Thursday, August 28, 2014

Part Time Online Shoppers – Is it Scamway?

Someone sent me a link for what is clearly a fake job ad on Craigslist probably listed by some scheming Amway asshole. Ad title is Online Shoppers Wanted Anywhere Work Part Time. The ad says it’s a worldwide health and wellness company that will show you how to turn your shopping dollars into earning monthly residual income. Yup ads like that don’t stay up long because they get flagged for being a scam and its not a real job offer. Amway ambots don’t have morals or a conscience when they lie and scam others, those are just part of the qualifications of being an Amway Ambot. Most people looking for a job can spot a scam ad like that a mile off.

Its possible the ad was placed by a different MLM fucker but it just screams Amway all over it. You know how Amway ambots go around bragging that they get paid to shop online. And then they usually add from their own store. So that grabs the title about being an online shopper. And its part time. Amway ambots go around bullshitting prospects into believing Amway is only a part time job 10 to 15 hours a week in your spare time. Double to quadruple that for a more accurate estimate of the time you’ll waste inside the Amway cult.

Worldwide also appears in the ad. Can anyone say WWDB aka World Wide Destructive Bastards.

Health and wellness company? How many times have I heard that bullshit at an Amway cult meeting claiming to be a health and wellness company. You know flogging overpriced shitty vitamins, energy drinks, perfect water and blah blah blah.

People who are looking for a job and checking out the listings on Craigslist don’t need to be weeding through fake job ads posted by Amway scammers. It’s a waste of time for someone trying to find work to click on an ad and see its posted by an Amway scammer. Its hard enough finding work without dealing with MLM scammers.

And do these fucked up Amway assholes violating Craigslist rules of posting (no MLM) really think they’re going to sign up some suckers they’ve reeled in with a fake job ad. Fortunately most people who read the ad will mark it as a scam and Craigslist will eventually delete it.

Now’s a good time to send a big old FUCK YOU out there to scamming lying Amway assholes who post fake job ads and another big old FUCK YOU to Amway for allowing it to happen. Get control of your fucking commissioned salespeople you fucking flogger of overpriced shitty products!!!!




  1. I go on Instagram often and every Ambot has this gullible face. When I see their pics on Instagram or Facebook. I think aren't they embarrassed? Their empployer can see this or future employment opportunities and ruin their chances for advancements or newer jobs. I see all these pics of yachts, luxury cars,XS,nutrilite, and sometimes some goofy diamond leader. I really feel for the parents and spouse of these morons. I'd wear a bag over my head if my gf posted pics like this on Instagram or Facebook

    1. Hi Anonymous. Yeah its pretty embarrassing for people to admit they got sucked into the Amway scam so they don't want their photos out there as proof. And as you pointed out could cause problems with future employers if they see the ambot was part of this scam. Aside from Amway not too many employers out there are interested in hiring people who specialize at lying and scamming and hurting others. When we were in the Amway cult there were people who said not to take their photo and publish it online so some are thinking ahead about how humiliating it would be to have that information get out there that they were gullible enough to get sucked into Amway.

  2. I came across this video, and even though it's supposed to be about how a sleazy guy scams women, I realized so much of it could easily describe how an Ambot tries to scam new suckers into the Amway cult. I especially thought the line "I'll turn you into me" quite astute.


    1. Thanks for the link Dave! I'll turn you into me. That's part of the Amway ambot duplication process!

  3. Been over 20+ yrs but I answered a bogus Herbalife ad. Something about make 3-4k partime as their sales force and come in for a interview. I was so steaming mad when I realized its a Mlm. Cause you're all dressed up thinking its a real job. But like Anna's post I see many Amway bs job ads these days.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for sharing that. Yeah what's with these scamming MLM bastards. You think you're applying for a legitimate job, get dressed up, get anxious about the traffic on the drive over, worrying about your interview, and hoping you get the job cause you really need the money and then find out its some scamming lying little bastard who wants to steal your money instead of interviewing for a legitimate job.

  4. Great blog.

    Although I never encountered a fake job ad, I did experience a situation that is similarly deceptive (by an Ambot). Here's my story...

    I was fueling up my car at a gas station one day... When a businessman wearing a suit (gassing up his Buick at the pump next to mine) casually complimented my brand new sports car. When I said "thank you" he asked what I did for a living.

