more I read through this site, the more astounded I am at these ambots. Not only can they even give a direct answer to anything, it's like they just completely ignore the major points you make to them. WOW. The more research I do on this, the more pissed I am at myself for even allowing myself to fall for this. Amway needs to be shut down, but I'm pretty shocked at how powerful they've become - bribing the government has been really great for them...

    5. Hi Anonymous. Yup reading Merchants of Deception is a true life horror story. Hopefully it will snap some people out of living in a dream world of how rich they're going to be thanks to Amway. The reality is if a man with 1000 people in his downline is only making $2 to 3,000/month then what hope do others have of making money. I sure don't know 1000 people who'd be willing to sign up to Scamway. And the longer a person stays inside the Amway cult the more abused they are by the assholes in their upline.

      Yup the only way to make money in Amway is by speaking at Scamway functions and selling tickets to suckers who want to listen about how rich you are.

  23. None of this is helpful, just seems like a lot of bickering and name calling... the ones calling it a scam have no proof to back it up because it seems they've either "heard it through the grape vine" or heard of the opportunity and immediately formed judgment. And for those defending Amway seem WAY too hostile for people that are happy and living the life or working toward it...both have completely lost their credibility and it's just become a juvenile, name calling, back and forth between both sides...

    1. Anonymous - I sat in on numerous Amway meetings and major functions. I heard the lies. I watched Ambots scam others. My real life experiences are not "proof". LOL!

      This blog is all about cursing out the assholes in the Amway upline. Sometimes they make it easy and show up here begging to be cursed out. People in Amway are prudes. They don't like swearing. They don't like hearing anything "negative". And in the world of Amway "negative" = the truth. You can understand why a bunch of lying scamming Amway assholes would have an aversion to the truth can't you. The swearing keeps Ambots away. Except for the real dumb fucks.

      The life of an Amway Ambot is to lie, deny, distract, and defend. Have you ever worked for anyone where you had to troll the Internet looking for people who didn't like your employer's product or didn't like your coworkers and talked about their true experiences and they you have to spend a lot of time and effort putting those people down? No? Would you want to work for such an employer? Probably not. But that's the life of an Amway Ambot. And yes they're the most hostile bastards around. People in Amway are really angry because of the money they're losing and because of the abuse they're taking from the assholes in their upline. Everytime I went to Amway meetings I saw more angry people than I've seen anywhere else in my life.

      Here's a little secret I'll share with you. When I find a blog or website that I don't like and that would be because the content doesn't interest me or its an opposing viewpoint to mine and I know if I read it it would just piss me off, I don't read it. I don't go back. Simple right? Don't like what you're going to read somewhere or don't think you're going to like what you're going to read there, then don't go there and read it. Seems simple enough right?

      Hope you find what you're looking for.

  24. Hey, I don't have time to argue with Anna Banana because I got to go work on my Amway business some more, but if you are doing research on it just watch this cool video and then visit some credible sites like the Better Business Bureau. Good luck and I hope you make the right decision. =)

    1. So yet another Amway Ambot who violates his employer's code of conduct by bragging about BBB. And clearly doesn't know how this organization is run. Even though the assholes in your Amway upline have convinced you that the owners of the BBB and the owners of Amway are fucking each other that ain't true. The BBB is an impartial 3rd party dispute resolution service that consumers can use for free. A company gets their BBB rating depending on whether they respond to the complaint the BBB forwards them inside the time limit the BBB gives them. They get their rating based on answering within the time limit not whether or not they resolved the complaint to the customer's satisfaction. I heard of a company was recently sold for around a billion. I checked the BBB and they have a failing grade. They had a few complaints and didn't respond to any of them, therefore they get F rating. What you got to say to that? I'd say Amway has a small army of staff whose only responsibility is to respond to BBB complaints inside the time limit.

