Monday, September 1, 2014

Getting Prospected By An Amway Ambot Part 1

A reader shares his story about how Ambots follow the Amway script. Thank you!


About a month ago I was informed by one of my Facebook friends (a guy that went to my high school, goes to college with me, we've never been super close, but he's a trustworthy guy) that he had been introduced to:

"...a business opportunity I recently came across. I am working with some successful entrepreneurs to expand business. I can't say anything for sure but I wanted to for sure put it out there and see if your open to looking at different income ventures."

That was the message I was sent. I was very skeptical, especially as he was working with people that I had never met, although again, I do trust him and have known him for a while, which eased my fears a bit. Yesterday, I was convinced to be a part of a three-way phone call with him and his "senior business adviser" (to be read as: upline!) and the details were exceedingly vague. "I'm working on building a group of partnerships... It's very hard to explain over the phone... it's very possible to make thousands a month." The thing that worried me the most was the fact that I was told "don't talk about this to your family or friends yet, you aren't informed enough and will lose credibility that you could use to build your business in the future."

Everything about the call threw up red flags, so I decided to do my research. I managed to find the Facebook profile of the upline guy, and soon realized that this was all Amway. I hadn't really heard of Amway in the past (and was even more skeptical about the fact that it was obvious what business it was, but he made no mention of it in the call), so I spent most of last night doing some research. This is scary! You would think that people would learn to look into the background of what they're getting into before they commit and try to rope others in. Another person I know has been caught up in this, and still appears to be in the delusional stage of thinking success is still possible. No one seems to realize that the market is exceedingly over-saturated and will keep growing.

Anyway, at the end of the call, they convinced me to attend a meeting on campus tonight, which I will still go to, just to listen to see how much BS is being spewed, and how similar it really is to what I've read. However, I will not being buying into this scam, when no room for new success exists. I would like to not burn any bridges with the people I know over this, but they seem to be very gung-ho about selling this idea. I'm going to ask a few questions regarding MLMs, the taxes from this, how many people I'll need downline to make a profit, etc. and can't wait to hear the answers. I expect the peer pressure to be very large, but I'm going to fight it completely. It's just sad how these people use their language and speaking skills (the guy on the phone yesterday kept trying to relate to me personally, it was a great tactic) to completely brainwash others into believing everything they say.


Stay tuned. What happened at the Scamway meeting?
P.S. We all know it followed the old Amway scripture!



  1. The only thing I find it strange. Is the writer of this wants to fight this and remain friends. I've been in that situation where the person contacting me won't give up. Endless annoying text,calls,emails etc. Much easier to just ignore the person and be a prick doing so. Be to nice and they'll give u a headache

    1. Hi Anonymous. Yeah being nice to Amway assholes just encourages them to keep bugging you. Ignoring Ambots doesn't always work. Usually you got to curse them out. Or tell them you're looking for investors in a gay porno flick you're starring in! That'll keep those Amway Ambot prudes away.

    2. What strikes me as odd is that the average Ambot (who stays in the game for 5 years) could have made good money working as a part time real estate agent by using the EXACT SAME tactics that Amway taught them to use on prospects.

      The average Ambot has the 'balls' to walk up to a complete stranger, ask what they do for a living, and ask them to come to a meeting. They're taught by Amway to tolerate a huge amount of abuse and rejection during these encounters, and they're able to keep doing this for several years.

      The average real estate agent who passes out business cards with even HALF of the persistence of an Ambot will close several deals within a 5 year period (and that assumes they place no advertisements and just hand out business cards or verbally chat-up strangers everywhere they go).

      So the only expense would be 'business cards'. Let's compare that to Amway -- where the average Ambot spends between $3,000-$5,000 per year on overpriced products, CD's, books, meeting fees, function fees and other 'fees' to line the pockets of their upline, for a negative cash flow each year

      Oh... And real estate agents who achieve "above average" success (amway's equivalent of emerald/diamond) will make far more than the $75-$100k that low level diamonds & emeralds make in Amway.

      I'm actually shocked that real estate brokers don't PURPOSELY attend Amway meetings just to recruit Ambots for their own real estate offices -- since the 'prospecting' ability of the average Ambot is far better than that of the average real estate agent.

