Monday, October 27, 2014

Amway Ambots Can’t Grasp Simple Business Concepts

There are several steps a person takes when deciding to start their own business. Sometimes its already decided for them if it’s a family owned business. Amway is owned by two families and if your last name ain’t VanAndel or DeVos then you do NOT own an Amway business. But forget family businesses. Other people have a talent that they can make money at. Others buy an existing business. Others figure something out that they might not be passionate about but the dollars are good.


Once a person has decided on a business then they figure out is this the type of business they can run out of their house or their vehicle and save money on buying or renting a business space. So figure out the space and the cost of doing business there. Then there are other pesky things like registering a business name, a business license, getting a tax number, business bank account, business insurance, hiring professionals such as accountants and lawyers, deciding on hours of operation, company policies, buying office furniture or other things that your business needs to operate, etc, etc. Some business have lower start up costs than others but most businesses have to go through many of the procedures I’ve listed.


At Amway meetings no real business advice is ever given out but that’s because its just a pretend business where the Amway cult leaders brainwash ambots into believing they’re business owners instead of telling the truth that they’re commissioned salespeople. An Amway asshole screeching out: DON’T DRESS LIKE A SLUT!!!!  is not what I’d call good business advice! Amway ambots don’t bother with those pesky things like a business license, tax number and insurance. They do pick out a phony ass business name to put on their dumb ass business cards but they don’t go to the trouble of paying to register it, that is if someone else hasn’t already chosen the name they use.


In the start up phase of a new business there may be shortfalls in income but hopefully there comes a point when the business turns a profit and the revenue continues to increase every month. Its not easy being a business owner especially in the beginning if you can’t afford to pay staff. The owners puts in long hours and hopefully not losing money. Even when the business is up and running good there are still times the owner has to put in long hours. Everything has to be taken care of before closing up shop at the end of the day. There’s been times we’ve been hard at work late at night. So now’s a good time to send out a big old FUCK YOU to all those Amway assholes that stop by here and accuse of us being lazy and working a J.O.B. for someone else like where the hell would I find the time!


For an Amway ambot “working” could mean a whole bunch of things. It could mean phoning and bugging family and friends to buy shitty overpriced Amway products and begging and pleading with them to come to Amway meetings. Or it could mean dealing with endless phone calls and texts from the assholes in your Amway upline. It could mean meeting some fucking asshole in your Amway upline for a 5 or 6pm “business meeting” and then on to the Amway meeting at 8pm. 3 hours later the ambot is still “working” when there’s a small break before the Amway nuts & bolts meeting or the night owl or whatever bullshit term they use to keep the ambots there and sleep deprived. All the better to brainwash them. Common cult tactic.


These Amway meetings run several times a week. Cult tactic of keeping the followers busy so they don’t notice they’re not really business owners and they’re losing money instead of making it.


So much for that lie about working Amway 10 to 15 hours a week in your spare time. Double or triple that on time wasted bullshitting with other Amway assholes at the various meetings or phone calls or texts.


Cost of running an Amway “business”. Start up costs around $200 depends on the package you buy but if you’re a “serious business builder” you’ll probably go for the super jacked up package and then buy a bunch of useless shitty overpriced Amway products on top of that to impress the fucking asshole that sponsored you into the Amway scam and to get yourself into the 100PV bracket right away to qualify to earn a commission check that month. Then spend another $100 or so a month on the Amway tool scam. Total $500 to $1000/month (depends if there’s a major function that month) an Amway “business owner” must fork out of their own pocket to buy about $300 worth of Amway products and then spend on the Amway tool scam to earn $10 commission.


Yup. $10 back for investing all that time and money. Repeat month after month after month…..


The thing that a real business owner knows is that working long and hard hours for minimal payoff is not a sustainable pattern for any small business.


Simple concept isn’t it?


One that Amway Ambots just can not grasp.




  1. Them being told they are a business owner by their upline reminds me of when I was a kid and the fire department would come out to the elementary schools and put on a talk for the kids. At the end each kid would be given a pin that said they were a "Junior Fire Marshal". Of course, they weren't really suddenly firemen going out and fighting fires or rescuing people from buildings. It was just a title so they could pretend to be one.

    And what the upline does with their downline reminds me of the same thing. Putting a little "Independent Business Owner" pin on their lapel so they can pretend to "own" something big and go around bragging how "their" company is worth billions and partners with bigshot Fortune 500 companies, but the truth is, of course, they are merely commissioned salespeople who "own" a business worth NEGATIVE dollars.

