Thursday, November 6, 2014

Amway Won’t Let You Out And Won’t Refund Your Money? Shocker!

A searcher found their way to this blog with “Who do I complain to if Amway won’t let me out and refund my money.”

This gets a person thinking about other places where they shop. Do people ever go around complaining that Walmart, Sears, or Safeway won’t let them out? I mean there’s the door. Leave.

Well every now and then you hear about a customer that got locked inside a store, maybe they were in the restroom around closing time, and the staff left, locked up and the bathroom customer couldn’t get out. Can you imagine what a horrifying experience that would be someone to get locked into an Amway store with all those shitty overpriced Amway products? Holy fuck! But Amway doesn’t have retail stores because that wouldn’t work too good for their pyramid scheme and their member based (Independent Business Owners bullshit) buying club.

No one goes around complaining that a store won’t let them out unless there are some other kind of circumstances going on like a missing kid and the place gets locked down. In the rare instances where someone is physically unable to leave a store its usually only a temporary situation and they’ll eventually get out. I’m talking about normal circumstances where nothing is going on. You walk into a store, buy what you need and leave. So most people don’t go around saying Sears, Safeway, Costco, Walmart won’t let them out. These places aren’t holding them hostage. Can the same thing be said about Amway?

Why does this complaint come up over and over again with Amway? I’ve seen many similar searches that end up on this blog.

Why won’t Amway let you out?

Its like any other store. Just leave. Don’t go back. Don’t spend your money there. That’s how you get out of Amway. You’re not locked in or stuck in a physical location. Amway Ambots blow it out their asses all the time that they’re an Internet business. Unlike real stores they don’t have actual locations that you can walk inside and do your shopping.

Why do people even have to ask this question: why won’t Amway let me out? Its creepy. But then its Amway and everything Amway IS fucking creepy.

It probably has more to do with the fucking assholes in your Amway upline than the company itself. If you tell your Amway upline you’re quitting to begin with they’ll tell you stuff like: you can’t quit now, not when success is right around the corner. You’re about to go really big. I can feel it.

And when that doesn’t work the fucking assholes in your Amway upline will insult and humiliate you. Accuse you of not working hard enough. You’re a quitter. You’re a loser. You’ll be broke for the rest of your life. And all the other bullshit abuse you put up with from the Amway upline. And you’ll be the subject of rants from the Amway cult leaders at the next few meetings.

I still say its like any other store. Just stop going there. Stop buying their shitty overpriced products. That’s how you get out.

And then all the other things that go along with getting out of the Amway cult. Stop going to Scamway meetings. Cancelling your $50/month membership to your cult sect, cancelling Communikate, and quit listening to CD’s where some fucking Amway Diamond is brainwashing you. Stop hanging around fucked up brainwashed Amway assholes who devote their lives to spouting out lies in the form of bullshit Amspeak.

Some people compare quitting Amway to trying to get out of your Comcast contract. Getting out of Comcast is easier! Ha ha!

So who do you complain to if Amway won’t let you out? If you have a news station that features a consumer complaints section, start there. However its pretty fucking embarrassing letting it get out there that you got scammed into Amway so most people don’t want to call attention to themselves and have people say if that fucking loser is so stupid to get involved with Amway they deserve to get scammed out of their money. What about the BBB? Amway ambots love to violate their IBO agreement and brag about how the BBB kisses Amway’s ass they’re so happy to be affiliated with them. Complain to the BBB. Its hard to say if that will work. All a business has to do to keep their good standing with the BBB is pay their annual fee and respond to any complaints within the time limit set by the BBB. The business does not have to respond favorably to a customer’s complaint and fix the problem to the customer’s satisfaction. All they have to do is get a response in to the BBB before the time’s up.

Don’t even waste your time phoning into Amway’s customer service department aka the I-don’t-give-a-shit department.

Amway is like any other company if you refuse to pay their monthly or annual fees. Don’t pay and they’ll drop you.

Getting a refund is another story. Amway ambots will brag about their wonderful refund policy but very few have ever tried to put it in action. If you send back Amway products and get a refund your PV/BV goes down according to the value assigned to that product. Domino effect which means all the fucking assholes in your Amway upline are also going to see those points hit the shitter. And then you’ll have to put up with the verbal abuse from those bastards for doing a refund. But if you’re quitting Amway anyway why do you give a shit if those bastards are taking a nosedive on their PV/BV. You got to jump through hoops with Amway to get a refund so most people don’t bother. They’ll just throw the shitty overpriced product in the garbage and write off their loss.

Some could also say its easier to get a refund from Comcast than it is from Amway. LOL!!!!






  1. When I got my Amway product kit. It was impossible to get a refund. The leader purposely take stuff out of the product kit. Then add in useless wwdb materials. They can easily take the original wrapper off of the system materials or stall your request for system refunds. Years after i quit Amway I tried asking to signup literature portion only or product portion with no system materials. The asshole diamond threw a hissy fit. Amway corp doesn't give a shit if we aren't a happy and most new Ibo's don't ever get refunds. I know Anna's probably not into vandelism. But Ibo's who don't get a refund should take sharp object and scratch up their diamonds luxury car rental lol.

    1. Anonymous - I seem to recall when we got our Amway starter kit that there was some trading going on with other ambots. Perhaps that's why so you can't return it and expect Amway to refund your money.

      And you're very right. Amway headquarters doesn't give a shit if IBO's aren't happy. Their advice? Talk it over with the fucking assholes in your Amway upline. Um lets see. That's who I'm complaining about.

      No no no never resort to vandalism or anything else breaking law. Don't sink down to the level of someone in Amway by breaking the law. That's the thing with Amway assholes. They think they're above everyone else and the rules and the laws don't apply to them because they're in Amway. In their brainwashed minds that means they get a free pass. So here's what you do, and do not touch any car while doing this. It doesn't even need to be a Diamond's luxury car just choose any Amway asshole that's pissing you off. Take a screw. Go to their car and put that screw prong side up on the road right in front of their tire. Do not touch the car. You will be in big trouble if you touch the car, but you can't help it if your screw dropped out of your hand and landed somewhere on the road and you got down on your hands and knees and looked for it but didn't see it and went on your way. When that Amway asshole drives off the screw lodges in the tire and soon they have a flat they have to deal with. All accomplished without breaking the law and touching the car.

    2. I was also thinking any Ambot stuck with dream night tickets. Should walk up to diamond who won't refund your kit. Accidentally spill red wine all over his suit before he speaks

  2. "But Amway doesn’t have retail stores because that wouldn’t work too good for their pyramid scheme and their member based (Independent Business Owners bullshit) buying club."

    They do have a "business" center at Citifield. Mets are so shitty they have to get in bed with scammers in order to stay afloat.

    1. Hi ScamMagnet. No way! Its been years since I've seen a Mets game and that was at Shea Stadium. Holy shit! You've just given me a good reason never to see another Mets game again!

    2. Yea! You should do a post.

    3. Thanks for the link ScamMagnet!


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