Thursday, June 12, 2014

My AWESOME, Delicious Amway Scam!!!

I haven’t seen this one in awhile so time to enjoy this little show on Youtube about launching a new IBO into "the business". Once you get past the fellow's annoying voice its actually pretty funny and some of the stuff we've already covered in past blogs such as a name list and sniping people in a grocery store is on here. The annoying voice is just to rub it in that everything about Amway is fucking annoying.


  1. Hey there Anna,

    Oh boy, what a weekend I just had. It all conveniently started last friday... which was friday the 13th so I guess I should have seen it coming. My girlfriend had a seminar the next day which isn't anything too 'out of the ordinary' for her, since those are monthly events and we both know about it well in advance. Anyway, what made this one so special is that none of her friends would be able to attend, meaning she'd be alone.

    I didn't really think too much of it... until she started trying to convince me to go with her. I honestly don't know how to put into words what I experienced and how painful it was for me. When she got home from work, she asked me for the first time. I told her I didn't really like those meetings, that I already heard everything they all had to say and that I already planned to do things around the appartment.

    She dropped the subject for the night, but came back the next day... and this is where things get painful. She didn't ask anymore... she pleaded, she begged, she whined and she even cried. It was like I was suddenly faced with a 5 years old asking his parents for candy.

    I knew then I could not yield, no matter the price. I would not yield to this monstrosity my girlfriend had suddenly become. So I held on, I refused to go and I watched her leave with tears in her eyes. When she was gone, I collapsed on the ground, feeling like I'd run a marathon. I wanted to vomit. I wanted to cry. I wanted to scream.

    I mean, how are you supposed to feel when the woman you love throws her dignity out the window and starts crawling on the ground and licking your boots? I just... don't know how to describe it.

    I can only hope no one ever has to see what I saw last saturday... because I can honestly say it was beyond ugly.

    1. Jesus my comment went off into cyber hell somewhere. Anyways just saying sorry to hear you went through all that. Amway is so emotionally draining on the loved ones. You can be pretty sure she is being abused by the assholes in her Amway upline. That she better show up with prospects or else. Fillin the blanks yourself for what the or else is. Amway cult leaders vary from doling out love and abuse, cult tactic to keep the followers under control. They don't want to push enough that the follower will quit but will make it clear they're withholding their love until she does what they order her to do which is bring prospects. Really hard to do. Most people don't want nothing to do with Scamway and there will always be no shows. She's alienating everyone you guys know isn't she. Friends and family are avoiding you? You need to record her and then play it back to her or play it to a therapist you convince her to see. Good luck with all this.

    2. Hey there Anna,

      I'm the anonymous who posted the story above. I just wanted to say I forgot to sign the actual comment... but I'm Osuwariboy. Just another chapter in my Dramway story unfolding (nice term, don't you think?)

      Anyway, thanks for being there to help me unwind after such a taxing weekend ;).


    3. She's got problems thats for sure. That behavior is not typical of someone over age 10. Have you tried to get her to see a doctor who can recommend a therapist?


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