Thursday, February 19, 2015

Follow The Passion Not The Money ~ Reverse That For Amway Ambots.

Some entrepreneurs who love what they do every day say to follow the passion and the money will follow.

Of course it’s a different philosophy in Amway The Cult of Greed. It’s all about the money and not giving a fuck about hurting anyone to make a buck.

Every now and then you’ll come across some general advice that goes along the lines of find something you want to do for a living that you’re passionate about and the money will come.

Maybe. Maybe not.

There are business owners who have fallen into it for one reason or another and it might not be their passion but they’re good at running this type of business and they make money so they roll with it. For example are people really passionate about owning a dry cleaning store, a dog shit removal company, or selling t-shirts on Hollywood Boulevard. Or did they find a business they could make money at?

When a group of friends are sitting around talking about what they want to do for a living that they’re passionate about some of the careers tossed around might be being an actor, playing a guitar in a band and serving their country.

How many people say they’re passionate about becoming a commissioned salesperson? Or even more fucking freaky that they’re passionate about becoming an Amway commissioned salesperson. That sure was never on the radar for me. Some people are good at sales. They sell houses or cars. They have the right kind of personality so they can earn a good commission at it. Might not be something they’re passionate about but they get experienced, make good money so they stick with it.

There are companies that pay out shit for commission. Amway comes to mind. But Amway is even worse – the shittiest of the shittiest - because it costs the commissioned salespeople megabucks just to earn a measly $10 commission check… you got to shell out around $300 to earn 100 PV the minimum to earn an Amway commission. Add on to that the tool scam purchases and most Amway ambots shell out $500 to $700/month to earn that skimpy commission. And then the whole emotional distress that goes along with belonging to the Amway cult.

An ambot would probably argue that business owners have to spend money to make money like real estate salespeople have to shell out money when listing a house for sale. They got to pay for advertising and hiring a photographer and they got to kick back some of their commission to the person who owns the real estate company so a real estate salesperson can also be spending hundreds of bucks on expenses, maybe not monthly, but a commission on a house sale will be in the thousands and if they keeping making a good profit they stick with it.

Unless you’re a brainwashed Amway ambot you don’t sit around saying the one thing you’re passionate about being is a commissioned sales rep for Amway. Losing money is only part of it. Getting brainwashed by cult leaders and spending much time defending the company are part of the duties. Its less effort to work for a reputable company or actually own a real business. The life of an Amway ambot is lie, deny, distract, and defend. Takes up a lot of time and a lot of money loss and causes ambot anger.

How many people sit around and say they’re passionate about getting scammed? How many say they’re passionate about signing up with a cult? How many say they’re passionate about being abused by the assholes in their upline? How many say they’re passionate about buying overpriced shitty products? How many are passionate about losing money? How many are passionate about destroying relationships with friends and family?

How many Amway ambots are out there?




  1. If I had a friend trying to sell me Amway I would rather just give them a dollar than buy a hundred bucks (not worth) of that Amway crap because that's all my friend is going to get anyway and I will still 99 dollars left to buy product elsewhere instead of having 60 dollars worth of product in my house with that creepy "Amway" name on it.

    1. Anonymous - and you might have even calculated on the high side! LOL! Yeah how creepy is it to have Amway shit in your house and then someone comes over and points at it and says in disgust, You're not in Amway are you.

  2. Just a note to the Anonymous who left a message earlier today. We had to remove the blog's email address a few months after starting up this blog after getting a lovesick follower who was creepy. One of the bananas picked up a stalker and police involvement, etc we got to think about our safety. That being said, you can do what others do and leave a message here and say, "don't publish this comment". The person who moderates the comments will see it, copy and send to me, and delete it unpublished. A lot of people do this when they have a story they want us to share and publish but change some details around.

    One of the bananas does occasionally respond by email to followers. I know of 2 times and those were to regular commenters here, so don't hold your breath for a personal response, sorry. For all we know you could be associated with the stalker. Safety first, I'm sure you understand.

  3. OK to the other Anonymous who didn’t want the comment published…. Though we’re not sure why….It was just a typical comment around here! LOL!