    3. Anonymous - real estate agents make more than Amway agents, and as you pointed out more than an Amway Diamond in most cases if you're a decent sales rep. But yeah I'm surprised realtors aren't stalking Amway meetings looking to recruit. Be a better deal for the ambot. Except when you're in Amway you're sales ability doesn't count. You're told that Amway products sale themselves.Well only to those who buy from their own store!

  2. Dude - I am an Amway Bot ( s you call it)

    Did you actually tell him that you are not interested in joining Amway ?

    if they still continue calling - then they are not doing it the right way.

    I ask the prospect if he is interested, show the plan and how the business works, if they take it |I am with him all the way, if they say no, thats it. I would still meet them, never talk about Amway unless they ask.

    I don't understand what is so scam about Amway ? really ? if you have done your research , your sources are wrong.

    1. Davie Boy - we were taught at Amway meetings to bug the shit out of a prospect whether or not they showed any interest and most don't.

      Also if you're hanging out with someone who won't sign up to be an IBO or buy Amway products you're in for a shit kicking from the assholes in your Amway upline because they don't want you to associate with anyone outside the cult.

      Research? Take some of your own advice. Look at the small print of Amway's literature where it shows a tiny fraction of 1% of IBO's will make money. Its something like .0000367%. Flip those numbers around and that's over 99% failure rate - from Amway's own disclosure from the statistics they keep at their headquarters. How many people would get involved in a business venture with over 99% failure rate if that was disclosed to them up front instead of them eventually spotting it in the Amway literature a few months down the line. Refusing to give full disclosure = scam. Lying to people about how much money you're making in Amway = scam. Lying to people that working Amway part time 10 to 15 hours a week and you'll be a gazillionaire in 2 to 5 years with barrels of money in residual income rolling in each month = scam. Bullshitting people that paying more money for products means they're better quality = scam. Hiring a film crew and renting props to make others believe you're richer than you are thanks to Amway = scam. Not disclosing to IBO's that the majority of money to be made in Amway is by speaking to an audience and getting the revenue off the ticket sales = scam.

      Check out one of the websites that focuses on why Amway is a scam and bad business opportunity if you still need to do more research. This blog is more about cursing out the assholes in the Amway upline who have made our lives hell.

    2. Davie boy, sometimes it doesn't matter if the critic is honest or post bs. Your prospects are believing us and very few diamonds(people supposedly retiring) in the past 5 yrs. Add in the ridiculous cost of the systems and some functions are 130.00. There seems to be more ex diamonds not requalifying,quitting,or jumping to another Mlm. Than the groups can replace them with.

    3. Anonymous - that sounds about right to me!

  3. Here, it was a former coworker who called me out of the blue. We weren't best buddies, but did work an assignment together. He showed me the ropes there, then left for another job. Said I was always a "go getter" and looking for new projects (nope, and he couldn't have known this either since I worked in a different cubicle).

    Long story short, I was shocked how someone seemingly normal got mixed up with these Amway folk. Went to a meeting at a hotel, then another at a private residence. Told him if he ever wanted to grab a bite, drink, or just chill, WITHOUT bringing up Amway, feel free to hit me up. Never heard from him again.


    Next time was by a passerby in a residential neighborhood. Thought I looked familiar (I'm laughing at this line, as that's what I use to pick up women). When I mentioned I was looking for work, I went to a meeting. I had a strong gut feeling that it was Amway or MLM bs, but just to validate my concerns, I went.

    Leaving the meeting early, he kept following me like a puppy all the way through the halls of the hotel (yeah, the very same one as above :(). Got him off of me, he emailed me trying another sales pitch on me, told him I'm not doing sales, and how a J-O-B pays benefits and a guaranteed salary, nothing Amway does.

    1. ackmondual - it is shocking how seemingly normal people can get sucked into any cult.

      And no, you will never hear from an Amway ambot if you just want to chill and not be harassed by their pyramid scheme. Amway ambots are only friends with other ambots. Everyone else is too stupid (Ambot opinion) to be friends with because they won't have nothing to do with the Amway scam.


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