Thursday, October 23, 2014

Amway Ambots And The “Are You Free” Bullshit

Here’s a reader who has an ambot relative. When a person is in the Amway cult they’re brainwashed to be egotisitical, arrogant, self centered bastards who don’t give a shit about anyone. Its all about them and their greedy ambition to be surrounded with materialistic things. This ambot uses the “are you free” bullshit that Amway encourages their employees to ask others. The thing with when I put this phrase on my blog such as get your wife free I end up getting potential husbands searching the Internet for free wives. Bizarre. So by putting out the are you free Amway ambot chant I might get a bunch of searchers looking for free prostitutes or something. Oh well. Yup whenever someone you haven’t heard from in years (friend or relative) calls and asks stuff like are you free instead of how are you, how’s the family, what have you been doing lately then they’re probably involved in an MLM scam. They have to make up a list of everyone they know and then if they how to contact these people start contacting them and trying to recruit them into the Amway cult. This reader’s relative is a perfect target for Amway and the ambots are probably love bombing her. She’s a student and will likely drop out because of the Amway teachings that education is a waste of time. No really. Whatever you spend on education could be put to better use tithing the great Amway gods. A broke ambot won’t be in the scam too long. No money = no one in Amway wants to be friends with you.

Dear Anna,
I LOVE THIS BLOG. Recently a family member who I haven't spoken to in years (despite living in the same city), reached out to me and ask me if I'm free several times after I kept saying that I'm not. No "hello, how are you doing?!" or any form of respect. It's all about HER. I kept asking her why she wants to meet and she doesn't give me an answer. I found out from other family members that she's a part of Amway and I'm 99% sure that she's trying to recruit me and my husband to build her downline. She never really had friends growing up and apparently, I'm the "big fish" she's trying to catch in hopes that I'll get all of my friends in. I'm glad I found this site to avoid her nonsense. Everything described her regarding these ambots describes her personality, exactly from the "keep negative people out of your life and if your friends don't want to be a part of Amway get new friends" bullshit to the false Artistry claims. She does not know that I know all about scAmway and it's nonsense so for the sake of not damaging our relationship even more than it already is, I'm just ignoring her messages! I'm worried she's going to ruin her life, though because she seems to have lost interest in her education thinking she will get rich from this. She's been in almost a year now and still a broke young gal. How much longer do you think she'll last? She can do whatever she wants with her life but it bothers me that she is getting family into it, which is what tears family apart! Thanks and again-- great blog!!!


  1. For the writer of this letter. You asked how long she can last? I thought I had enough info to get a female friend your relatives age to quit Amway. Had ex emerald websites on tool scam,showed her lawsuits,rich devos directly speaking tapes on how destructive the tools system is,and other things. She had this look of fear like the lightbulb went on. She calls her upline sponsor to confront him. They meet the cult leader from wwdb. My friend gets more brainwashing about fortune 500 companies will never do business with a cult or scam. She decides I'm a broke loser who has no life. Also from her cult leader in wwdb she would have no contact or association with me lol. I run into she goes running out the door. She lasted years in the scam and I haven't heard anything about her for while. It was good for me I'm on the do not speak to list and banned from seeing.

    1. Anonymous - according to Amway assholes, if you're not inside the Amway cult then you're a broke loser. And you will die when you hit 65 according to Amway statistics! LOL! Yeah its always good if you can get on the Amway shit list and do not speak list. That usually only happens to former ambots once they leave the cult. If you can get on the shit list without ever joining Amway, then you're ahead!

    2. Yeah, cult leaders are always good at fast talking with bullshit to get around any questions. I think Anna has had several articles debunking the whole Fortune 500 "partnering". Those companies merely allow their products to be sold through Amway the same as they let thousands of other companies be distributors. They are hardly having lunch with their CEO's.

