Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Latest Amway Ambot Scam

An Amway Ambot showed up here to let us in on the latest scam.

“Amway is rated one of the best home biz opportunities by the better business burow.”

In Amway’s terms and conditions of all the shit that Amway IBO’s are allowed to do or not do one of the things they can’t do is bragging about Amway’s affiliation or lack of with the Better Business Bureau – BBB. It’s a reason an Amway IBO can be fired.

If Amway actually followed through on enforcing their own terms of conduct they would end up firing their entire commissioned sales force. LOL!!! Every Amway meeting I went to the fucking assholes in our Amway upline would be bragging about all kinds of imagined affiliations with the BBB. Tons of fucked up brainwashed Amway assholes show up on this blog and leave comments basically saying that Amway is in bed with the BBB.

So much for following the IBO terms of conduct! Amway ambots give the big old FUCK YOU to their employer and are always bragging about any imagined Amway affiliation with the BBB. Its like the BBB is kissing Amway’s ass and sucking dick according to brainwashed Amway ambots.

Anyone who reads the BBB website can get the true scoop. Any company that wants to have a BBB accreditation fills out an application and pays an annual fee. Amway pays for this. Companies are not required to do this. I have no idea why Amway does pay the BBB fee and it doesn’t really matter anyway. The BBB is set up to be the middleman when consumers have complaints about a company. When the BBB receives a customer complaint they forward it to the business and give them a deadline to respond by. In order to remain in good standing with the BBB the business has to respond within that timeline. They do not have to respond favorably to the customer. The business does not have to be accredited with the BBB to deal with any complaints that are forwarded to them. Its in their best interest to respond because the BBB gives the company a grade depending on whether or not they responded.

It says right on the BBB website that they do not recommend any business, product, or service. That is done so they remain an impartial 3rd party in dispute resolution and to earn public trust in their fairness.

So what’s the latest scam Amway ambots are coming up with? They have slightly changed the name of the Better Business Bureau to become the “better business burow”. It still sounds the same but Amway Ambots have coined a new word “burow”. They’re still hoping to scam prospects into thinking Scamway is - well to quote the fucking little Amway asshole who left the above comment - “one of the best home biz opportunities”. I guess ambots can say anything they want like that about the fictional “better business burow” but the rest of the world knows the similar sounding and legitimate Better Business Bureau does not rate home based business opportunities.  This phony ass “better business burow” that Amway ambots are now bullshitting about apparently does rate home based businesses. Fucking Amway scammers. And why be a dumb fuck and show up on a blog that is all about cursing out Amway assholes and brag about Amway’s latest scam so we can get the word out there to everyone about Amway’s latest scam and lies.

When you’re a pretend business owner running a pretend business I guess you got to come up with some more pretend businesses that love you to death like this imaginary “better business burow” that rates Amway in imaginary terms that the real BBB does not get involved in.

Kiss ass and suck dick. Amway ambot rules to live by.



  1. The BBB isnt dependable on its reporting. The only companies getting bad reports are generally cell phone carriers. Because they dont ever deal with customer complaints. Ambots just quit after losing for a few months to a year and not file complaints

    1. Anonymous - I'd say the BBB does not know of the majority of the businesses in our country. They only hear of businesses when a customer is getting frustrated not getting a satisfactory resolution to their problem. Like you said the BBB probably mainly hears about scumbag companies that tend to scam customers such as MLM, used car dealerships, shady mechanics, collection agencies and telecommunications companies.


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