      And like we need any further proof that people in Amway are dumb fucks, you're leaving a comment on a blog about an event that took place a year and a half ago. Guess all those keywords work! Or you're so fucked up by Amway you don't know what year this is or what the current brainwashing function is. And then to further prove people in Amway are dumb fucks leave a link to something that is obviously Amway bullshit propaganda like anyone who reads this blog will click on it. You're in the wrong place if you're trying to recruit new prospects. The people who are regular readers here have already been scammed by Amway and gone through financial and emotional distress thanks to this cult. So good luck to you trying to recruit new prospects on sites that get the real story out there about being abused by the assholes in the Amway upline and all the money we lost.

  25. I pretty sure you are getting paid to talk bad about Amway. I like how you typed up a whole novel about how all you like to do is blame others for your failure and not yourself. I would like to ask you, Did you follow the 9 core steps in the Amway business? Probably not. I just want you to know that no matter what you say or do, our business will still grow and be more profitable than ever.

    What you are doing here is trying to ruin other peoples opportunities.

    How about you also tell these people how they could find a different way help them get out of debt??!!!
    Also please keep in mind you are talking to a lot of people that don't have a lot of resources and money for higher education......So please post a detailed plan to help them be successful and rich.........go ahead an enlighten us with more useful info.....

    ....let me don't have enough brain cells to do that.....Im pretty sure all you are going to do is come back with more bad language and soft sources that have no credibility.

    Oh that's right, all you are good at is talking bad about other things to make yourself look better!!

    Your credibility also gets lost here by the language you use. You should just get out of America and stop ruining other peoples opportunities to make a change in their life while they make some money.

    The last comment I would like to say to you is, I think you wipe your ass with your own tongue. You have no class or manners.....Please shoot yourself already.

    1. Popcorn time waiting for Anna's reply. This ought to be good. Don't want to miss it.

    2. "our business will still grow and be more profitable than ever."

      Only for the people at the very, very top. You know, the 0.1%

    3. Hi Anonymous. There are several bananas here - providing content, blog master, monitoring comments, etc - and not one of us gets paid. But seeing as how everyone in Amway is a liar if you're happy saying we get paid then you can lie about whatever you want. Things a lying scamming Amway asshole says doesn't affect my life.

      We're here out of the goodness of our hearts sharing our stories about being abused by the assholes in our Amway upline, the money we lost, the emotional distress we went through. If you want to be part of Amway after listening to the hell its brought to other peoples lives then its no skin off my ass what you do. We're just trying to help others so they don't go through the same emotional and financial distress.

      Amway is ruining people's lives and opportunities not me. Do you only listen to Amway assholes bragging about how much money there is to make or do you read Amway's literature. The small print. Where it shows only a fraction of 1% of participants will make money. You ignore head office's figures to believe the dollar amount a lying scamming Amway asshole tells you? That's not ruining other people's opportunities. Its telling them to open their eyes and read the small print.

      I'm opening people's eyes that there are better opportunities out there than ones that have over 99% failure rate like Amway.

      There have been other posts here that talk about other ways people can make money. You can also do a search on the Internet for home based business opportunities. Are you too lazy to put in the work?

      Of course Amway Ambots prey on people who don't have a lot of money and education. Amway preys on the disadvantaged.

      Do you know your bosses from Amway come here to read. How happy do you think they'll be when they read your comments and how you say negative. I get everything you say because Amway Ambots are all about saying negative and being evil vicious little bastards. You are a very accurate description of an Amway IBO. Your comment is going to spur yet another memo from head office to the cult leaders telling them to make sure their followers don't read or comment on blogs like this. But I like your attitude. You're telling your bosses to fuck off and you'll do whatever you want. And go on you for telling those bastards to fuck off. Though it seems to me that the Amway bosses will be more of the mind that you should be running off to your Amway upline to get more instruction on how not to say negative. And thanks by the way because I'm working on a post 100 More Ways Amway Ambots Say Negative and I'm able to add your comments and that post is just about ready to go. It shows how people in Amway are the most negative, evil, motherfucking bastards out there. I can say that all I want but the real proof is when Amway Ambots show up here and prove that's the way they are.