    When I told him that I worked in the web design business......he mentioned that his firm was looking for advice on creating a new web site. So he casually asked for a business card.

    He waited about 7 days before phoning me. He mentioned that he needed some web design advice and that he'd really appreciate it if I could meet him for lunch at a McDonald's located right next to the gas station where we'd met.

    I had no interest in meeting him in person, however, out of politeness I told him that I'd meet him at a nice steakhouse near the same gas station (since I routinely eat there for lunch anyway).

    Oddly enough he rejected the steakhouse and insisted that we meet at McDonalds.

    Against my better judgement I agreed to meet him at McDonald's.

    So we met at McDonalds and I ordered my meal, when suddenly he declares that he's not ordering any food -- he just wants to "talk a little business" while I eat my meal. LOL.

    At this point I knew he's a WACKJOB. At this point I wanted nothing to do with him. However, since it's a crowded restaurant I decided not to "make a scene" by telling this wackjob to go screw himself.

    So he says to me: "You're here because you wanna get in on a good business opportunity, right?"

    And I thought to myself: "No, I'm here because you phoned me asking for web design advice -- but apparently you suckered me into this meeting using false pretenses, you scam artist". LOL.

    However, to avoid making a "scene" in a crowded restaurant -- I just let him talk while I ate my meal. He was drawing circles and giving the usual scamway pitch, yada yada yada.

    He even followed me out to the parking lot begging me to "borrow" his audio tapes, but I said 'no'.

    But just to mess with his mind (and to get him to back away from my car) I told him that I may be interested and that I'd phone him later.

    Then I waited until 2:00am (when I knew he'd be asleep) and I phoned him. His wife answered the phone, she's an ambot too.

    I said that I had something important to tell her husband regarding Amway and that she needed to wake him up. She sounded VERY excited since she thought that I was going to become part of their downline.

    Needless to say he was very groggy and sleepy as he came to the phone. I then shouted that Amway is a scam and he's nothing but a scam artist for setting up meetings under false pretenses. He never phoned me again.

    I'm wondering if this whole process is "scripted" by Amway? Are they THAT devious? lol.

    1. I had a situation where I'm prospected by a Amway nutjob while eating at a mall food fair. He was this dorky early 20s annoying asshole who won't shut up. Reading a sales book and his sponsor sitting next to us. I looked at his cheap suit and I started to laugh. Only thought was won't this idiot shut up so I can eat my food while it's still hot? I asked to exchange numbers so he'd leave me alone. Soon as he got my number he has this dorky smile and got up instantly leaving. He never did order a dam thing at the mall food fair. What a nutbag bugging people while they eat

    2. Hi Anonymous - I loved your story. Thanks for sharing. Very typical. My Ambot tried to prospect people at the gas stations - employees and other customers. Yeah if an ambot can get your business card - BONUS. You can be sure he bragged about that all week before calling you saying he's got a hot lined up.

      LOL on the restaurant! Ambots always want to meet for coffee so McDonalds is a good choice. Or Dunkin Donuts. Maybe other coffee houses but they probably want to pick something not too expensive and large enough where people are moving around and if you aren't eating/drinking the staff either won't notice or won't care. Have you ever had a McDonalds teenager try to turf you out cause you were taking all day to drink a milkshake? That steakhouse would have thrown the ambot for a loop. Firstly because it costs more money to eat there than what an Amway ambot can afford. Second its sit down dining service with menu and waiter. Hard to make a quick getaway if needed.

      But yeah absolutely the ambots all follow a script. You haven't gone to an Amway meeting but the cult leaders all say something like that we've blazed the trail and so all you have to do is follow the same things we did. Right down to hounding you about taking home some audio recordings to listen to.

      LOVED the part about waking the ambots up in the middle of the night! There's a recording these brothers did waking up an ambot who had an ad with their phone number in it I think. The ambot kept getting pissed off and hanging up and they kept calling back. It was hilarious.

      And speaking of hilarious: "And I thought to myself: "No, I'm here because you phoned me asking for web design advice -- but apparently you suckered me into this meeting using false pretenses, you scam artist". LOL. "

      You should have said it! Ha ha!

    3. Hi Anonymous - beware of Amway ambots sniping you at food fairs - or anywhere else in the mall. That too is taught at Amway meetings! LOL! The qualifications to be an Amway ambot are to be an annoying asshole! LOL! Did you really give him your number? Or did you give him a dial a hooker number? Ha ha!!!

