Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Getting Scammed Into An Amway Meeting Part 2

This is continued from a previous post about getting scammed into an Amway meeting when thinking its some kind of hiring fair, in response to the “not interested” text he sent to the Amway bastards. X got a text full of canned brainwashed Amspeak from a scamming lying Amway asshole! If you’re an Amway Ambot you got to spend a lot of time begging and pleading with people to join the Amway cult. And X has the perfect description of an Amway meeting: freaky, cult-y, sexist and bizarre. Thanks for sharing your story!

This is a word for word reply I got back.... with my comments in (**)s.

"Please understand we didn't wake up one morning and say "this is totally for us" either but it works and working for someone else's dreams doesn't or you wouldn't be open to opportunities! (*Um, we have our own dreams, and they don't involve EVER having to go to any more meetings or their freaky "family reunions" they were talking about*) We've got an association of retired, debt-free people who control their time.

The purpose of this process is to get you more Information on what we actually do and you don't have enough information and answers to make any type of decision. (*Wait, what? We don't have enough information?? You gave us a whole info sheet which clearly states that only 0.3% of all of your IBOs make that 60k a year you promise, and the 150k a year goes down to like, 0.018% or whatever.... oh, and you're CRAZY*) Also, we wouldn't extend an offer to you unless we felt comfortable it was a good fit, only looking for "a" players. (*I know they met my wife, and she's super smart and amazing, but how am I an "a" list player?? They never met me! I'm probably B-Roll at best!*)

This isn't to offend you in any way, but what we do find with people with your current mindset is two things...
1. You didn't read the book or listen the CDs which we gave you to start to understand what we the potential is and what it can do for your family through extra time and money. (*We read enough to know we're not likely to ever make any money off this, based on your OWN STATS...but whatever*)
2. You listened to a friend-family member who knew of a friend who wasn't successful or tried to research from the internet (Google- bathroom wall of society) (*I think they mean news articles and FCC fines and other forms of factual reporting?*) from an ignorant source (ie. blog) (*I think this is a jab at YOU*) instead of looking at the Better Business Bureau which gives us an a+ rating in 2013 or the actual source. (*Which my wife found out you can buy....*)

Call us please to arrange a time to continue the conversation...."

She encouraged us to do research, which we did, and now she's mad because we didn't do the RIGHT research?!

If your mission statement was to save people from this cult, you helped in a way. We actually read this blog post on our way as we sped away from the hotel it was held at.

Never again!


Oh yeah, did you report those assholes to Amway’s head office for violating one of Amway’s policies? That would be the one about bragging about Amway’s BBB rating. According to Amway’s terms of conducts that can get the IBO fired. Why do Amway assholes go around bragging about A+ or AAAA+ rating or whatever? Any company that pays the BBB annual fee and responds to any complaints within the time period given, whether or not the customer – or in Amway’s case the victim - agrees with the response, can get an A+ rating. That’s all it means. Pay the BBB annual fee and correspondence response within time frame. If Amway fired every IBO that violated their policies – they’d have no one left! LOL!!!


  1. They said the same thing to me about BBB rating and that was the early 90s. Also mentioned DSA. Said do you know how hard it is to be a member of direct sellers association? Then showed me this over priced cream and shitty nutrilite products. I just rolled my eyes when they mentioned the DSA and BBB. Their shampoo maid my scalp itch. When I complained they said its not our shampoo its you lol. The double x made me burp alfalfa and fart. Been over 30 yrs since I'm involved and I see no improvement in products. Also wwdb uses the same prospecting tools of those stupid info kits. My god they still use expensive voicemail.

    1. Hi Anonymous - they say the same things at Amway meetings today that they said 20, 30 years ago. And longer too probably! The only difference is they sell more shitty overpriced products than they did back then. They keep reeling in victims with the same old bullshit.

  2. Pretty much when interacting with these folks... DISTANCE IS YOUR FRIEND! Not just physical distance, but removing yourself from electronic communications is nice too.

    Other sales pitches include...
    Don't make any decisions without knowing all the facts. *Like the people who provided the content for this blog post, you gotta admire the irony how people are getting the dodge out of town BECAUSE they know the facts*

    If you tell them you've heard of people who say this won't work, the usual "would you trust a friend with surgery?" canned response. *I interrupt "would you not listen to a trusted friend?" He tries to interrupt me, I assert myself... after doing this 5x, he stops and just moves on*

    we work with Fortune 500 companies, we're "like Amazon".

