Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Amway Ambots Are Servers?

A comment left by an ambot stated that he is in Amway to “serve” others so I decided to revisit the whole Amway ambot server thing.

Our Platinum sack of shit would stroke up Ambot’s ego by calling him a “server”. And then he’d dish out the bullshit about how God put Ambot on earth with a calling to “serve” other people.

And Ambot would just glow with pride when the sack of shit pointed him out at an Amway meeting to praise this wonderful “server”.

I mean what the fuck!?

I’m not saying its a bad thing to help out your fellow human beings when they need a hand and many people “bless” others with gifts offered out of the kindness of their hearts with no expectation of repayment. And certainly there are people who have a calling to serve others such as our military, police, firemen, clergy, nurses, doctors, etc. There are a lot of people who have the calling to serve others in some respect.

Its the screwed up manner in which our Platinum calls people “servers” and that they have a calling to “serve”, “bless”, or “help” others as part of a bullshit Amway mantra that pisses me off.

And the fact that an ambot shows up at my blog and leaves a brainwashed comment about how he is in Amway to “serve” others tells me this same bullshit is still being taught years after we dropped out of the Amway cult.

It was just part of the bullshit that would spew out of the Platinum’s mouth about how IBO’s were on earth to “help” others or “bless” others or “serve” others. I guess its to pump them up and think they’re actually undertaking some noble task by using those words to justify their existence in Amway and holding on to an elusive dream even while they’re losing money. Helping humanity. Yeah right. Helping them to the poor house and divorce courts is more like it!

The usual way Ambot got to “serve” his Platinum was buying him coffee whenever they met at the coffee shop and bringing it to him. Probably with a little bow and a little prayer and here you go exalted leader who I worship more than anything else in my life. What about all those “sharp Amway businessmen” in the coffee shop wearing their business suits and clutching their cell phones and none of them offered to buy the sack of shit Platinum a coffee. None of those Amway assholes were servers? Or were their wallets empty?

When the fucking Platinum hollers out “Can someone buy me a sandwich” and Ambot is the only one to jump that’s what makes him such a good “server”. The only reason he was a better “server” than the rest of the “sharp businessmen” in attendance was because he had the funds to cover a coffee and sandwich.

Ambot continued to serve, help, or bless the Platinum whenever it was commanded of him. Coffee, sandwiches, errands, car rides, help around the house. He was right front and center so he wouldn’t lose his very important status as “the blessed server”.

The only person the sack of shit Platinum wants his Amway downline to serve is himself. Help him get rich that is by buying more products and tools and any errands he needs done so he doesn’t have to get his lazy ass going for the menial tasks he thinks are beneath his dignity as an Amway cult leader.

Greedy son of a bitch. This is one creepy Scamway bastard. But can you blame him? A prerequisite of being a successful Amway IBO is to be driven by greed. IBO’s with a conscience will never become part of the elite less than a quarter of 1% who make money in Amway.

And that is why Ambot could never become successful at Amway no matter how good a “server” he is. He can’t in good conscience rip off other people and make their lives miserable.

Anna Banana is a server too. This blog serves to help other women know they’re not alone. There are other women out there who are married to Ambots who have survived the Amway hell storm. This blog serves to tell how IBOs are treated by their upline and that our experience is not unique. There are stories like mine all over the Internet about upline abuse and brainwashing.

Ha! That sack of shit Platinum never expected me to be a “server”. Never saw it coming did you you pompous sack of shit Amway asshole!

So one more time I send out a big old FUCK YOU to our Platinum and all the fucking assholes in our Amway upline for what you did to our lives!



  1. I think some of those in Amway, especially at the top, should worry about hell or negative karma in their next life. On one hand they try and portray themselves as godly and doing it for/serving their fellow man when the reality is that they are tricking and brainwashing some nice people with delusions of grandeur, greed, and outright lies.

    1. Anonymous - I'm a big believer in karma and I know those Amway assholes are living the loser lifestyle. Just look at our sack of shit Platinum. He got fired from Amway over 2 years ago after all those years he spent loving Amway now he trash talks it and gushes about how Monavie is the best MLM out there for serious business people who want to be millionaires in 2 years. Didn't happen so far to him in either of the scams he got involved in. Amway assholes deserve to lose money for all the misery they bring to others. They'll all rot in hell but first they'll all be broke or dead by 65 - Amspeak quote!

  2. I heard the same talk in the early 90s about serving. Also stuff about submitting to your upline leaders. Some men would probably let their cult leader sleep with their wives if they where asked to. I hated hearing crap about having mentorship etc.

    1. Anonymous - Ambots brag that Amway is a mentorship and leadership training business. Bullshit! I'm sure they were saying that back in the 80s maybe the 70s too! Nothing ever changes in Scamway except the faces every few months.


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