Thursday, April 17, 2014

Put All Your Eggs In The Amway Basket

Seeing as how its Easter I thought it makes sense to talk about putting all your eggs in one basket!

Now thats a saying I don’t recall hearing at any Amway meeting - not putting all of your eggs in one basket. But most people have heard that phrase plenty of times in their life from their parents, their teachers, their banker, etc.

The only time I remember that phrase being used was by our arrogant prick sponsor who said when he’s recruiting prospects that he starts putting fear into people about their job and how he hopes they don’t have all their eggs in one basket because they’ll be finished.

Well what else do you expect from a rotten bastard like him?

Fucking little Amway asshole doesn’t have eggs to put in ANY basket!

Diversify! A word that shall never be spoken at an Amway meeting because the activities involved in diversifying take away time and dollars from the Amway cult leaders efforts to earn an income doing the Amway pyramid scheme thing. Instead the opposite is taught: put all your eggs in one basket. The one that belongs to the Amway hen house!

Basically diversifying means investing in a variety of assets and spreading the risk around in case one venture fails there are other assets on the go that might turn out better. Before diversifying its a good idea to figure out your own risk tolerance and how much money you can afford to lose should things not work out so good.

In Amway, be prepared to “invest” at least $10,000 a year on buying Amway products for yourself, attending functions, and buying “motivational” (aka brainwashing) tools.

If you’ve got a better use for that $10,000, I recommend that’s the road you take! Why? Because you ain’t never gonna make back your investment! Thats why! Amway is a scam! Same as any other scam with promises of big riches on a small investment. Except that it turns out being a huge $$$ investment and no money back or maybe a few bucks a month after spending $500 to $700 to make that $10 or $15 commission check from Amway. Getting scammed like that turns ambots into really nasty people.

Say someone has $150 kicking around in a savings account and an IBO is trying to get them to “invest” in their own business as an Amway IBO. The person doesn’t want to risk all their $150 in Amway and in this case probably has not been disclosed by the assholes in his Amway upline of the hundreds of dollars on top of that each month to buy Amway products and attend Amway functions because you don't find that out until after you've been sucked into the lies. On the other hand that $150 is only getting half a percent interest in the savings account. But that person might be comfortable risking $100 of that $150 and buying 100 shares of a stock that’s currently selling for $1 a share. The worst thing that can happen is the stock takes a nosedive and they lose their $100 but not all is lost because they still have $50 sitting in the bank’s savings account. Or the stock might take off and at the end of the year is worth $25 a share.

Some people who are incredibly talented and lucky make a living playing poker or gambling, investing in the stock market, or flipping houses. Who’s seen all those TV shows? Flipping Vegas! Yeehaw. I saw a house I wouldn’t have minded getting.

Whatever they’re doing they’ve found a way to diversify. Words that never should be spoken at an Amway cult meeting! Probably because when people are looking at their investments and figuring out which ones they should cut loose, they start with whatever one is losing money.

Toss out Scamway! Losing money! Useless baggage!

Here’s a laugh. Our arrogant prick sponsor told us he’s always looking for ways to diversify his income, talking about investments. This son of a bitch who can't hold down a job, is always behind on his bills, is a renter always under the threat of eviction, drives old beater cars, and never has any money. Diversify what income! What disposable income does he have lying around? I think finding ways to invest would be an impossibility for him. Its always nice to dream though.

Oh wait. That’s what Amway’s all about. Dreams! Gotta suck in those cult followers somehow!

Don’t be stupid! Get your eggs out of the Amway basket!


  1. Ugh... here I go again. $10K? Yeah, unfortunately, that sounds about right, even though I ended up doing the math again just to see for myself....

    $2900 per year:
    ticket $125 * 4x a year
    lodging $120 * 3 days * 4x a year
    food $90 * 3 days * 4x a year
    transportation, ride the Amway hell bus... $150 round trip

    meetings $600 = $50 per mo * 12
    training material $720 = $60 per mo * 12
    meetings $480 = $40 per mo * 12

    100 PV = $300 per month * 12

    ... for a grand total of $8300. And these are conservative figures. Plus I'm sure I left out other ways they nickel and dime you.

    1. ackmondual – yeah you might have been slightly conservative. Not everyone rides the Amway bus. The show offs take planes most take their cars and it costs a couple of hundred or more for gas depends how far. Also most ambots spend more than $300/month “shopping from their own store” to get the old PV up there. They might start at $300 but later in the month some asshole in their Amway upline is gonna phone/text and say some other upline asshole is trying to reach whatever goal that month and to get there need more accumulated PV so the cult followers got to spend another couple hundred or so in order for those bastards to meet their goals. All those assholes in your Amway upline do is nickel and dime you to death, you got that right!

