Thursday, September 25, 2014

Things To Do In Portland Oregon Instead Of WWDB Amway FED Free Enterprise Days 2014

Amway Worldwide Dream Builders WWDB is holding Free Enterprise Days in Portland Oregon October 3 - 5, 2014. 


These better things to do in Portland than attend an Amway brainwashing conference come from previous blogs. Bottom line is doing anything else is better than going to Amway WWDB Family Reunion. Staying in your hotel room and watching TV is better. Going to McDonalds for a snack is better. Taking a walk is better. Standing in front of the convention center with a bullhorn and yelling at ambots: Amway is a scam, Amway is a cult - is much better!


Sorry Portland! I think I already covered what I deem to be your highlights before!


I read an article about the top 10 cities for foodies and surprisingly enough to me Portland Oregon was on the list.

Super-green Portland has earned a reputation for its farm-to-table dining, well-crafted microbrews, w popular — including Namu, excellent Korean-Hawaiian fusion — check out the food truck “pods” at Pioneer Courthouse Square or at SE Hawthorne and 12th Avenue. And don’t be fooled by the notion that these Oregonians are totally health-conscious: another culinary must-stop is Voodoo Doughnuts for its bacon-topped maple bar and the breakfast-cereal-crusted “Captain My Captain.” The link to the original article is dead. Damn them anyway! Download the app to find those food trucks.  


Voodoo Doughnuts sounds like my kind of place! Can they put some voodoo spells on those fucking assholes in my Amway upline?  Over 90 different donuts! I want one of those Voodoo doll donuts! I get a lot of searchers for “Amway sex” finding their way to Anna Banana’s blog. Maybe because these ambots aren’t getting any because they’re never home!? Voodoo Doughnuts can  help those obsessed with Amway sex with the donut creation Cock-N-Balls.


A Google search tells me that Portland has a lot of museums and Oriental inspired gardens and parks. Not really my thing but certainly if someone held a gun to my head and told me to choose between going to an Amway WWDB function or a museum, I’d go to the The Hat Museum.  They’ve changed their admission structure. Tours are $75 for 1 to 6 people so it would be cost effective to find 5 other people and it still way cheaper than being bored to death by a bunch of aging Diamonds ripping off IBO’s.


The last time I did a post like this someone who must have been there added into comments to visit the Pittock Mansion. Admission is $9.50 for adults and slightly less for other age groups.


No one will want to miss the Church of Elvis Its in the store window of a shop in Chinatown. Has a coin operated movie that you can plug from the sidewalk. So I’d call it nearly free. Perfect for those who would rather worship the king of roll and roll instead of some sack of shit self professed great Amway God. Spooky coincidence that the poor bastards attending Family Reunion will also be up and about pretty much 24 hours a day because the brainwashing techniques work better on sleep deprivation. I’d rather hear what the Church of Elvis movie has to say at 2 in the morning than the sack of shit Platinum at a night owl!


House Spirits Distillery tour and tasting. Yummy! Have to be 21. There is a fee for tasting but if you buy a bottle it will be waived. This will make you forget about those nasty Amway IBO’s!


The Oregon Zoo  Adult admission is $11.50 for adults. A little cheaper for other age groups. It’ll be fun to visit the bear exhibit and imagine feeding your upline to the grizzlies!


For anyone really interested in visiting Portland, Oregon and doing tourist attraction things see Trip Advisor for suggestions. Most attractions are museums and parks.


And as always….


Family Reunion sucks!.....WWDB sucks!.....Amway sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. There's a better idea for couples. Not go to Portland and head to Mexico. Probably cost almost the same as fed. Can find deals for all inclusive special with meals for two to mexico and lay on the beaches for a few days. Can always find the fed on YouTube after your trip is over

    1. Anonymous - exactly! If you've got $1000+ to burn on a weekend Amway function, why not take that money and spend it somewhere more fun, like a Mexican resort where your money lasts out a lot longer than it does in Amway. Get more bang for your buck. A claim Amway ambots can't make about buying overpriced shitty Amway products!

    2. The kingpins always say miss this major function and it'll set you back 6 months to a year. Think about it if you have no distributor signed up or maybe just one signed. Who the hell cares? Chances are in six months or so you'll probably still have very few to no downline.

    3. Of course when they say missing the event will set and Ambot back on their "road to success", they never tell the Ambot how going to it will HELP. Because the Ambot learns NOTHING at those rah-rah sessions. Their only function is to drain more money from the Ambot to line the cultmaster's pockets and to give the Ambot a fresh dose of brainwashing to keep them doing it. That's all. There is never any "new, vital" information to assist selling the overpriced products or advice how to better trick new suckers into getting dragged into the money-losing "business opportunity".