      Why do Amway Ambots show up on a blog that's all about cursing out the assholes in the Amway upline and then bitch about the language. Its kind of like going to a blog about cats and then leaving a comment bitching because there's nothing about alligators.

    4. lol Good job, Anna. The Ambot came here thinking he put you in your place but in fact we are all LAUGHING at him for just showing how deeply brainwashed he is at the moment. He talks about the business going on being more profitable than ever, and he's probably right. But what he leaves out is that he'll never see a dime of that profit!! Only those at the very top of the pyramid ever see a profit. He's selling overpriced products no one with brain cells wants when they can buy better things for a fraction of the cost, and he'll never get a downline of hundreds of people (what he'll need to ever even break even) because non-brainwashed people can see the math in the real world doesn't make sense and even those who do sign up will after several months realize they've been scammed and get out.

      The only real loser is one who gets sucked into a money-losing scam and then brags about it.

    5. Anonymous - these dumb Amway fucks come here quoting off bullshit Amspeak that we heard at every Amway bored meeting we went to and its still boring shit. People in Amway are the most boring bastards around. Then they bitch about about this blog and bitch about me and hurl around the usual negative Amway slurs like I haven't heard this shit before at Amway meetings and whenever a negative Amway asshole decides to leave a comment here. And yes we're all laughing at Amway Ambots. Precisely the point of this blog! Make people in Amway look like like even bigger assholes & it just makes things easier when they show up here to prove that Amway Ambots are big lying scamming assholes. Makes my job easier! LOL! Yup the biggest losers around are Amway Ambots but they're too brainwashed to figure out they got sucked into a money losing scam. And they're even bigger losers to go around bragging about it. LOL!

  26. We've mentioned this a few times and I'm bringing it up again because one of the bananas was dealing with a cyberstalker on the weekend. People in Amway are such dumb fucks. If you're going to be a cyberstalker don't choose where a police investigation is going on and stay away from websites where there is a police presence tracking visitors to monitor cyberstalker activity. The cyberstalker left a comment here, nothing different than anything else a dumb fuck Amway asshole says, a sentence about you hate Amway. Nothing like stating the obvious. Later we were advised a cyberstalker from North Las Vegas, Nevada using IP address from Cox Communications is involved in criminal activity. And we checked and this IP user left a comment on this post. Keeping with our little set of rules at keeping the bananas safe we do not publish comments from cyberstalkers involved in criminal activity where the police are involved and want to get word out to everyone else to be aware of the IP address this Amway criminal is using. We have the name of the cyberstalker but aren't printing it due to police and unknown what legal action is being taken and criminal has not been found guilty in court of law. For all we know the cyberstalker has hacked into this person's computer but that's not for us to figure out. People in Amway are such dumb fucks. I think they want to terrorize me but instead have picked on a couple of bananas involved in this blog. Me I'd just curse out the fuckers. Other people don't engage the Amway assholes and report to the authorities. Amway liars seem to think I have the power to be in more than one place at the same time. Thanks so much for thinking I have that power but its just more Amway lies.

  27. I went on this blog to learn about WWDB and decide if it was worth joining. Honestly, your blog makes WWDB look more credible. Your blog is filled with a lot of hatred and emotion and not that much factual information. And you curse a lot which makes you sound uneducated. It makes it hard to believe that you are a happy, successful person outside of the blog. Just my two cents. And you can't really reply to this comment and call me a stupid lying Ambot (like you do all the other ones) because I am not one.

