Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Amway Ambot Prank Call

OK this is not a funny ha ha kind of prank phone call. This was probably funny to the caller bugging an Amway Ambot getting even for all those Amway Ambots out there that bug the shit out of everyone else, but the content itself is something that could really be happening. The prankster has got the phone number of some upline Amway asshole and his story is his father is in the hospital after taking Amway Nutrilite Vitamins and now he wants to know what’s in the shit because the old man has been poisoned and if he dies he’s going to take legal action against the upline Amway bastard who is head of the team that sold it. The whole time I’m listening to this I’m thinking although its not really funny it could really be happening. You know cause Amway assholes go around bragging about the snake oil they sell cures everything. Some people might wonder why the prankster phones the upline Amway asshole instead of calling Amway’s customer service desk better known as the I-don’t-give-a-shit department. If you phone Amway’s head office and complain that an Amway asshole lied to you, the lazy bastards working at Amway’s head office say they’re not responsible for the lies any of their commissioned salespeople say and to take it up directly with the lying Amway bastard himself. Which is what this caller did. And then the fucking Amway asshole gives the caller Amway’s website and tells him to type in the vitamin in the search field and that will give him the information he needs about what’s in that vitamin. And Amway assholes go around calling everyone else lazy? Fucking lazy Amway asshole! I hope the prankster scared the shit out of that Ambot!


  1. Would be a better prank to not give any names. But call a platinum or diamond. Saying my father or wife spend thousands on tools. Now I'm going to hunt you down and give u a beating. Obviously use a throw away phone number.

    1. Anonymous - yeah good idea to get an untraceable disposable phone for that one. I believe the prankster in this call was giving fake names.

  2. Actually, having listened to the whole thing, and at the risk of being a minority here, the Amway guy actually handled it pretty well. He gave the guy what he was asking for and was polite.

    If there were criticism here, I think I would personally gear it towards the guy making up a bullshit story trying to make the Amway guy feel bad.

    I'm still not a fan of Amway, but that doesn't mean ALL Amway people are assholes. This guy sounded all right to me.

    1. Hi rocket - the phone call might have been funny to the guy who made it because he was laughing at the end but it sounded like a reasonable phone call and it was something I could see happening because of false claims ambots make about the snake oil they flog. The caller should have come up with a better story like he just tried the XS and it tastes like piss and he wants a refund and he wants to bitch about how nasty it tastes. Now that would have been funny!

  3. The real scare with Amway vitamins is when the upline convinces the downline to take more vitamins instead of going to the doctor. I can see an Ambot complaining of chest pains and blurred vision, and maybe they won't make it to the major function next weekend, because they'll need to see a doctor. Upline asshole convinces him to buy some extra vitamins (no conflict of interest there) and go to the function and see how it goes. They go and risk permanent medical problems by deferring treatment. After all, if you miss the function, you'll set your business back at least six months. Nothing is worth giving that up, even your health.

    -- AnonTB

    1. Hi AnonTB. Yup Amway ambots sling their vitamin snake oil promoting it as curing all terminal illnesses out there. Amway is not worth risking your health over. Or your marriage. Or your finances. And many other things.

  4. Replies
    1. Netha what the fuck. Not you again! Like anyone's going to click on your scam links you dumb fuck.


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