    3. To the writer of this letter (and other readers) : Avoiding ambots is not the best move. Instead talk to them directly. Don't say I am not sure, gee I don't know, I don't have time, etc. That just makes sure your name is not scratched off the call/potential recruitee list. Depending on who they are and how much you care you can be just firm or firm and an ass. Just tell them with a tone of finality and strength that this is not for me and please don't call me again about it I am not interested. Then get off the phone. Don't be open to discuss your position or anything about the scam. If you want to say something else just tell them if they ever call you again about this program, project, whatever (just don't call it a business-that really rubs ambots the wrong way) you will not take it kindly. If they ever call you to chit chat don't ask about the cult. Just calling is uncharacteristic; they are looking to see if you have a misfortune that they will suggest the cult can solve. If they call again for the purpose of the cult only, then you have every right to react however you will, don't you.

    4. I like that list Anon. Thanx for the chuckles.

  2. The best thing the writer of this letter can do. Is arm the other relatives not involved Amway with info like merchant of deception and other info. Then afterwards approach the Ambot with some info. If she doesnt buy into what you're saying. You might end up on the shit list like I did.

  3. Hey Anna,
    You have created quite the blog here and hope you have challenged some ambots to start thinking on their own!
    Speaking of ambots, I'm in a bit of a predicament with one. I started my own company a couple of years ago, and started hiring some employees last year as we were growing. One of the new employees mentioned that he had a little side business selling products that we use everyday for less but it wouldn't effect his work at my company. I knew it was some sort of scam mlm as he used similar trigger words that I heard when I was a child when my mother was involved with a similar mlm. Anyway, I heard from some of my customers that he is saying that his job is temporary as he will be retired in 5 years with a mansion and sport cars. As a reflection to me, it doesn't look very good when I'm employing someone that looks partially insane. He is a very very loyal ambot and I was hoping he would figure it out on his own that is a dead end dream. But I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon. As this is relatively new to me, how would you handle it? I want to be fair as he does good work, but can tell this is consuming his life and it's starting to show. Thanks Anna,

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by.

      When we were in the Amway cult I saw lots of ambots getting fired from their jobs. I don't even need to be there to know why. Their attitude SUCKS! People in Amway think they're better than everyone else because they "own their own business" and in 2 to 5 years they're going to retire and sit back doing nothing for the rest of their lives while gazillions of dollars in residual income roll in every month from Amway. Ambots sneer at people who won't sign up to their scam or won't buy their products. They are really fucking downright rude to anyone who won't "support their business". They're the biggest assholes around. They bring down employee moral with their Amway ambot attitudes. Like I said, saw many get fired from their jobs.

      We had a manager show up here and said he just had to fire an Amway ambot. For pretty much the same reasons I've listed above. Also you might not realize it but I can tell you he is on his phone or texting all day long with the assholes in his Amway upline. He's just being sneaky about it.

      Is these a woman in your company who is older than the ambot who might have a chance to see him in action? That's the person you want to speak to because you can be really sure that ambot is pissing her off. Ask her to tell you about this guy's attitude with other staff and with customers. How much time is he on his cell phone conducting "Amway business".

      This Amway ambot is a cancer. He's going to alienate your staff and customers if you don't do something about it.

      I can tell you that we would never hire an ambot. We made the mistake of referring an out of work ambot to a friend who needed help with his business. First off the ambot annoyed the shit out of him by listening to brainwashing Amway CD's all day. That's another thing. Check your ambot employee for ear buds. He ain't listening to the Rolling Stones! The ambot was very slow at getting the work done because he had to stop what he was doing to deal with calls and texts from his upline. This is a piss off for any employer. You're paying someone to get a job done, not to screw around with Amway and dreams. Yeah he got fired real fast. And then that looks bad on my husband for recommending this Amway loser.

      The easy way out is to fire him, depends on your state. Hopefully you're not in one where you have to show just cause, in which case you'll have to document everything. Good luck.

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    1. Elie - interesting that you leave your comment on a post that has bullshit in the title.


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