Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Too Many Amway Meetings!

Its bad enough on the night of an Amway meeting to actually have to attend one Amway meeting but the horror of horrors is that there are usually several Amway meetings planned for the evening and some ambots have the misfortune of attending all of them. The first is a “pre-meeting” with the Platinum or maybe the Emerald but that’s only if you’ve scheduled an appointment and if the fucker deems you worthy of his attention. Seeing as how ambots all have J.O.B.s no matter how hard they try to bullshit you they’re “business owners” and “own their own business” these appointments would be in the early evening after the Platinum and the ambots are off work for the day, so lets call it this appointment could be between 5pm and 7pm lasting 15 to 30 minutes or longer. This is usually held at a fast food restaurant or a coffee shop where the meddling bastard wants to see a budget, a contact list, or ride everyone’s asses why they weren’t bringing prospects to meetings and lack of customers. If we were “privileged” to have the first appointment we were expected to buy the Platinum a coffee and snack. Even if we weren’t first sometimes the Platinum just turned to Ambot and asked him to get him a burger. No cash exchanged hands and of course Ambot hopped into action because the cult leader had stroked his ego and called him a server. Yeah in more ways than one! Serve me a burger and coke you fucking lowly IBO!

The Amway board plan meeting was either held at a cult leader’s house or someone elses house. They started at 8pm.

I’ve got better things I can be doing at 8pm like some good TV shows are on then. Ambot used to duplicate the assholes in his Amway upline and bitch at me and say “how is watching TV making me any money?” Well at least we weren’t losing any money by staying home and watching TV! Can’t say the same thing about time and money wasted at Amway meetings!

The pompous sack of shit Platinum loves the sound of his own voice. He’d spend the first hour telling the same old bullshit stories mostly about what a wonderful cult leader he is or about something going on in the news. Or doom and gloom predictions with all these businesses closing down. Ranting and raving mostly and often with a good dose of religion thrown in as following the Jim Jones manual for running cult meetings!
Maybe take him an hour or longer to fess up and mention the dreaded A word. He’d use a whiteboard and flash cards to present the Amway business plan. Eat, drink, and duplicate. Find other people and teach them to do the same. Find enough people and you'll be earning $300,000 a year.

The board plan drags on for 3 hours because he keeps getting sidetracked and goes off on various rants usually something an ambot mind perceives to be negative that's happening in the news. The sack of shit loves spreading negativity and scaring his ambots into submission.

I was ready to go home before I even arrived. By 11pm I just want to get the hell out of here. Go home. Go to a bar. Go to McDonalds. Anywhere but listening to the sack of shit!

Then the cult leader finally takes a break. Yay! We can go home. Then horrors! It ain't over yet! Anyone who’s not a “serious business builder” or anyone who brought guests can take them home so that pretty much means everyone stays because nobody can con a prospect sucker into attending and of course everyone in the room wants to get the glowing praise of being a “serious business builder”. The rest of us unfortunate bastards are stuck for round 2 or maybe round 3 if you were unfortunate enough to be part of the pre-meeting bullshit. Sometimes Ambot can catch a ride home with someone else and tells me to go home. Yee haw! I don’t stick around in case Ambot or the cult leader changes their collective brainwashed mind.

I stayed for too many late night teachings. These meetings last another hour or two. Very typical for Amway cult meetings to last well past Midnight. When cult followers are tired its easier to brainwash their minds. Now is when the pompous sack of shit criticizes the way people dress, the car they drive, their haircut, the people they hang out with, etc. Bitch bitch bitch. Mostly he bitches at the group for not sponsoring anyone or bringing prospects to meetings. He'll talk about the movers and shakers in his downline and sing their praises for the rest of the meeting gabbing on about how those are the people going Platinum, going Diamond. Not so far! Including him the fucking loser!

No teaching. No business advice. Lots of rants. That sums up what people are really doing late at night at Amway meetings.

Getting brainwashed!



