Tuesday, August 26, 2014

WWDB Amway Free Enterprise Days FED 2014

Its time for another feature in the horror gallery and that means Amway has another major function coming up. World Wide Dream Builders is holding Free Enterprise Days FED 2014 in Irvine California September 26 – 28 2014, Portland Oregon October 3 – 5 2014, Denver Colorado October 10 – 12 2014, and Edmonton Alberta October 17 – 19 2014. Look what they’ve done. No overlapping dates. The Amway cult leaders are probably whipping the ambots asses to attend all 4 FED’s.

So what’s the agenda? As usual on Friday night there will be a recognition of the people in our armed forces. Now this isn’t such a bad thing and these courageous men and women who serve our country deserve to be recognized and thanked. But at an Amway cult meeting? Yup now it turns into the creepy factor. And then some patriot ambot Rick Green will inspire the cult followers. This goes on for a few hours and wraps up around 11pm. But don’t think you’re getting off easy and going back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep. NIGHT OWL!!!! Yup get the ambots sleep deprived all the better to brainwash them and get them to agree to anything. The Amway cult leader chant: You will buy lots and lots of Amway products and Amway tools.

And speaking of tools that’s what Saturday’s Amway cult meeting is all about – get the necessary tools! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!! Diamond cult leaders will talk about how they found success in Amway. I’ll give the short version. She was working as a waitress in a fast food joint. He was working for a porta potty company cleaning the shithouses. Then a dear friend introduced them to Amway. Seeing as how they excel at being liars and scammers and abusing people in their downline they finally found their calling and watch this slide show that proves how rich they are. Or at least rich enough to hire a film crew and rent props from a high end car dealer. A bunch of these lowlife Ken and Barbie Ambots will march across the stage with slightly different stories. Ambot Ken does most of the talking while Ambot Barbie sits in a chair behind him on the stage and stares him down. Meanwhile brainwashed ambots jump out of their seats and rush the stage and pound on it and chant Amway slogans until the arena’s security makes them go back to their seats. In a brainwashed Amway ambot’s mind arena security = dreamstealers!

On Sunday there will be more of the same except this year they apparently are going to try something new and teach Amway ambots how to reach their goals in their pretend business. Mostly that runs along the lines of what is taught at the Night Owls. Buy more Amway products and buy more Amway tools.

What a waste of time and money!

Don’t know how much it costs because World Wide Destructive Bastards is keeping this information top secret. It used to cost $125. That’s pretty good profit for the cult leaders speaking to the brainwashed ambots. Could be a few bucks higher now. Usually some pissed off woman who’s married to an ambot will show up here with the exact cost. Actually I think last year someone dropped by to say it was $130 to buy a ticket to go inside the building and worship the Great Amway God.

So lets get in some keywords to draw the Amway ambots to this blog so they can find out the truth about what its really like wasting time and money in the Amway scam. Some Amway ambots are so fucked up brainwashed they don’t even know what year it is or else they think they have the power to turn back time or time travel ahead so I put in last year and next year too.

WWDB Amway Free Enterprise Days FED 2014

WWDB Free Enterprise Days FED 2014

Amway Free Enterprise Days FED 2014

World Wide Dream Builders Amway Free Enterprise Days FED 2014

World Wide Dream Builders Free Enterprise Days FED 2014

WWDB Amway Free Enterprise Days FED 2013

WWDB Free Enterprise Days FED 2013

Amway Free Enterprise Days FED 2013

World Wide Dream Builders Amway Free Enterprise Days FED 2013

World Wide Dream Builders Free Enterprise Days FED 2013

WWDB Amway Free Enterprise Days FED 2015

WWDB Free Enterprise Days FED 2015

Amway Free Enterprise Days FED 2015

World Wide Dream Builders Amway Free Enterprise Days FED 2015

World Wide Dream Builders Free Enterprise Days FED 2015

World Wide Dream Builders WWDB SUCKS!!!!

Amway sucks!!!!

Free Enterprise Days SUCKS!!!!

All Amway WWDB functions suck!!!!!



  1. Just wondering if you actually took the time to creat over a thousand patents and products, stand up against nay sayers like this site here, go through the time it takes to help people go into business for themselves while telling them they can do it and helping them over come the haters, do sales house to house while having the door slamed in your face or people look down on you for trying to let them know they can work for themselves and still get up every day put a smile on and greet others? Or do you get up and go to work for some one els? Just asking. Not sure if you know this but the business ownwers you work for any company owner does what AMWAY does, it's called Network Marketing and that is how a business grows people Network and Market thier business and then they Market their Network. What they don't do is give up.