    4. Anonymous - all the Amway cult leaders say going to an Amway function puts you 6 months ahead of the ambots that didn't go. Yup 6 months more in debt, 6 months closer to bankruptcy, 6 months closer to divorce....

    5. Anonymous - you're right. We never learned nothing at Amway functions about how to run a business, how to sell shitty overpriced Amway products. Nothing. It was all about hearing how rich the Diamonds were. The exact same shit we heard at all the previous Amway meetings. There was never new information. How the hell could watching Ken and Barbie Ambot gloat about their riches put us 6 months ahead of the lucky bastards who didn't go to FED.

  2. I LOVE Portland. Voodoo Doughnuts is awesome. I love the maple bacon joint. Too bad these dickheads won't see how great the city is.

    By the way, I just blocked that friend from seeing any of my future Facebook posts when he commented on a status I made. His comment said something about getting an residual account. I almost removed him. Blocking future posts was the better option. I still have hope he'll wake up from his new scam.

    1. Hi ScamMagnet. That sounds good! Yup block those Ambots!

  3. On Friday night some dumb kids Instagram has pics of him in a nice suit. Told people the fed ended at 11:30 pm Friday. Saturday they have their only new diamond for wwdb. A couple from Jamaica. Sunday the event starts off with a history lesson,then more speaches,middle of event church service lol,and then continues the fed. Sounds like a complete waste of time. I'm atheist and wouldn't fit in with the constant preaching. I spent the day in the sun bbqing and then YMCA swim. Cost me less than 100.00 and didn't need to dress up. Seeing their Instagram updates is hilarious.

    1. Anonymous - all Amway meetings are a waste of time. Its all about worshipping Amway cult leaders and hearing how rich they are, or more likely how rich they pretend to be. Yup there is always church service on Sunday morning at Amway functions. All cults use religion and Amway cult leaders twist the bible and religion to suit their scam purposes. "God wants you to do the Amway business."

  4. Anna, what history lesson do they have at fed sundays? Reading this on Instagram and thought wtf?

    1. Anonymous - no history lesson than I'm aware of. Though Amway ambots should pay close attention to that line that goes something about history is destined to repeat itself. All the people on the Internet that say how the lost money in Amway and how it destroyed their lives. Amway ambots refuse to believe that others have lost money, marriages end in divorce, destroyed families, bankruptcy, foreclosure, etc. Perhaps the only history they teach at Amway meetings is a somewhat skewed version of the company's history?

  5. Ahh, this again. Yeah, I've heard accounts how...

    ... the ambots try to prospect the people working in the convention, like the concession stands. Even they pity these Amway folk.

    ... uplines telling attendees not use the restroom lest they miss out on pearls of wisdom.

    ... being told I need to go since there will be people from as far away as Ireland coming to this. Why do I care if foreigners are coming to something I don't care about?

    I'm amazed they can still keep on doing these, but given how corporate nature works, they most certainly are able to keep it up.

    1. ackmondual - I had an employee of a convention center show up here after working an Amway function last year. I think it was FED. And she was an usher I think. And she was like what the fuck is going on here. She said it was definitely cult like and creepy and the adoration the ambots showed their cult leaders like they were movie stars was so wrong.

      Yeah really why do we care if people from other countries are dumb enough to waste their vacation dollars by attending a Scamway meeting.

    2. Anna, I'm quite happy when the Ambot leaves my city for weekend functions. Can't stand the site of these snobbish assholes.

    3. Yup you call them as you see them! LOL! Get out of town ambots!

  6. I was once told by a friend’s upline he would visit my place of employment if I went to their convention. I remember looking at him closely, wondering if he was delusional or just down-right stupid!

    Now why would I spend about $400.00 to attend your ‘convention’, while all you have to do is waltz in our public county building for free (I work in the county building)?

    I remember telling him I would consider it, but he wasn’t all that convinced. These Amway-freaks are all somewhat retarded, did they actually finish school, or are they all drop-outs?

    1. Hi Anonymous - you got to wonder why he'd want to visit your place of employment unless there was some fun event going on at the time. Normally I don't have any over the top desire to see where anyone I know works at and even less interest in those I've barely met! Ha ha! If I'm meeting someone for lunch or after work thing then yes I do go buy their place of employment and wait in the reception area but I don't need a tour of the place. Maybe its an Amway ambot thing!

      Cause come to think of it we had all kinds of interest from ambots in wanting to come by to see our business. Ambot was OK with it. I wasn't. No big surprise there hunh!

      There are Amway freaks from all walks of life. University educated to high school drop outs. This scam doesn't discriminate against anyone who wants to be love bombed and tithe the Great Amway God.


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