Thursday, June 5, 2014

Buy Nothing From Amway And Be Heard

I saw an interview with a man who’s written a book about consumers and how we can make corporations behave. He uses his blog to get the word out there about different companies. Mostly this has to do with companies that offer shitty products and even shittier customer service when consumers have a complaint.

I thought he was talking about Amway!

But no, the examples he uses are other companies.

He got mad at his lawn mower and blogged about it. Then someone from John Deere head office stops by his blog to read it to see if there was a problem and if this blog could be dangerous to any potential buyers. He never heard from John Deere so the employee must have decided someone blogging about being mad at their lawnmower isn’t a threat.

That’s exactly the same way it is with Amway’s head office! Except I’m betting there are a lot more people out there who are pissed off at Amway than they are at John Deere!

First off you got to wonder why Amway employees are fucking around surfing the Internet during business hours instead of actually getting work done. What about the Amway employee using the Blackberry in the evening to read this blog. You’d think company issued phones are to be only used for company related business not the employee’s entertainment pursuits.

But really who am I going to complain to? I’m not the fucking Amway police. I’ve already learned that Amway head office doesn’t give a shit when IBO’s complain about the lies from their upline, so why would they give a shit if their employees are surfing the Internet during working hours instead of actually (gasp!) working. Apathy City. The I-don’t-give-a-shit winners in the customer service department!

There are lots of bloggers who get the word out about Amway one way or another. Some focus on why the Amway business is a bad opportunity. Other bloggers keep their readers up to date with things going on in the news that are negatively affecting Amway. Some bloggers focus on Amway lies and report about that. Other bloggers talk about the Amway cult and brainwashing. Others get the word out there about the tool scam. Most bloggers cross all lines and anything Amway is fair game.

My blog exists because I like cursing out my former upline and to tell about the brainwashing used on my Ambot so others can be warned about what is ahead should they choose to proceed. Sometimes I talk about what Amway’s business opportunity but I’m happiest cursing out the upline assholes and revealing what went on at Amway meetings and functions, and of course cursing out the stray ambot that shows up here spouting off their bullshit Amspeak.

Former IBO’s blog about their Amway experiences and other former IBO’s leave comments about their similar experiences which means there’s a lot of information about Amway on the Internet: the cult, brainwashing, inferior products at premium prices, IBO abuse, shitty customer service from head office, the amount of money Amway IBO’s really earn each month, the amount of money that IBO’s lose each month, Diamonds lying about buying everything for cash, Diamonds selling houses or having their homes foreclosed, Diamonds declaring bankruptcy. When it comes right down to it just about everything associated with Amway is a lie. But mostly those lies are generated by the IBO's, not necessarily by Amway's head office who refuse to take responsibility for the IBO's actions and turn the other cheek and pretend its not happening.

Amway does not consider bloggers to be a threat to their bottom line. Talk about arrogance!

The author being interviewed finished with one piece of advice: “Buy less and be heard!”

That same piece of advice could be targeted to any corporation that offers inferior products and inferior customer service but its a perfect weapon against Amway.

People blogging about Amway get thousands of visitors each month so we are being heard.

I don’t buy nothing from Amway and its a safe bet that most of my readers don’t either so we’re winning on the “buy less” front too except in our case its “don’t buy at all”.

Buy less and be heard!

Don’t buy nothing and be heard even louder!




  1. LJ investment inc. DBA Amway of LakemoorJune 6, 2014 at 5:17 PM

    My buissness is booming. I'm on course to be diamond in November. That's going to result in an amazing Christmas. I'm a only 19 but I'm going to have a Ferrari by 21. Come Christmas I'm taking 12 months to travel the world. I hope you can join me when you're 90!

    1. They're always 19 or 20 and they're always going Diamond by the end of the year and thats the last we ever hear from them. Make sure you come back and let us know how that worked out for you.

    2. If he is on track to be a diamond this year, he must already be silver, right?

      Also, if he does hit diamond, and runs off at the end of the year for 12 months, what are the chances of him coming back to a diamond business?