  1. The meetings are no joke. They are ridiculously long, and I exact your sentiments... there are plenty of other things I would prefer doing at 8pm instead of being at a meeting. That being said, I know a lot of people come here looking for a way to get out of Amway, or to get a loved one out of Amway, and this is what I can tell you. Anna is right about quitting... you just do it cold turkey, and in no particular order... stop listening to cds, stop listening to Kate messages or whatever app they are using to send messages to you and others(make sure to cancel your subscription to it), stop attending meetings, stop any orders that you might have on ditto order, don't buy any tickets for future functions, and make sure to cancel your subscription to World Wide Group, or whatever mentorship/leadership group they have you attached to. When your sponsor, upline, platinum, or anyone involved starts to call you, do not answer the phone. As soon as my husband told me he was walking away from that money pit of a scam, I canceled his WWG membership, and put all known associates of it on the reject list on his phone. Kate was harder because there is no way to actually cancel it on the website. We had to call and cancel. Also, getting your money back for Amway products is not as easy as your upline might have made it seem. We called Amway, and they said they don't give refunds up to 6 months of purchase, which our upline said was the case. We weren't pleased with that, but we are still planning on sending back all of this overpriced non sense. I was never on board with this, and tried for several months to get my husband to understand the money aspect of this, as well as how time consuming, and embarrassing this is. Our marriage was not as cohesive as it is now that he has walked away, and is back to who he really is. This business brought the worst out in both of us. I actually got into screaming matches with him, and that is completely out of character for me. I decided to not bring it up at all. I did everything in my power to pretend that it did not exist and that the money we were losing was money we didn't have anyway. My husband came around on his own, and I am thankful every day that he did. He realized that this is not a legitimate business, and that it is a huge waste of time and money. He very apologetic for what it cost us, but I don't hold it against him, because I am just glad that he saw for himself how shady it is, and that he got out. For those of you with a loved one involved, I hope that they see what a scam this is, and get out before they lose too much money, or for some people, their spouse or significant other. Your upline platinum and above DO make money off of you attending any functions that require you to pay to attend. They lie about that often, but I am letting you know that they for a face make money off of you. They also like to use shady tactics to get prospects to meetings. For example, they won't tell a prospect where a meeting is being held at. Instead, they will have a prospect meet them at a gas station or a public location near the meeting, and have them follow the potential sponsor to the meeting site. The meeting site is typically at the home of someone in your sponsors upline or downline. My advice is that if you really want to learn from successful business people, google people who are successful in business, and learn about what they did. You can also ask people who are involved in business that are local to you and successful, if you can meet with them to essentially pick their brains and learn from them. There is nothing wrong with being involved with business, owning your own legitimate business, or having a successful business mentor to seek guidance from.... but MLM companies are NOT the way to go.... Good Luck!!

    1. HI there Happy! Good comments!

      Every time in the weeks before and after an Amway function I get a spike in visitors who find their way here searching for "how to quit Amway". The steps you listed are right on. Just quit having anything to do with Amway. Unsubscribe from the tool scams and standing orders. Quit listening to brainwashing CD's. Quit going to Scamway meetings. Quit hanging out or answering phone calls from ambots. Just get the hell away from everything Amway.

      Easy? Not so much judging by the searches I get. These are brainwashed ambots used to asking permission for everything. When they talk to the assholes in their Amway upline all they get is "you can't quit now not when success is right around the corner." or "you're about to go really big. I can feel it".

      And yeah getting your money back from Amway when trying to return those useless overpriced shitty products is jumping through hoops. What other companies would call a customer service department or help desk, at Amway its called the I-don't-give-a-shit department or unhelpful desk. You'd think the money being refunded is coming out of those bastards paychecks or something!

      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Going to ONE Amway meeting is too many!

  3. So. My wife had someone try to recruit her, on the premise of "hiring" her for a new business they were starting. And she even met the couple for coffee, where they said their "friend" could better explain the whole thing, and my wife wanted me to come along because she said it just sounded fishy and weird.Our 8pm World Wide Group (I think?) Amway meeting. So we honestly thought "How long could this be?" and made plans for dinner and everything later that night.

