Monday, January 19, 2015

Mortgage Your House To Bless The Great Amway God

I’ve heard from a reader who mortgaged their house to buy Amway products.


Why the fuck do people do things like this?


Its all part of Amway’s sell the hope not the soap campaign. We go to Amway functions and the Diamonds stand on stage and tell their hard luck story. They all have the same story told slightly differently. I swear these bastards got together to figure out what fables to tell to the ambots in the audience anxious to devour every bullshit word from their beloved cult leaders.


The Diamond’s hard luck stories usually go to the effect that both the husband and wife were working minimum wage jobs when a dear friend came along to show them the Amway business plan. Every one of them seems to have borrowed $20 from their aunt to put gas in the car to get to the first Amway function. And the rest is history. The stuff that Amway fairy tales are made of. Ambots are ordered by their cult leaders to do whatever it takes to get to Amway functions. They fail to say the real reason they need high attendance is because those functions are how the Diamonds make most of their money from the Amway tool scam. They give shitty advice to skip a few meals or skip the mortgage payment or take out a 2nd mortgage on your house. That way you’ll have the money to get to Amway functions.


The brainwashing that goes into these ambots to make them do dumb things just to make their cult leaders richer is incredible.


Mortgaging your house to buy Amway products? Just how many shitty overpriced Amway products does one person need? I guess that depends on if they plan to single handedly - no downline or customers - get to their 1000 pin that month. Or maybe 2500 pin or 5000. Take any of those PV pin amounts and that means the dumb ass ambot is spending thousands of dollars a month to reach that level.


How did the fucking assholes in the Amway upline brainwash the ambots to mortgage the house for no other reason than to help their upline meet some goal that month. Probably had something to do with an upline Diamond falling out of qualification and everyone downline who owned a house was ordered to mortgage it and buy Amway products. You help your upline and one day there will be someone downline who will do the same for you.


Fuck that shit!


Can we say inventory loading? Sure sign of a pyramid scheme.


I’ve never been brainwashed by a cult so I can’t pretend to understand what is going through the minds of these people who do crazy dumb ass things like mortgaging their house to buy Amway products just so they can get a little recognition and praise from their upline.


I thought it was bad enough to drain the savings account and run up the credit card debt just to keep the Amway cult leaders happy. Risking your house, probably your biggest investment, the place where you have a roof over your head and a warm dry place for your family to live and keep their stuff just because some upline asshole needs more PV to reach their monthly goal is stupid.


I’ve seen too many stories from former IBO’s who’ve lost their house thanks to the Amway scam. A little maneuver our upline tried to do with us too to take out a 2nd mortgage so we could buy lots more Amway shit. Ambot was convinced this was the right thing to do just because some upline Amway asshole said so. Too bad for him he’s not the only name on the deed and I ain’t putting up the house because some despicable fucking Amway asshole that I can’t stand says to do so.


So let’s just send out a big old FUCK YOU to all those fucking Amway assholes in our upline.


Ah yes. No wonder those fucking assholes tried so hard to destroy our marriage. Once the ambot’s money supply runs out and the wife/husband refuses to use their credit card or sign away the house or car there’s nowhere else for those bastards to go except to destroy the relationship.


As all good little Amway cult leaders must do.


Call it revenge for the PV not being as high as they want.


Can you image what becomes of a house that goes into foreclosure due to the Amway scam. The sherrif evicts the family and goes in with a crew to remove the belongings and put them into storage. And what are they removing? Boxes and boxes of $50 bottles of Perfect Water, boxes of XS piss water, boxes of shitty Amway Nutrilite food bars, and enough bottles of Nutrilite vitamins to clog every toilet in the Trump Tower.


And then when the evicted don’t pay the storage fees it gets auctioned off. Can you see that one on Storage Wars? Jarrod and Brandy pay a few hundred bucks for the unknown items inside the abandoned locker and end up with boxes and boxes of Amway shit.


Bring the dumpster over!



  1. I didn't hear about mortgaging a home to buy products but I have heard Amway leaders talk about mortgaging a home or even skipping a payment so you can get to that next function. After all, you "might hear the one thing that will pave your road to diamond.

    There was a couple in our group that had no downline. When the diamond announced a special play day outing for those who were at 1000 PV or higher, this couple somehow moved 1000 PV and went to the outing. I later found out that their home was eventually foreclosed. I don't know for sure if the foreclosure was Amway related, but more than likely it was. Especially when upline would teach us to do whatever it takes to attend that next function.

    I remember a diamond telling the audience to quit their jobs if they could not get times off to attend the next function. These folks don't care about their downline. All they care about is extracting as much money as they can from them.