    1. Anonymous - maybe you're not an Ambot yet though usually only Ambots leave comments like that - but you're dumb enough to join the Amway cult and be one. Did you not look at the top of the page where it says this blog is all about cursing out Amway assholes? And then you leave a comment and bitch about the language? Only people dumb enough to be Amway Ambots would do that. Also Ambots are absolutely OBSESSED with over people are educated or not which is another sure sign of an ambot. Well not all of us got a hoity toity education from Amway University. If you had your life destroyed by a bunch of fucking Amway assholes whose happiness comes from bringing financial and emotional distress to others then you'd understand the emotion. Others blog about how Amway is a bad business opportunity. This blog is more about the emotions - the emotional hell the Amway cult puts you through so that we can help others understand the Amway hellhole and stay away from these evil vicious motherfucking ambots. People in Amway are all about pointing fingers and blaming everyone else so you've got that down already. Showing up here and saying just because you say fuck on your blog I'm going to spite you and sign up to WWDB. Really its no skin off my ass if you want to throw away $500+ a month to WWDB and the Amway cult but what a fucking dumb reason to do it.

  28. Here's the truth... You're bitter because this business exposed you. You couldn't cut it in the business or your spouse, possibly because they were married to you... and now you're bitter. Same o'l song and dance from a sore loser.. You don't sound any different then the person who get's divorced and bashes their spouse and blames them for everything that went wrong in the marriage or the person who get's fired from a job and bashes the company they can't take responsiblity for their own actions. Humanism at its worst! Anybody who believes your childish word vomit, doesn't deserve to be a part of this wonderul business. We need winning attitudes, not losing attitudes. The only people who will resonate with your blog will be all the other quitters and losing attitudes. For some reason you all seem to find each other.
    Here's a word of advice... Get up off your butt, move away from the computer, get out of your pajamas, go take a shower... and DO SOMETHING POSITIVE WITH YOUR LIFE....

    1. Holy fuck Mia like we need any more proof that people in Amway are nasty fucking bastards who spew out negative and are in a blame the victim scam. The main reason to avoid Amway is because of the overpriced shitty products they flog. The other reason is because of the most miserable angry ugly negative people you'd never want to meet are all sitting there in the Amway cult. Looks like you need more instructions from the fucking assholes in your Amway upline on how not to say negative.

      And besides this blog is all about cursing out the fucking assholes in Amway and you neglected to do that so let me help you out.

      Mia wants to send a big old FUCK YOU out to all Amway IBO's in San Diego because they're all a bunch of shit eating motherfucking scamming lying bastards. The biggest troublemaking fucking assholes around who are hell bent to bring misery to everyone's lives if they won't have anything to do with the Amway cult and if they are in Amway then those cocksucking Amway shitheads are out to bring them emotional and financial distress so that's why Mia sends a big old FUCK YOU out to Amway and especially everyone in San Diego who's in Amway.

      They're you go Mia. I did what you couldn't do. You're welcome.

  29. Dear Mia --

    Thanks for showing up here and proving once again that Amway freaks like yourself are great at spouting bullshit.

    You think Amway is a "wonderful business"? How stupid can you be, Mia? A business where only 1% of Amway IBOs actually succeed? Have you ever taken a math class, Mia? This means that 99% of the IBOs fail.

    This blog isn't going to stop, Mia darling. Not for you, and not for anybody else in the criminal corporation called Amway. If that bothers you, just go fuck yourself.

    Now, Mia darling, you can go back to kissing your up-line's ass. You seem to be well trained in doing that.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Yup those fucking Amway assholes like Mia just love to show up here and prove what we say around here how horrible people in Amway are. Like we need any more Ambots showing up with their brainwashed canned Amspeak bullshit propaganda.

      I only need about 20 more comments from negative Amway assholes to run the next installments of how Amway Ambots say negative. Mia ran a little short. Maybe she'll be back with more negative Amspeak.

      LOL. Yup you're right. Mia should go fuck herself and find some assholes in her Amway upline that want their asses kissed.

    2. It's always funny reading the brainwashed rants from people who undoubtedly are losing money to the cult call other people losers and unsuccessful. Yep, nothing more successful than buying tons of overpriced shit with no one to sell it to and making a $10 bonus check and pat on the head at the end of the month.

