Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Amway Ambots Are Dreamstealers

My husband and I have owned a business for years. When we were in Amway we were constantly put down about our business. We were preached the Amway gospel of greed that the only business out there is Amway. Now that might be true if your last name is VanAndel or DeVos or if you’re the top cult leader in one of their offshoot cult sects. Everyone else has greater than 99% chance of not making money at Scamway. But that doesn’t stop Amway assholes from insulting every other type of business owner out there. That’s because they’re in Amway, and to their own brainwashed fucked up minds that makes them better than everyone else and entitled to put down everyone who has a business that is not an Amway business.

Prior to signing up with Amway I’d been thinking about getting into the cookie business. I like making cookies. Why not? Another business to expand our investment portfolio. A real business, not a phony ass MLM scam pretend business. And this would be both our business but I’d be more involved in the cookie making. For a couple of years I’d been talking to other cookie entrepreneurs. I’d come up with a business plan. I found a location. I’m talking about a Mrs. Fields franchise here. I mean really who is not drawn to Mrs. Fields by the scent of fresh baked cookies when you’re in the mall unless you’re being drawn to Cinnabon for the same reason.

By the time I was working on the business plan and had found a location Ambot had signed us up with Scamway. I’d rather be selling cookies – a product that people actually want and love – instead of flogging shitty overpriced Amway products that nobody wants. Unless you’re a fucked up brainwashed Ambot that is.

I’ve since ditched all my Mrs. Fields info but I think to buy into a franchise was around $20,000 or $25,000. All I remember was I needed $100,000 between the franchise cost and liquidable assets which I could have done between a combo of savings plus a business loan line of credit. Plus I needed net worth around the same amount. That was when I started looking at a location and putting the wheels in motion. I’d talked up some interested friends with food experience including one friend with supervisor experience as potential staff.

Ambot knows about this. We go into stuff like this together because we need our joint assets and credit to pull things like this off even though this operation would be more my responsibility. He doesn’t like baking cookies but he likes eating them. Then he blabs about it to the fucking assholes in our Amway upline like its any of their fucking business. The next thing I know he tells me our fucking sack of shit Platinum put the thumbs down on the cookie business. Said it’s a bad business to get into so Ambot doesn’t want to get into this. I mean what the fuck???!!!!! He went to that sack of shit cocksucking Platinum to ask permission if we could get into a Mrs. Fields franchise. Did you hear me WHAT THE FUCK????? He’s asking permission from some fucking sack of shit Amway asshole who knows fuck all about real business if it doesn’t involve drawing circles on a chalkboard and saying how rich everyone will be if they eat one Amway food bar and drink one Amway drink and find 6 others to do the same thing you do and they find 6 others and they find 6 others and so on and so on. Like let’s send out a big old FUCK YOU to that fucking sack of shit meddling Platinum. FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!!!!!!! You’d think he’d be showing up at my Mrs. Field’s to counsel with Amway cult followers and to mooch free cookies and drink something better than XS cat piss water. And how does that fucking sack of shit Platinum know cookie business is a bad business to get into? How much research did he put into it. None! Because he’s a cocksucking know it all card carrying fucking Amway asshole and that automatically means he’s an expert on everything. Oh I got it do it again. Send out another big old FUCK YOU to that fucking Amway asshole.

Here’s the thing when an Amway cult leader finds out one of their cult followers has savings, net worth, and availability of good credit. Their evil hands rub together as they counsel that cult follower to use that money to stockpile shitty overpriced Amway products. Invest in your pretend Amway business. Instead of investing in a real business in a real location that sells real products that people actually want to buy.

I mean really who wants to buy fucking Amway products unless you’re a brainwashed Amway ambot. Amway products have about as much use as a one cup bra to a 44DDD woman.

Amway is all about killing people’s dreams. Amway and their fucking loser IBOs are the biggest dreamstealers out there even though they go around accusing everyone not in the Amway cult of being dreamstealers.

I still think about starting up a Mrs. Fields franchise and I realize some people might say well its 10 years later but why don’t you. People still want to eat cookies. Beats the hell out of eating a shitty Amway food bar! First off the location is no longer available. And yeah I get it there’s tons of other possible locations out there. The making money baking cookies dream is still there but Amway left such a bad taste in my mouth and I associate those fucking Amway assholes with killing the Mrs. Fields cookies dream. Fucking Amway dreamstealers. I wish I’d just done the fuck you thing to all those fucking bastards in our Amway upline and gone ahead with purchasing the franchise. And as long as I’m wishing things I wish I’d done the fuck you thing to those fucking Amway assholes before Ambot even signed us up with the Amway scam and we’d stayed the hell away from their cult and hadn’t lost all that money. Coincidentally enough around the same amount of money as buying a Mrs. Fields franchise. A real business. Not a pretend Amway business.

Here’s the thing. What’s going to attract more customers? An Amway grand opening or a Mrs. Fields grand opening? Only a few people showed up to our Amway grand opening even though we were handing out free food and not all of it was shitty tasting Amway food. But I bet hundreds would have showed up for a Mrs. Fields grand opening to get their free cookie.

So yup you got it. I’m sending out another big old FUCK YOU to the fucking assholes in the Amway upline. Rot in hell you fucking Amway dreamstealers!



  1. Make your dream come true! Don't make ScAmway win!

    1. LOL! Sorry that dreams been killed. I'll have to stick with the customer thing now. Damn now I'm craving a peanut butter dream bar! Sure beats the hell out of a shitty Amway food bar.

  2. And now I have found a loser in life that has nothing better to do than blog about something that has no impact on you or.your future. I respect your opinions and I am sure that you are a great person. The only.problem that I have is your ignorance of knowledge of both amway and wwdb. And also "the rich and greedy" are supporting charities and third world countries with many times the amount of money I'm sure you make in a year. Until you are doing that I suggest you blog about how great your life is.

    1. Anonymous - what are you some Amway loser who has nothing better to do than look at blogs who have a different opinion than the assholes in your Amway upline and bitch bitch bitch. I went to dozens of Amway/WWDB meetings and you show up here to bitch that I have no knowledge of these scam organizations? After all the hours I spent listening to those fuckers spout off their Amspeak bullshit. And then you show us the typical arrogant Amway attitude bossing me around to blog about something else. If I did blog about my life and write about visiting Disneyland a place I've been countless times - you'd show up and bitch bitch bitch that I'm ignorant about my knowledge of Disneyland. So were you a dumb fuck before you joined Amway cult or is that just part of the personality change you were required to undergo once you signed up?


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