    1. Joecool - I think the reason you probably didn't hear about people being told to mortgage their houses is that there probably weren't many if any homeowners. I estimate in our line of sponsorship and crossline and other assorted Amway ambots I met, at least 90% were renters or lived at home. Seeing as how most ambots are in their 20's they haven't saved up, got the credit, or the income to apply for a mortgage. The people who owned houses did so prior to getting involved in Amway and these people tend to be older, more established. And then they get all "fired up" on the Scamway dream that they do dumb stuff like put their house up so they can "invest" in their Amway pretend business.

      I'd say there's a lot of ambots out there that get to the 1000PV level singlehandedly just for the bragging rights and the adoration from their Amway cult leaders.

      Getting a house foreclosed on thanks to Amway does happen. Its scary how many people have showed up here to say that happened to them. I've never been brainwashed by a cult so I just can't understand how they let that happen.

      Yup we heard the old quit your J.O.B. to go to Amway functions if you can't get the time off work. And you're right. The evil ambots giving out that shitty advice don't care about anyone except making a buck off them. Amway - the cult of greed.

    2. I remember a speech by the diamond about having the family skip a meal if needed, to buy more tapes/cds because it might have the one piece of information that could propel you to diamond. These SOBs are shameless when it comes to scamming your money.

    3. Yeah we heard the skip a meal thing to at Scamway meetings. Yeah right. What do I really want to do, skip a meal and use the money to buy Amway shit or eat a decent meal and not buy into the Amway tool scam. That's a no brainer for me. A brainwashed Amway ambot might have trouble with that one!

    4. Amway logic:
      Quit your job even if that means less money for Amway
      Don't feed your stomach with food; Feed your mind with tapes!

    5. ScamMagnet - we heard the most fucked up excuses for "logic" during our time inside the Amway cult!

  2. You can't buy much Amway products for even 500.00 a month. Their double x is around 95.00 and that doesn't include shipping. You add in system cost and running nearly a grand a month easy. That's if you're nuts and want to be core lol. I wouldn't even want to sell my car off to buy junky Amway products. I've seen upline tell people to get roommates and to move back home with parents. Fuck that stupid shit. They are all insane

    1. Anonymous - that's true. It doesn't take much to get to $500/month buying shitty overpriced Amway products. An ambot keeps buying the same shit month after month stockpiling it thinking he's going to find customer to sell that shit to.

      Yeah like most parents want some fucked up brainwashed Amway asshole living in their house with the Amway attitude that they're better than their parents because they're in Amway.

  3. I read on social media by a wwdb ambot it cost 5000 Jamaican dollars which is 43.00 us dollars to go to dream night. Problem is 40 hours of min wage is only about 43.00 in jamaica lol. So they break the bank to go to a function over there. Of course this nutcase ibo on social media was eager to brag about the cost and going. How can you help people in a country earning so little with this scam? Obviously the leaders will say but most make more than min wage there and other nonsense. Oh and the wwdb ambots where so proud of their new diamond from Jamaica awhile back.

    1. Anonymous - there is so much poverty there hiding behind all the glitzy resorts the tourists flock to. Men standing on the street because they have nothing else to do. Then little groups form and the next thing you know they're probably up to no good. And maybe that also means getting sucked into the Amway hellhole.

      If those fucking Amway Diamonds really wanted to "help" people instead of helping themselves get rich by scamming their downline, then they'd be doing the right thing and not charging any money to hear them speak, maybe even coughing up the money to feed these people cause they could sure use a good meal. It'll never happen. Those Amway cult leaders are all about taking advantage of the disadvantaged and selling them on hope and dreams.

    2. There are pictures of brad and Julie Duncan on Facebook speaking to these poor Jamaicans. They go buy a bit of double X,few seminars,and major function and they lose their homes and have nothing to eat. The pictures of the ibos over there they look all religious with their arms up during dream night

    3. Anonymous - all Amway functions are like that, no different than any other religious cult. Arms waving and chanting for their cult leaders.

  4. Anna, reading their Facebook pages make my day more interesting. Its a bit cruel to laugh at how retarded the ibos are. Bragging about being a ibo on their page just make people shake their heads. They act like they own Walmart or McDonalds franchise

    1. I don't know how reading anything by Amway jerks could make my day more interesting! Unless of course you count the dumb fucks who leave messages here! I don't need to go out anywhere else and scout out brainwashed Amspeak! All Ambots act like big shot hot shot executives and just because they're in Amway it makes them better than everyone else in the world. Until they show up here to get dressed down! LOL!


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