Monday, September 15, 2014

Getting Scammed Into An Amway Meeting Part 1

Thanks to X for sharing how he and his wife got scammed into coming to an Amway meeting thinking it was some kind of hiring fair for a legitimate job. This is a common tactic used by lying scamming Amway assholes. And he nailed it when he described an Amway meeting: freaky, cult-y, sexist and bizarre.



So. My wife had someone try to recruit her, on the premise of "hiring" her for a new business they were starting. And she even met the couple for coffee, where they said their "friend" could better explain the whole thing, and my wife wanted me to come along because she said it just sounded fishy and weird.Our 8pm World Wide Group (I think?) Amway meeting. So we honestly thought "How long could this be?" and made plans for dinner and everything later that night.

THREE FUCKING HOURS LATER.... they said they would be taking a 15 minute break.

Anyways. The whole thing was freaky, cult-y, sexist and bizarre.

The head guy giving the speech received a standing applause as he walked into the room....while my wife and I sat, crossed arms, glaring. And the meeting hadn't even happened yet. We just didn't understand why someone should get applause before he does ANYTHING.

Most of the first two hours was about how much money you could make and how easy it was. And how he found out through a younger woman who was making lots of money, to which he told us his thoughts was "Man, if a woman can do it, how hard could it be?" Uh... wut?

Everything was about how you, the man, can take care of your wife so she never ever has to work again, because working is hard and your woman should just spend her days taking care of and popping out babies and getting mani/pedis and make up her self. It was kinda gross. And insulting, because my wife is brilliant.

So at the end of THREE HOURS of Kens and Barbies being brought up to tell us how their lives were amazing now (testimonials), the wife of the guy who brought us here handed us this black info box (with a diamond on the seal, with the world behind it) and told us to look it over. We were encouraged to do our research and that we'd be expected to have a meeting with the couple once the husband got back into town. And we were told the box was something they'd personally paid for, so they wanted it back once we were done with it.

As we got to the car, we both just looked at each other asking "What the fuck was that?" She encouraged me to run back inside to drop off the box because if I didn't, we'd have to deal with them again. I told her I didn't want to because I'd have to run back inside where everyone still was, and that sounded awful to me, and I'd rather try to ship it back (which we just did today).

So finally, the wife of the couple started txting my wife to see when we could meet. This was a week after our meeting, and we'd decided during the meeting that this was just freaky and not for us. So my wife told them we could meet for just a few minutes (which was just to hand off the material), but they were relentless. They kept saying we should come to another meeting (HAH!!) that her husband was giving, and she kept trying to tell them no.

Finally, she asked me to txt them to play the "bad cop" and say I was denying my wife the chance to do this and thus we weren't interested.

More in the second comment... because apparently, her txt is super long and makes this post too long to post...


That black Amway box is a new one but absolutely the Ambot must pay for everything and that’s why they want their shitty tools back. And the reason an Amway asshole gets applause before doing anything (and its not like he’s going to do anything spectacular anyway or say anything that normal people want to hear) – its all part of the brainwashed cult worship thing: Blessed be our Amway cult leaders, let’s shower them with our love and adoration. PUKE!!!!!!

Yup stay tuned for Getting Scammed Into An Amway Meeting Part 2 coming soon!


  1. That's so fucked up staying 3 hours. I would have walked. I remember not wanting to hook up with the dirtbag ibo who gave me a info kit. Took over a month to finally drop it off to him. Then this jerk wanted to give me more material to borrow and I said no thanks. They seem like they have endless time for coffee sit downs.

    1. Anonymous - 3 hours is about right for an Amway meeting. And its probably longer than that if you were one of the unfortunate bastards that was summoned to a pre-Amway meeting. And after the 3 hour bullshit session they have "training" or "nuts and bolts" for another hour or so. And then there still might be a "night owl". Its all about sleep deprivation inside a cult that makes it easier to brainwash the followers. When they're tired they'll agree to just about anything. Of course they have endless time to sit down for coffee - before the 8pm Amway warrior witching hour that is. Its not like they're doing anything else anyway except hanging out with other Amway ambots.