      But go ahead and "dream" away, Mia. When you wake up you can come back here and join in telling of your experiences being brainwashed in a pyramid cult and how much money you ultimately lost to it. There's over a 99% chance of that happening. ;) (Mia: "Oh, but I will be one of those 1% because I'm fired up!!"). Sure, Mia, sure. lol

    3. Anonymous - Amway's owners tell their ambots not to call other people losers because its just not nice. However Ambots prefer to give their boss the big fuck you and disobey and do it anyway.

      Ambots are also told not to post comments on websites like this because they're not in an official capacity to make comments on Amway's behalf but again they like to tell their big boss to fuck off and do it anyway.

  30. Apparently the truth hurts. Pretty apparent from the 'reply vomit' just received from my first post. Blogs are perfect for people like you to spew your negative venom.. hiding behind the Internet. It's time to grow up and take responsibility for your own unhappy lives. Not Amways fault. 50+ years this business has been around and there are still small minded folks like yourself calling it a cult and a pyramid [YAWN] trying to discredit a business that cannot be discredited... Why, because its a fantastic business model [even the 100+ partners stores associated with them understand this.. but what do they know, right?]. Your type always fall by the wayside.. why? Because eventually mature people realize you're just a bunch of bitter sore losers that need to blame others for your own short comings. The type of people attracted to this business are those with an entrepreneur spirit [definitely not you guys]. Do yourself a favor, work on growing up before it's too late. Mia

    1. Oh fuck off Mia. Apparently the truth hurts that you don't look at the small print on Amway's literature about how much money you'll be making and notice only a fraction of 1% of participants make money. That's over 99% failure rate. And Amway obviously gets this information from their accounting programs. It's Amway putting the small print on their literature not us. Its a system designed for failure if over 99% will not make money. Does that truth hurt you dumb fuck?

      The only people I know of how lead unhappy lives are losers in the Amway cult who've been throwing their money at the Great Amway God for many years. Fucking Amway broke losers.

      Why don't you find a better job than being in commissioned sales for a pyramid scheme. You know the kind of job where you don't have to spend all your time on the Internet defending your beloved employer.

      The life of an Amway Ambot is to lie, deny, distract, and defend. And then disappear. So why don't you fuck off and disappear with all your other broke loser Amway friends.

      And what's with all your fucking Amway assholes issuing orders with what other people should do with their lives. I had to put up with that bullshit from the fucking assholes in our Amway upline and you fucking Amway assholes are still trying to pull off that shit. Being a card carrying Amway asshole gives you the right to order other people around and tell them what to do with their lives? Well fuck that shit. That's why blogs like this exist to let the world know what its really like putting up with fucking Amway assholes.

      Now do us a favor and hop on the Amway truck and get the fuck out of here.

      • ──────▄▌▐▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▌
      ───▄▄██▌█ ░ ░The Amway I DONT ░ ░
      ▄▄▄▌▐██▌█ ░ ░ GIVE A FUCK TRUCK ! ░ ░
      ▀(@)▀▀▀▀▀▀▀(@)(@)▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀(@)▀ zooom zoom zoom!!!!

  31. Notice how this Mia assumes that we are all "unhappy."

    How does she know that? Does he have any idea at all about us and our personal lives? How does she know that we are "losers"? Where does she get her information?

    What Mia is doing is simply spouting the propaganda she heard at her Amway meetings. There she was told that everyone who isn't in Amway is "an unhappy loser." And that everyone who isn't in Amway is "enslaved to a J.O.B."

    You know Mia, you just have to get out more. Talk to some real people who aren't in Amway (don't let your up-line know... they'll yell at you!)

    You'll find that there are many, many people who are happy, content, well-off, and gainfully employed (either by a business or for themselves) who aren't connected with Amway and its pie-in-the-sky promises. Many of them are even rich -- a lot richer than the phony "Diamonds" that you are forced to clap for at overpriced "functions."