    1. Anonymous - at least people who get up and go to work for someone else probably aren't paying their employer hundreds of dollars a month for the privilege of working there and earning a tiny commission check each month. Most employers don't make their employees pay for training sessions? Can Amway make that claim? Nope. But what else do you expect from a shitty employer?

    2. Yes their products have parents. But so what? The products are impossible to retail and distributors end up buying the overpriced product. You don't own any business. It's part of your uplines business. They tell u how to dress,what tools to buy,meetings,etc. You can't even make a major purchase or have children without counseling with upline.

    3. You're right Anonymous. If Amway actually had products that were any good and were competitive in the marketplace they'd be for sale everywhere instead of sold exclusively to suckers that sign up to their exclusive buying club. Counselling with the assholes in the Amway upline is the biggest bunch of bullshit of belonging to the Amway cult. Let's just send out another FUCK YOU to the Amway assholes who control their downline's lives when it comes to their private household decisions!

    4. If a patented product was sold through Mlm or Amway. Only way to buy is through a distributor or becoming one. I'd have no problems forking over lots of $. But I haven't seen any patented products in Mlm worth paying extra. They can say nutrilite or XS but I don't see lineups or demand for these. Wwdb north america would have more than one new diamond in six yrs. If the products where all that great or not overpriced.

    5. Amway doesn't sell anything that's worth paying extra money for. I doubt any MLM does. If those products were so wonderful former ambots would still be buying them when they quit.

    6. I worked many years as a programmer for AT&T. Yes I worked for someone but I didn't have to buy computer programs I had written in order to get back a tiny percentage of that $$$ as my salary. That's equivalent of the AMWAY work for yourself model (to the original poster of this thread). But stay with it - it's your nickels - give them away all you like!

    7. Those Amway ambots give their money away faster than the assholes in their upline can say "tool scam!"

    8. Hey Anonymouse @August 27, 2014 at 1:46 AM said
      "...help people go into business for themselves..."

      Ambots own their own business? Ha ha ha. The hamster wheel is owned by those scamsters from Ada MI. Proof? Well the legal deed of the wheel is in their name ain't it? Everybody else who has an IBO number is just a hamster in an expensive buying club. Your IBO number is proof of your positional placement in the club, it ain't a legally recognized ownership instrument to nuthin. Your ambot number can be terminated, so much for "owning your own business!"

      All ambots are customers to the ham-wheel, the wheel owner determines the prods, the prices, the rebate oh...excuse me the commission to ambot...I mean the residual check etc. Would like to say wake up from the stupor but I guess that's pointless to you because you have a dream and if the dream is big enough the facts don't count.

      And BTW there goes the most prostituted word in MLM scamworld - help.

    9. Yup you said it ExAmbot. I don't know of any Amway ambots out there who have a business license for their phony ass Amway "business". You don't need one when you're a commissioned salesperson.

    10. I just want to say I am ibo, I was wondering if you were partnered with World Wide Dream Builders. I do have a business license. I would just like to say that your upline want to make sure your out of debt with out you going broke again. They help your financial part of your life.

    11. Anonymous - how much did your city business license cost you? You're the first Amway ambot I've heard of who went out and got one.

      And bullshit about your Amway upline wanting to "help" you get out of debt and your finances under control. They might tell you that, the lying little bastards. And they'll tell you to do fucking stupid things like sell your house and use the equity to pay off your debt and become a renter and that frees up your credit cards to load them up buying more shitty overpriced Amway products. Sell your nice car and but a piece of shit clunker and use the money left over to buy more shitty overpriced Amway products and invest in the tool scam.

      If you want good financial advice, go into your bank and speak to a financial advisor. This is a free service they offer their customers. Show them your Amway business plan, your profit & loss statements, your projected income analysis and ask about getting a business loan. If you're lucky you won't get laughed at and if you're even luckier they'll give you honest financial advice. Unlike the assholes in your Amway upline who give you advice on buying Amway products so they can make commission on your hard work.

      Speak to a financial advisor who has no ties to Amway and get real financial advise for your future. One that doesn't include stockpiling laundry soap in your spare room.

