Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Amway Is Killing Me!

A searcher on Google found their way to this blog by typing in “Amway is killing me”.

Literally or figuratively I have no way or knowing.

I’ve seen comments on other blogs and in the book Merchants of Deception where association with Amway literally killed IBO’s.  

Tired IBO’s died while driving home late at night from an Amway meeting and fell asleep at the wheel and were killed in a car crash. There were two employees at Amway headquarters who worked in the technology department (I think) who were married to other people but were having an affair and the man killed the woman and then committed suicide - if I’m remembering the story correctly. I read it some time ago and haven’t gone back to review it.

There are likely many other stories out there that we don’t know about. I’m sure some IBO’s have committed suicide after losing all their money, their house, and their family thanks to their Amway stint. All tragic deaths. I’d say its accurate that Amway has been a contributing factor to some IBO deaths. Actual numbers will likely never be known. Who keeps track of morbid details anyway where people were killed and Amway was the common denominator. Ambots will bullshit and brag about how people in Amway have low divorce rates compared to the rest of the world so why don’t Amway ambots brag about how many people have died thanks to Amway.

“Amway is killing me.”

What about figuratively? People often throw around phrases like “If you don’t show up at dinnertime with my pizza I’m going to kill you.” Unless they’re a mentally deranged individual they don’t really mean they’ll take the person’s life if their slice of deep dish pepperoni doesn’t show up on time. More than likely they’ll just be pissed off and won’t slice the person’s throat.

“Amway is killing me.”

Interesting topic for a search and I wonder how Amway is killing this individual.

In my case Amway was killing me by using my husband against me on the direct orders of his fucking upline and that son of a bitch Platinum. Amway took a lovely, kind, sensitive person and turned him into an ugly, sneering, condescending son of a bitch who looked down his nose at people who didn’t want anything to do with Amway and treated them like shit the way he was trained to do so by the assholes in his Amway upline.

Amway was killing me by stealing our money.

Amway was killing me by stealing our time.

Amway was killing me filling my house with their shitty products.

Amway was killing me by putting up with a pompous sack of shit Platinum who demanded my husband’s submission and adoration.

Amway was killing me by tormenting my emotional well being.

Amway was killing me by boring me to death sitting in at meetings and functions.

Back to the original searcher who says “Amway is killing me”. I sure hope he means this only as words of frustration and not that he’s actually considering killing himself, committing suicide because of Amway.

Good luck to you searcher. I hope you find the answers you need to break loose from the Amway cult. There is a way out of the Amway hell hole. Hope you find it.

And once again lets just send out a big old FUCK YOU to Amway.



  1. We were in Amway a long time upline was incredibly manipulative of people. When I called this behavior out on multiple times for poor behavior (to my husband), this joker told my husband that the best thing he could do was divorce me. When he didn't ditch me, my husband was deemed "rogue" and the shunning and backstabbing began - all because we were making more money than him and his wife couldn't handle it. We encouraged people to buy what they liked and needed, not to stockpile and allowed people to make their own decisions...guess we weren't following their system properly. We even got "scolded" for telling our group that the upline makes money off of tools and functions. We are better off without it, happier and thriving as a family and we don't pretend to have money that we don't have buying things we can't afford to impress other people.

    1. Hi Anonymous - thanks for stopping by! Yup your story is the same as mine and every other woman out there who's married to an Ambot. Nothing brings those Amway assholes more happiness than destroying other people's relationships. And when they can't convince someone to get divorced then the abuse escalates and those Amway motherfuckers are ruthless! Yup we make more from our business than our upline did at their jobs and they were jealous and were out to destroy our lives giving shitty advice Ike sell our house. It's like fuck you bastards. We worked hard for what we have and you want to destroy it because you're losing money in the Amway scam and are furious that your downline lives a better life. Amway the cult of greed. Run up the debt pretending to live an Amway millionaire lifestyle. No thanks assholes. We are getting away from you negative troublemaking bastards and getting the hell out of your Amway cult before you do any more damage!

  2. When I gave a Ambot my gym info. He showed up all hours and stalked me. But its a member only and most ambots can't afford it lol. Bloody nonstop text,calls,emails,etc. Gave him a fake work address and he's pissed I don't work there. I swear the Ambot has mental problems

    1. All ambots are just as you described. Brainwashed nothing stops them in their pursuit of money. They must make their Amway cult leaders happy and the only way to do that is bug the shit out of their prey.

    2. Just cause I gave him details of a work place. Doesn't mean I want to see his useless ass near it. Same goes with where I live. I'm sure your Hubby's ex upline think they can show up whenever they want.

    3. Some of those bastards in his former upline still think thy can show up whenever they want. They're all flogging Monavie these days and are trying to get him to sign up inbetween me cursing them out!

  3. I was an Amway recruit and the main reason I signed up is because of my best friend. During my time, there were many incidents that occurred that could have turned out badly. One of the windows busted on the coach bus I was on on the way back from a conference, a cross line of mine had a drug overdose issue, and there were many car accidents. One time we were stranded in the cold on a coach bus on the way to a conference since one of the tires busted and caught on fire. I don't regret leaving Amway behind. My life became more peaceful, thanks to the power of God. I do feel sorry for my other cross lines, one girl in particular who had experienced all of this with me but from what I know is still trucking along in it.

    1. Anonymous - you're right about feeling peaceful once you leave the Amway cult behind. Glad you got out before becoming a casualty.


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