      Maybe LJ needs to look at the 'plan' a little closer, instead of listening to his upline's encouragement.



    3. Bahahahaha.....boy is he in for a surprise!

    4. I like how the guy admits to being 19 (something we would have deduced anyway, given the atrocious spelling of his posts... though with IBOs it's always hard to tell). This means he built his team in ONE year, quite an impressive feat, don't you think? lol

      Also, just for the heck of it, I went ahead and typed LJ investment inc. in google and found a nice website listing properties for rent in Delaware lol.

      Anyway, keep us posted LJ, we're always willing to listen to an IBO brag he he he.


    5. Jerry - very true but I didn't feel like pointing it out. No one in Amway takes huge time off. They're constantly working and pitching the tool scam. If they took time off and aren't riding the downline's asses then they quit buying shit. Yup they know it all at that age.

    6. Hi ChynaDoll. Nice to see you again!

    7. Osuwariboy - Amway is just a pretend business so they can call themselves whatever they want. Its not like ambots are going to register their business name, buy insurance, get a tax #, or any of the other things real business owners do.

    8. This comment is for LJ investment inc. DBA Amway of LakemoorJune 6, 2014 at 5:17 PM

      Wait a minute…if you’re in Amway, the only beater you’ll be able to afford is a 1977 Cadillac stupid! Amway losers like you can’t even afford to see a Ferrari in person, much less sit their nasty asses in one! Also, of course you’re taking twelve months to travel the world; I bet you’ve just been fired from your current burger-joint job (Which is by far a better choice than Amway of course!).

      My friend joined Amway when she was 19 too, guess how old she is now…I’ll give you a hint (twenty-years +). She won’t be able to join me when I’m 60 because all she has done her entire life is sell-the-soap! Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure we won’t join you when we’re 90 because you’ll die of starvation when you’re 23…because you’ll be living in a dumpster and eating road-kill whenever some badger doesn’t take it from you first!

      Hi Anna, I love your blog, you speak the truth. Please continue with the good work, I know we can’t save them all, but as long as we get to one or two…it’s something to hope for.


    9. Hi MrJ! Thanks for stopping by. Glad you're liking the blog. I think we've heard the last of LJ. Maybe he'll wise up and come back to share his losses with us. At least he's still young enough to bounce back.

  2. Nice one... I have lost some money because my close friend was in Amway and pressured me a lot tobjoin... since I cannot avoid talking to him, I just used the welcome kit and that's about it... Once in a while, if he can't meet the quota for the month , he makes me buy the expensive detergent.. But I do it anyway since the other option is to completely avoid him.

    1. You're a nice friend to do that. Most people avoid ambots so they're used to being avoided. However tou're just enabling your friend and giving him false hope when he's in a business doomed for failure with over 99% failure rate. Those are Amway's statistics not something i'm pulling out of the air. Amway literature shows less than 1% chance of making money.

  3. My former room mate was in Amway, and she tried to get me to buy some of their products and I did because I want to support a friend. Long story short I like having high quality stuff. I used makeup that are from Estee Lauder because I been using it for years, and my room mate have a fit. She actually hide all my makeup and get me to try Artistry. That stuff was crap. What kind of a person take people stuff and replace it Amway stuff. She even have a fit when I went to Sephora. She told me that I am not supporting her business or my business if I want to join Amway. I move out. Apparently from what I heard she had three room mate after me all in which move out within a couple month. They all told me she was crazy and brain wash. She had people over until early morning making phone calls to recruit people.

    1. Hi Anonymous - as you found out Amway sells low quality products at premium prices and brainwashes their followers to believe its high quality and everyone will want it unless they're losers. It is insufferable living with some in Amway due to their arrogant attitude that they're better than everyone else cause they're in the Amway cult. Ambots used to share houses and put 10 or 20 of them in places not designed to hold that many. They all sit around bragging they're going Diamond. Maybe your old roommate can find one of those Amway crash pads.


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