    THREE FUCKING HOURS LATER.... they said they would be taking a 15 minute break.

    Anyways. The whole thing was freaky, cult-y, sexist and bizarre.

    The head guy giving the speech received a standing applause as he walked into the room....while my wife and I sat, crossed arms, glaring. And the meeting hadn't even happened yet. We just didn't understand why someone should get applause before he does ANYTHING.

    Most of the first two hours was about how much money you could make and how easy it was. And how he found out through a younger woman who was making lots of money, to which he told us his thoughts was "Man, if a woman can do it, how hard could it be?" Uh... wut?

    Everything was about how you, the man, can take care of your wife so she never ever has to work again, because working is hard and your woman should just spend her days taking care of and popping out babies and getting mani/pedis and make up her self. It was kinda gross. And insulting, because my wife is brilliant.

    So at the end of THREE HOURS of Kens and Barbies being brought up to tell us how their lives were amazing now (testimonials), the wife of the guy who brought us here handed us this black info box (with a diamond on the seal, with the world behind it) and told us to look it over. We were encouraged to do our research and that we'd be expected to have a meeting with the couple once the husband got back into town. And we were told the box was something they'd personally paid for, so they wanted it back once we were done with it.

    As we got to the car, we both just looked at each other asking "What the fuck was that?" She encouraged me to run back inside to drop off the box because if I didn't, we'd have to deal with them again. I told her I didn't want to because I'd have to run back inside where everyone still was, and that sounded awful to me, and I'd rather try to ship it back (which we just did today).

    So finally, the wife of the couple started txting my wife to see when we could meet. This was a week after our meeting, and we'd decided during the meeting that this was just freaky and not for us. So my wife told them we could meet for just a few minutes (which was just to hand off the material), but they were relentless. They kept saying we should come to another meeting (HAH!!) that her husband was giving, and she kept trying to tell them no.

    Finally, she asked me to txt them to play the "bad cop" and say I was denying my wife the chance to do this and thus we weren't interested.

    More in the second comment... because apparently, her txt is super long and makes this post too long to post...

    1. Hi X. Old Amway ambot trick is to put fake job ads up on Craigslist and people think they're applying for a real position only to find out its some scumbag Amway asshole trying to trick people into joining their scam. And yup you've pretty much described every Amway meeting. 3 hours - check. Freaky - check. Cult-y - check. Sexist - check. Bizarre - check. You forgot to mention if you got love bombed by everyone in the room!

      This is good stuff you wrote. Thanks for taking the time. I'm going to copy it onto an upcoming post.

  4. (Part 2)!

    This is a word for word reply I got back.... with my comments in (**)s.

    "Please understand we didn't wake up one morning and say "this is totally for us" either but it works and working for someone else's dreams doesn't or you wouldn't be open to opportunities! (*Um, we have our own dreams, and they don't involve EVER having to go to any more meetings or their freaky "family reunions" they were talking about*) We've got an association of retired, debt-free people who control their time.

    The purpose of this process is to get you more Information on what we actually do and you don't have enough information and answers to make any type of decision. (*Wait, what? We don't have enough information?? You gave us a whole info sheet which clearly states that only 0.3% of all of your IBOs make that 60k a year you promise, and the 150k a year goes down to like, 0.018% or whatever.... oh, and you're CRAZY*) Also, we wouldn't extend an offer to you unless we felt comfortable it was a good fit, only looking for "a" players. (*I know they met my wife, and she's super smart and amazing, but how am I an "a" list player?? They never met me! I'm probably B-Roll at best!*)

    This isn't to offend you in any way, but what we do find with people with your current mindset is two things...

    1. You didn't read the book or listen the CDs which we gave you to start to understand what we the potential is and what it can do for your family through extra time and money. (*We read enough to know we're not likely to ever make any money off this, based on your OWN STATS...but whatever*)

    2. You listened to a friend-family member who knew of a friend who wasn't successful or tried to research from the internet (Google- bathroom wall of society) (*I think they mean news articles and FCC fines and other forms of factual reporting?*) from an ignorant source (ie. blog) (*I think this is a jab at YOU*) instead of looking at the Better Business Bureau which gives us an a+ rating in 2013 or the actual source. (*Which my wife found out you can buy....*)

    Call us please to arrange a time to continue the conversation...."