    You see, Mia, if you only talk to and associate with Amway types you'll have a very limited view of the real world. But hey -- maybe that's what you prefer. I don't know you personally, so I can't say.

    Now be a good girl and go back to kissing your up-line's ass.

    1. Anonymous - so what you're saying is Mia should take some of her own advice. LOL! She's an angry ambot. She can't see your logic.

      Seeing as how she likes to order people around and demand they do what she tells them she should try standing up at the next Amway meeting and screech out the same bullshit she pawns off here: "YOU BROKE LOSERS GET A LIFE!" And see how well that goes over when she interrupts the Amway cult leader preaching the gospel of greed.

  32. Hey Mia --

    You say Amway has been around for more than fifty years, and therefore must be great.

    Well, Communism was around for more than seventy years. Does that mean Communism was great?

    Mia, that thing on top of your shoulders isn't a cabbage. It's a head. Use it, honey. Use it before you and your husband lose every cent you have to the Scamway crooks.

    By the way, I'm sure you're really in trouble with your San Diego up-line now for coming here to post comments. You'd better kiss their asses real hard. this week.

    1. Hey Anonymous - what are you trying to do? Confuse an Ambot with the facts?! LOL!

      Mia probably thinks fascism is great too because its been around 100 years. And speaking of fascism and what happened to Mussolini that's what should happen to lying scamming Amway assholes who destroy other people's lives.

      Mia can't use her head because its been brainwashed by Amway cult leaders.

      Mia also wants to send a big old FUCK YOU out to every Amway IBO in Oxnard. Oh hell why stop there. Mia says FUCK YOU to every motherfucking Amway sack of shit in all of California. Like we need any more scammers and wacky religious groups.

  33. Well now... thank you for bringing up the literature showing the numbers. For legality reasons they have to print up the numbers that include the quitters like yourself - who hold a license without actually doing anything. Amway is like a gym, anybody can join... but you have to actually DO SOMETHING to get results... There are so many people that get a license and then QUIT because they found out that $$$ doesn't fall out of the sky [kinda like you guys]... So because they have to include the folks like yourself, it brings down the numbers. Negative attitudes, quitting spirits.. NEVER GET RESULTS!!!! That's just plain true for anything you do in life.... Something you guys should consider studying about yourself. The only reason anybody fails at anything.. is because they quit. But like I said in my first post, those that resonate with you guys will be the quitters. I'm not making any assumptions about you guys being unhappy, your angry posts say that.. Clearly you're unhappy and need to exercise a negative blog to make you feel good about quitting. You need to save face.

    OK guys, I made my point and I only hope it helps you both to do some growing up. CIAO! Mia

    1. Mia - so you're saying Amway is fucking with the numbers they print on the literature? That they're including "quitters" as you put it. The law says they're only allowed to include active IBO's in their statistics but we all know Amway straddles the law. False advertising! Have you reported this violation to the police or any other regulating authority? I can't do it. What am I supposed to say. My information comes from a lying scamming Amway asshole.

      Of course we're angry at Amway and more obvious we're angry at the fucking lying scamming Amway assholes. These motherfuckers tried to destroy our lives. They stole our money. They lied to us. They scammed us. They tried to put us in bankruptcy court. They tried to destroy our marriages. God damn right we're fucking angry and we're here to share our stories so that others don't fall into the Amway hell hole.

      Fucking assholes going around lying that Amway is the road to happiness.

      And we're here to say that's another fucking Amway lie.

      So yes god damn right we're fucking angry at those fucking Amway assholes that tried to destroy our lives and in some cases succeeded. So another big old FUCK YOU out to Amway and all the fucking Amway asshole out there!

    2. Only a brainwashed minion of a cult would think that all of the over 99% of people who have lost money to Amway were "broke losers who didn't work hard enough". That's the game played by the upline. Same as in any cult. Try to make the person being conned think they are "special" and will succeed where others have failed before.

