Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Gloves Come Off When Dealing With Amway Scammers

One of our readers is being harassed by his boss at work to sign up to the Amway scam:



Just wanted to stop by and say I really enjoy your blog! I've been reading it from start to finish, and I enjoy your candid commentary along with the horror stories other victims of Amway have shared.

My boss, of all people, brought me here. He doesn't know he brought me here. He doesn't know I know he's part of the Amway pyramid scheme. He thinks I'm easy prey; a new recruit ripe for brainwashing.

He's been subtly grooming me to become part of his scam, or "business opportunity" as he calls it.

The way he's doing it is devilishly sly, and had I not had a bad run-in with Primerica (another pyramid scheme), he may well have gotten me.

The subtle product placement - he always has an XS energy drink in plain view, or a bottle of his Perfect drinking water nearby. The Tip/Balance/Twist tests he performed when I questioned the claims of his miracle water. Boasts that he would be a millionaire within a decade. Mysterious meetings that required a suit and tie. Talks about how I could save money on household goods if I bought them from myself.

This all built up to a discussion one day after work, when he talked about an upcoming business meeting he was having with his partners. I asked for more info, but he said it was very secretive and he'd have to talk to his partners first.

The next day he said he'd talked to his partners, and that they thought I'd be a great candidate. Could I come to their next meeting, and did I own a suit?

Recalling my experience with Primerica, I wanted to know more about the business so I could research it a bit, and be able to make informed decisions. I asked what exactly this business was and if he had any literature on it.

In response, I was given a link to WWDB and asked to read testimonials by the Puryear and Duncan families.

Right then and there I knew something was very, very wrong. The whole testimonial was a bunch of feel-good ass kissing, along with these people rubbing their wealth in my face. I don't care how big your yacht is, I want facts and figures about your business. None of these testimonials provided any factual business information.

Frustrated by this secrecy, I Googled WWDB and the Puryears and the Duncans. This led me to Amway, and to countless horror stories of people whose lives have been ruined by it.

After much work, I did find the facts and figures I was searching for. And as I suspected, it was all a sham. These "Diamonds" at the top of the chain live a charade. They barely pull in six figures, most of which is from their tools/speeches (NOT the Amway business plan!). They put themselves in financial peril to fool their cult into thinking they're rich!

And if you're not that fraction of a percent on the top, you are losing money! You are bullied into buying junk you don't need, alienating friends and family, taking on debt, and told that success is right around the corner!!

No thank you. I'll keep my J.O.B. At the end of the day, I know I earned my paycheck and didn't have to sell my soul to get it.

So thank you very much for this blog! Your efforts, as well as the wealth of knowledge here, spared me a lot of pain and heartache. I'm so glad I was able to avoid going down the scAmway path.

When I speak to my boss again regarding his "business opportunity" I will politely say I'm not interested. If he persists, then the gloves come off.




  1. I searched "transformers nutrilite" and your website didn't come up. You're aware that they shoved nutrilite/amway protein powder in that movie, just so ambots can go around talking about it, right? Disgusting.

    1. Oh well. Can't be in the top of the searches all the time hey! Product placement is nothing new in movies and TV shows. Manufacturers pay big bucks to have their product places somewhere in the show. Its part of the advertising budget. No reason why Amway doesn't pay for this advertising too. They pay to advertise themselves on the Orlando arena. Product placement at beauty pageants and TV commercials. Did you ever go to Scamway meetings and the cult leaders brag that Amway doesn't do advertising and instead the advertising money is paid out to the IBO's as part of their commission. LIARS!!!! Ha ha ha. Amway advertising anywhere is disgusting!

    2. Well then, maybe a few more of us need to mention transformers nutrilite to get a few of the potential transformer fans/potential victims to a site that tells the truth about the "opportunity" that Ambots are secretive about.

    3. Its going to get a mention in an upcoming post. Yup Ambots are sure secretive when they brag about being business owners and someone asks them to tell them more about their business. You got to come to a top secret 8pm meeting and wear a business suit.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by. What are all the posts you love?

  3. Well... this has been around for over 50 years in over 80 countries. What have you found, that all these countries with their economists and lawyers have not? (Umm... no insult intended. I am just finding more info.)

    1. Anonymous - this blog is all about making fun of people in Amway and showing them to be the big fucking assholes they are, so what does your comment have to do with people in Amway being fucking assholes?

      In the upper right side of this page are some blogs who deal with the business end of Amway and how Amway breaks the law in many countries and the fines and the pay outs they've done to get out of it. That shit doesn't interest me. Like I said around here we're all about making people in Amway look like the fucking assholes they are and making fun of them.

      Go somewhere else for the analytical stuff. Your best source will be the link titled Pyramid Scheme Alert.


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