Thursday, February 27, 2014

How Many Amway Ambots Try Hard Enough?

“You didn’t try hard enough!” Is the battle cry of brainwashed ambots.


I’ve heard it lots of times. At Amway meetings and on this blog whenever some brainwashed ambot who has been religiously studying at Amspeak College shows up to accuse me of quitting Amway because I wasn’t trying hard enough.


However not one single ambot who I know personally or who enjoys reading and commenting on what they perceive to be “negative” blogs like this one has ever once defined the criteria of what is “trying hard enough”. Or for that matter what “not trying hard enough” is either.


Ambot wanted to succeed at this Amway business, even though the odds with a 99% failure rate were stacked against him that he wouldn't. More than the promised financial freedom with the gazillions of dollars in residual income that would magically show up each month in our bank account, success in Amway would mean basking in the bliss from the Amway cult leaders that he adored so much.


All over the Internet are blogs and forums from former Amway IBO’s who say pretty much the same thing. They worked hard, put a lot of hours and effort into building an Amway business, and despite doing everything their cult leaders told them to do and being CORE it didn’t work out.


Ambot worked hard and put in plenty of effort to build an Amway business. He spent hours glued to the computer taking the Amway university program and studying the Amway literature and product magazines. He memorized everything and could answer questions about the Amway board plan or Amway products and knew as much or more than his upline. He spent hours listening to recordings of a bunch of fucked up Amway cult leaders gloating about their riches. Ambot read the books that the assholes in his Amway upline pressured him to buy. He spent countless hours each week hounding prospects to come to meetings. He went to every Amway meeting, rally, seminar, and major function. All those meetings ate up at least 50 hours a month and if a major function out of state for the weekend was in there, easily over 100 hours a month attending Amway meetings including travelling to them.


Let’s not forget the hours each week he spent talking on the phone and dealing with the endless text messages from the fucking upline Amway assholes.


Ambot easily doubled, if not tripled, Amway’s estimate of 10 to 15 hours per week once all the meetings, listening to tapes, and studying Amway shit is added up. Ambot put in plenty of time and effort and worked hard at trying to build an Amway “business” and still those fucking assholes in his Amway upline bitched and accused him of not working hard enough. Amway is a blame the victim scam and ambot was brainwashed to believe he wasn’t succeeding at the Amway “business” was because he wasn’t trying hard enough.


Let’s see. Someone investing at least 100 hours a month into any project is trying pretty hard. They are on a mission and determined to succeed and accomplish their goal even when the odds are stacked against them, like Amway’s success rate of a fraction of less than 1%.


What kind of motivation techniques is the upline using bitching at the downline and accusing them of not trying hard enough? This is clearly more than the assholes in our Amway upline because so many former IBO’s have the same story that their upline said the exact same thing. And clearly is still being taught today judging by comments left on this blog by angry brainwashed ambots: “You didn’t try hard enough!”


Yeah? Well fuck you!



  1. I have a successful Avon neighbor. Who spends all month selling. There are no tapes,functions, seminars etc. The stuff the cult leader teaches is how to make things unprofitable. Don't know many ambots who spend 50-100 hours a week just showing the plan. Listening to brad Duncan taking a shit while being on cummunikate isn't working hard lol

    1. And no one shows up on the Internet bitching about being abused by Avon and getting scammed and its a cult. Big difference between companies with a good reputation a d companies with a bad reputation. And whose commissioned salespeople behave bizarrely. People who sell Avon got in because they like the products and to make a little extra money selling to their friends. Most don't make much money, maybe as much as an Amway commissioned salesperson, but they don't have to spend hundreds of dollars a month to earn a tiny commission. And then the obvious. Avon sells a wide variety of cosmetics and other stuff at good prices, often better than drugstore prices. Good quality and low prices. Can't say the same thing about Amway.

    2. However Amway is a good lesson for future business owners. Not to spend money and waste money like a madman. Also not to believe in lies and be donkeys lol. With companies like Avon I agree its extra spending money. There's not millions to be made.

    3. Did anyone hear about Amway sponsoring the American Football Coaches Association Trophy? It's really a great match actually because the trophy is to be given out to the best team at the end of the regular season before the playoffs even start. So it's a pretend trophy, just like Amway is a pretend business.

  2. My mom has this friend who singed-up with this circus a year-and a half ago. Just the other day she was over telling us how her upline is going to retire in two more years, and they've only been in the business five years! She was telling my younger brother and sister (4 yrs, 6 yrs) to convince my mom to join, so they could one day live in a big house, with lots of toys, and each have their own room to play in. She told them that if they didn't try really hard to convince her we would live in these apartment buildings forever, and that we didn't want that! She told them we should have our own back-yard, with a sand box to play in and a slide and some swings too. All they had to do was tell mommy they wanted her to join the successful business people group. Once I told mom about this, and how creepy she was when she told them not to tell her she had told them to say it, my mom had a word with her and I haven't seen her since. Those Amway-creepers are really weird.

    1. Hi Anonymous. People in any cult shouldn't have children and your mother's friend is a good example why. Amway is the cult of greed and using children as weapons before they're old enough to understand they can't have everything is sick and twisted. Amway ambots exploit everyone. Hope your mother told her off good.

    2. Your mom should order 1000s of dollars of product. Then put a stop or have the cheque bounce. Imagine the hilarious reaction of these cult members. I heard when cheques bounce or returned. The diamond expect ibo to cover the cost

    3. I would say put a stop rather than bounce but thats good advice and let the scamming ambot deal with the fallout!

    4. The fallout can be very bad for pin qualifications. Can imagine a qualifying platinum screaming at the ibo and them quitting

  3. That's really sick - exploiting children's emotions in that way. How low will these MLM cult members stoop!

    ~Ex-girlfriend of a Herbot


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