    2. I did notice Sunday midnight 3 goofy ambots in suits chowing down on food. I thought maybe they came from a Amway meeting. They eat crappy fast food,no sleep,and run off to work. The very least I have time to cook and enjoy life

    3. Yup you can always pick out the Amway ambots at the fast food restaurants. The only bastards wearing suits! LOL!!!

    4. Im usually at mcds for the smoothies or 1.00 american at that hour Monday morning. They come in with their little diamond folder,green nutrilite baggy. I always think who the hell dresses like that at 12am monday morning? Usually people go in to mcds for a light snack like fries. But these dorks probably came from a night owl or some other brainwashing session. They look like they starved all day

    5. After I quit as a ibo. Friend of mines gave me a dream night ticket or whatever function which has a free meal. My ex diamond came from table to table. He saw me and had this nasty look. Cause I'm wearing jeans with leather jacket and didn't buy the function ticket. Thanked him for the meal and tooked off after the meal.

    6. Anonymous - I'm surprised they can even afford McD's! They probably share a small coke and small fries. Yeah you'd be starved too if the only things you were allowed to eat are XS cat piss water, shitty tasting food bars, and vitamins instead of fruits & veggies.

    7. Hey Anonymous - way to go on that free meal! Probably cost the ambot around $75. I was going to say there's no such thing as a free meal but it sounds like you got out of there before most of the bullshit propaganda happened! Yup dress casual no matter what those ambots tell you to wear business attire.

    8. The most hilarious thing is there's many nervous ambots at major functions. They wait near the entrance and their guess no shows. Many people can't be bothered to listen about Amway or any Mlm. The last thing they want is to look bad infront of their upline heroes with no guest. If you're walking by they'll offer even the bum on the street a free ticket for the meal

    9. Anonymous - when you're in Amway you gotta be used to no shows and normal people blowing you off. Not everyone wants to be part of their cult. Only a tiny segment of the world's population got suckered. Only a couple of Amway functions offer free food - and we're probably talking food bars and water - probably not even a bum would be that desparate.

  2. Man the agony of sitting through those shitty meetings for three hours! Well if you have been tricked into attending such a meeting don't sit there for 3 hours. The moment you realize it's a pyramid meeting just get up right leave right in the middle of the stupid talk and make a scene - pull the chair, tell your wife loudly let's leave this is a pyramid scam meeting, they tricked us, tell people sitting next to you excuse me as you pass just be loud and disruptive.

    The person who invited you will be so embarrassed and get a dressing down from their god cult leader for not qualifying you before inviting you. Also there just might be some other folks who just need your courage to nudge them to leave. Finally you will force the stupid cult member to change their invitation approach for the next potential victim.

    Now as to the way you deal with these tweets - don't be nicey nice. They think you just need a little nudging & leading and you will get excited, sign up and become their next big shot. Nah, they need direct head to head talk. You tell them we are not interested, don't ever call me again I don't care to receive your calls about this nor about nothing. Here's is your black box kit. You leave me alone and I want you to respect that, you understand? Then bounce. If they make any contact or ask you any question at all now you have my permission to get colorful and tear their ass a new page. Don't hold back, just rip into them. They quickly decide you are never gonna come around and they high tail from ya fast like a bad meal.

    1. ExAmbot - that's the right thing to do. Don't care how rude you're being. These are Amway assholes anywhere they're used to doling out the rudeness. The funny thing is they get so offended when they're on the receiving end. Just get up and say "this is a fucking Amway pyramid scam meeting. I'm getting the hell out of here. Who else is with me?" And haul ass. And if the cult leader gets all offended just curse the bastard out. It would almost be worth it to get inside an Amway meeting for about 5 minutes to do that.

      And yup the Ambot who brought that person in would be publicly humiliated by the Amway cult leader. And how do you qualify a prospect? You found a sucker who wasn't doing anything that night and tricked him into coming to an Amway meeting. Ambots are so desperate they'll take anyone. Even stand outside the bar and convince a drunk to come. Oh yeah there'll be a keg of beer where I'm taking you.

