Monday, June 23, 2014

How Do You Know When You’re Being Prospected By The Amway Cult

Not sure if you’re being prospected by an Amway IBO who wants to recruit you into the Amway cult? Ambots are told not to use the “A” word because when prospects hear its Amway they won’t want anything to do with it because of Amway’s shitty reputation for being a bad business opportunity (99%+ failure rate), losing money buying overpriced products, and being a cult. With those glowing recommendations who’d want anything to do with this scam!

At meetings we attended the IBO’s were often berated by our sack of shit Platinum because prospects had not been brought to the meeting. Most people can’t find anyone to come to a meeting once they mention Amway. The sack of shit gave IBO’s suggestions on how to trick people into coming to a meeting without letting on its an Amway meeting. Yeah, that’s a real honest thing to do. What a wonderful upstanding honest company we’re associating ourselves with when we have to resort to dishonest techniques taught by the dishonest assholes in our Amway upline. Here are some of the “lines” taught to IBO’s to use when contacting or approaching prospects to get them to come to a meeting. And yes upline really does use the word “line” or “lines”. In addition to taking notes, all the good little ambots in the room recorded the lines too so they could practice them.

1.     “I was wondering if you could give me your opinion on a business I'm looking at. I really value your opinion and could use your input.”

2.     “We do sell Amway products but that's only about 20% of what we sell. Everything else comes from over 2,000 other companies most of which are Fortune 500 companies.”

3.     “How would you like to be your own boss?”

4.     “No it's not Amway. Its World Wide Dream Builders.”

5.     “Have you ever thought about starting your own business?”

6.      “Don’t you want to be free and not punch a time clock?”

7.     “Are you tired of working a J.O.B. and making your boss rich?”

8.     “Do you ever look at other ways of making money?”

9.     “I'm in the process of expanding my business in the area and I'm looking for a few sharp guys who are interested in being financially free within the next two to five years.”

10.  “I work with a team of multi-millionaires developing business online with over a thousand companies. We’re looking for ambitious guys who want to create a secondary source of residual income through a proven mentorship program.”

11.  “Do you know anyone who might be interested in making a couple of thousand extra dollars a month working part time only 10 to 15 hours a week?”

12.  “Don't you want your wife to come home from work and be there for your children?”

13.  “I know a really sharp businessman who has some great ideas. I can’t promise you anything but how would you like to meet him for coffee?”

14.  “We work with Benny the Bastard who owns Benny the Bastard Enterprises out of Miami. He owns his own consumer distribution company. Maybe you've heard of him?”

15.  “Hey you are a sharp guy we should keep in touch, what's the best way to reach you after hours?”

16.  “Do you keep an open mind to look for business opportunities?”

17.  “My friends and I are getting together to discuss a business opportunity. Lots of sharp guys who are moving and shaking. I thought you could benefit.”

18.  “There's a young, successful sharp guy coming into town to talk to a few selected sharp guys about a business by invitation only. I thought of you - I can get you into this private gathering.”

19.  “Hey bud, what are you doing tomorrow night say 8 pm? Nothing? Great I will swing by.”



Yup it’s the great Amway dream of reeling more suckers into the scam with lines like these.




  1. With soap in hand and false hopes in heart cometh the Amway man.

    - Balu

    1. LOL Balu! Make that the Amway soap salesman cometh. Everyone runeth! Ha ha!

  2. It's funny how the Ambots circle jerk with each other so frequently. I wonder if Amway hand lotion sells well as a result?

    1. My hands felt all itchy after I tried Amway's shitty hand cream. Ambots probably think that itch feeling means they're going Amway rich.

