Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Amway Ambot Deathtrap - Unable To Deliver On Promises

One thing that legitimate business owners learn (sometimes the hard way) is to always deliver what you promised. Whether that’s a product or a service if you tell the customer that a product will be available or a job will be complete at a certain time for the agreed upon amount of money – make sure you follow through on your promise or you won’t be in business very long. If there are delays or other issues let the customer know ASAP. Depending on what the product/service is this will give the customer the opportunity to go elsewhere to get what they need.

Customer fulfillment in a timely manner isn’t something that companies who do sales over the Internet can do better than a store where people walk into and do business. If I need toilet paper NOW I’m heading for the store to buy it. I don’t want to place an online order for it and wait a few days, a week, or more to get something that we need NOW. Same thing with tampons, diapers, etc. There are certain things that if you get a rude surprise you are out of you need to hop in the car and get to the store and buy it before it turns into a bigger problem. There is no online store that can deliver goods faster than most people can get to the store and buy it.

There are things that people can buy online cheaper than in a store and they don’t mind waiting a few days to get their product. Books. This is where Amazon makes a killing and they sell many other products besides books. Spend $25 and get free shipping. Most people would spend that much. Buy a couple of books and a CD and you’re there.

What does Amway have as a minimum charge to ship products for free to their customers? $100? $200  now? And one could argue that it doesn’t take much to buy $100 worth of shitty Amway products either seeing as how they charge 3, 4, 5 times as much as what a similar product would cost everywhere else you shop. The kicker is that the free shipping is not for IBO’s. Less than 5% of Amway’s customers are not IBO’s. That means over 95% of Amway’s customers got to pay for shipping and most ambots have to spend way over $300 to reach their 100PV monthly quota to qualify for a commission check. You’d think those fucking cheap bastards at Amway’s head office could cover the shipping costs for all their customers because they’re already making a huge profit due to their grossly overpriced products.

Online stores usually advise their customer how long they can expect to wait to receive the product. Let’s say a week if the item is in stock if its going regular USPS. You could also pay more money to get the item couriered overnight.

What happens when you get that item and its not what you expected? That’s where online shopping gets a little tricky. Now you’re dealing with the hassle to go to the post office and ship it back and waiting for a replacement or a refund. Stores are a lot easier. You go in and say the shoes don’t fit or the milk is sour and you get a replacement product or a refund pretty quickly.

Products you buy in stores usually have some reason why you buy it. Maybe Tony is telling you that his cereal tastes great or you went to a friend’s house and they had this potato chip that tastes incredible or someone recommends you try something. Or maybe you just take a chance on a new product because of some advertising you saw. There was something that promised you this would be a product you’d like.

So how do Amway ambots make promises? Buy Amway’s Perfect Water. It cures cancer. Take Nutrilite vitamins. It cures AIDS. Try Amway’s prestige tampons. They don’t leak. Try Amway’s dish soap. It’ll get your dishes clean. A bunch of lies but what else do you expect from a lying scheming Amway asshole.

What’s the other thing Amway ambots overpromise and undeliver on? That Amway products are priced sky high to reflect their high quality. Holy fuck. If Amway priced their products to reflect their true quality, they’d open a store called “Nothing Costs More Than A Buck!”

Amway and their Ambot commissioned salespeople sell shitty overpriced products. Products that are substandard or generic quality compared to the lower priced, higher quality products sold in grocery and drug stores.

Amway ambots will shower gushing praise on Amway products to scam people into buying them thinking they’re better quality than they are. It doesn’t take long for people to realize the Amway products are shit and they got ripped off by the lying Amway asshole who sold it to them.

And that’s the Amway Ambot deathtrap. Unable to deliver on their promise that Amway products are better than what you’re currently buying at the store. No one wants to keep buying from these lying Amway bastards so customers take their business back to the stores where they can buy higher quality products at lower prices. Unable to deliver on promises - the Amway deathtrap. Everyone else sells better products for better prices and no matter how much Amway assholes lie, consumers figure out pretty fast they got fucked over.

That’s something that a real business owner never does. That is if they want to maintain their customer base and grow their business.




  1. Hey there Annay,

    In Canada, to get free shipping from Amway, you had to spend about 800$ worth of products. So yeah, happy shopping ;).


    1. Holy shit Osu! It'd be cheaper to buy less products and just pay for the damn shipping. Of course it would be even more cheaper not to buy Amway's shitty overpriced products in the first place.

  2. "What does Amway have as a minimum charge to ship products for free to their customers? $100? $200 now?"

    Here are the current US shipping costs:
    $0–$49.99 $6.75
    $50–$119.99 $11.75
    $120–$299.99 $16.75
    $300–$749.99 $21.75
    $750 or more FREE

    So, yeah... when you need to include those costs in the price of your product when trying to sell to customers it makes the products even more overpriced and makes it even harder to ever turn a profit. Worse it encourages IBO stockpiling of products because if you're at $600 on an order, but an extra $150 saves you that $21.75, you end up buying extra items and then "hope" that you can sell the stockpiled products eventually.

    Of course, that hardly ever happens, because it turns out that "hope" is a horrible business strategy.

