Thursday, December 18, 2014

15 Worst Amway Products To Find Under The Christmas Tree

I read an article obviously written by someone with a sense of humor who has a list of the 15 worst items for the holiday wish list from Amazon.

Oddly enough all of those Amazon items I can absolutely see Amway wanting to get on board and offer the same things to the ambots. Oh sure. Some Amway asshole is going to show up here and claim that Amway already offers cremation services and bags of bones!

So seeing as how every Amway meeting I attended the cult leader would be comparing Amway and Amazon (I say Amazon rules!) I have taken the opportunity by choosing the 15 worst Amway items to find under the Christmas tree.

What?! Only 15?! I have to stop at 15???!!!!  Shit! How do I narrow it down? Amway has so many shitty overpriced products I’d hate to find any of them under the Christmas tree. So here is my 15 in no particular order and like I say I hate to stop at only 15.

  1. XS (Cat Piss Water) Energy Drinks
  2. Perfect Water
  3. Any kind of Nutrilite vitamin
  4. SA8 Laundry Soap
  5. Amway Dish Drops dishwasher detergent
  6. Amway Trim Advantage
  7. Glister toothpaste
  8. Satinique shampoo
  9. Amway Debut tampons
  10. Any kind of Nutrilite food bars
  11. Artistry lipstick
  12. Nutripet dog food
  13. Artistry eye shadow
  14. Artistry time defiance cream
  15. Any Amway CD

The really scary thing is that when we were in the Amway cult can see my Ambot going out and buying those shitty Amway products to give to me or others as Christmas presents.

Talk about a really fucking nasty surprise when you get up on Christmas morning and see what's under the tree!



  1. LOL!!!! The ambot I know has purchased all of these products and are crawling all over her apartment! Honestly, she has too many products that she buys on her own to make the points or whatever every month and hopes to sell them as she goes. Very sad "business"

    1. Anonymous - stockpiling shitty Amway products is all part of being inside that cult. The ambot is helpless when their Amway cult leader is pressuring him or her to buy more overpriced Amway shit. And then they've got a full garage or storage room of stuff they probably have no use for and can't find any suckers to sell it to. Its sad in many ways but Amway is more outrageous in the emotional and financial damage it brings to their victims.

    2. Anonymous, that's one gross female friend if she consistently uses Amway made tampons.

    3. It's absolutely sad. She wrote to a mutual friend saying she will be making $50k in 2014 (which is over) and doesn't want the friend to miss out on the opportunity. Again, 2014 is over and her income was not even 10% of that. She attends all their dream weekends and Sunday night, "phone team" where she calls and has her upline harass people. Talk about "not working a 9-5", I would much rather prefer a lifestyle that doesn't involve annoying the shit out of people trying to convince them to do crap they don't want to, ESPECIALLY on Sunday nights.

    4. Anonymous - only men are under the false assumption that Amway makes prestige tampons. Women prefer to use tampons that don't leak after an hour. Its like some Amway conspiracy to sell expensive tampons that don't last as hour before they leak so women go through them real fast and have to buy more.

    5. Anonymous - they all say they're going to be making 50k, 75k, 100k, whatever amount they've pulled out of their ass. They only make that if they're far up the pyramid to be profit sharing in sales from the tool scam or selling tickets to other ambots to hear them talk. Most ambots earn pennies an hour once all the hours are divided by a measly commission around $10/month. Its more profitable to work a minimum wage job than to be an Amway "business owner".

    6. Anonymous of 8:53 am, Sunday night phone team callings, 2nd look meetings, house meetings don't really work. If you want to be profitable. All that shit takes to much time. I talked to a fairly successful mlm high income snake oil salesman. Tell me you gotta have the ability to sell on the spot and sign up people on the spot. That's when I knew I could never really make this work. Also to keep the pyramid going the leader has the ability to signup min 10-30 people per month. Goal is usually to find other talented sales freak who can also signup hundreds a year. This was what I'm told in prvt by a Mlm leader. Amway leaders don't wanna freak out the prospects of what it takes to make any $. If you can't make sales in signups. Then its better to find another business. Harassing the and signing up mom & pop types don't work.

    7. Anonymous - its like vacation time shares salespersons. If they can't close the sale before the victim leaves the room, they're screwed! In Amway the idea is to get the victims all hyped up with the bazillions of dollars in residual income that'll be rolling in for the rest of your life after 2 to 5 years and get them to sign up before they leave. Then the victim goes home and goes what the fuck just happened here and searches online to find Amway victims sharing their stories and a lot probably get out right away. Others think they're helping their friend or relative so they might not quit but they know the odds are against any of them making any money at Scamway. Yup you gotta be a sales freak, a scammer, a liar, and have no morals to make any money at Amway.

    8. Anna, that's correct make the sale right away like time shares. Ideally I'm told to make the sale while prospecting for the sales kit sign up. Then the house meeting is to sell more shit to them and brainwashing. Dragging some prospect from house meeting to seminars is a waste of time. If there are no sales happening. Most Amway leaders talk about mentorship and building leaders etc. People don't have 10+ years hoping some useless ibo become this great leader or salesman.

    9. Anonymous - as soon as an ambot has signed up a prospect they want to sell them on that start up sales kit thing right away plus buy more Amway products to get up to 100PV because that way they'll get a commission check that first month from Amway. Which is basically what you said, sell more shit to them! Yeah if someone wants to be a commissioned salesman there are more profitable ways to do it. Sell cars, sell houses, hell sell those timeshares! Anything is better than making pennies an hour on Amway.

  2. Any Amway gift would suck ass. Unless some nut ibo buys me a car from a Amway partner store. Which is unlikely going to happen cause they are flat broke. Ambots don't just give anything away. They are like bible Thumpers who drop off a bible Sunday. Then week after week they come knocking on your door

    1. Anonymous - I couldn't have said it better myself! You're right. Ambots never give anything away. If the assholes in your Amway upline tell you the shit you need for an Amway grand opening, those upline bastards will tell you they've got that product and will bring it over only to want to be paid for it. No thanks. Take that Amway shit with you when you leave!


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