      The truth is, all the "positive thinking" in the world won't make a flawed business plan work. The math just isn't there for Amway. The products are horribly overpriced, so sales to anyone outside of the cult is very difficult. And without outside cash coming in, an Ambot can meet their PV every single month but that doesn't mean crap. They spent their own money to buy products they can get far cheaper at a proper store.

      So without real customers Amway becomes nothing more than a recruitment pyramid scheme. And the 99% failure rate falls right in with the average "success" rate in a pyramid. In pyramids, only those who got in early and rest at the top 1% will make any money. So they have to sell "hope" and "dreams" instead of actual math and business profit/expense lists to sucker people in and keep them there. The seminars have nothing to do with telling people how to make money. It's just a bunch of phonies walking out on stage bragging about how much money they supposedly made doing it.

      Mia is far gone on the brainwashing, so really not much can be done for her. She'll smugly and arrogantly sneer at us "broke losers" as her money continues to empty into the cult. She'll either one day wise up and meekly slink away or be a lifer stuck in the perpetual cycle of thinking "success is just around the corner" for years and years.

    3. Anonymous - agree Mia is so far gone on the brainwashing that she doesn't know what the fuck lies she's telling anymore and probably pissing off her bosses in Ada that she's making unauthorized false statements on the Internet. And then the fucking bitch tells us to grow up. She's probably 20 probably in college and she's telling real grown ups who own real houses and real business to grow up. Like fuck you bitch. In my experience any fucking asshole whether or not they're an Amway fucking asshole that tells anyone to grow up is probably the person most in need of taking their own advice.

      You make good points but a brainwashed cult follower won't see it. You can have all the positive thinking you can muster up and you can work as hard as you can but that still isn't going to make you rich in Amway unless you run your own cult sect and sell tickets and CD's to suckers who think the Amway tool scam is the secret to financial success. Well it is but only for the guys who thought it up first and are sitting at the top of the pyramid.

      The reality is Amway's bad reputation has been around for many decades. Amway oversaturated the market. The outrageous lies and antics of the Ambots are well recorded. The overpriced shitty Amway products have been well reviewed. This information on Amway being a scam and a cult is all over the Internet featuring stories by people who got sucked in and lost money. And here its no shame to quit a scam even though Mia sneers at us who decided to stop the financial and emotional abuse from Amway.

      Mia bitching at people who quit Amway's expensive buying club might as well be bitching at people who quit paying Costco's membership fee and shopping there. Though Costco doesn't have a reputation of selling overpriced shitty products so one could say comparing apples and oranges, either way when you don't shop somewhere no more you quit them.

  34. This Mia character says that Amway is "a business that cannot be discredited."

    Oh really, Mia?

    I guess you haven't visited the scores of anti-Amway websites and blogs that crowd the Internet, where an unending stream of evidence and anecdotes and testimony is poured forth about about how corrupt, criminal, deceptive, and phony Amway is. Are these witnesses all liars, Mia? Are they all "embittered losers"? Are they all just spouting "venom"?

    Where there's smoke, there's fire. There wouldn't be a tsunami of complaints and criticism about Amway if there was nothing discreditable about the corporation and its greed-driven policies. Here's the real truth that hurts, Mia: Amway sucks, and you are an idiot for being a part of it.

    By the way, does your up-line in San Diego know that you are breaking Amway rules by coming here to read and contribute to an anti-Amway blog? Bad girl...I guess you haven't been completely house-trained in one of Amway's basic rules. Never question up-line, Mia!

    1. Anonymous - Mia has been brainwashed like every other Ambot out there not to believe anything that someone who isn't in Amway has to say. Listening to the experiences of people who've gone before you doesn't matter. I mean fuck if I'm in Florida and someone who's lived in the area forever says to me don't swim there cause there's alligators and one killed a man 2 nights ago in this very spot. Well hell I'm not going in that water!

      Amway Cult Leaders = alligators.

      They'll eat you alive!

