Monday, September 29, 2014

Amway Ambots Over The Top Obsession With “Lazy”

I get the usual bullshit amspeak from Amway ambots who show up here and feel inclined to leave a comment: quitter, loser, negative, dreamstealer, unchristian, lazy, didn’t try hard enough, etc, etc, etc!!!!!!

Today’s post is about Amway ambots and their over the top freaking out paranoia over lazy.

According to ambots that description belongs to people who quit Amway. Lazy.

Typical judgemental ambots parroting whatever the assholes in their Amway upline say.

Pointing fingers. And them fingers are pointing the wrong way you lazy ambots. You really think you’re going to become millionaires in 2 to 5 years working 10 to 15 hours a week even though your upline will deny deny deny deny deny deny that Amway is a get rich quick scheme. Making $100,000 in 3 months, 6 months, a year whatever time period the assholes in the Amway upline quote is pretty quick to most people. Amway is a get rich quick scheme for lazy ambots.


Or more accurately Amway is a get poor quickly scheme whether or not you’re lazy doesn’t matter, the odds are already stacked against you at 99%+ failure rate.

Most people who run their own businesses work long hours, maybe work every day of the week. These could be the same people who tried Amway and didn’t work out for them so they decided not to waste any more money and quit to focus on their real business and real income. Ambots point fingers and accuse them of quitting cause they’re lazy. Lazy ass ambots who have likely never owned their own business and know what hard work is really like. And no. Putting on a suit and spending hours on phone calls and texts with the assholes in your Amway upline and pretending you own an Amway business does not make you a real business owner. If your last name ain’t DeVos or VanAndel then you do NOT own an Amway business.

When we were in Amway there were a lot of unemployed ambots and ambots who got fired. A person stopped by here to leave a comment said he had to fire an ambot. The usual reasons I think I’ve covered before. When you hire an ambot they’ve got better things to do than get the work done they’re paid to do. The better things they’ve got to do are taking/responding to phone calls and texts from the assholes in their Amway upline and harassing their coworkers to sign up, come to Amway cult meetings, buy Amway products. Some people could look at ambots as too lazy to get their job done. But ambots just got better things to do with their time. To hell with their boss.

I know if I was paying someone to get a job done and they were busy doing other stuff instead I’d be pissed.

Bottom line if people are lazy that doesn’t affect my life one way or the other. Unless of course I was paying them to do a job and they weren’t doing it.

So why are ambots so fixated on lazy? Why do they give a flying fuck if someone is lazy? How does it affect their life if someone is lazy? Why do they automatically label people who quit Amway as lazy? Why do they bother leaving comments on my blog that I am lazy because I quit Amway? Because they’re repeating the bullshit that the fucking assholes in their Amway upline say! Have to justify why all these people quit Amway. Couldn’t be that the person figured out it’s a scam and they’re not making money? Not according to brainwashed ambots. Its cause they’re lazy and that’s why they didn’t make money. Has nothing to do with the odds of actually making money only being a small fraction of 1% of IBO’s who sign up.

If an ambot tries to prospect you into Amway just tell them right off you’re lazy and you know that ambots go nutso and judgemental when it comes to what they perceive as lazy people so you know Amway will not be a good fit.

Can you just see that conversation plus the ambots have an answer to everything.

Prospect: no I wouldn't be a good fit for Amway because I’m lazy.
Ambot: wouldn’t you like not to be lazy anymore?
Prospect: no. I’ve worked hard all my life and now I’m trying the other side and loving being lazy.
Ambot: you like being lazy.
Prospect: love it. Got a problem with that?
Ambot: you’re a lazy loser and you don't want to get rich.
Prospect: and you’re an obnoxious Amway asshole so fuck off.

Yeah we can throw it right back in those fucking ambot’s faces!

Lazy ass ambots need not apply!

Just because someone chooses not to do something or doesn’t do it to your standards doesn’t make them lazy.

Just cause someone isn’t in Amway doesn’t make them lazy. Just means they’ve got better things to do with their time and money. So fuck off judgemental ambots!


  1. I met a cute Ambot early 20s at Starbucks.Only reason I acted interested cause she's nice to look at. But then I became tired of her act. Told her about the tools scam etc. She went nuts on me and demanded to know where I get my info. Showed her my tablet and she called her upline. They brainwashed her more saying don't listen to that piece of shit. All he does is go to YMCA workout, Starbucks, bbqs,and is lazy. Told her she has the right to not believe my info. If she thinks I'm lazy then I don't give a shit. That seem to irritate her more how I putter around retired and do nothing. But she doesn't get I'm the retired one here. All her heroes are going to functions & meetings and aren't close to retired.

    1. Anonymous - I'm sure she was outraged with you telling her about the Amway tool scam. And then phoning the fucking assholes in her Amway upline so they can lie to her some more.

      And it outrages Amway Ambots even more when we don't give a shit about what they think. Like how dare we mock an Amway asshole!

      No one ever retires in Amway except for the owners of the company maybe and they just let their heirs run the show. The cult leaders got to keep working the audiences for their income to come in. They stop selling tickets and CD's, the income dries up.

    2. After she said I don't do anything with my life. Basically saying I'm lazy lol. I had my friends call her to jerk her around. Told them she's a hottie but is a Ambot. I look at the diamond kids Facebook/Instagram. Their kids never go to exotic locations with mom and dad. Its from one shit location like Edmonton to Irvine to Portland lol. Its always Amway location events and never for fun. I don't see beaches of the world for them.

    3. Anonymous - that's typical Amway Amspeak. If you're not inside the Amway cult then you're not doing anything with your life.

      Yeah what's with these locations for Amway functions. Sure not walking the beaches of the world are they ha ha! With the occasional exception of holding a function in town known for conventions, they're in these out of the way spots. Its my guess they get free or greatly reduced rental at the arenas they've booked, places where the arena expects to bring in income from parking and food sales. Amway couldn't pull that off in more popular spots.

    4. I see young people who work at the local fast food or bars. Have more disposal income than the diamond couples. Check your non friends social media pages and once in a while there's a trip to Cancun, hong Kong, Thailand etc. That's cause were not buying expensive Amway products or paying for functions. One trip to Portland or Irvine fed can cost two people a grand or more.

    5. Hi Anonymous. Yeah I'd say so. Just about everyone has more disposable income than Amway ambots. Porland? Irvine? $1000+ for these places? Really? Go to an all inclusive in Mexico for a week and save some $$$.


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