    4. I'm retired and go to the ymca late night till 10pm most days. So I told him I'm available around 1am lol. He didn't think I was serious about meeting up at 1am lol. When you're retired u can sleep 5am and it's not a big deal. He showed up twice and then I blocked his calls which pissed him off.

    5. Anna, I'll purposely find a expensive restaurant if a Ambot wants to meet. We all know they live on energy drinks,shake,and bars. The other thing I might do is a dine and dash. So if the Ambot or upline does show. I'll eat and make them pay the bill. If I could I'll fit in a send a 400/h hooker from Craigslist to the table lol.

    6. Anonymous - don't tell him you're available at 1am for phone calls. Amway ambots are still prowling about at that hour. Amway night owls or training sessions or whatever bullshit starts after 11pm after the bored plan meeting FINALLY ends. That next Amway meeting starts afterwards so Ambots are still up and about way past midnight. Never mind they got to be up at 6 in the morning to get ready for their J.O.B. It was not unusual for us to get phone calls & texts from the assholes in our Amway upline around midnight give or take an hour. Scared the shit out of me getting calls that late at night cause you just can't think the worst that someone in your family has been in an accident and in the hospital and instead its just some fucking Amway asshole wanting to shoot the shit or bitch at you for not buying enough Amway shit that month. Yeah blocking their calls is about your only defence!

    7. Anonymous - that sounds good sticking the Ambot with the bill! They're probably on to that and try to leave first.

  5. Ever heard of an Ambot trying to recruit people using dating sites?
    If you haven't, you have now. My ex-wife-turned-to-an-Ambot decided to take this particular route while our divorce was not ratified. She tried to keep all this as a secret, but unfortunately for her, it was me who ran into an envelope in our mail box that contained an invoice from a dating site (their logo was printed on the invoice, clearly visible from the address window). I never confronted her on the matter, but instead I simply left the envelope on the entrance table. It was gone in a matter of minutes.

    So I decided to see what's up with this dating thing, pulled up the page and then searched until I came across her profile.
    It was your average dating profile without a picture, statistics about the person, all that jazz, and a heart-felt description by her:
    "A divorced woman seeking a man who, through friendship, may become my heart's desire. I like kissing and all things nice. I yearn for warm and someone to be close to and sometimes just someone to cuddle. I don't mind if you smoke because I do that too. I also don't mind if you drink as long as you behave and I don't need to be afraid of you. I rarely drink but if I do, it's usually with good company.

    If I sparked your interest, don't hesitate to contact me.

    Are you the one who can place my heart back where it belongs or at least bandage it? I have a soft spot for blonde guys with blue eyes, but if the chemistry works out, it's irrelevant. Guys over 43 years of age don't bother contacting (sorry), but then again, the age is only a number. ;)
    I hope you're into MLM, because I am."

    Anyone caught the last sentence?

    The invoice I found seemed be an invoice for the site's paid membership. What kind of perks it gives you is unknown. Now, who in their right mind would even consider dating a person openly telling she's into MLM?"

    1. Hi Anonymous. Yes we've heard of dating sites being used to prospect people into MLM scams.... and just about everything else too! I know someone involved in a special investigations unit and a woman he's investigating has a profile up on one of them. I asked him if he put a profile up so he could contact her through the site (he's already married) and he said he didn't. I don't know if he did or not but I can also see people involved in investigations setting up phony profiles to catch people who've broken the law in something unrelated to online dating. One of the ambots in our line picked up a woman on the personals ads on Craigslist and brought her to some Amway meetings. She seemed nice enough, she didn't wanted to find a nice guy to go out with. Boy did she bark up the wrong tree with an Amway Ambot! I talked to her once for at least 20 minutes and told her to get the hell away from Amway. I saw her at one more Amway meeting and then never again, so hopefully she took my advice. This ambot was only interested in signing her up to the Amway cult.

      Now as for your ex-wife. I'm guessing she wasn't an ex when you caught her on the dating site. Or caught the envelope from them in the mail! There are a lot of married people looking for hook ups on these dating sites.

      I doubt she'd get many responses if there's no picture. I'll just let everyone use their imagination here. If someone doesn't post a picture of themselves there's usually a reason why. You'd think at the least post a picture of a good looking friend on the profile. I looked at what you wrote and pretended it was a man who wrote that, you know just cause its easier for me to take the woman role, and what was written just sounds creepy. But maybe to a man its not creepy, I don't know. This is the place for talking about the things you like to do, hobbies, and if kissing and cuddling, and smoking are as good as it gets. Yucky. Not to mention creepy! Then the extra creepy factor comes in with the MLM.