    Which is why it's all about "dreams". Like the little 8 year old with the Junior Fire Marshal pin dreaming he's a real fireman.

    1. Hi Anonymous. I remember that. And I think the sheriff's dept came in too with little deputy badges for the class. Oh yeah we can all go out and arrest people now. Pretend to be a cop and chase down robbers.

      Yup Amway ambots still play in a make belief world just like the 8 year old junior fire marshalls.

  2. I remember being surprised and confused when sitting down for "The Launch" and being told to come up with a business name. I chose the fairly generic MyLastName Enterprises. After we were finished with the Amway and WWDB registration I was told, "Congratulations, you've just started your own business!" Hugs all around.
    I asked what I would need to do to register the business and was told, "Amway takes care of all that for you!"
    Ok then, what is my taxpayer identification number?
    "Oh, you don't need to worry about that, all you need is your IBO number."
    OK, so now how would I go about doing other business under this name, like I'm also thinking of doing some consulting work, or maybe selling other items under a different website.
    "Oh, no, according to the rules you're only allowed to conduct Amway business. Don't worry we'll teach you all the rules as you go, just know that you should be completely focused on building your business with Amway."
    OK, so I'm not really a REAL business? I thought this was my business to run as I see fit. Most businesses I've been involved with in the past are allowed and encouraged to find or create new revenue streams.
    "Oh yeah you can be as creative as you want when retailing products, sell as much as you can!"
    OK, I still don't understand but I trust you guys so I'll just try my best to learn as I go along...

    And it pretty much went like that for 6 months before I finally realized that I was in fact NOT running a business at all. Nor was I going to make money, nor had I learned any business building secrets ("work hard" and "stick with it" aren't really business strategies). When I finally sat down on my own, ran real numbers, and saw that not only was I not going to make any money, but that I was most likely going to go deep into debt before I even hit a point in the "opportunity" where I would break even, I decided to quit right then. Or fail. Whatever term they want to use for when a person wakes up and realizes that continuing in the Amway status quo is going to ruin their family's financial future.

    It seems like people who have highly magnetic personalities and very little shame really CAN make big bucks in Amway, but those kind of people could probably make big bucks in any sales based business. The rest of us need to be able to provide a real service.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Sounds like they were distracting you with love bombing!

      Everything you've said is dead on for anyone who got sucked into Amway.

      Amway has a bunch of rules their "business owners" have to follow. Bullshit! If you own your own business that means you can set your own rules and policies, not adhere to someone else's. And its not like Amway ambots follow Amway's rules anyway. This blog gets inundated with Amway assholes bragging about how Amway is in bed with the BBB and has AAA rating. LOL! One of Amway's rules is you can't brag about any imagined BBB rating. But if Amway went around firing all their IBO's who break the rules there'd be no one left to buy their shitty overpriced products.

      Yeah you'd think the people who are capable of making money at Amway, if they had focused on a legitimate business or commissioned sales job like real estate, they'd be making big bucks, probably morally.

  3. Some diamonds pretend they have financial freedom and residual income. I wonder how many diamonds rent homes and cars to give the illusion of vast wealth while in reality they are struggling to pay their monthly bills.

    1. Joecool - I'd say a lot of them. I read something recently about habits of millionaires. People who have money don't go around spending it. Mostly they invest their money, go on vacations, or donate to charity. House repairs? They're unlikely to spend more than $25,000. Cars? They don't go around buying expensive flashy sports cars. They're not usually spenders. And Amway Diamonds go around giving the illusion that they're huge spenders. On a low 6 figures income keeping up with the Kardashians ain't gonna be possible for most Diamonds. The ones who have money may have got it from other sources than Amway and probably have investments. But they're probably still counselled to go out there and spend it and take videos.

  4. The very least its cool for a kid to pretend. They are junior fire fighter. Not like they have to give up lunch money and toys to play pretend. Being a Ambot dressed worst than a Jehovah witness is embarrassing.

    1. Anonymous - sure all kids play pretend. Mostly they grown out of it by the time they reach adulthood. Not Amway ambots though! It is embarrassing watching any adult playing pretend. Even watching them play pretend games with their kids is embarrassing! LOL!

