Thursday, August 7, 2014

Amway The Scamster Company

Remember how Amway ambots strategically place Amway products or use them in hopes that others will ask about it and maybe want to buy it.

Prospect notices Ambot drinking Perfect Water and gloating about how this is the best water he’s ever tasted and how he buys it from his own company.

Prospect: Hey how much does that Perfect Water cost?

Ambot: $2 a bottle

Prospect: OK I’ll buy one and try it out.

Ambot: oh we don’t sell them singularly you got to buy a case. $50 please.

Prospect: are you shitting me? $50 for a case of water? Go fuck yourself.


Thanks to john doe for letting us that nothing has changed in Amway since the 90’s.


In the early ninety's I was introduced to the scamster company by my boss.


He kept spraying the Glister spray in his mouth in front of all the employees. Sooner or later someone asks "hey, what you got there?" He tells us "I bought it from my own company."


Little did we know that was the first lie we got hit with. Here he comes again with "hey, if you want to be financially free, I'm having a meeting over at my place." Second lie. We were told to not call the company amway, but rather "the umbrella corporation" and if asked to say that we do sell some amway products. Third lie. Went to a few meetings, a seminar to meet the Diamonds and a few other money wasting events.


Heck, I even went "dream building" where your upline takes you around to look at rich houses and fancy cars.


Two things that broke me from the hypnotic spell of amway. 1. The seminar/conventions speakers. They sit up there and brag about all the stuff they bought, where they went hunting, all kinds of useless information. At the end of praising himself he threw up a few circles, wrote Amway in big letters, and he was done talking. I was pissed. 2. I couldn't afford their products anymore. Back then they highly suggest you spend $150 per month on amway products. The problem was....$150 didn't get you much stuff, so we had to go to Wal Mart to get the rest of the household items we needed.


We eventually stopped buying the amway products completely and started paying off all the debt we created with amway. Concentrated or not concentrated, their products are just way too overpriced.




  1. The first time I heard of perfect water was six yrs ago. I visited the critic boards but didn't hear about this product. Then the woman at a Starbucks says she was with so and so international and alarm bells went on. Excused myself to go to the washroom and googled perfect water. Then I acted all interested to mess with her. Few coffee sit downs and I started to show her what I knew. Bunch of critic sites and tool scam. She couldn't debate but told me I'm a loser. Said that I'm retired with not much life but hanging out at a coffee shop lol. I told her I go there for free WiFi. Of course most ambots think being frugal with money is a bad thing. She didn't think much of my trips to Asia either.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Yeah people in Amway put down others who are living a lifestyle they only wish they had. You're travelling the world and that Ambot is stuck working in a coffee shop. Not that there's anything wrong with working at Starbucks, its just the Ambot philosophy that all J.O.B. s are evil and they sneer at people who work for others because they're business owners and in a couple of years they'll be sitting back on Peter Island while gazillions of dollars roll in each month. Nothing wrong with scouting out places for free Wifi. The rest of the world according to an Amway Ambot are losers. They're too stuck up and arrogant to figure out the only losers are the ones who worship the Great Amway God.

    2. When a Ambot say they are with bww,wwdb,or some made up company. People take one min to find out online. Then we think its a bogus madeup company or Amway. Its not like 20+ yrs ago where we fall for their nonsense sales pitch. There's nothing wrong with using free WiFi. This girl thought I should pay for home high-speed internet. Doesn't understand the value of money yet

    3. HI Anonymous - the Internet is why people in Amway are so much more desperate today than 20 years ago. It doesn't take long for people to do a search and find Amway and scam attached to whatever cult sect they're looking up. At Amway meetings the cult leader is always telling the followers to stay off the Internet and that its the bathroom wall and you can't believe anything you read on the Internet about Amway because its all written by losers and quitters and people who didn't try hard enough. Why don't they concentrate more on Amway's literature the small print that only a tiny fraction of 1% of IBO's will make money. Why the girl would really care if you came in to use the free Wifi or not I'm guessing you bought something to eat or drink while you were there and she made a sale. Offering free Wifi is not much different than offering a restroom. Both are for their customer's convenience. Maybe she still lives at home and her parents are paying the bills so she won't understand the value of money until she moves out on her own and has her own bills to pay and then looks for ways to save money.

    4. Of course she compares my retirement to her upline diamond or crown. Where she sees this video of some crazy lifestyle of jets,10+ luxury cars,mega million dollar homes etc. Never occurred to her thede toys maybe rented just for videos or show. Just look at Greg Duncan where he tried to live this way and is bankrupted. Some of these lifestyles they Dee aren't sustainable

    5. Nothing logical that makes sense occurs to Amway ambots. That's why their cult leaders brainwash them not to believe anything from outside Amway sources.

  2. TJ investments DBA Amway of LakemoorAugust 11, 2014 at 12:40 PM

    That guy is stupid for trying to sell the whole case. That's what retail is. They only want one bottle? Sell it to them for $2.50. You'll make $25 off of a case. Don't mix up one idiot with all of amway

    1. We don't need much more proof that ambots are stupid!

    2. The local drug store sells a oxygenated water from some mountain for 99cents a litre. Can't believe the Amway crap water is so pricey

    3. Just about everywhere sells cheaper products than Amway! Can you believe $50 for a case of bottled water. Ambots justify it that its Amway holy water and can do miracles. Send in Jim Jones!

  3. I guess amway never learned anything from companies like Walmart. Where Walmart has some deals where they make next to nothing. Just to entice shoppers to go into their store to shop. I've never seen any Amway products where u can say its a decent deal. So you'd actually take a look at other products Amway has

    1. Hi Anonymous. Different mottos.

      Walmart: Save Money, Live Better

      Amway: Lose Money, Live Worse

      Walmart sales depends on real customers and as you said offers decent deals to entice them in.

      Amway sales are driven by Ambots. Less than 5% of Amway's sales are to customers who are not registered IBO's. Keep them brainwashed in the cult long enough so they'll keep buying and then they'll find new cult members. Amway can keep its prices up, no deals, because they don't make sales to normal customers. They depend on their cult leaders to bully the followers into buy, buy, buy and push those credit cards to the limit.


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