  3. I wanna meet Benny the Bastard of Benny the Bastard Enterprises! He sounds a lot more interesting than the stuffed shirts and bores I met when my ex-husband and I were in Amway, back in the 1970s. I wonder where all those drones are today; what they're doing. --Oh, wait, no I don't. :-P

    1. Hi Snazzybird! Haven't seen you in awhile. Benny the Bastard is just about everyone I met in Amway. And no I have no interest in what any of those bastards are doing except I know most of them defected to monavie

  4. When a total stranger (person I’ve never seen in my entire life) approaches me without a legitimate reason…I can read “Amway” all over his/ her face! No one is that friendly in today’s world.

    Beast Sr.

    Hi Anna, thank you for your blog it's quite an experience. It opens your eyes in rather a comical and serious manner.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Its too bad that Amway has caused most of us to be suspicious when a stranger strikes up a conversation especially if they seem to be a huge suck up. The Scamway radar goes up and you wonder if this is a fucking Amway ambot. Glad you're enjoying the blog. We aim to entertain as well as educate so people keep coming back. The swearing keeps Amway prudes off this site except for the ones who are really fucked in the head! I mean what Amway cult member wants to show up and hear their beloved leaders get mocked. That would be pretty sick if they came back. Ambot busting over here!

    2. Someone commented online how Amway is one of the worst things to happen to Indian people in the Chicago region. Before, when another fellow Indian person started a conversation, it was a way to meet new people. Now when an Indian person starts a conversation, you dread he might be an ambot. In fact, some Indians just steer completely clear of other Indians that they're not familiar with, it's gotten that bad.

    3. from a coworker... I've always noticed while other people were surfing online or talking on their phones, you were always looking for new assignments. [even though we were never in the same room].

      I have an opportunity that's like Amazon.

      I think I've seen you before.. [you give him a context, and he'll try to connect that context, like from the supermarket, or career fair]. If you're going to a business opportunity that isn't a job interview, but you're told to dress in formal attire only, RUN!

    4. Ackmondual - I read an article written by an Indian journalist but I don't remember what newspaper she writes for and she said the same thing. Other Indians approached and said how cite their kids are ans they'd strike up a conversation and think they'd found new friends. But nope. It was Amway ambots out prospecting in the grocery store.

      And those are some other good lines. Amway only wishes they make the kind of profit Amazon does!

  5. I believe it about Indians in Chicago having that problem. When I was in Amway-BWW, my fellow Ambots were mostly based in the Chicago area and Southern Wisconsin. Pretty much all the worshiped cult leaders were Indians based in Chicago. Real interesting how fast the Indians were moving up too when you rarely saw any other race or ethnicity break in diamonds. Sounds like WWDB doesn't bring in any new diamonds at all anymore from what I read here.

    1. It could have been a Chicago newspaper. According to multiple comments left on this blog theres scads of Amway ambots "going Diamond" this year. They're all in the 19 to 22 years old age bracket too!

    2. Well everyone I met in Amway was going Diamond. Funny how they all actually believed it was possible that they all could do it. I would bet 1 person at most from my "team" makes it there, and it they do they will have to get in on the tool scam. I feel bad because most of them were generally good people just trying to improve their lives but due to brainwashing became completely unaware over everything that was going on.

    3. Really 1 person. Thats 1 more than most teams get! Including my former upline but thy don't really count cause most of them defected to Monavie! After wasting years in Scamway! I'm sure they're all going Diamond in their latest scam too. The bullshit they apout doesn't change. Only the shit they sell has changed!

  6. Maybe we need blogs and sites like this translated to Indian. Seen major growth in Chinese and Korean markets also. Probably not enough anti Amway sites in those languages

    1. This is an American business and we speak English and its unfortunate that the Amway scam has invaded other countries. For all we know there are sites like this in other languages warning their fellow citizens of the Amway scam

  7. Yes, when someone tells me they knew from college, and they just want to catch up. Even if I never knew this person existed! In college you only remember a few people...for some time. more college friends I never knew about...I KNOW YOU'RE LYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Hi Jaggman. Yup one of the Amway ambot qualifications is to be a liar. Not necessrily a good liar just a liar. You could say you went to a different college than you did and they'll still bullshit you and pretend thats where they know you from.


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