Thursday, September 4, 2014

Stay Out Of The Amway Hell Hole!

By now everyone’s heard about the teenage boy who lived in a 24 hour Walmart in Texas for a few days before he was found out. I think the kids parents had gone on vacation because for whatever reason he was staying at his aunt’s house and ran away. I suppose Walmart is a good place to choose if you need somewhere to hang for a few days. You can borrow a sleeping bag or bedding when you want to sleep and there’s plenty of food! And lots to choose from when you need a change of clothes. He had to keep changing his clothes so he wouldn’t be recognized when he emerged from where he was hiding in the cubby holes between shelves. The real gross thing was the kid was wearing diapers instead of using Walmart’s restroom. Its not like there’s a Walmart security guard standing at the entrance of the restrooms 24 hours making sure they don’t get repeat users. If he’d used the washrooms he could have also used the garbage cans in there to get rid of his garbage. He got caught when staff followed a trail of trash and found him in one of his hidden campsites.

So everyone can see how its sort of easy to hang out in Walmart undetected for a few days. Just about everything you need to survive is in there.

Then I got to thinking what if this same kid hid out in the Amway warehouse. I have no idea if the Amway warehouse operates 24 hours but it might do 2 shifts, day and night if not operating all the times so lets just say this is one of those times when the warehouse is closed for a few hours in the middle of the night. Seeing as how Amway is all about playing pretend because its a pretend business, let’s make this a pretend camper who made the mistake of hiding first in the Amway warehouse.

I have no idea how Amway’s warehouse is laid out but I’m guessing there are aisles with boxes stacked up that someone could hide behind. So lets say the kid finds a hiding spot to camp out in. Now he’s got to scrounge up some food. Lets think like a 14 year old boy wanting to stock up on groceries. Potato chips. Candy. Soda pop. Cookies. Pop tarts. So the kid goes out in the Amway warehouse looking for food and drink. What does he find? XS Energy Drinks. At that age he probably likes them so he takes a few for later only to be grossed out when he finds out they taste like a combo of cat piss and really nasty cough syrup. He tosses them out, beginning a trash trail. He found a box of something that looks like granola bars and tries one. OMG – tastes like shit covered cardboard! He tosses that out in the trash pile. Then nature calls so he looks around for Amway diapers. Can’t find any. So he just takes a shit in the aisle. He wants to change his clothes but he can’t find any of those either. He hears Amway employees so he hides behind a box. The Amway employees see the trash and shit on the floor but they don’t give a shit and ignore it and keep on walking. The kid looks around for anything he can use for bedding but all he can find is prestige toilet paper and prestige tampons and that’s not quite what he had in mind. He goes back to his camp spot and thinks about what a really shitty place he chose to hide out in. He hears Amway employees walking past and hears them talking about the garbage on the floor. One of the Amway employees even kicks the food bars and says that’s what I think of that shit. The Amway employees keep on going not giving a fuck why this trash is out in this weird spot.

Lights get turned out and the warehouse goes quiet. The kid is starving and he has to take a piss so he just lets it go against the Amway boxes he’s hiding behind. He decides to leave and find a better company to hide in because Amway is nothing but shit. The doors are all locked. They can’t be opened from the inside. He finally figures out how to unlock one of the garage doors on the loading bay and pushes it up enough so he can escape the Amway hell hole. The alarm goes off.

Meanwhile back at the police station they look at where this alarm is coming from. “Oh it’s the Amway warehouse.” One of them says. Another cop says just ignore it, no one gives a fuck about Amway.

So yup the kid made a better decision hiding out in Walmart. He was able to save money and live better with Walmart than he was with Amway.

And the lesson here is to stay out of the Amway Hellhole!



  1. I see the grandchildren of yager,victor,etc pretend on social media. That they are useful and helping expand grandpas business. Its so sad when the children or grandchildren of the king pins live in a pretend world also. These bums talk big but just constantly get handouts. They haven't added jack shit to the king pins business.

    1. Anonymous - when children are brought up by liars and scammers they don't know anything different so they think its acceptable to lie and scam the rest of their life in situations away from Amway too. Rich people don't usually go around bragging about how rich they are and rubbing it in everyone else's faces. Amway ambots and their children are a bunch of fucking assholes who don't give a shit about the way they come across so they just go around living in their pretend world cause they don't know anything different.

    2. Found a video of the cult leaders son named Steve yager. He spend ages talking about mindless be about a luxury toilet. You gotta be very brainwashed to put up with listening to this asshole. Can tell how useless he is in this video. Amway will probably have the YouTube video taken down shortly after posting on Anna's blog.

      Embajador Corona Steve Yager desde Diamond Club e…:

    3. Hi Anonymous. Yeah I took a look. Just so everyone knows its aimed at Spanish speaking Amway ambots though that one guy does a good translation job. And what was with his shirt Diamond Supply Company. What the fuck is that supposed to mean. For god's sake you're in Maui. You're supposed to buy a T shirt that says Kamana Wana Lei U. Yeah bragging about holding an Amway meeting while sitting on the shitter that's classy all right but not too far off how the Amway cult leaders brag about how they make more money taking a shit than ambots make all week at their job. I guess if they're selling tickets to ambots to come in and watch them take a shit maybe that is more profitable! I doubt Amway would have them take down the video. Why would they care?

    4. You gotta be fucked in the head to take advice by this Spanish Ambot. Or the cult leaders son Steve Yager who talks taking a shit on a expensive bathroom. Without a rich father. A fool like Steve Yager would be taking my orders at the local mcds.

    5. Ha ha! You gotta be fucked in the head to take advice from any Amway Ambot no matter what language they speak!

  2. Although I've never been an ambot myself (I've been pitched many times though) -- I have friends who've become ambots. That's part of my fascination with your scAmway blog.

