Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Amway Cult Members Need To Ask Permission To Use Bathroom

There’s a dumb fuck Amway ambot who shows up here from time to time under different aliases. We call him the Amway Masturbator because he likes to jerk off into SA8. Sometimes he comes here pretending to be a product tester. A biased one because Amway’s products, especially SA8 come out at the top of the Amway Masturbator’s criteria. But then he doesn’t use any other companys products in his panel. Other times he shows up here as bo. Interesting he chose the initials for body odor.

Like we need any further proof that Amway ambots stink in more ways than one! LOL!!!!

So body odor shows up to leave a comment bragging that he shits and pisses his pants. I’m not sure why someone would do that, like we need any more proof that people in Amway are fucked in the head. He says that Amway’s laundry soap SA8 gets out the yellow and brown stains. News flash! Just about every laundry detergent can get stains out if you put the soiled clothing in the washer right away.

The problem is that many laundry detergents can’t get the smell out even after multiple washings.

A woman showed up here telling us her daughter wets her bed and she’d washed the sheets 3 times in SA8 and couldn’t get the urine smell out. I suggested she try a better laundry detergent that masks odors such as Tide or Gain. Or throw out the sheets and buy new ones. Or have her kid wear bedwetter diapers.

Now body odor showing up here to brag about shitting and pissing  his pants reminded me of something about Amway meetings. You’re not allowed to get up and leave for any reason. Its not like when you were back in school and you had to go bathroom and you put up your hand and asked the teacher to leave the classroom.

In Amway you can’t do that.

Well you do have to ask permission from your Amway cult leaders before you do anything but when you’re in an Amway meeting you’re not allowed to leave for any reason. That explains why body odor stays in the room and shits and pisses his pants instead of seeking out a toilet. Can you imagine the smell to the other ambots in the room!? LOL!!!! The reason you can’t leave the room according to the assholes in your Amway upline is that will be the exact time when the Amway cult leader will give out that one golden nugget of advice that will propel you into riches. Yup there’s another LOL!!!!!!

At Amway functions it was easier to leave the room to go to the bathroom, go find a restaurant, go for a walk, leave and go home, whatever. That’s because Scamway functions like Spring Leadership, Family Reunion, Free Enterprise Days FED, and Dream Night are held in larger venues. Could be hotel banquet rooms, auditoriums or convention centers. Places where its crowded enough you can get up and move around and maybe the Amway cult leaders notice maybe they don’t.

You can be pretty sure that the ambots sitting around you are giving you the evil eye for getting up and leaving instead of staying in the room and worshipping the Amway cult leaders and not missing a word those fucking bullshitters say. And those whiny fuck asses are probably going to rat you out to the sack of shit Platinum later on. Because that’s what fucking Amway assholes do to make themselves look all big and important to the Amway cult leaders. They squeal like the rats they are.

In smaller places like when Amway cult meetings are held in living rooms it’s a little tougher to get up and find the bathroom because the Amway cult leader can see what you’re doing.

“Hey where the fuck do you think you’re going?” Demands the Amway cult leader.

“I got to go the can.” Confesses the Ambot.

“I didn’t hear you ask me for permission first.” Taunts the Amway cult leader. “Get back in your chair.”

“Please please please please please give me permission to go to the bathroom. I’ve got to go. I’m gonna mess my pants if I don’t find a toilet.” Begs the ambot.

And still the Amway cult leader refuses. So the Amway ambot has to figure out a way to hold it in.

Or as in body odor’s case stay where he is and shits and pisses his pants instead.

And then show up at this blog and brag about it.

And then bo gets all offended when everyone calls him body odor!


  1. I thought you where going to say the cult leader. Demands oral physical favors. For permission to go to the washroom lmao. You probably won't print this comment

    1. LOL! The life of an Amway Ambot is sucking dick!

    2. That's the reason they don't allow many female diamonds on stage. The cult leaders don't like going down on females. They love having their dicks sucked by both males and females.

  2. IBOs like to circle jerk. Take IBOFB for example.

    1. Some fucking Amway assholes are more fucked in the head than others!

  3. That's where I don't get with ibofb. He's the biggest asshole around. Ibofb is even more of a dick than the kingpins in Amway. But he's just a crummy 100 bv pin? With his dickhead personality. He should be the very least a diamond

    1. Anonymous - one of the qualifications to be an Amway employee is to be an asshole and then they turn you into bigger assholes. So much for the 2 to 5 year plan to be a Diamond. Just another fucking lying Amway asshole.

  4. I was at a meeting maybe 10 years ago. Some person near the front actually projectile vomited during the meeting and several people got up and walked out covered in somebody's puke. I nearly puked myself after seeing this happen. Needless to say I didn't go to any more meetings.

    1. Anonymous - I can certainly understand why anyone would want to puke at an Amway meeting. Here's what I think of you Amway cult leaders - PUKE!!!! And here's what I think of you Amway cult leaders who won't give me permission to go to the bathroom so I can puke in private - PUKE!!!! Yeah that would be pretty gross. Must have been a CORE IBO and knew if he went to the can to puke he would miss that golden nugget of advice that would make him Amway rich.

  5. I see the ambots run to mcds at 1 am and starving. Someone on a blog said its probably a night owl session or meeting they just came from. I'm having a hot coffee trying not to laugh. Can't imagine not having permission to eat.

    1. Those ambots better hope their Amway cult leader doesn't catch them at McDonald's sharing a Big Mac instead of eating Amway food bars and vitamins!


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