Monday, August 25, 2014

Who Wants To Listen To A Screeching Amway Ambot?

I’m sure there are many wives, family and friends of ambots out there who hated listening to the dreaded Amway tapes or CD’s that were purchased weekly. Invest in your Amway business demand the fucking Amway cult leaders when what they really mean is invest in our tool scam and make us Amway cult leaders richer.

These tapes and CD’s the Amway upline said were crucial to building your business! “If you’re serious about building your business you must buy the tapes!” That was the broken record recording from the Amway cult leader.

Not a single one of those CD’s offered any solid business advice. Mostly they’re what could loosely be termed motivational or more correctly “see how I overcame life’s obstacles to become successful at Amway”. These bastards all have the same story told slightly differently. The wife works at McDonald’s. The husband works on a pig farm shovelling shit. Their meager incomes barely cover their monthly living expenses. Then a very dear friend showed them the Amway plan. They had to scrape money together to make it to the Amway functions. And how come every one of them had to borrow $20 from a relative to put gas in the car’s tank to drive to a function? And now look at them. They worked hard abusing their downline and now they have a mansion and fancy cars and walk the beaches of the world.

Its bad enough listening to this shit. But get this. Ambot cranked the stereo. Now it became like one of those fire and brimstone sermons southern revival meeting held underneath a big tent that I’ve seen in the movies where the preacher is screaming at the congregation at the top of his lungs so that they can find salvation.

Play any one of those Amway tapes or CD’s with the stereo cranked and you get the same results: ARE YOU CORE? WHY NOT????? ARE YOU TAKING DOUBLE X EVERY DAY? DO YOU KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU IF YOU DON’T TAKE NUTRILITE VITAMINS? YOUR BODY WILL SHUT DOWN AND DIE!!!!!

Oh my God. I hated those tapes! All those fucking Amway assholes screeching at the top of their lungs. What was even worse was sometimes we’d be driving friends or family somewhere and Ambot would blast the stereo. Very rude! How are we supposed to have a conversation with our guests with some Amway asshole on a CD screaming: DON’T DRESS LIKE A SLUT FOR BUSINESS MEETINGS!!!!!!!!!

Its bad enough listening to that shit at normal volume but cranked as high as the car stereo will go? Ohhhh. Shudders. The horror of it.

Then there are the stacks of CD’s that were never opened and listened to. We were always told that our sponsor and/or upline would take them back and refund our money. Nope, that was another lie. When Ambot got out he asked his sponsor Captain Fuck Up to take the unopened CD’s back and refund his money. Captain Fuck Up refused stating he was broke and had no money to refund him. Well of course he’s broke – he’s in Amway! Ambot went further upline and finally got someone who offered ten cents apiece. Well yeah even at ten cents that’s too much money for that shit but Ambot bought them for $2 to $5 apiece mostly on the higher end $5 there weren’t too many that were cheaper than that but there were some and that money was paid to Captain Fuck Up who didn’t always give him the CD’s he’d purchased because he’s a disorganized asshole and couldn’t find them.

To this day every now and then I come across an Amway CD that got stuck inbetween books or real CD’s of singers we like or crammed at the back of a cupboard and when I pull something out this piece of shit Amway CD falls out and promptly gets a one way trip to the trash can.

Yep we’re just a couple more suckers who got ripped off in more ways than one being in the Amway business.

Yup its time to send out another big old FUCK YOU to Amway!




  1.'m just going to drop this here.

    1. I can't take an article with so many spelling and wrongly-constructed sentences seriously.

      Step 1: Read books... since many of the books were actually written by people who had nothing to do with Amway in the first place, I guess the content could be valuable. Still, buy them from Amazon, WAY less expensive there than from your upline ;).

      Step 2: Tapes (or CDs nowadays). Mere recording of the functions and meetings. Search a little online and maybe you'll find them for free somewhere.

      Step 3: Functions and meetings... Why attend when you could just listen to the tapes? Less expensive and WAY less boring since you can just skip parts you don't like on a CD. Also, with a bit of searching, I'm sure you could find these things online or on Ebay for a fraction of the price your upline's gonna charge you.

      Step 4: Show the plan... This is the killer step because it depends entirely on something you have absolutely no control over: the others. Sure, make that list of names, but once you're through, then what? Hang out at McDonalds on a saturday afternoon hoping to find a stranger willing to listen?