    Its OK to be anonymous. Most people publish comments that way here because its really fucking embarrassing to admit they are in Amway or were in Amway. And if someone used their real name then there’s also the issue of dealing with creepy Amway stalkers. Because Amway doesn’t give a shit about their employees breaking the law. We don’t write names of lowly ambots here because they’d be so fucking embarrassed to be associated with the dreaded A word. Diamonds or Amway owners and executives who would be well known because they speak at events, named on the website of Amway or the various cult sects or covered in Achieve are mentioned. Except for the people who leave comments here and tell us the Diamond is having an affair and naming names. Nope. None of our business and embarrassing to all the people involved if we didn’t get all their permission first to use their names. Like we’d ever take the time to do that! And we'd have no way of knowing its true unless talking to all involved and like I said we don't care who you're fucking! Delete is an easier option. People in Amway don’t like to admit they got scammed. They think they should have been smart enough to see a scam a mile off, and the double embarrassment when they bragged to everyone they know that thanks to Amway they’ll be gazillionaires in a couple of years. And they’re not. Yup Scamway kicked them in the nuts. Its like every now and then you see on the news a senior that got scammed out of lots of money because someone phone pretending to be a friend of their grand kid and needed money. Not a friend, just someone who got lucky making random phone calls. The cops say for every one who comes forward another 100 won’t because its too embarrassing to admit you got scammed.

    When you’re on disability or other assistance programs that’s a prime target for Scambots because they go after the disadvantaged with their promises of a better lifestyle.

  4. Don't publish this comment, unless you want to LOL. Bingo! I was scammed by another MLM, not Amway but from what I see and hear it's the exact same formula designed and polished to separate people from their money. But the collateral damage is far worse than the money lost. I skipped high school reunions because I was too embarrassed to face those I told about this great thing that they could get in on too. More painful than being scammed is knowing you were duped into trying to dupe others, including friends. Yeah, call me Anonymous.
    I should have listened to my friend I went to that first meeting with. He wasn't buying it and when the arrogant b.s. pitchman speaking to us all started telling everyone in the room that we were stupid for working at jobs my friend turned to me and said loud enough for half the room to hear: "Insulting, isn't he?" I remember that verbatim. Now bear in mind that that particular friend is one tough SOB. With his fists. For a few seconds that pitchman's smirk disappeared and he looked like the proverbial deer caught in the headlights. I mean, I think he dropped a little something into the seat of that nice suit he was wearing. He never looked anywhere near my friend the rest of the evening. But the next night I came back alone. Got sucked in.
    I remember some early doubts, realizing I don't know squat about sales, they just want my money. And then came in a new guy who bought in for big money. He was an older gentleman, a timid milquetoast type who was afraid to even look at you. That made me realize even more how ruthless these bastards are. He only lasted a few days and then they told us he fell and broke a leg. I wonder if some senior advocate found out and threatened to expose the scam if they didn't return his money. They even had us all sign a get well card for him. There is no limit to the b.s. these people practice. I'm still too embarrassed to talk about it with my friends who know me. I'm the guy coming off a disability and have a good job I'm champing at the bit to get back to 'cuz it pays good and I've lots of friends there. But it helps to get this off my chest and bash those bastards selling this snake oil. Thanks for listening.

    1. Hi Anonymous - the meeting you went to sounds exactly like an Amway meeting. These scam MLMs operate pretty much the same often with Amway defectors.

      Yeah you go around bragging to everyone how rich you're going to be thanks to Amway, gazillions of dollars will roll in every month while you sit back and do nothing except walk the beaches of the world. That is when you aren't driving around in your high end sports cars. Then when you run into those people later on, the ones you bragged to about how rich you're going to be, and you're still living the same lifestyle, maybe worse thanks to Amway debt, then its really embarrassing to admit you got scammed and you're not a bazillionaire.

  5. Oh yeah, BTW I don't mind having this stuff published since I'm anonymous. I'm the guy getting ready to get back to work from a temporary disability and I only said "don't publish this comment" 'cuz you said something about that in a recent post and I thought it was directed at me, tho I might be mistaken. I'm anonymous because I'm still embarrassed at being taken in by MLM. This is therapeutic for myself and I consider it a public service what you are doing maintaining this blog and just want to add my small voice to it. Anna Banana give yourself credit, if you've helped give warning to save just one human being from these MLM predators how can you put a price on that?
    P.S. It's also fun to bash these bastards.

    1. No, the other comment wasn't directed at you. Unless you're the poor soul married to an ambot who was seeking solace at 1 in the morning. Another Amway widow.

      Yup its therapeutic not to mention fun to bash and curse out Amway bastards. Now I got to move on to the next comments to do just that!

  6. amway products are great

    1. Amway products are generic and mind-boggling overpriced to feed the bonuses of the upline.

    2. The first Anonymous just thinks Amway products are great for masturbating on.

      The second Anonymous has got it right. Except possibly being too kind when calling Amway products generic. Mostly they're substandard.


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