Monday, November 3, 2014

The Amway Male Chauvinist Pig Club

Amway Male Chauvinist Pig Club teaching:
“a mans worth is only how fat his wallet is, and a womans worth is how well she is kept”.

World Wide Dream Builders aka World Wide Destructive Bastards aka WWDB exploits what is best in a mans nature - Providing for his family, and a womans nature, to nurture and love her family and morph it into a hybrid christian/money cult of greed.

Yup sign up with Amway and get immersed in a cult plugged full of male chauvinist pig asshole ambots brainwashed to think this way by the great Amway God and the Amway cult leaders.

“Don't you want your wife to come home from work and be there for your children?”

That was one of the “lines” that our sack of shit Platinum used to tell us to use when prospecting for new IBO’s.

There’s a sexist comment. Who says that all wives have or want children? Maybe they don’t want neither - no outside job, no children. Who’s to say that women who stay home MUST have children? Our sack of shit Platinum, that’s who. Male chauvinist pig! Preach it to the Amway cult followers!

Likewise who says that all wives want to come home from work? Maybe the wife doesn’t want to come home from work and is happy with her job so stop forcing that male chauvinist pig bullshit on her.

I should clarify here that with normal people who are not in the Amway cult just because a husband doesn’t want or need his wife to work a job and prefers she stay home doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a male chauvinist pig. Many men have good incomes and the family can live comfortably off the one income. In this day and age women still do not get paid what they’re worth and earn less than their male counterparts. Sometimes it doesn’t make financial sense for a woman to keep working. Sometimes her job is too stressful and the man should do whatever he can to help her quit her job so she can stay at home.

And equally the other way around too. Sometimes the woman has the better paying job and the husband would rather stay at home. Either way, whatever. Whichever one is staying at home taking care of the house and children or staying at home watching soap operas on TV doesn’t matter. Its a decision a couple makes together.

Don’t need no fucked up Amway upline telling them how they should be doing it. According to the cult leaders the Amway way is the only right way to do it and that is for the woman to quit her job first.

Like the majority of Amway cult leaders our sack of shit Platinum takes women for granted. He doesn’t even put his wife first in his life. She got one upped by God. Actually they both got one upped by Amway. Somehow his house gets cleaned, the laundry gets done, the garbage gets taken out, the lawn is mowed, the garden is weeded, meals get cooked, the cookie jar is full, etc. Do these Amway male chauvinist pigs think some magical fairy is running around taking care of all of this?

So what if your wife hasn’t worked a job in years. Thats something to brag about? Like your the first man in all of history whose wife does not work. Dumb fuck Amway asshole!

I get ambots stopping by the blog to leave their canned amspeak comments. These Amway bastards are outraged that someone is out there telling the truth about what its like being inside the Amway cult. How dare any former cult member betray the cult! If enough people get the word out then they’ll have an even harder time signing up new recruits. In almost every comment left for me I get accused of being a selfish negative unchristian dream stealer who doesn’t want to see my husband’s dreams come true.

What the fuck! There it is with the Amway male chauvinist pig lingo again. Those Amway assholes and the good old boys male chauvinist pig club. Its all about the men. Its all about the husband’s dream.

Those Amway male chauvinist pigs refuse to accept that the wife might have dreams too. And if she does too fucking bad. Wives dreams are insignificant and should be ignored – according to the Amway cult leaders.

When you’re in the Amway male chauvinist pig club its all about the man! Its all about the husband. Its all about going along with what he wants. Serve and obey. Fucking male chauvinist pig Amway assholes. That attitude went out the window about 100 years ago. Brought back to life in recent years by the good old Amway male chauvinist pig club. No wonder WWDB stands for World Wide Destructive Bastards - out to destroy marriages and families. Brainwashed bastards.

A lot of times a wife has different dreams than her husband. Sure they’ll have some dreams they share but some dreams will be different. Perhaps the wife dreams of being a prima ballerina but the husband has no interest in putting on a tutu and prancing around a stage. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t support her in her dream. Support can take different forms - financial or emotional or showing up and being there.