    I've heard a lot about a principle called "edifying your upline". But I don't know what it means exactly. I interpret that phrase to mean KISSING YOUR UPLINE'S ASS and treating them like royalty even if they're just a lowly "direct".

    What does "edifying your upline" really involve? What types of daily/weekly protocols are expected in this edification process?

    For example, do you really have to open car doors for a lowly "direct" distributor or stand up when they enter a room, as if they're the fucken president? I've read stories claiming this.

    Do you really buy them coffee, snacks and meals everywhere you go? How high does your upline have to 'rank' before you must do these things for them? Direct? Emerald?

    Also... Do you really consult your upline before making major family decisions such as purchasing a car, buying/leasing a new home, having a child, etc?

    I've read stories about this crazy stuff -- and I'm wondering if it's just bullshit or if it's really the truth.

    Anyway... I'm wondering if you've written any previous blog posts which discuss these 'edification' aspects of the Amway lifestyle.

    I'm actually trying to get some people out of amway (trying to convince them it's a scam/cult) -- so I'm curious what they're actually dealing with on a weekly/monthly basis.

    If none of your previous blog posts cover this specific material, maybe you could write such a blog post in the future.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Edify isn't a real word but you defined it the way ambots interpret it and that's to kiss the ass of your Amway upline. I mean the closest word it comes to is edit. Scratch a word out and replace it. Yeah there's a lot of Amway assholes I'd like to scratch out and replace with decent human beings!

      Oh yeah, at Scamway meetings designated ambots had to stand outside and wait for the Amway cult leader to show up and open the car door and kiss his ass on the way into the house or hotel or arena wherever that night's brainwashing session was taking place. And not every Amway ambot gets that "privilege". You have to be a top ass kisser. Yup to buying snacks and coffee. Our sack of shit Platinum used to turn to my husband and tell him what he wanted but never handed over any money. Get me a sandwich and coffee you fucking lowly IBO. And it pissed me off to no extent that he would jump to it. He probably got picked on because he already owned a business and making a good income and likely had the funds to do this. But the thing is when you're in Amway you never have any extra money cause its all being tithed to the Great Amway God.

      Have you downloaded a free ebook called Merchants of Deception? There's a link on the right side of this page, further up. I think you'll find it very helpful to understand what the people you know in Amway are going through.

    2. I wanted to answer this:

      Also... Do you really consult your upline before making major family decisions such as purchasing a car, buying/leasing a new home, having a child, etc?

      The answer is YES. You have to ask permission from your Amway upline before doing ANYTHING and that includes much more than what you listed. Its all part of the Amway brainwashing and control and getting the people below you to toe the line. You can't make a move unless you get your upline's permission. And that includes making a family. Heard it over and over at Amway meetings that some poor slob asked permission to have sex and make babies and was told NO and went ahead anyway to make a family and was ridiculed at the Amway meeting because he disobeyed upline. They say check with upline first before buying anything because someone in the upline is going to know someone who has what you need for sale and that way the money is going to someone in Amway instead of someone else. More importantly the money is being controlled. Want to buy a new car and you have $5000 to put towards it. Amway upline will convince you to buy a $500 junker and put the rest of the money towards buying Amway products so you can go 1000 pin that month.


      I hope you can get your people out of Amway but they've been brainwashed not to believe anything outsiders tell them. Sometimes you have to let them hit rock bottom and quit on their own.

    3. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for dropping by! Yup been to many Amway meetings where the cult leader spent most of the time ranting about a disloyal subject who did something without asking permission first. Or asked permission and the Amway cult leader said no and the ambot went ahead and did it anyway. The guilty would get a royal Amway shit kicking.

      To the Anonymous who started this thread....Amway cult leaders demand complete obedience from their downline. The Amway cult leader reinforces how much they love the ambot but when the ambot does something that the cult leader didn't give permission to do the verbal abuse is legendary. The Ambot wants the love and praise of the Amway cult leader and will do anything to please the bastard so that's why they play obedient little ambot and ask permission before doing anything. Its a sick abusive relationship between Amway cult leader and Ambot.

    4. Thanks for the info!

      I'll definitely try downloading that ebook to learn more.

      I also agree that the word 'edify' (as used in MLM) doesn't seem to match the true definition of the word at

      But as you said, it's just a word and can easily be scratched out and replaced with a more accurate word.

      Oh... In case you're wondering where I saw that particular word used in relation to MLM (edify/edification) -- the below 3 links use that word in different ways related to upline/downline.

    5. Hey you're welcome. Yeah those links are from other bloggers who get into why Amway is a bad business and a scam. Around here we prefer to call out the people in Amway for being liars, insulting them, and cursing them out. Learn about the Amway scam and be entertained at the same time!

    6. After looking at that first link ( I think it's actually a serious blog about how to edify! I had to read the whole thing to figure out if it was pro-MLM or mocking MLMs. Creepy stuff.

    7. Thanks Anonymous. I didn't read it. And if its a serious blog it wouldn't interest me. But yeah creepy of it is giving instructions on how to kiss Amway ass.

  3. hahaha. Good story. I picture the kid running home into the arms of his family which he had originally ran away from, armed with a new appreciation of getting to eat real food and drink instead of the crap they overcharge for at Amway.

    1. Anonymous - everyone should get the hell away from Amway and run back to the arms of their family! Yeah once you've eaten and drank Amway shit you have a much better appreciation for real food and drink that's sold for reasonable prices.

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    1. Did you really need to show up here and write an article about home based businesses - twice? I'll get you on that other thread in just a minute....

      No one here is saying home based businesses are bad. Just lying scamming Amway assholes.

      And nobody responds to an ad email address with work from home opportunities. It screams scam all over it.


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