Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Who Hates/Loves Their Amway Upline

I had a newly signed up IBO stop by to claim they would never spend “insane” amounts of money on Amway. I had detailed some of the basic monthly expenses each IBO has to shell out in order to keep in good standing with the assholes in their Amway upline in this post.  Oddly enough those “insane” amounts were minimal. CORE IBO’s would spend a lot more than that in purchasing Amway products and tools and sucking up to the assholes in their upline for a few fleeting moments of adoration and praise.


This new ambot also had this to say about their upline:


My uplines are amazing people, patient, never pushy, and very good people.


Ha ha! Excuse me while I PUKE!!!!!!!


I’m sure most ambots say that about their upline when they are new and are being gushed over and love bombed.


One of the first things an Amway ambot is convinced to do is to buy at least 100 PV in Amway products that first month they sign up. And of course every month thereafter. 100 PV = around $300. 100 PV = magical amount to qualify to receive a commission check from Amway. Buying 100 PV of Amway products means a commission check of about $10. If you happen to convince any friends and relatives to buy Amway products you will also earn a commission on those products too. Commission would come in extra PV plus depends on what price you sold the product to your friends to Amway’s wholesale or retail.


Don’t buy at least 100 PV in Amway products that month? You don’t get your puny Amway commission check. Even worse some fucking asshole in your Amway upline will phone toward the end of the month and bitch at you until you pull out the credit card. Still might phone and bitch at you to buy more Amway shit even if you bought at least 100 PV because some asshole further up the Amway upline has a “goal” to meet that month and needs the cult followers to buy more so they can reach whatever level it is they’re after.


How many Amway meetings in a week? That might depend on your upline and how many they have scheduled and what they have decided is a meeting. Sometimes they hold spur of the moment meetings and demand your immediate presence at a coffee shop or a prospect sniping session at the grocery store. Could be between 2 to 5 Amway meetings in a week. Maybe you got something better to do on one of those nights and skip a meeting. Expect a phone call or multiple texts from some asshole in your Amway upline to scold you. Before and after the meeting. Which means your phone will be ringing or text dinging through and beyond midnight. Miss a meeting = punishment from the assholes in your Amway upline.


Not planning to attend an out of town Amway function? Why not? some asshole in your upline demands. You can’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity. A life changing event. The biggest Amway event of the year. For starters it costs too much. Tickets, transportation, hotel, food, etc etc costs around $1000 maybe more. There’s a lot better things that can be done with that $1000 like your mortgage payment. Take a trip somewhere you really want to go to for starters. I mean who really wants to go to _______ for an Amway brainwashing convention. I’ll let the readers fill in the blanks. Not everyone wants to go to some out in the boonies location for a Scamway meeting. You miss an Amway function or even bring up beforehand that you’re probably not going and you’ll get a shit scolding from the Amway cult leaders.


How amazing, patient, never pushy and good are these people in the Amway upline now!!!! Ha ha ha!!!!


Of course people in Amway are going to be nice to you in the beginning. Then they set to work on brainwashing you. You must learn to be an obedient ambot or face the wrath of hell from the assholes in your Amway upline.


Even Jim Jones was loving and kind to his parishioners in the beginning when he met them. He wanted to expand the People’s Temple and he knew he could draw more followers by love bombing them instead of revealing to them from the beginning what an asshole he is. He convinced people they were handing their money over to the church and helping the poor and disadvantaged persons and curing the ill. Blessing and helping others. Holy fuck! The assholes in our Amway upline used those words!!!! Jim Jones was a master scammer and Amway cult leaders have learned from his techniques. Jim Jones didn’t start off new recruits ordering them around and demanding slave labor from them. Likewise the assholes in our Amway upline waited a couple months before wanting chores done around their house and demanding that their every whim be catered to. Jim Jones brainwashed people to move to a paradise in Guyana. No different than Amway cult leaders who brainwash their followers to believe they will be living in paradise after 2 to 5 years in Amway. The People’s Temple cult followers found themselves in a jungle that took hard manual labor to keep under control instead of living in a tropical paradise. Amway cult followers find themselves losing money and losing their families and friends instead of the promised luxury life. Jim Jones convinced his followers to drink Kool Aid and cyanide. Those who didn’t obey were shot. Ambots who don’t obey their Amway cult leader are emotionally murdered.  


The Amway cult leaders have a love/hate relationship with their followers. Amway cult leaders are to be loved and worshipped and at the same time feared. Do not dare disobey or there will be hell to pay!


What happened to the loving supporting Amway upline who were gushing all over you and pumping you up to be the next “leader” when you signed up with Amway? Their true colors came out once they had you brainwashed and put you in the middle of their sick love/hate relationship to keep you under control.


Upline Amway assholes are the biggest fucked up two faced phonies around!




  1. ""My uplines are amazing people, patient, never pushy, and very good people.""
    Really!? My *potential* uplines already exude the opposite of these attributes. That's right, even before I signed the dotted line, after the first meeting that tries to con newcomers to sign up, they catch up to you as you're trying to leave the building, already pushing you to attend the big conference (You're going to spend the gas money anyways, so check it out! [yeah right. Even if I was going to spend 115 miles worth of gas $$, it'd take a lot more precedence than this]). They also try to convince you that the job market isn't good and you can get laid off at anytime (which is actually true), but of course neglect to tell you that their "opportunity" is far worse. THAT'S PUSHY AND IMPATIENT

    "What's stopping me from joining up right now?"
    "If somebody else called [your_name] was offered this opportunity and took it instead of you, how would you feel?"