  2. I'm sure if I took the time its possible to find the feds free online. For 130 I can buy lots of groceries and food. Gotta be brainwashed to think the tools is non profit. In the early 90s I made a big stink on 75.00 for a major function. Saying what a ripoff and cost more than a Madonna concert.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Yeah you can buy a lot of groceries or go to a rock concert for the same amount that Amway is ripping you off for to attend some jackass function.

  3. Clearly you are just bitter you gave up in your life and now you are trash talking Amway. First off all Amway is partners with huge franchises like Apple, target, Sears, home depot, Guess etc. ANYYHING you buy through these stores they give you an opportunity to buy through your own store and get money back. If this was a "cult" or a "scam" I highly doubt all of these big name coorporations would be on board. I have only been in Amway for 3 months and I have already made 15k and I have only sold products to myself. How did I make money? By helping other people build their dreams and do the same. I am attending this function coming up and my mentor gave me a free ticket and free hotel accommodations. I am not paying a single penny to attend. Why? Because the people in this business genuinely want everyone to achieve and become successful. There is no "cult" no "product pushing". They offer mentorship programs at NO COST so how is it a scam to work on self improvement? The whole point of Amway is to change the way you think. For every 3$ you spend, you roughly get 1$ back, and owning your own store you can buy products at wholesale. So while YOU are going to target to buy toothpaste for $3.50 and walk out with ONLY your toothpaste. I am buying the SAME BRAND through my own store, paying only $2.00 AND getting .75 cents back. So I am only paying $1.25 while you are paying $3.50. Oh yea... Major cult if you ask me.

    1. And clearly you're another lying scamming fucking Amway asshole.

      This blog is all about making people in Amway look like assholes and sometimes you ambots show up here and do a good job of it without our help.

      Amway: the cult of greed. Where over the top obsession about lying about your Amway income rules and where over the top obsession about how the rest of the world not in the Amway cult is poor.

      Didn't the fucking assholes in your Amway upline tell you not to leave comments on blogs like this and drive up our ranks in the search engines? Thanks for that by the way. We take all the help we get when it comes to increasing traffic here!

    2. Ah, he's been in a whole 3 months! Well, hot dang, he knows EVERYTHING there is to know about business ownership.

      Hey, Tiger, when you decide Amway aint' for you, what will you have to sell? A building? Property? Inventory? Oops, you will have, that's right, NOTHING to sell b/c you own nothing now. I actually own my own business and Amway can't terminate my contract - in fact, no one can, b/c I actually own it and the property with it.

      Sheesh, these kids nowadays.

      Cassette Tape

    3. Hi Cassette Tape. I don't know why these little Amway bastards show up and prove that Ambots are liars. You'd think he could go big like that triple executive Diamond Theo! LOL!

      So they show up here with their lies and think readers are going to say Wow $15,000 in 3 months. Maybe I should get back into the Amway cult and the lying little Amway asshole thinks this is a good place to recruit prospects....

  4. How does one make 15k over three months - especially the first three months??? We were rubies with two 7500 legs and we made 2-3k a month. So he must really have built a business super fast (like emerald/diamond level) 5k a month times 12 months = 60k/year. The average income for an ibo is something like 200/month.

    1. Anonymous - you're correct. But there's no sense in trying to show logic to a brainwashed Amway ambot. Its those antics and being a lying little bullshitter that gives Amway a bad name.

      I'd say an average IBO has a chance of making $200/month the first 3 months they're in Amway and that's if they complete Amway University and all the other criteria that goes along with Fast Track to earn that bonus - what is it $150? $50/month? Add that to getting pity purchases from family and friends for the first few months to get some commission. After spending $40 on a box of laundry soap - once - a family/friend is going to say to hell with it. I can buy the same size, better quality soap at the store for less than $10. Same with just about every Amway product out there. They might pay the overinflated prices because they've been lied to about the "high quality" but they figure out real fast they got ripped off and aren't going to buy anything more from the ambot again. Unless they're an enabler.

      And then the Amway income goes downhill.....

  5. Nice job Anna, capitalizing on all the negative BS and ignorance of the general public. The truth is if it weren't for selfish scumbags like you praying on peoples fears the Amway business would be a hell of a lot easier to succeed at. I won't bother with facts since you obviously ignore those and make up your own. Just saying, why don't you go do something productive and stop feeding on innocent victims. I can't wait to see all the BS you through at this comment. Your pathetic.