    2. 3 hours!? Kind to think of it, mine lasted only an hour because they were held in a hotel large meeting room. I guess they either didn't want to pay for more time, or simply couldn't get anymore time then that. At a private residence, it was only 2 hours. Either way, you feel like you'll want to kill yourself way before the one hour mark.

      At some point, I would've just left.
      @Anna Banana, one could also be more dramatic. After all, they're doing the same damn thing to you... get up, scream "this is sooo fucking boring! There is no useful information in this phoney, cult speech!" or something to that effect, and just walk out of there.

      Or, bring in a laptop or tablet, and just start playing video games on there. They have you sit in the front as an initiate.

      Or, come in wearing sandals, shorts, and a tshirt. When people look at you, just smile back at them, letting them know YOU are the one who feels right at home, and the rest of you are phonies and dressed out of place.

    3. ackmondual - you got off real lucky with only 1 hour Amway meetings. Maybe the sack of shit Amway cult leader had a chance to get laid that night and was in a big hurry to get out of there! LOL!!!!

      Yup all the things you said would be good to do at an Amway meeting. Really piss off those ambots!

  3. Hi Anna,

    I've just been reading one of Robert Fitzpatricks blogs & he mentions that someone has written an Amway horror story novel:

    It's on the US site too. I downloaded it but haven't read it yet. He'll have a hard time making a fictional MLM story scarier than the realities you post about every day!

    ~Ex-Girlfriend of a Herbot

    1. Hi Herbot's Ex. Thanks for the link. Took a quick look. A little out of my price range. Want to hear something funny? About 3 years ago I started writing a murder mystery based on Amway and their scam meetings about this cult leader gets murdered. There's all kinds of suspects but in the end the detective won't be able to solve it cause too many people wanted the bastard dead and he can't narrow it down. One of the bananas writes. Not here unfortunately. Sucks! Ha ha! Lol! Just kidding if you're reading! Was giving me ideas on what to write. Yeah I'm lucky for any help I can get. Even more luckier if someone else would write it. Hint hint hint! I got as far as the detective interrogations then lost interest. Man its hard to write a book. This one would have been short. And free cause well who'd want to buy anything not written good. And because I'm not in this to make money. Just make people laugh at those upline assholes. And go good when their murder doesn't get solved. Hmmm. Maybe I should drag it out again. Anyone got ideas for me on that one? Lol!

  4. Hi, I'm Jane and I'm an Ambot. (Say "Hi Jane!") I was a little tempted to take up your challenge to write an insider's book. You see, I used to work for a Diamond for a long time. I was a voluntary, teachable, exemplar model of an Ambot. And I came to truly care about my "family" of businesspeople. I learned how to "show the plan" by myself and had my own recruits over the many years that I was in "the business," but I was never completely sold that it would work for me. Over a decade later, with the majority of those years as an employee of the said Diamond, the rug was pulled out under my naive feet. I may have started to show my doubts, so without any fanfare for my longstanding loyalty, I was let go. Funny thing that happened along the way though...I truly cared for my unconventional "family." So I am here, not to bash Amway or any group, it's to shed a little humanity. Yes, there may be some wacky things that may happen in "the business," but in my humble opinion (that y'all might perceive as still naive and/or brainwashed, but I believe is a conscience & heart for doing the right thing), when you spend enough time developing relationships, you come to love people as they are, within business or not. Even if I'm not involved anymore, there are certain people I still miss from my group, yes, even the Diamond's family. So I could not bring myself to dishonor all these people by writing a scathing, back-biting book. Because through it all, I grew up in "the business" and learned to unconditionally love people despite their faults, whether it was learned or natural. I would bet that many many Ambots are in the same boat as me...torn between disappointment that we didn't succeed, but realize that we gained & gleaned knowledge in other ways that money or society can't measure. All I wish for, is a huge reimbursement check...and not by profiting from a salacious book.

    1. Hi there Jane! Whether or not you're an Ambot....

      I think a Diamond's former employee did write a book about what it was like putting up with these cultists. Like you was employed for many years.

      Yup an Ambot will pull the rug out from you at any time if they decide you're not worshipping them enough. Same thing with Amway. They can fire IBO's anytime for any reason. You're outta here!