    How would you know if you don't get your toes wet?

    It takes some people a lot longer to understand the simplicity of it and what is behind that drives 11 Billions worth of business and over 80 countries. *McDonalds makes a lot more $$ than this. Does that mean I should work for them?*

    If you want to learn more, give me a call and we setup a time. *"I don't want to get involved in your scam" is what I should've said. I just sent him a long but civil response why I'm done with this. The other way at least may have elicited a response. Oh well *

    1. Ackmondual - when dealing with Amway ambots RUDENESS is your friend!

    2. For those that don't have a clue (which is pretty much all of them), if you're in a position where you need to defend yourself against their Amspeak, fight fire with fire indeed

    3. When they talk about fortune 500 companies like amazon and coca cola. I thought amazon and eBay let crooks sell their stolen merchandise long as they pay the fees. With coke they would allow a coke dispensing machines at a pool hall that sells drugs on the side. Its all about making a profit and bottom line.

    4. adkmondual - you know how most people were taught by their parents to treat others the way they want to be treated - well that goes out the window for Amway ambots. They treat people who aren't in the Amway cult with rudeness. And then they can come to this blog and get that thrown back in their faces! LOL!

    5. Anonymous - one could argue that Amway has a whole fleet of crooks flogging their expensive shitty products! And paying Amway a huge fee to do so! LOL!!!

  3. This is an email from someone trying to pull me back in after attending a torturous info meeting. Same unsavory tone as what they tell you orally. It's like they have template for these or something....

    Let me know if you want to sit down and talk what is the next step to earn income. I know you were looking for job description. IBO is Independent Business Owner, it is not a job and It cannot be compared with a job.. however if you work like a job it pays significantly greater with no max... It has great potential to create income security for your lifetime and generation to come.
    Nothing works until you make it work.. job, relationships, money, sports etc anything worthwhile requires effort. If you are willing to learn and put the effort, there is no doubt that you will succeed. If you ask me to describe the work I will ask you how much you want to make? (in thousands, hundreds or tens). There are two ways:
    1) Selling Products and Services : we have great training programs that will enhance your selling skills. When you start applying it there is no limit to how much you can make. I know many people who makes thousands of dollars by just selling products and services without having a store or putting upfront capital. I also know many people who makes nothing because they never learns or worked.
    2) Networking : Similar to 1), we have great training programs that will help you enhance interpersonal/entrepreneurial skills and then there is no limit to how much you can make for how long you can make because the people in your network will continue to do the same thing with or without you. This provides true security and residual income.

    On a day to day basis we do those things in our unproductive time just like you would put a little money to invest for your future retirement. If you are looking for complicated stuff this is not complicated that is why most people miss it. It takes some people a lot longer to understand the simplicity of it and what is behind that drives 11 Billions worth of business and over 80 countries.
    If you want to learn more, give me a call and we setup a time.

    Check the links below.


    1. Ackmondual - they have "great" training programs???!!! That's a new one. They always say that they have training and mentoring programs but like everything else in Amway its nothing but lies they're blowing out of their ass.

  4. Reading all this brings back great (NOT) memories. I think I'm gonna find myself a local amway meeting and attend. I'm gonna tell whoever looks the most desperate that I was invited and that I can't find the guy who invited me. Being a greedy bastard, that guy is gonna wanna sponsor me for himself (there's no honour among thieves). Then I'm gonna play with him for a couple of weeks and drive him crazy! Just a thought. What do ya'll think? Should I do it and report back here daily??

    1. Hi Ambot Dick. Well if you're looking for some fun maybe. Go to a TV station and see if they want to give you a hidden camera and be their reporter! Probably wouldn't work. Nobody gives a shit about Amway. Its always fun playing with Ambots. You'll have to tell him you've got lots of friends and family and thousands of Facebook friends and pretend you got lot of people interested in buying overpriced products and coming to Amway cult meetings.

    2. I heard they have a bar called The Pyramid Scheme in Grand Rapids, MI that makes fun of Amway. They seem to be doing pretty well, and even though they don't seem to theme their bar directly towards that, I'm wondering how many people were drawn in since that is close to Amway HQ.

    3. Ha ha. That sounds pretty good. Bet they have better prices than Scamway! And stuff that people would actually want to buy! LOL!


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