    2. What I do notice is many newer mlms with no sales kits requirements, only 40-100.00 purchase for commission requirement,downloadable brochures/salesaids and better payouts. But sadly the products are still mediocre and pricier. Only 1% make any decent income.

  2. Thank you very much for this blog and taking the time to do this. We need more people like you in this world and especially in Canada considering how lazy most people are. We put up with bullshit laws and rules and never do anything about it such as Amway/WWDB. In reading this, I had a question for you, understanding your experience in Amway, how do the experienced folks in the cult rationalize paying 35$ or whatever amount it costs to use that fucking retarded piece of shit communikate system when there is stuff like FACEBOOK GROUPS, or GOOGLE DRIVE, that is easier and can mass produce messages the exact same way and it is FREE. Now i understand that most of the retards are just being brainwashed to promote it, but how do the ones that are more educated in the cult justify purchasing communikate? I could imagine numerous ways the motherfuckers justify and trick and scam people into buyings CD's and reading materials but something like paying 35$ for a useless piece of shit communciation system that is not needed for ANYONE ON EARTH!? I am truly amazed. I am really curious to find what you think based on your experiences? Best of luck in your endeavors and thank you for being a true leader with this blog.

    1. Anonymous – glad you’re enjoying the blog. We had an employee from the company that owns Communikate stop by to confirm Amway IBOs are the biggest clients and its all a scam, that the Diamonds get big bucks commission from each cult follower that signs up for Communikate. And as you figured out its just a piece of shit system when people have other ways of mass communications. I mean for $35/month most people can find a cell phone plan that does just about everything Communikate does. What do you need your own personal 800 number for when most cell phone plans these days offer unlimited talk calling everywhere in the states. But the Amway leaders haven’t figured out a way (yet) where they can get a piece of the pie by selling phone plans. And if they did it would probably cost 3 or 4 times as much as you’d get by walking into a cell phone shop yourself.

    2. Well, one upline dolt said that text messages aren't reliable, hence the need for communicate, lest you miss valuable pearls of wisdom. Unfortunately, if you're brainwashed, then you're brainwashed. Others may notice the scam and quit the whole shebang, or may notice gradually and cancel bits and pieces of Amway junk.

    3. Ackmondual - its all about brainwashing the amway ambots with lies and making commission off Communikate. And yeah they need the pearls of wisdom from the Diamonds who leave inspirational messages on Communikate like I just got out of the bathroom and took a big shit and made more money doing that than you losers made all week and I'm fired up about it!!!!!

  3. It's sad that people like you have the audacity throw out words like 'scam' when you probably are not intelligent enough to define one. How does anyone lose money on a product that can be refunded within 6 months? It takes a certain type of stupid but I guess you and your husband qualify for that. Good luck in the future, hope nobody else scams you with money back guarantees.

    1. Anonymous – why are you bringing up Amway’s refund policy when it was never discussed in this post? Like you’re trying to convince us that Amway is the only company in the world that offers refunds? Don’t be such a dumb fuck. Just about everyone offers refunds. Why bring up refunds at all other than doing the old Amway IBO distraction technique. Do the assholes in your Amway upline know that you go around saying negative and calling other people stupid? If you love Amway so much what are you doing reading a blog that talks about how people in the Amway upline are a bunch of fucking assholes. I think you better hop on the Amway truck and get the fuck out of here.

      • ──────▄▌▐▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▌
      ───▄▄██▌█ ░ ░The Amway I DONT ░ ░
      ▄▄▄▌▐██▌█ ░ ░ GIVE A FUCK TRUCK ! ░ ░
      ▀(@)▀▀▀▀▀▀▀(@)(@)▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀(@)▀ zooom zoom zoom!!!!

    2. They're giving you a money back offer AFTER you've already spent large wads of $$ on those conventions, meetings, buying from your own store, and training materials. The vast majority of the expenses are NOT refundable, so you come out waaay behind financially.

  4. Biggest scam I've ever seen. I probably have the scariest Amway story ever. Absolutely devastating. In a nutshell, my brother is dead. Cult doesn't even describe this organization.

    1. Anonymous - sorry to hear about your brother dying thanks to the evil Amway cult. So tragic that Amway is the cause of so much misery. There have been many sad stories shared online where Ambots are so tired after being up half the night and they fall asleep driving home and die. There are others who commit suicide due to the financial and emotional distress Amway caused and they see no future and no other way out. There's the 2 Amway employees who I think worked in technology dept at head office who were having an affair and decided to leave their significant others to hook up. He did, she changed her mind. He killed her and then committed suicide. Amway supporters might show up here screeching that could happen anywhere. But this is Amway. Pure evil. And passes on that evil to their staff whether they work at head office or commissioned sales.

    2. Dear Anonymous at 12:58 PM --

      I'm deeply sorry to hear about your poor brother.

      If it is not too painful, could you tell us exactly what happened? Did Amway cause his death?


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