      Yup, like all cults, its big on saying we're your family. That's why Amway holds a function called Family Reunion, gives the ambots a place of belonging. And like you when the relalationship ends, they aren't your friends any more.

      That's hard on a lot of people like you know first hand.

      You're living proof of never question upline. Cause when you do have questions especially when it comes to financial compensation or lack of, the Amway cult leader gets very angry and throws it back at the victim saying they're not working hard enough or their dream isn't big enough or whatever blame the victim saying they choose that day.

      It takes some people a long time to become deprogrammed. Maybe part of that brainwashing will stay with you a long time.

      Go ahead an write about it. It'll make you feel better. Maybe you won't get the big money you're hoping for, unless you sell your story to a tabloid magazine. That is if you've got anything worth sharing. Bottom line is the majority of the world doesn't care about Amway or the cult followers.

  5. When I started a job I dreamed about doing since college, a friend met with me near my job. He wanted to discuss a business opportunity. Before meeting, I showed no interest and had told him about how excited I was to be starting my dream job. When we met, he couldn't afford to eat, so I paid for his meal, which I didn't mind doing since that's the kind of person I am and he was a good friend.

    During the meeting, he tried to tell me about some online store he was starting with "some friends" and the self-help books he was reading. I talked about how I didn't care about money. All I needed was my rent, bills and food paid for and a little spending money. Then, I talked about all the exciting things I was doing to at my job.

    From time to time, I would check in about his "business." I really cared about him. He was living in a shelter that had a curfew. So, he got upset he couldn't go to the Amway meetings. I was still unaware it was Amway.

    One day, he tried to get me to go to Citifield where the meetings were. I thought it was weird that these meetings were taking place at Citifield. Before I spoke to him, I Googled this "business" center and found out that it was Amway. Looked it up, seen the research and found your blog. I told him that I was busy.

    The friend was staying with a friend he just became friends with again after a nasty fight when they lived together before. The friend told me that the Ambot wasn't paying rent. That's when I saw on your blog how they get Ambots to not pay rent to "invest" in their business. The Ambot got kicked out.

    He finally got his old place before he went into the shelter. Or at least that is what he says. He ended up in the shelter because the landlord wanted to do some work on the space he was living in. Now that I think about it, he might of lied and really wasn't paying rent.

    So, I put some distance between us, but we would hang out from time to time. Sometimes, he would try to bring me in. I would always turn him down. One day on Facebook, he talked about how people with J.O.B.S. were stupid for making someone else rich and some other bullshit. I was offended. I replied with how people can love their jobs and be happy at it like me.

    He said that he wasn't talking about me and how he knows I love my job. I said you were talking about everyone with a job. Others joined in talking against him. He shut down his Facebook and didn't talk to me for a while.

    Another time he talked about how college was a waste or something to that effect. Again, I was offended. I loved college. I discovered myself there. I did things I wouldn't have done there without that platform. I responded how college is beneficial if you got into it without the thought of being materially wealthy. It is beneficial if you go to learn, challenge yourself in and outside of the classroom, interact with others outside of your group, find your voice, find your calling and be creative. Others joined against him. He shut down his Facebook and didn't talk to me for a while again.

    See part 2.

    1. Hi ScamMagnet! Thanks for sharing your story. Glad you didn't get sucked into the Amway scam. It would have only brought poverty and unhappiness into your life.

      The way your friend insults people with J.O.B.s and wasting money at college, he's repeating the Amway cult leaders. They say that at every Amway meeting. Anything that takes time and money away from the Amway cult is to be insulted and that includes people who are not Amway cult members. The people who might be able to convince the ambots they're wasting their money and quit.

      And yes, at Amway meetings the cult leaders mock those ambots who say they can't afford to go to Amway functions or buy Amway products. They are told to skip their mortgage (Mr. Banker might not be too thrilled with that = foreclosure) or don't pay their rent (Mr. Landlord will not be thrilled either = eviction notice).

      We knew of several ambots crashing in one apartment. Amway ambots seem to love communal living. Normal people who are say past their early 20's and the party animal lifestyle maybe not so much.

