Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Amway Ambots Will Be Gazillionaires in 2 to 5 Years!

A reader shares their story. And haven’t we all heard this story. Why does everyone have a bunch of assholes in their Amway upline who are always so busy but they’ll squeeze out some time to fit you in and expect you to kiss their ass. Could have been sitting there in Coffee Bean…..

Lol, so yesterday my friend called me to schedule a meeting today. I asked her the things like how much she is paying for tools ($100 per month), how much is her total expense far, and how come this business does not have a normal plan, projection, etc like a normal business. I think I should give up on my friend coz she answered me like a robot. She mentioned all of her expenses she does not consider them as expenses, but rather as investments. Mind you my friend background is accounting, so it rather confused me. As far as accounting goes, if you don't put it as expense, you can only put the costs as assets, but you can't put those kind of stuffs as assets coz they're literally worthless.

So, today I met her Emerald upline at Coffee Bean (something like Starbucks). I didn't know I was going to meet this Emerald, as previously my friend said I was going to meet his wife or what. Then 15 minutes before scheduled appointment she messaged about this Emerald shit giving me time despite his busy schedule, and I immediately mentioned I will be late when I could've made it in time. I was trying to look whether this stupid Emerald is really as busy as he says (I think not). I arrived 20 minutes late and the sack of shit hadn't arrived yet lol. Mind you our "short" time of discussion lasted for like 2 and a half hours coz the Emerald is damn busy.
The person started giving usual bullshit of 2-5 year, 10hrs/week and I can get $10,000/month as passive income. Then he explains his statistics of 1,000 sample size is big enough to represent the whole population. I told him straight away that I've never heard those theory before and my background is Mathematics. He gave me some stupid excuses, then continue with usual Amway does everything for him, so he can concentrate on sales. Yeah, true Amway does everything for him and charge him a huge margin on their products. In the meantime he kept telling me accounting is shit and waste of time, knowing full well that I do account in my current company. If accounting is shit probably Amway should ditch it as well and pay those diamond and emerald anyhow they want hahaha ...

He also said when he went to Emerald function in Los Angeles last year, there were few thousands of people (he mentioned only 3,000 at first, but later didn't want to be specific). I later asked him how many people are in Scamwork 21, which he answered few hundred thousands. Lol, so the foolproof system only has success rate of around 1%? And they still want to tell me it's 100% success rate?

We then proceeded to compensation plan, which he explained to me in details coz I pushed really hard on that. My conclusion is, if he only has 3-4 legs at Platinum, his "passive" income should not be at $10,000, but more like $3,000 to $4,000 gross even with the bonus. What a fucking liar shit Emerald. He mentioned he has lots of downline at 3% so he can earn another 18% on them. No shit, the downline at 3% probably only spend $400 max per month, so he got like $72 from each of them. And I really doubt he has lots of 3% downline. 3% downline probably already quit after long time not making money, but losing money for buying shitty products.

We then moved on to what they call CEP, which basically means subscription of stupid ass cd and books, and functions. They dare to tell me first that they sell those tools at costs, then when I pointed out to them, cd don't cost $6 to make. You can buy blank cd at $0.10 or maybe less. With the production costs and freight, I doubt that cd costs more than $2 per piece. Not to mention the book they lent to me costs like 5 times of Amazon's price. They then changed their tune that it is a for profit organization, need to pay office rent, employees, etc. They also said it's not about the costs, but about the quality. Wow, what is the difference in quality between the very same book from them (at $10) and from Amazon (<$2)? They then mentioned about my college degree and investment on it. Excuse me? College degree is something with value, something that is required by a lot of company to get a decent job. It's not a useless shit of cd and functions with no contents.

I tried to close the discussion by saying I can't agree with the system that benefits from its member by a lot (basically saying it's a scam). And wow, they are very persistent on me trying some more cd and books or some of Amway products. I told them I don't want to waste time on overpriced products and that I hated those cds, can't stand listening to other cd anymore, the cds are useless and give nothing beneficial. Then they tried to force me to listen to other cds coz they have few millions of cds (OMG! are you kidding me?!?!?!?!?!). I almost rolled my eyes coz $4x(few hundred thousand of members)x (few million cds) = gee no wonder Jim and Nancy Dornan and those asshole Diamonds are rich. So, I flat out told them no, no , no and NO! Yet they still tried to sold me so I just told them I won't change my mind no matter what and that their system is shit (and implying it's a scam) haha ... I think I should be free now from them. Hurray!





  1. Great post and I would pay to be there. But the very least this person is willing to be there and hear there nonsense. Most of the time these ambots get no shows. The last Ambot who bugged me I just got tired of his shit and blocked his number.

    1. At lot of people are interested at first thinking they might be hearing about a legitimate way to earn extra money. When they find out they got scammed into coming to an Amway meeting then they're pissed. At least this guy knew something about accounting and numbers and was able to have a little fun with the Amway assholes and told them they were full of shit. Amway ambots count on throwing so many numbers out there that they can confuse the followers.

  2. The poster of this story can jerk them around more. Most of these ambots are very religious and lame. Tell them your dream is to retire and have pool parties like Hugh Hefner. With Playboy bunnies swimming around naked all day.

  3. It's funny how much it's like talking to a wall when the other person is so brainwashed they only know how to spout off the pre-programmed bullshit that the "system" has pounded into their head. It's impossible to talk mathematical realities and numbers because they are programmed to NOT do the math as that is "negative" to the dream. Thus expenses are put aside as useless "investments". Of course, an investment is supposed to be something that actually has value to build a business, but all a CD or book does is keep the Ambot brainwashed to continue dumping money into the scam until they are broke.

    1. Anonymous - if this guy had been an Amway ambot asking those questions he would have got shit and scolded to "never question upline". Because he's not a cult member he was subjected to the Amway asshole attempting to mock his chosen career and education. That's what they do at Amway meetings, say how can you be so stupid to spend money on education instead of spending money tithing the Great Amway God.

    2. I had a platinum make fun of me having a job. Then I responded by saying I own a small business. Just to see his reaction. Then he acted pissy saying I bet you spend hours on end with your business. I said no I don't I wake up when I want. My employees do most of the work. Then he realized he wasn't going anywhere and stopped prospecting me for amway

    3. Talking with them invokes the moods of trying to quit Comcast or AOL. I listened to this recording, and part of me felt like I was back in that hotel hall with the person who invited me to that intro meeting, following my all the way out of the hall, trying to talk me to join...

  4. This story is nothing new but it's always fun to hear different variations of it. On the subject of "jerking around Ambots", I think I'll tell them that my dream is to "live in a van down by the river!" (thank you, Chris Farley. RIP). Anyway, I'd just to add that whenever I get approached to participate in these kind of schemes, I always ask "so how much extra income are you making from this now?" I usually get one of three standard answers:

    1) No answer at all, or just being evasive
    2) "I don't share personal information like that with others"
    3) "Well, I've only been in the system a short time, but I expect to be turning a profit soon, within the next year or so"

    Keep posting these stories - I need more laughs!

    1. Hi Charles. That's the thing about Amway. It doesn't matter if it happened yesterday or 20 or 30 years ago. Everyone has the same story with slightly different variations.

      Glad we're entertaining you!


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