      Man or woman who would respond to that? YUCK!

      But at least give her a point for being honest. Most MLM scammers lie like hell pretending not to be involved in a pyramid scheme.

      We were taught at Amway meetings if someone said "is this Amway?" to say "no its WWDB" or whatever. Lie, deny, distract, defend, and disappear. The life of an Amway ambot.

      So did you ever find out how many responses she got to her little gem of a profile? I mean she pissed off all brunettes, redheads, greys, baldies and brown eyes and old geezers over 43. What's left? A small group of blonde, blue eyed married men in their 30's looking to get laid? LOL!!!

      I wonder if she got permission from the assholes in her Amway upline to sign up for the dating site!

      Sorry, not poking fun at you but you're obviously well rid of someone who's in a relationship and still looking for some fun on the side.

    2. Hi Anna,
      So it's not unheard of that Ambots use dating sites to lure people into their traps. But again, I'm not that surprised considering the fact how long this poor excuse of a firm has been around.

      In that previous post, I forgot to mention a few things about the statistics she gave out on that profile. First of all, she told her present status is Divorced. No surprises there except that in legal terms we were still married and the six-month grace period was about half way through at that time. And about her weight: Being dangerously obese, in the profile she simply informed being "soft and round" (I looked things up and found out that this was an actual option, and not a made-up one), a nicer way to tell "I'm practically next to a whale"). So yeah, you're absolutely right there was a real reason for her not to post her picture.

      To follow-up on her quest to find some blue-eyed blondes, in justa a few days later she updated her profile and in it, her status was changed from "Divorced" to "In A Relationship" and the heart-felt description was changed dramatically to:
      "I'm no longer looking for my hearts desire, but one can't have too many friends. {then came the familiar bits about smoking and drinking and MLM}". And that's that. No longer was she looking for blondes with blue eyes. Even the "No guys over 43" criteria was removed for some strange reason.

      I also discovered she also changed her status in Facebook from "It's complicated" to "In a relationship" - months before municipal court ruled us legally divorced.

      What really annoys me the most is that if you look at the profile a bit differently, you may start thinking that the man she's getting rid of is someone who ripped her heart from her chest by not being cuddly, kissing or even give a single fuck about her - a real monster. That doesn't fit my description.

      About the creepyness of the profile: A man trying to get laid would easily fall for something like that unless he's in for a real relationship and has strict criteria. Other than that, if the profile has no picture, she's "soft and round" and is into MLM, it calls for an immediate skip. I can give her credit from being honest about MLM, but openly telling things like that is like telling people being patient zero to Ebola.

      I was never able to find out how many responses she got. I can guess not very much, because she changed the profile so quickly, but as for the paid profile thing, she decided not to pay it all at once. She took a downpayment route instead (which became evident as I found another letter having the same logo, but was significantly thicker). Money well spent, I can tell. LOL!!

      I think she never got (probably didn't even ask) upline's permission to sign up for the dating site.

    3. Anonymous - it would not be uncommon for a married person using a dating site to indicate their status as something other than "married"! LOL! It kind of cuts down on getting dates! If you're a cheater you don't really want to go around advertising that.

      See there is a reason why people don't post their photos. Its because there's something about themselves that they feel is unattractive. In your case you call her a whale, now I know you're divorced and you're bitter about Amway causing it and all but all I can say is you chose that whale! There are men out there who are attracted to big women. You? A long time ago I dated a man who normally went out with big women, like way over 200 pounds. Seeing as how I was closer to 100 pounds obviously that relationship wasn't going to work out.

      Her opinion of you - the monster opinion - is the opinion of the assholes in her Amway upline. Their opinion becomes her opinion. Its all about brainwashing. Amway is a cult. They put those thoughts in her head. Shit I was watching a movie a few days ago and it wasn't an organized cult but a woman was being influenced and brainwashed by others to hate her family. The whole love bombing thing, punishment and love, that was all there. So I guess in a way it was a cult even though it was only a few people. Not a big organized cult like Amway.

      Do you think her Amway upline encouraged her to sign up and pay for this dating site? Maybe they got a commission??


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