    She encouraged us to do research, which we did, and now she's mad because we didn't do the RIGHT research?!

    If your mission statement was to save people from this cult, you helped in a way. We actually read this blog post on our way as we sped away from the hotel it was held at.

    Never again!

    1. You made the wise decision to run FAR AWAY from this destructive (to family/finances) cult. It's hilarious that they pretend that they are looking for the "best and the brightest" when, in truth, as long as you have money and can fog a mirror they'll take you. The whole essence of "success" in Amway is based upon recruitment. The products are generic at best and unbelievably overpriced. So most sales are spotty to family who make pity purchases then avoid the hell out of you, so the rest you buy for stacking in your closets and garage to make your upline lovebomb you with praise by meeting your "quota" and your "bonus" check is a tiny fraction of what you spent buying products you wouldn't have in that quantity and at much better prices elsewhere. That is where an Ambot LOSES money even before all the "tools" and meetings. But they'll tell you it's negative to compare your money put into it and what you get back.
      You can see by their desperation in grasping tightly around the ankles of any potential victim how difficult it is to find suckers to recruit. They draw circles of potential downlines and legs, never bringing up the teeny tiny issue of how fucking hard it is to not only FIND new recruits, but to KEEP them when they realize they aren't making money, and then trying to "motivate" them with the brainwashing CD's, meetings, seminars, etc. to keep on doing it with "success just around the corner". And as you noticed, those things don't give sales information, accounting information, or any other information you would find in training courses for REAL businesses. All Amway does is talk of "dreams", pictures of mansions and vacations and being "fired up" and bumper sticker cliched slogans to hide the fact that you are losing money and your chances of ever making money is next to zero. They don't tell you that the diamonds they trot out didn't make THEIR money from selling the products, they made it from recruiting people into the pyramid to siphon money from by selling them the very motivational "tools" they claim holds the key to "success". They got their money because 99% of the others are LOSING theirs. It's not a business where everyone makes money. It would be impossible with how it is set up. I laugh when they call a real business a pyramid just because the flow chart of power looks like one. The reason a real business isn't a pyramid is because even those on the very bottom of the chart MAKE money. In Amway, everyone except those at the tippy top of the pyramid LOSE money. That's how it works.

      Again, congratulations on dodging a bullet.

    2. Hi X. At least you looked at the Amway literature that shows in the small print only a fraction of 1% of IBO's make money. And they only make money based on the hard work of the people in their downline and their slave labor.

      If you still have that text you should call Amway. You'll get their help desk, aka the I-don't-give-a-shit department. Its a violation of the IBO rules, terms of contract or whatever to brag about any imagined BBB rating. We've discussed this here before. Any company that pays the annual BBB fee and responds to complaints forwarded by the BBB within their deadline can have the A+ rating. Doesn't mean that the BBB endorses them or anything. Just that the company paid their membership fee and can answer complaints in time. Tell that to the person in Amway's I-don't-give-a-shit department and say you'd like to file a complaint because you understand that's a violation. They might actually give you an email to forward it on to, but mostly you'll just piss off the I-don't-give-a-shit department because now you've just given them some work to do and they have to take their feet off their desk and get to it. But its worth a try. Make you feel better for those assholes wasting your time and faking your wife out with a phony job offer.

      Yup this blog is here to help others stuck in a relationship with an ambot and to warn others what life will be like inside the Amway cult. Hopefully we can convince others not to get involved with this scam.

    3. Hi Anonymous - thanks for stopping by with your comments. Yup stockpiling Amway shit in the house is part of being in this cult. And drawing endless circles of how rich you'll be thanks to Amway if you can find 6 people who will buy Amway products and if they can find 6 people, etc etc. Good luck finding even one person!


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