    2. Hey I get a kick out of watching the ambots coming running into mcds at 1am in their suits. Had one awhile back scream at the cashier what's taking so long for my burger? Its all good fun watching them suffer. Till you see a close relative join. Anna, I have a female friend who married this guy who's worth 6 mil net. They both clip coupons and look for deals. They're both retired but hard to tell they have any money

    3. Hey Anonymous - I don't think I've ever been to Mickey Ds at 1am!

      Yeah Amway ambots treat everyone they consider below them who have J.O.B.'s like shit. They don't leave tips either.

      People I know who have money want to keep their money. Back in the 70's just about everyone we knew who were fairly well off were driving around in VW Beetles and station wagons. They don't go around showing off their wealth.

    4. I met a local platinum who not only trashed jobs. But trashed all business men. Saying they might have money but no life or freedom. Was like wtf are you talking about? Its the Amway leaders who stay up till late night,travel city to city for functions,and never retire.

    5. Our sack of shit Platinum was vicious about trashing everyone, didn't matter if they had jobs or were negative unchristian dreamstealers, that fucker would go off on a bitchfest rant and trash everything he could thing of. People in Amway are the most negative people I've ever met in my life. And they never retire. When you're a commissioned salesperson if you stop pressing people to buy your shit, you don't get paid.

    6. Anna, did your platinum have a job? Also did the platinum go to diff functions across the country to speak or just attend? Noticed many wwdb platinum in my area traveling from event to event ass kissing the higher pins and going broke

    7. Anonymous - he had a job that he hadn't gotten fired from yet, a condition that most of the ambots I knew got sacked from their J.O.B.s. I'm not positive but I think he had a union job and those are pretty much impossible to get fired from. You'd pretty much have to commit a major crime and maybe not even then. As far as I know he never spoke at any function just attended them. But Amway fired his ass a couple of years ago and he jumped ship to Monavie and took most everyone in his downline with him including the fucking asshole who sponsored us who still harasses ambot occasionally to buy this different shit from him because its so much better snake oil than the Amway shit. LOL!

    8. Anna, I have a ex monavie distributor friend. Who told me monavie easier to tolerate than Amway. He said less functions,tools,meetings,and monavie leaders doesn't care if you purchase personal care products from wherever you want. Since they don't really have personal care products when he was a monavie distributor. So its basically a money game with less money lost. Most of their reps don't even drink the juice. Sits in the garage or sold on eBay for 70% off.

    9. Anonymous - it seems the distributors either stockpile Amway shit in their garages or Monavie crap cause no one wants to buy overpriced shitty products. Ambot even bought Monavie last year from the son of a bitch who sponsored us into Amway and then jumped ship with the rest of the "team". I was pissed! Ambot doesn't owe that bastard anything no matter how many times he shows up with his sob stories. Just get out of fucking MLM scams to improve your finances you dumb fuck! How simple is that. As for the Monavie juice I don't mind it except for the $30 price tag. I can go to Walmart and buy better tasting juice for $3. Hell I can go to Walmart and buy a same sized bottle of wine for under $10 that'll taste better! LOL!

    10. Your Ambot hubby shouldn't have baught the juice. But if he where to buy it. People are selling the monavie juice and Amway double X on EBay for 50% off. So the sob who sponsored him should be the very least giving him 50% off. Even at half off you'll purchase you'll get plenty of their distributors wanting to sell it to your hubby.

    11. Anonymous - I wish that lying scamming bastard would stay the hell away from my husband but he's fucked in the head. Too many years in Amway and then Monavie for the past 2 or 3 years and he's so fucking dense he doesn't get it when someone's wife can't stand him that he should stay away instead of flogging his MLM's shit. No no no. We wouldn't buy off eBay or anywhere else. Don't need it, though I can see why everyone's trying to unload this shit at whatever loss they have to accept.

    12. So true about unloading that shit. I wrote awhile back about finding 2 monavie juice while taking a walk. I figured I can get 15.00-20.00 per bottle. Boy was I wrong...majority of the population won't buy this shit. Had to drop it down to 11 or 12.00 and drop it off at the persons work place. I remember my mother and sister visiting. Saying to me you still have that shit juice unsold lol? I have no clue how people unload Amway double x or vitamin c.

    13. Anonymous - at least Monavie tastes better than XS energy drink, but that's not saying much. I can go to the grocery store and buy grape juice or pineapple juice for a couple of bucks and it tastes way better than anything those scam MLMs have to flog. For a fraction of the price.


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