Thursday, January 15, 2015

Who Would Buy Travel Services From An Amway Ambot?

I recently read that Amazon plans to offer travel services.

That got me thinking is that something that Amway will copycat and offer too. You know how Amway employees are constantly comparing themselves to Amazon so it seems like travel will be something Amway will duplicate.

OK now we can all laugh at how Amway thinks they’re better than Amazon.

Amazon offers products that people actually want to buy at pretty good prices. Amway offers overpriced shitty products that nobody except brainwashed ambots want to buy. Over 95% of Amway’s customer base are registered IBO’s. That means less than 5% of Amway’s customers have not paid an annual membership fee to be an Amway commissioned salesperson. I might be going way out on a limb here but I’m guessing that Amazon’s customer base isn’t relying solely on 95% of their own employees as the bulk of their sales! LOL! Again going out on a limb here but the majority of Amazon’s customers are probably not on Amazon’s payroll. Amazon offers free shipping on minimum $25 purchases. Amway offers free shipping to customers who spend $750. And one could argue that it doesn’t take someone too long to reach that minimum amount anyway because Amway products are so expensive.

A closer look at Amazon’s travel services and it’ll be hotels. Like there’s not already a ton of websites offering hotels at good prices out there. Who knows. Maybe Amazon will score some sweet deals. They also will be offering other travel related products that they already currently sale like travel guides and suitcases.

Will Amway hop on the travel services bandwagon seeing as how Amazon is blazing a path and Ambots love bragging about how Amway duplicates Amazon. What travel would Scamway sell? I’m sure they’d start with selling hotel rooms at Peter Island seeing as how its owned by one of Amway’s owners. Now let’s see would Amway go into partnership with Motel 6 and sell their rooms at $400/night? Amway Ambot sales pitch: “Our high prices reflect our high quality.” Reality is gotta have a huge mark up so Amway’s owners and top of the pyramid cult leaders can make the big bucks and all their commissioned sales force can make pennies on their piece of commission.

Amway ambots are such huge fuck ups normal human beings wouldn’t trust any travel services they sell. Ambots might get pity purchases from friends and relatives who don’t mind overpaying a few hundred bucks per night for a hotel room so their loved one can make a few pennies commission. The problem is they’d show up at the hotel and find out Amway fucked up and there is no registration in their name.

Like everything else Amway – stay the hell away from Amway scammers unless you want your life fucked up.






  1. There's nothing I would buy from Amway. Its all overpriced garbage. But if they did sell birth control I'd definitely pick some up lol. Because I really want another baby with my gf. Their condoms would probably leak.

    1. LOL! We had a conversation about that some time ago and consensus among the ladies was we would not trust Amway birth control products!


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