      Step 5: Use the products... Amway products are all overly expensive and average-quality at best. Use them if you want, but you can easily find better deals elsewhere.

      Step 6: Generate sales... Same thing as step 5. Who's going to buy overly-expensive, average-quality products?

      Step 7: Be teachable... Make that be gullible as it basically means following whatever your upline's telling you to do. Always being willing to learn is extremely important in real life... but swallowing everything your upline tells you is counter-productive at best and highly detrimental at worst.

      Step 8: Being accountable is an overall nice skill to have... that can be WAY better used in dozens of other areas of life not related to network marketing.

      Step 9: Communication... Transparency, communication... all important parts of a healthy business. Sadly, network marketing is not a business but a disease... so it's useless to have that there.

      So there you have it. My "Anti-9 core steps for the BWW system".


    2. Hi Nick - out of the first 5 steps 3 of them are buying Amway tools - got to invest in that tool scam. Also in the top 5 is buy overpriced shitty Amway products. The other one in the first 5 says to show the Amway plan to 5 people every week. Yeah good luck with that. An ambot has to spend hours begging and pleading with just one person to show them the plan. There aren't enough hours in a week to beg and plead with 5 people to show the plan too!

    3. Osuwariboy - good break down of Core. It doesn't matter which Amway cult sect they all have the same Core. Some of them are impossible to accomplish like finding at least 5 suckers a week to listen to the Amway pyramid scheme or generating sales. Same problem no one wants nothing to do with Amway and their shitty overpriced products. The rest of the stuff the Ambot can do on their own depends how much money they have in their bank account or how many credit cards they have. The others are subjective. What one person thinks as teachable someone else might disagree, same with the other things. Ambot can say he's doing all these things and the upline will say no. Or not doing it right or whatever to blame the ambot not making money.

  2. Went to several functions, thankfully never signed up. One of the speakers at a private residence saying to a potential downline that we should be going through one of these a day, and he himself manages to do 2 to 3 a day. From the get-go, I had a feeling the tapes and CDs would be as useless as the intro meetings, but worse where you'd have to pay for them.

    I've asked and they said the motivational tapes and CDs weren't required, but I'm sure they'll change their tune once they get more hooks into you. If I were more ambitious, I'd F@#$ with them and say I don't need to buy any of them. An ambot from another group had them on MP3 format and did me a solid by sending them all over to me :p If upline asks who and to get them, I'll just regurgitate the same bs and say I can't share the name nor give you copies. At least the reaction would make for some decent entertainment.

    1. ackmondual - probably the best business decision you'll ever make is not signing up to Amway's pyramid scheme. And you saw right through the tapes and CD's - totally useless just like everything else Amway. If you're an ambot who doesn't buy into the Amway tool scam you'll be publicly ridiculed by the cult leaders at Amway meetings. The Amway literature says that ambots are not required to buy into the Amway tool scam and their cult leaders are supposed to help you but at every Scamway meeting I went to the Amway cult leaders made it very clear they wouldn't have anything to do with disobedient little ambots who didn't buy into the Amway tool scam and make their cult leaders rich. Yeah if there was any money to actually be made in it I'm sure ambots would make MP3 formats of the recordings and sell them and make their own money bypassing the Amway bigwig cult leaders. But ultimately there's such a small market to sell that shit. They'd be better off going to rock concerts and recording them to sell on the black market.

    2. Yes, they officially say the tools are not mandatory, but once they hook a victim they put the pressure on them to buy them saying they will only work with those who "invest in their business", meaning buying the useless brainwashing tools, which is how they really make their money (along with the brainwashing meetings and phony rah-rah functions).

    3. Strangely I downloaded many free wwdb audio last week. I wanted to see what's new and hear their online new diamond in six years dean Whalen speak. Ended up deleting the audio cause it really fucks up the mind. Hard to explain how and why. Can see how ibos listening to that shit may take years to leave.

    4. Anonymous - I see you have now figured out the error of your ways! LOL! Those tapes do fuck with your mind which is what the Amway cult leaders want - to brainwash you! Are you sure you don't need to see someone who specializes in deprogramming cult members?! LOL! Do not listen to any Scamway audio recording. As you figured out this brainwashing shit can take years before a person returns to normal.


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