      Mia doesn't give a fuck about breaking Amway's rules. And neither do most Ambots. I'm surprised she hasn't violated that part of the IBO contract where they're not allowed to brag about how the BBB kisses Amway's ass. According to the IBO contract that can get them fired. But if Amway went around firing every IBO who broke the terms of the contract they'd have no one left. LOL!

      Amway has people on staff they pay to do the media stuff so it boggles the mind that Ambots show up here and violate Amway's rules. I'm pretty certain that Amway isn't paying them any extra money for their media appearances. I mean fuck if I worked a job and my boss wanted me to do extra stuff that was outside the scope of my job and I was expected to do it on my own time, I'd say show me the money. And if they didn't I'd be out of there.

  35. Mia says "CIAO" to us in Italian. I'll use the same language to say to her
    "VA FA NTO CULO, MIA!" I'm sure she can translate that easily.

    1. Anonymous - Ambots are experts in everything including fluent in every language out there. LOL! I'm sure this Ambot know it all has it!

  36. Fuck you Mia. You are not only stupid, you are a liar and a cheat. I will bet you anything that you do not hold a business license through your state. That's because Scamway is a SCAM!

  37. Hi Anna B. Couldn't wait to get on here to catch up on your latest posts. I read all the shit Mia posted. What an asshole! I absolutely loathe this Scamway shit. Any, I am writing because I wanted to see if there is a list of all the subject posts that I can look at and click on? I have been looking around and just don't see one. Thanks!

    1. Hi Living a Nightmare. Mia is just your usual lying scamming arrogant Amway asshole. Very normal behavior from an ambot. I've dealt with many ambots in person and so many more through this blog. They're all assholes spouting off the same bullshit canned Amspeak propaganda. Its very easy to hate all things Amway when you have to deal with their commissioned salespeople and their shitty attitudes. Nope we've never organized the posts into subjects. Hang around long enough and the posts will come around again!

  38. Mia, you are so utterly stupid that it defies belief.

    You actually have the nerve to say "The only reason anybody fails at anything is because they quit."

    Are you for real, Mia?

    Tell that to a young child with polio who will never be able to walk. Did she "quit"? Tell that to a soldier who was killed in a failed attack. Did he "quit"? Tell that to a baseball team that lost the World Series, even though they played their hearts out. Did they "quit"?

    You know, Mia, your San Diego up-line may get stupid little proverbs like that from some half-assed motivational CD, or maybe from a fortune cookie, but such proverbs are meaningless, or in the case of this one, utterly false.

    Wake up, Mia. There's still time for you.

    1. Anonymous - LOL! Mia is exactly why Amway gets a bad reputation. Her and all the other brainwashed ambots who all act and say the same thing. Lies and bullshit dealt on with an arrogant negative attitude. That's Amway for you.

      And you can't pound logic into a brainwashed Ambot. You make good points and maybe Mia can't come up with a response to the quitters with polio and in the war because the assholes in her Amway upline don't have a planned response for that kind of logic.

      I'm sure she'll wake up in a few months when there's no money in her bank account and no room left on the credit cards and dealing with the assholes in her upline screaming at her that she's letting down the team because she's not buying Amway products that month.

  39. Gosh Anna B, reading your blog gives me a laugh and helps restrain me from knocking the crap out of the prick who recruited my daughter. He is an arrogant piece of Amway shit.

    1. Glad to hear the blog helps. That's what we're here for. As for the lousy prick who recruited your daughter do you have his name and contact information? Can you get it? Go to the IRS website and look for the link to report tax cheats and report him. The IRS has a special section devoted to dealing with Amway scammers. Go for it! I reported the fucker who signed us up and our sack of shit Platinum on the tax cheater tip line. Hope I made those bastards lives more miserable by me paying it forward. LOL!

  40. Lovely Anna B. I will do just that. Thanks.

    1. Good stuff! Uncle Sam has a special place in audit hell for Amway Ambots!


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