    1. Anonymous - like every other brainwashed Amway asshole that shows up here you are really fucked in the head. Look at the Amway literature that you hand out to any prospects if you get past the getting laughed at stage by whatever prospect you've admitted to that you're in the Amway cult. Look at the compensation Amway says you can earn. Then look down at the small print. Amway says only a tiny fraction of 1% of IBO's will earn money. That's over 99% failure rate. That's Amway's figures not mine. This is not a system designed for people to succeed at you dumb fuck! Is your employer lying when they printed that teensy percentage on their sales literature?

      You think that people who have attended Amway meetings and know exactly what goes on aren't telling the facts online? Why on earth would we not talk about Amway the way we saw and heard it? So many people online sharing the same stories - lost money, got abused by the fucking assholes in their Amway upline, etc, etc. You think all these people with similar stories about the financial and emotional losses Amway brought to their lives are doing this because they get financially compensated? Well I guess I could see how a dumb fuck Amway ambot might think that but no, we don't get financially compensated for sharing our true stores. We do it so we can help others avoid making the same mistake and also losing their money and their brain cells.

      You've got some fucking nerve saying we play on people's fears when what we're quoting is what we heard from fucking Amway assholes. You know what we heard in Amway meetings? The fucking Amway upline telling us the way to "get" people is to play on their fears so of course you would show up here and quote some Amspeak, twisted to suit your purpose. Those fucking Amway assholes in our Amway upline said you have to scare people about the stability of their job, the economy, their house, their investments, etc etc etc you have to put fear in them and then tell them the only thing out there is Amway because in 2 years you'll be making gazillions of dollars in residual income from Amway every month BULLSHIT!!!!

      I suppose you're the type of motherfucker if you read something I wrote about a ride that used to be at Disneyland that no longer operates but did at one time, you'd accuse me of ignoring the facts.

      Innocent victims? That's what you fucking Amway assholes target. This blog and others like it are to stop more people from becoming victims to the Amway scam.

      I'm sure you'll get what you deserve from Amway - bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce, destroyed relationships.

      Don't like what you read here? Then hop on the Amway truck and fuck off.

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      ▀(@)▀▀▀▀▀▀▀(@)(@)▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀(@)▀ zooom zoom zoom!!!!

    2. You are right on with your response, Anna. Of course, a brainwashed "up is down and down is up" Ambot won't see it because he's still feeling the warm fuzzies from his lovebombing uplines telling him "you are well on the way to success, just keep buying our books and CD's and attending "can't miss this one" functions and trying to find suckers who won't ask about profit/loss margins but instead think only of "dreams" and you'll be walking the beaches of the world in no time."

      It's always funny when someone who is part of an organization that has lying, distracting and deceiving as a means of pulling in new recruits comes here and makes ridiculous accusations. This site is merely to warn and educate their potential victims to the side of the story that no starry-eyed Ambot will ever say while drawing circles and speaking of "dreams" as an effort to help save others from the same mistake that the over 99% of folks who got involved in the Amway pyramid scam got caught up in. There are thousands who wish they had seen this site to hear about what REALLY is involved mathematically as opposed to "if the dream is big enough" pie in the sky bullshit.

    3. Hi Anonymous. No brainwashed ambot is going to believe anything anyone says unless it came from an Amway cult leader. And how do you know when someone in Amway is lying? Their mouth is moving! Or online - they're typing!

      Yup those ambots prefer to live in a fantasy world of dreams and drawing circles and ignore the true life stories of those who've been before them caught up in the Amway scam.

  6. What I think is..
    Whoever says that amway is bullshit.. and distributors are asshole...
    They themselves are biggest losers and assholes on the earth. .... all of you are suckers and waste products of losers community
    Shut your mouth you losers

    1. It looks like you don't listen too good to the fucking assholes in your Amway upline when they tell you not to say negative. Me neither!

    2. To me, the definition of a loser would be someone getting involved with a pyramid scam where they have less than a 1% chance of making any kind of profit after expenses and then coming to a site that exposes that scam and calling THEM losers.

    3. Anonymous - that's how the rest of the world would define a loser. To an ambot, a loser is someone who isn't an Amway employee or cult follower.


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