    The BS-o-meter goes off, and you can tell they're only being nice to you so you'll sign up and keep giving them money. One of them even had the nerve to use scare tactics like "if you need to pay your bills and can't, do you think your friends will help you?". Probably not, but they'll still to a lot more than everyone in Amway put together ever would, I'd put my money back guarantee on that.

    AMAZING PEOPLE? This one I can actually give them... I've seen a former coworker who showed me the ropes for one assignment get turned into one of these douche bags. Then you have another person who managed to turn HIM into such a douche bag. Last but not least, another prospector who liked like another coworker I was on good terms with, but it was such a turn off to see this prospector be so deceptive in trying to get new recruits. They are amazing in how awful they are or become.

    1. Ackmondual - totally agree with you. People in Amway are not good people. They don't give a shit about anyone or anything except their own greedy pursuit of money and to be King Ambot.

  2. I absolutely love reading this blog. I love reading it even more when specific stories about Amway are discussing. I laugh so hard, I can't drink anything near my computer when I read this blog, I might spit it all out on the screen from laughter. More stories please! This is greatest anti-Amway blog I've seen in a long time. Everyone I ever knew in Amway quit in less than a year, so at least the damage was minimized. A couple of them even prospected me and I was quick to say NO THANK YOU. Pyramid schemes and spending all this money on "tools" and meetings aside, I have no interest in selling soap anyway.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Glad you're loving the blog and reading about the Amway hell so many of us went through.

  3. I remember the whole "love bombing" stuff. It was easy to see through, and sort of sickening as a result. (Although maybe the love bombers were just inept.) It was our "direct distributor" couple who were doing it. I know the terminology has changed; in those days "your direct" was the closest upline person who ordered and received products directly from Amway. I'm thinking they would be "piece of shit platinum" now? Anyhoo, the first time we met with them after we got our kit, the wife oohed and aahed over the fact that I had put the binder together without any guidance from them. WTF? It wasn't rocket science by any means. But not only that - every time we saw them after that, she managed to bring that up; how awesome I was because I figured out how to put that freakin' binder together. I knew I was being shined on big time, and it just made me realize very early on what a phony she was.

    1. Who could forget that phony ass Amway ambot thing like they gush all over what you've done like only someone with a genius IQ could accomplish this.

    2. The other thing I hate is fake compliments. Had a few ambots go up to me and say nice shirt or I like your fashion style. They act like they are interested in what you're doing but its all bs. Probably got the bs compliments from the how to win friends and influence people book.

    3. Unfortunately, it's usually those who didnt get enough love as a child and/or those with low self-esteem who fall for the love bombing. The people who are desperate to find a place to fit in. It's sad.

    4. Anonymous - I saw right through their phony compliments so they didn't dare try that shit with me. I got one sincere compliment the whole time I was in Amway and that was from someone in a different line who I didn't know.

    5. Nick - you're probably right about that.

    6. I remember when I sat down with a potential sponsor at a Starbucks. He told me to write down my goals and dreams down on a piece of paper. I responded to please not insult me with this useless activity, and he took the sheet back. Then he presented the form to sign up. Even though I ended up going to yet another meeting, having to pay money was a step I was not going to do until I got some signs that this wasn't an awful organization with sketchy acting people. That day never came.

      Later on, I learned that ambots use those goals and dreams you wrote down to get their psychological hooks further into you and use your failure to achieve them, or going off course to keep you in the program.

    7. Good for you Ackmondual. The only reason those Amway assholes want to know your dreams is so they can use it against you later when you're not making money in Amway. They say guess your dream wasn't big enough or you didn't want it bad enough. Psychological abusers in this blame the victim scam. Tell those Amway prudes your dream is to make gay porno movies and they'll leave you alone especially if you tell them you got a part in the flick for them or ask them if they'd like to invest money in your venture.

  4. Interesting thing happened to me today, Anna. I got together with my friend who sponsored me into Amway, and he told me he is no longer with Amway. While abuse from assholes wasn't a reason for him stepping away, he finally realized what I realized a while ago. The market is over saturated, the products are too expensive, the encouragement to buy all those CDs and tools is a little over the top, etc. He realized how high the odds are stacked against him so he got out.

    However, he introduced me to a new MLM business he is in called World Ventures and wants me to join. It's a cool concept where it says you can travel all kinds of places in the world for a huge discount, and they make a comparison to Costco and Sam's Club where if you pay for a yearly membership, you get a substantial discount on travel, and you get a commission on signing people up. I doubt I'll join, but I'm still open minded enough to look at the pros and cons of a business opportunity.

    1. Hi Anonymous. I think I met someone who's with World Ventures. He was annoying as hell but that was just his personality never mind the World Ventures thing. He didn't spend a lot of time yakking about it just said he was in it. I guess it doesn't hurt to look but like any other MLM you'd need to know a lot of people who want this type of product or service. Sure everyone wants to travel and most people hit the Internet looking for discount travel services or where they can find the best price. I think you'll find the same thing as Amway - oversaturation in the market. Though if the prices are as good as anywhere else selling them then you could probably make some sales and commission.

      Something to keep in mind. Have you noticed how there are hardly any brick and mortar travel agencies around anymore? They couldn't make enough commission in this Internet world of discount travel.

    2. There are plenty of articles within a google search that points out the scam side of World Ventures (and like Amway, the folks who try to drown them out with rah rah this is the great opportunity blogs). I found this one interesting and I think spells out better how it seems like the usual pyramid/the money's in recruiting of MLM).

    3. Yeah that was a good article and what this MLM offers is very appealing to a lot of people. But really you pay your membership fee and monthly fees and the money you've sunk in a year is about the same as flying to an all inclusive in Mexico for a couple weeks!


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