Monday, August 4, 2014

Amway Ambots Love Trading Business Cards!

When we were in Amway the assholes in our upline told us that now we were “business owners” to figure out a business name to call the company. To hell with going through any proper measures to legally register the business name just in case someone else has already legally registered it. Just choose a name and use it. And then because you “own your own business” you can give yourself any title that you choose.

Then the ambots are told to make up business cards to pass out to potential prospects and customers so they’d run out and buy business card sheets so they could make up their own cards on their computer. Mostly ambots passed out these business cards among themselves because nobody else wanted them and they would all ooohhh and aaaahhhh with all the fakey nicey nice over the top compliments. I saw more fucked up pieces of shitty pretend businesses on these cards than you could imagine.

Like any nightmare I don’t remember any phony ass business names that ambots chose for their phony business but some of the titles I remember. And the business cards looked like shit. The home made jobs where you use some clip art program on your computer to put a beach or mansion or sports car or sacks of money on the business card. I don’t remember anyone using Amway logo but I do remember some of them using pictures of Amway products which is probably a violation of Amway’s policy but ambots don’t give a flying fuck about those kind of details.

So I’d get passed these business cards that would read something like:


My Fucked Up Phony Ass Amway Business

Asshole Ambot

President and CEO of Bullshit



The titles were all over the place: president, CEO, manager, vice president of operations – those vice president titles would be on the wife’s business cards! That’s how it is in Amway. The wives are always second. Oh what the fuck am I thinking! Wives are way further down than second!

That’s part of running a phony business with a phony business name. You can give yourself a phony business title to make you look all big and important.

What are better titles that should be on Amway Ambot business cards? Or at least more honest titles:

Fucking Asshole



Sack Of Shit

Dumb Fuck

Phony Bastard


Troublemaking Bastard

Head Bullshitter

Miserable Son Of a Bitch

Ass Kisser


Negative Bastard

Angry Piece of Shit

Sneering Snide Son of A Bitch


These ambots sit around at work all day dreaming of how rich they’re going to be thanks to Amway and how they own their own business and how that makes them better than everyone else they work with and they got the business cards to prove it.

Putting on a business suit, pretending how busy you are on your cell phone, and playing 8pm warrior going to Amway meetings, and passing out phony ass business cards with fake names and titles does not make you a real business owner.




  1. Most people n Amway or any multilevel deal only sponsor 0-3 distributors ever. Also people don't ever sign up any retail customers. Maybe the only exception was Avon. There's no need for websites, designer suits,business cards,meetings, etc. If they take any real business course it usually talks about learning how to save money not waste it on bs

    1. Sponsor as many as 3 people! Amway Ambot wish come true! I think you were being too kind with that high number. Most ambots its probably sponsor 0. Avon's another story because they sell good quality products for excellent prices, and they often put on sales, many times cheaper than what a similar cosmetic item can be purchased at in the drugstore. A claim that Amway will never be able to make! HA HA HA!!!! Avon doesn't have a tool scam like Amway. That's where ambots lose a lot of money each month. And really why the designer suits in Amway? When it comes to Avon I could hardly care less if the lady who sells me products is wearing shorts and a T. No need to dress up. Unless you're an Amway ambot playing dress up phony ass business person is part of the fake image they gotta get across! LOL!!!

  2. I go on Instagram to look at wwdb. Can tell people don't sponsor jack shit. Also they look flat broke in their pics. The best pics are the ones of overpriced tools and shitty products. Their friends look at their page and laugh at them

    1. Amway ambots are used to having everyone laugh at them!

  3. The most laughable business cards I've ever seen were from people in Amway. A monkey could do a better job.

    1. A monkey could do just about anything better than an Amway ambot!

  4. Anna....You fuckers need to stop!!!! . I can't stop laughing. My stomach hurts!!!!! Feels like I did two hundred sit ups. AND I'm gonna wake up the whole family.

    1. Glad you're enjoying the entertainment Ambot Dick

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    1. John would you like some eggs with your spam?


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