Maybe the husband’s dream is to become a skydiver. Maybe the wife does not like planes, does not like heights, and sees no point in jumping out of a perfectly good plane and hoping the parachute opens before you hit the earth. Maybe she’ll buy him a parachute jump for his birthday. So she supports him financially in his dream and maybe emotionally. Hard to say. If a wife has fears of jumping out of a plane she’s probably none too happy that her husband is jumping.

Kind of like Amway. If a wife has no interest in belonging to a cult and losing money and being brainwashed she ain’t none too happy that her husband is doing it.

The Amway male chauvinist pig club is all about getting the wife home from her job only because the upline says so not because the husband and wife have come to this decision together. The Amway male chauvinist pig club also says to make the husband’s dreams come true because whatever separate dreams the wife has are insignificant compared to her husband’s and don’t matter.

That’s the Amway male chauvinist pig club hard at work destroying marriages.

What about going to Amway meetings and events. The men gather in one room or huddle together wherever and the women are somewhere else together. What? Boys over here and girls over there? You Amway male chauvinist pigs scared some woman is going to sneak over and find out your bullshit chauvinistic secrets?

I still say the wife or husband has a better chance of retiring early and coming home first only if they are not frittering their money away on the Amway scam. Likewise a better chance of the relationship surviving if there are no interfering male chauvinist pigs from Amway causing trouble.

Here’s another good time to send out another fuck you to our former sack of shit Platinum for the fucked up Amway values that are forced on the victims.

FUCK YOU Amway male chauvinist pig club!



  1. There was a Whalen fed video on YouTube in 2013 for wwdb. The wifey gets the crummy name ingraving to put on the diamond trophy. Then the hubby gets the diamond ring and stand with the other diamond males showing off the diamond ring.No females where wearing the diamond ring. Doesn't matter if females are qualified diamond and the hubby isn't involved. I think it was Leslie walgamott who was standing far away. Teresa tsuruda/danzik qualified as a single diamond and later married to a diamond. But Teresa wasn't even on stage with the guys with the ring. If females are managing a downline I'm sure the men leaders will give the females a lesser speaker fee or system income. Hate to wonder what happens if a diamond couple where the husbands dies. The female would probably not get much in tool money

    1. Anonymous - yeah that sounds about right for the Amway Male Chauvinist Pig Club. Husband gets what might be a fairly expensive ring and the wife gets some piece of shit engraving. If the husband of a Diamond couple dies first the wife would try to keep the cult followers motivated to buy shitty overpriced Amway products and invest in the tool scam and hope they don't all quit. That's the problem with scams like this, its all about the charisma of the cult leader that keeps the downline inline. If the wife or other family member doesn't have those cult leader qualities they're sunk. The cult followers will either quit or go to a different cult leader they like better.

    2. I've even noticed the Amway corp north american founders council meeting pics. They seem to be all guys. Also the diamond club golf has a row of males sitting there getting instructions by a golf pro. Of course if you ask the leaders theyll say you're paranoid. That females get half the Amway cheques. But what about females getting half the system cheques? Even Augusta golf recently accepted female members. Thing is I'm a male and not in the scam. But noticed how male chauvinist this thing is. Ibo's accept it cause of the brainwashing.

    3. Hi Anonymous. Of course they're all guys! Couldn't be called the Amway Male Chauvinist Pig Club if they let in women! Yup its the brainwashing thing getting the men, and some women, to believe in old fashioned family values that went out 100 years ago. Amway teaching: the woman must submit to the man. And they both must submit to the fucking assholes in their Amway upline! GAG!!!!! What? None of those Amway women want to play golf?

    4. I'm sure females wanted to play golf at diamond club. But are told to stay in the kitchen by their system kingpin. If you confront any Amway leader they'd say this is complete nonsense and that females are listed at diamond club events. That the pics I see are not all of the golf pics. But I'm speaking from a non Ambot perspective. When I see the males get the ritzy diamond ring for going diamond and only males on the golf course at diamond club. What else would I be thinking? But these days I see almost as much female golfers as men. Maybe not in the crazy Amway cult world

    5. Anonymous - you're right. These days just as many woman are on the golf course as men. Except in Amway's world. And you're right. They're probably all stuck back in the kitchen.