    1. Anonymous - Thanks for the breakdown. When we were in Scamway there used to be a free level shipping for customers who were not registered IBO's. In other words about 3% of Amway's customer base. I guess Amway did away with that because the majority of their customer are "business owners" and very few others are buying directly from them.

      I'd say take that $750/month stockpiling Amway products and put it towards a mortgage. You'll have something real to invest in that you can sell sometime down the road. Selling stockpiled Amway soap and vitamins down the road at a profit is not going to happen.

    2. That's some crazy shipping fees. So you finally sell a customer on benefits of double x being organic blah blah. Then they look at the 12.00 shipping and laugh. My entire organic multivitamin at the local health food store is less than the shipping fees. Most normal people order less than a 100.00. Unless they are nuts like a brainwashed ambot

    3. Anonymous - you can buy a comparable vitamin at Walmart for less than the cost of those $12 shipping fees! And probably be a 3 month supply instead of 1 month that Amway Nutrilite sells. Yup only brainwashed Ambots spend $300+ to get to 100PV to earn $10 commission. Nobody else buys like that but normal people don't have a sack of shit Platinum bitching at them to buy buy buy!!!!

  3. I joined Amway recently but got out after a couple weeks after I stopped "Dream Building" and started thinking. I'm in the process of getting as much money back as I can. My wife got her credit card statement and somehow between signing up, a welcome kit, spending money on products to get a measly "bonus check," premier membership, communiKate, standing order, tools and supplies we spent over $600!!! I have to ship all the junk back but hopefully I will be able to get back some money. Got the Amway signup fee back so far.

    1. Anonymous - you did the smart thing. Thinking instead of allowing yourself to continue being brainwashed. If you'd been properly brainwashed you'd be throwing away money at Amway for a few months. $600/month is about average what an Ambot spends on Amway products and the tool scam. Hopefully you'll get some more money back but you might just have to chalk this up to an expensive lesson learned. But not as expensive as some people who've lost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to the Amway scam. Your main concern right now should be your wife's credit card continuing to be charged for the monthly premier membership, Communikate, and any standing orders. Someone dropped by a few months ago to say they tried to get their money back on that welcome kit and no luck. His issue was that the assholes in his Amway upline were on to that and they pulled items out of his kit and traded other stuff, thereby making it ineligible for a refund. Did that happen to you too? Its got something to do when you bought an Amway product everyone in your Amway upline made a little money on that sale and some PV. When you return for a refund, the upline all go into the hole on that PV and any commission already paid to them will get deducted off their next check. And when you phone in to Amway's head office to arrange for a refund and shipping back the product they make you jump through hoops. Most people just give up, its not worth the hassle.

  4. Anna. What retail sales? Only brainwashed Ambots buy that shit.

    1. quixtarisacult - you are right. Nobody else but a brainwashed ambot wants to buy Amway shit. We got real close to having a customer once. Placed an order and backed out due to the shipping fees.

    2. "We got real close to having a customer once."

      And that's the thing the Ambots leave out when excitedly drawing circles and gushing over how much money can be made when you have a lot of downline and they have a lot of downline, etc. How hard it is to get ANY customers or downline due to how expensive the products are. Most Ambots may get a few pity purchases, but there is rarely a "re-order" from those folks. It just makes no sense to pay that kind of money/shipping when products are available for a lot less, better quality, faster delivery (you pick it up yourself) and no shipping costs paid at the store down the road.

    3. Anonymous - its next to impossible to get customer to buy Amway shit once they see how much it costs. $40 or $50 for a box of laundry soap. Holy shit! Go to Walmart for $10 or less if its on sale for a similar size detergent. We had a few pity purchasers and we ended up putting anything they wanted on to our order and sold it to them. But that was embarrassing too. Like who wants to spend around $50 for a 24 pack of water when you can go just about everywhere else and buy a 24 pack for less than $5. Its really embarrassing telling people you're in the Amway cult. Just like telling people you're a Hare Krishna or a Moonie. You don't want stuff like that to get out. And your relatives don't want that getting out either.

      Amway makes no sense, as you said, you can go to the store and buy products faster than Amway can ship them and the store sells higher quality products for a whole lot cheaper than Scamway can sell them.

  5. Hey, Anna, could you get the skinny on Lia Sophia (jewelry mlm giant) closing permanently as of 12/31/2014? Herbal Life is in trouble and now Lia Sophia - pretty scarey stuff.

    1. Sorry, don't know nothing about them. Better choices are the websites that look into all the MLM scams instead of one that focuses on cursing out Amway bastards! Check the upper right for other websites, probably Amthrax or MLM The American Dream Made Nightmare are good ones. Looks like a recent post on Herbal Life there.

    2. I was chuckling. Anna is too busy cursing out her former up-line. There's plenty of other blogs for cussing out these other scoundrels!

    3. LOL quixtarisacult! I'm pretty busy around here cursing out fucking Amway assholes without searching out other MLM dumb shits to curse out! LOL!

  6. Hey Anonymous, the one who wasn't certain about being so. I don't see anything to suggest otherwise. At least not today. And not on this topic either. Perhaps it wiggled off into the twilight zone? Let us know if you find it somewhere!


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