      You'd think living in a homeless shelter would be hitting rock bottom and he'd get a clue and quit the Amway scam but the Amway cult leaders are ruthless. They'll rip him off for all the money he has as long as he stays in their cult.

  6. Part 2:

    Things died down. One time, I took him out for his birthday. He tried to get me to join again. He got upset when I told him I was interested. And wanted to pay for his own meal. I talked about how I always had his back unlike the Ambots. I mentioned how they wouldn't let him stay in their house for a week, cook for him everyday and help him find a new place. He got quiet after that. I paid for his meal.

    The last time I had him over at my house, he got on me for playing video games instead of reading the self-help books he was reading. Boy, I really ripped into him. I explained how I did a lot for my job and outside of it to benefit those I served. And how I rarely had time for myself. This was a time for me to relax and collect myself after I've been helping others better their lives all week. I talked about how I didn't need any self-help books when I already know my worth, dreams, drive and passion. What can those books tell me that I already discovered on my own?

    That was the last time I saw him. Somewhere around a year ago now. He tags me in bullshit about MLM and money. I untag myself and report as spam. It seems Facebook doesn't care about MLM scams.

    Anyway, he seems to have moved on to another scam. I keep dodging him. No more insults for me.

    Note on the name: at least five people as tried to get me into scams like Amway and Primerica. A friend had someone talk to me about Primerica, I wanted to do nonprofit work. They tried to convince me that I would help people with managing money. I turned it down. When I went to a Primerica meeting years later after being talked down by that friend, I've seen how they pick the people who have been kicked down and give them stories they could relate to and how Primerica turned things around. I've seen the bullshit then and one of the guys got pissed that I didn't want to join.

    It seems like I'm a magnet for scam scouts, but I'm too smart to fall for shit. Google has been a great ally.

    1. Good story. And I'm sure many can relate to it who have had those they know try to pull them into the pit they themselves are in.

      It's kind of humorous when you think of it. They are soooo brainwashed that even though the other person's life outside of the scam is a thousand times better than theirs, they think anyone who is not in their cult is a fool. It shows just how disconnected from reality a cult makes someone. They wear rose colored glasses that discount their poverty caused by them being snagged in the cult and sneer at others who are happy with jobs, making money, having spare time to relax and being able to pay bills and live a nice life. But the cult teaches them that everyone outside of the cult will die poor and miserable. With absolutely no proof to substantiate that. They believe it because the brainwashing tools teach them that and hammer it into their heads. It's sad. But you are a clever one and saw through the shit and did your research.

    2. Hi ScamMagnet. I think Facebook says no network marketing in their regulations, but how well they enforce that, well who knows. Maybe about as well as Amway regulates firing IBO's who break their terms of conduct such as bragging about BBB rating. In other words piss all.

      Amway ambots will always find fault with everything you do if it has nothing to do with Amway and making the Amway cult leaders richer.

      Good for you not getting sucked into his Amway scam.

  7. Thanks, ya! It's really sad. He was a good friend and could've opened a real business selling health products like GMC and/or been a personal trainer. It's sad that these people get caught up in money.

    I read many articles that said rich people weren't happy because they wanted more money and in the process, lost their family and friends. I read another article about not making money your #1 goal; make changing people's lives/making it easier be your #1 goal. Then, I thought about how Steve Jobs and Bill Gates started. They had the idea to bring computers into homes and make music easier to carry around and more. The Facebook guy created it to connect people. I could go on and on. But the point is their goal was people-centered. The money came when they succeed with their goal.

    1. ScamMagent - that's a sad thing about most Amway Ambots who are actually making a few bucks in Amway, like more than the average $10/month. If they took that same passion for being a commissioned salesperson and spent that time and less money on a legitimate business they could probably do quite well.

      According to Amway cult leaders Gates, Jobs, and Zuckerberg are all losers who got into the wrong businesses!

    2. You're right about directing their passion.

      Does Amway cult leaders really call him losers? Wow!

    3. If you're not a member of the Amway cult in the eyes of an Amway ambot you're a loser.


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