  2. The last straw for me in this business was when I told my upline mentor that I wasn't going to continue spending all of my time going out and prospecting every hour of the day, or going to the meetings anymore because frankly it was a waste of my time. I have particular skills that are very high in demand and I make fine money plus I get to set my own hours when I work using these skills.

    My wife, on the other hand, is a stay at home mom who WANTS something to do during the day to make side income. She WANTS to sell the products, she WANTS to go out all day and prospect. She WANTS to go to the meetings and socialize and feel like she belongs to something. She was always very excited to put all the work in.

    So my request to my upline was to please just work with her. Give her all the coaching, all the mentoring, let her experience all the camaraderie of the meetings and the functions that I could barely tolerate. Let her "plug in to World Wide" and just leave me alone to pursue my non-sales-and-recruiting aspirations.

    His response? I have to summarize but it basically boiled down to, "Nope, sorry but the only way this works is that the husband leads and the wife follows. Without your leadership, she's not going to make it work, so if you're not going to do it, we're not going to waste our time working with her when we know she's not going to do anything we tell her unless you're doing it too."

    OK then, so unless I throw away 20 years of technical study and expertise to become a salesman instead, my wife, who loves doing sales and is a natural at it, is just gonna sit around knitting and watching me work on the computer because all a woman knows how to do is follow? Right. That makes tons of sense.

    1. Anonymous, if they won't work with your wife file a complaint. Ask Amway to find you a new sponsor and group. This will irritate your wwdb upline and leaders. Your wife quitting will be a positive change in both your lives. My ex gf sold another mlm called neways. Where its basically females selling cosmetics. But unlike Amway there's no functions or constant meetings. Mainly in home free meetings for neways and no system tools scam. The products with neways are overpriced like many mlms but they do retail the stuff.

    2. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for sharing your story. You're a little different because in your case its the wife instead of the husband who has the bigger interest in Amway.

      Yup, you're upline's response is typical Amway bullshit Amspeak. We don't call Ambot Men Male Chauvinist Pigs for nothing! LOL!

      But wow! That must have been a wake up call for both of you, especially if you're a modern man, not an Ambot who prefers how it used to be 100 years ago when man was head of the house and everyone within obeyed him.

      You'd think your wife would have better luck with Avon. If she likes sales and she's a people person maybe she should look into real estate. If not a realtor, maybe an assistant to one. The commission will be much better than in Amway!

      I'm sure you were just amazed when that bastard told you the way it is inside the Amway Male Chauvinist Pig Club. At Amway meetings I'd say about 80% are couples, even though the significant other might not be attending Amway meetings. And that would usually be the woman not wanting to attend Amway meetings and put up with those male chauvinist pigs. 18% are single guys or guys whose wife divorced them or girlfriend split because of Amway. 2% and maybe that's a high estimate on my part are single women. The Amway good old boy's club will never let them get ahead. For much the same reasons told to you. She must follow the man and never be a leader. Because that's "man's work". Yup I spent too much time at Amway "teachings". But it fills the blog up!

    3. Anonymous - file a complaint with Amway? Have you ever tried to file a complaint about the assholes in your Amway upline with corporate? You phone Amway's customer service desk aka the I-don't-give-a-shit department to complain about your upline and guess what they tell you? They're not responsible for what Amway assholes say at Amway meetings and then tell you to talk to the assholes in your Amway upline and work it out. Waste of time phoning head office. You've just interrupted some pissed off employee who was probably giving herself a manicure with some polish she swiped out of the warehouse and you interrupted her busy day so she's going to bitch at you. They're not hired to be helpful you know. LOL!

    4. I would say to see it as a blessing. Because you DON'T want to have your wife get involved with that brainwashing cult of losing money. Her being a good salesperson doesn't equal success in the Amway pyramid. She'll have her personality twisted to become obsessed with pleasing her upline and sneering at anyone not involved in the business... including you. One has to learn to lie and not care about ruining other's lives and finances in order to try to climb up the almost impossible to get up Amway ladder.

      As Anna said, have her find a legitimate company to work for.

  3. Dont know about MCP Lads ,but know its no good having a Dog & barking yourself ,is it?

    1. Peter what the fuck's that supposed to mean? You Brits bitch about us changing the English language. Well we changed it for the better!


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